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    Walkthrough by Gambit1234

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    Date: Fri, 13 Mar 1998 19:33:07 EST
    The Silver Star
    Ultimate Guide
    Table of Contents:
       I. Introduction
       II. Walkthrough
    III.  Spells
    IV.  Conclusion
    I.  Introduction
    	I know this game is old and no one plays with a Sega CD anymore, but 
    there's always someone who buys the system and buys a game for it.  By then, no 
    codes are given out for it and no one even remembers the game anymore.  You 
    eventually end up stuck.  I bought Popful Mail and I can't find ANYONE with 
    codes or tips for the game.  This is for all the people who love the old but 
    good game, Lunar: The Silver Star, and have no clue what to do and where to go.  
    I hope you find this a great help!
    II.  Walkthrough
       A. Starting of a Dream Come True
    	The game starts with Alex admiring the Dragon Master Dyne's statue. Nall 
    comes to Alex to tell him that Luna is waiting for him. Head down until Ramus 
    comes to talk to you, then walk into town and talk to the townspeople. Walk out 
    of town and a little east to the spring and head towards the top of the screen. 
    You'll find a bouquet on the ground. Press A on it and Luna will come out with a 
    cinematic scene. Luna will join your party, wanting to keep you safe in the 
    White Dragon's cave. 
         Walk back to Burg and go to Alex's house and into the basement. Press A on 
    the chest and it'll tell you that you need a key. Go upstairs and talk to Alex's 
    father. He'll give you the key. Go back down and open the chest. You'll receive 
    a dagger and heavy clothes. Equip them on Alex and go inside Ramus's house. If 
    he isn't in there, head toward the town exit, he'll be standing near the pathway 
    out of town. Go to the weapon shop and buy a dagger or sling for Luna. Now, I 
    suggest heading north out of town to where a HP stone is.  Stay there for a 
    while (actually, stay there until you're at about level 7-10) gaining levels and 
    using the stone after every battle if you got hurt (walk up to it and press A). 
    Once Alex is at level 9, Luna at 9, and Ramus at 8, heal one last time and head 
    south back to Burg. Buy Alex a sword and Luna some heavy clothes, and maybe buy 
    a sword for Ramus (if you have enough money, but it might be a good idea to go 
    out and fight some more for the money, the sword can inflict LOTS of damage). 
         Head towards the dragon's cave by heading a LITTLE north from town, then 
    stop. Head straight to the right. If you go into the right spot, you'll go 
    through the mountains, close to the cave. If you don't find the path, head all 
    the way north, then right, then south a ways. You'll come to a building that 
    looks like something from old Greece (with pillars)to the south, which is one of 
    Althena's Temples. Go in and heal up if you want, but after that, head northwest 
    a little and you'll see a cave. When you enter, a ice boulder will be blocking 
    the path. Walk up to it and press A. Ramus will tell you of a ring he has hidden 
    at his house that will melt the boulder.  Head back to Burg and go to Ramus's 
    house. Press A on the last cabinet in the northwest corner of the room. He'll 
    find the ring. While in Burg, you might also want to buy some rations or herbs 
    for the White Dragon's cave. 
         Head back to the cave (stopping by the temple again to heal if you've been 
    hurt and to restore magic) using the path again or heading around. You'll take 
    away the boulder and the White Dragon's cave is open all the way. If you're at a 
    high level by now, the monsters should be easy, but if not they get very hard 
    and could easily make you use up all your healing items and kill you, so save 
    frequently!  Once you're there, talk to the dragon about 5 times. If you don't, 
    you'll miss out on the Dragon Ring, the Dragon Crystal and getting healed. After 
    that, head out of the cave going back the way you came. 
         Once out, head back to Burg. Try to sell the Dragon Diamond to the Item 
    Shop clerk. She'll refuse, but will tell you to try to sell it in Meribia. Talk 
    to the townsfolk again. They'll talk about the bridge heading to Saith that has 
    been broken and about a woodsman near there. Head southwest until you've come to 
    the broken bridge. Now head north until you see a house. Enter and you'll see a 
    man and a woman. Speak to the man (the woodsman). He'll tell you that he would 
    fix the bridge, but he left his ax in the woods. If you get it and bring it 
    back, he'll fix the bridge. 
