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"Welcome to Snatcher, where madness and decadence reign..."

Snatcher, a cult video game released by Konami in 1994. Konami trying to get the Digital Comic genre of gaming noticed in the US, has treated us with this rare game of decisions, quick-wits, and just an overall engrossing story.

Story 10.0
The story of Snatcher, written by Hideo Kojima, is a beautiful and truly rewarding experience. It starts in June 6th, 1996 with the Chernolton Research Facility exploding. Lucifer Alpha, a powerful biological weapon is released into the atmosphere. It spreads and kills 80% of the population in eastern europe and eurasia. Half of the world's people die... This is later simply known as ''The Catasrophe''. 50 years later a new android life form is found, its purpose and origin are unknown. They appear in the winter killing humans, creating mass choas. By stealing their victims bodies and taking their place they are called ''SNATCHERS''. You play as Gillian Seed, a man who is experiencing memory loss, who has just recruited in JUNKER (Japanese Undercover Neuro-Kinetic Elimination Ranger)to eliminate the Snatcher menance. With your partner Metal Gear, you must make the right desicions, and keep on your toes at all times.

Sound 10.0
The sound is all CD quality. Something you'd expect in a Playstation game. From a creepy opening to a jazz finale, the music is one of the many good aspects of the game. It really gives Neo Kobe city a dark and grispy presence. Plus the voices fit the characters real well.

Graphics 10.0
Being a digital comic, the graphics are mostly backrounds, dramatic story scenes, and shooting mini games. The characters are all drawn in an amazing anime style. And move the story around nicley. With Sega CD's color limitations, Snatcher still makes the games graphics a beautiful sight to look at.

Gameplay 10.0
The entire game is played by selecting options (like LOOK, TALK, INVESTIGATE, POSSESIONS, etc...)and getting clues. But by doing that, you meet characters, interact with the backround, make friends, make enemies, learn about your investigation, and maybe putting the right moves on a few women. Snatcher also features thrilling shooting sequences, that keep you on edge of your seat!

Replay 10.0
One you beat the game, it leaves you wanting to replay it and see what you didn't get a chance to see the first time. I'll assure you that you didnt find all the inside jokes and all the options the first time around! The story is to good you actually feel and care for the characters in Snatcher.

+ Has the best video game story ever
+ Has movie-like cinematics
+ Great music and voice-overs
+ Fantastic Graphics
+ Justifier Gun use
+ Very Rare and hard to find
+ Very rewarding experience after playing it

Absolutley nothing! This game is perfect!

Overall 10.0
Snatcher is one of the rarest and best games I have ever played. The plot, the characters, everything is engrossing, and leaves you wanting more! Unfortunatley Konami hasnt released Snatcher stateside more than once, so if you find this game, definatley buy it and enjoy it. Images and events from Snatcher will last a lifetime.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/24/02, Updated 07/24/02

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