         Head north now to you enter the wacky woods. Go through the maze until you 
    reach a little cabin. Go inside and take the ax and leave. Equip it on Ramus and 
    exit the woods going back the way you came. Go to the woodsman and talk to him. 
    He'll take the ax (re-equip Ramus's last weapon that he used on him) and repair 
    the bridge. Go back to Burg and talk to everyone again. They'll all be worried 
    about you going to Saith. Go to Alex's Mom and Dad. Talk to the Dad a few times 
    and he'll give you a letter to bring to Saith.  When you talk to Alex's Mom, 
    answer that you're going to leave and not stay and she'll give you some money. 
    Buy some supplies if you'd like and head out to cross the bridge. 
         Head south, the when you hit the end, turn east. You'll see Saith and a 
    lighthouse above it, but don't go to the lighthouse yet. Enter Saith and talk to 
    everyone. Head down to the harbor and talk to people inside. Nash will be 
    inside. Once you talk to him, he'll tell you that he is a third rank magician in 
    Vane, and a bunch of other junk.  Then he'll say he has a Cane of Flowing Water 
    to trade to the old hag for a ocean map.  Agree to let him come along.  Don't 
    forget to give the man behind the desk (the owner of the boats) the letter!  
         Leave town and head northwest all the way until you see a tiny house.  Go 
    inside and talk to the old hag.  Agree to let her have the staff and she'll give 
    you the map.  Head back to Saith and talk to the sea captain outside on the 
    dock.  He'll get excited about the map, but then he'll remember that the light 
    in the lighthouse is out and no one can sail without it shining.  He'll give you 
    some flint and tell you to light it up again. 
         Head to the lighthouse (a little to the north).  Talk to the man by the 
    stairs leading up and he'll heal you, then head up.  Keep on going up the 
    flights of stairs until you reach the top.  Remember to take the items in the 
    chests on the way up or down.  Also, the easiest way to defeat the enemies in 
    here are to use Nash's Thunder Wave and Luna's Destruction song (if she has it 
    yet).  Once you reach the top, press A on the structure in the middle and a 
    flame will ignite.  Head back down, getting healed at the bottom by the man 
    again and go back to Saith.
         Go inside the place again where you found Nash and talk to the man at the 
    far left of the room.  He'll thank you for operating the lighthouse again and 
    give you some money.  Go back outside and talk to the captain again.  He'll let 
    you aboard the ship now.  Go down the dock and go on the boat.  Before it will 
    let you, Luna will stop and say that she saw the pain in their parents' eyes and 
    just couldn't leave them.  She leaves your party and you head to Meribia.
    II.  The Real Adventure Begins
         Once in Meribia, head to the jewelers.  Inside, talk to Dross and choose 
    Sell and pick the Dragon Diamond.  He'll say he has to go down and put it in a 
    safe and get your money, but he never returns.  Go outside and go to Master 
    Mel's castle.  Talk to him and he'll tell you to get the jewel back for 
    yourselves since you're on a journey.  Leave and buy some supplies like leather 
    clothes for Alex and Ramus.  If you have enough buy some leather armor instead.  
    If you never bought Ramus a sword this is the time.
         Go into the Jewelers and go into the room where Dross went in.  Talk to the 
    lady and she'll tell you that she saw Dross running off with your jewel.  Go 
    down and enter the next room.  Quickly talk to the man next to you.  He'll tell 
    you to be careful and that normal weapons cannot hurt the monsters in these 
    sewers.  Leave as quickly as you can.  If you get caught in a battle, try to run 
    or you're dead meat.  Leave and go to Black Rose Street.  To get there, go down 
    to the harbors and turn left until you see an opening to walk through.  Go 
    through and you'll be on Black Rose Street.  Head all the way north into the 
    northern building.  Talk to Nash and then to the man behind the counter.  He'll 
    give you the power to use fire magic.  Your first spell will appear named Flame.  
    It's a weak spell, so it won't cut it in the sewers.  Now head out of Meribia a 
    little to the northwest.  There'll be a healing stone there, so just walk around 
    there and gain levels until Alex is at level 20 and has the Blazing Fire spell.  
    Now head back to Black Rose Street and go into the magic shop on the left.  Buy 
    some silver lights (if you can afford it).  They're used to restore your magic.  
    Now go out and gain enough money to buy Alex some Carapace Armor.  It REALLY 
    help a lot!
         Now head into the sewers again and fight your way through the maze.  Once 
    you reach the Water Dragon, you've met your first boss.  The strategy on him is 
    easy.  Use Blazing Fire on him until he dies, and have Ramus heal Alex.  If 
    Ramus dies, it doesn't really matter, as long as you can heal yourself.  
    Remember to equip silver lights on Alex!  Once you've killed the dragon, go down 
    the stairs and get all the chests with contain other magic gaining items.  Now 
    talk to Dross and keep on saying no until he offers to give you 3000 silvers.  
    Take it and leave.  Nash will be waiting in the jewelers once you come out of 
    the sewers.  He'll join your team and Ramus will leave the team for good 
    (remember to take all of his stuff on him to sell).  Go back to the same place 
    you were gaining levels to gain more levels for Alex and Nash.  Around level 21 
    is good for now (remember to buy some Carapace Armor!).  
         Go back to Master Mel's castle and talk to him.  Now head over to the f 
    Althena's Shrine to the east.  Heal and talk to everyone, and continue south.  
    Find the Vane transporter and Nash will leave your team for a while.  Step on 
    the transporter and you'll be taken to the Vane test.  They need to test Alex to 
    see if he has enough magic power to be in Vane.  The best magic spell to use 
    here is Flame Bomb, but since you don't have it yet, Flamer is just as good.  
    Remember, normal weapons don't work very well in here!
         Once you've found your way out, Nash will be waiting for you outside.  
    He'll join back up and you'll be able to walk through Vane.  Go to a little to 
    the northwest until you reach a temple (not the castle).  Go inside and a light 
    will flash.  You'll see Mia standing there.  Talk to her a couple times and 
    leave.  Go to the castle and go to Ghaleon's room.  Talk to Nash and then to 
    Ghaleon.  He'll tell you to go to Lann and defeat the impostor Dragonmaster.  
    Talk to Nash on your way out and ask him to join you.
         Leave Vane and head towards the west.  Lann is pretty hard to find, but 
    you'll know where it is if you're near (when you see a lot of water).  Go in and 
    a bunch of people will be complaining about how that impostor is doing mean 
    things.  Go to the leader's house and you'll find Jessica.  Talk to her a couple 
    times and ask her to join.  Go to the harbor and get in the boat.  You'll float 
    to Lann island.  Go inside and find the secret tunnel area to the south (check 
    all over in the southern directions).  Once you come to the Dragonmaster Zoc, 
    you'll fight 4 dragons.  They are really easy.  Just attack them normally with 
    Alex, heal with Jessica, and cast Thunder Bomb with Nash.  Once he's gone go 
    back to Vane.  
         Go back to Ghaleon and Nash will leave the party and tell you to talk to 
    Lemia.  Talk to Mia and the man next to her a couple of times.  Lemia will 
    appear and will put you in jail.  Nall will escape.  Later in your cell, Mia and 
    Nall will let you escape.  Just head out and people will be talking about how 
    Lemia has changed for the worse.  Head to the temple to get Althena's Mirror to 
    show Lemia's true impostor face.  Once you reach the top, grab the mirror, the 
    Althena Herb (heals ALL hit points), and the Vigor Seed (restores ALL magic).  
         Go back down and Mia will ask you to do one more favor for her.  She'll ask 
    you to help her go through the Vane test caves to get to a barrier to the Star 
    Room where the fake Lemia is.  Go through the Vane test caves from the exit 
    until you get to the screen when you first entered the caves in the past.  
    Instead of turning west for the passage to the second room of the caves, head 
    straight up and press A on the barrier.  Mia will open it.  Go through a couple 
    more caves and you'll come outside, where Nash will be waiting.  He'll join up 
    with your team.  
         Now is a good time to save your game.  Head inside and climb the tower 
    until you reach a room with a few people in it.  They'll warn you about going 
    into the Star Room (I have no idea what the real name is, but Star Room is the 
    closest I can think of) because the punishment to enter is death.  Go inside and 
    talk to Ghaleon first, then Lemia/Xenobia.  Mia will use the mirror on her which 
    reveals her true form as Xenobia.  She then send a couple Vile Tribe monsters 
    against you.  The best way to defeat them is by having Alex attack, Mia heal and 
    cast Fullstone, and Nash use Thunder Fang or Thunder Bomb on them.  After 
    they're gone, Mia and Nash will leave your team.  Talk to them a few times then 
    talk to Ghaleon.  Say yes when he asks if you could take him to see the White 
    Dragon.  Go down a floor and the people will be talking about how they were 
    surprised it was a impostor.  Go to the top guy and ask him to teleport you 
    down.  If you want to gain levels, go down yourself and back through the caves 
    yourself, but I always let him teleport me to the front of Vane (you can also 
    heal there).  
         Buy anything you think will be important, because a tough battle will come 
    up soon!  Go back to Meribia and go to Mel's castle again and go down to the 
    place where the guard wouldn't let you go down before.  Talk to everyone many 
    times, especially Mel.  A dream cinematic scene will start where you'll hear 
    Luna screaming for help.  Now head to the docks.  Get in the boat and you'll 
    sail back to Saith.  
         From Saith head to Burg Springs and talk to Luna many times.  Now go to the 
    White Dragon.  Ghaleon will kill him and the dragon will tell you to become a 
    Dragonmaster.  Go into the next room (instead of turning right to go to the 
    dragon room, turn on the left passage.  Go up to the floating crystal and press 
    A.  The Dragon Wings will appear.  They will be useless for now, but equip them 
    anyway, since they'll work soon.  Leave and go back to the Burg Springs.  SAVE 
    NOW!!!  All the water will be gone and Luna will be held captive by Xenobia.  
    Talk to Xenobia and she'll put you in one tough battle (at least for the level 
    you should be around).  All you have to do is use the Dragon Lightning until 
    you're low on hit points, then use the rest of your magic until you're full 
    again, then use the Dragon Lightning spell again.  If you run out of magic, just 
    attack.  Once defeated, Xenobia will take Luna anyway.  The Dragon Wings will 
    now start to glow, meaning they'll work, but only if they're equipped.  Teleport 
    to Vane and heal by getting all your magic and hit points back by the man by the 
    gate.  Now teleport to Burg and go up to your parents.  Talk to the father twice 
    and they'll turn into monsters and attack you.  Just use the same tactics 
    against all the monsters, then after they're defeated go back to the man by the 
    gate in Vane and heal everything again.  The only purpose to fight your impostor 
    parents is for tons of experience points.  
    III.  Onward to Ghaleon's Overthrow
         Now your job is collect all the Dragon Items and all the characters.  Use 
    your Dragon Wings to go to Vane again.  Go into the guild (castle, whatever I 
    called it) and talk to Nash and Mia a couple times until they join your team.  
    Now teleport to Meribia.  The Vile Tribe attacked Meribia earlier and turned Mel 
    into stone.  Go to Mel's room and Jessica will be there with him crying.  Talk 
    to her a couple times and she'll join your team.  Head to Nanza, which is 
    southwest of the Vane transport.  Talk to Kyle a few times and he'll join your 
    team.  Congratulations!  You've collected all the main characters!
        Now go in the Nanza Barrier.  After you've gone through, head east to Iluk 
    and talk to everyone.  Buy some good weapons and leave.  Head southeast to Reza.  
    Someone will run by and steal you Dragon Wings.  Go into the bar and talk to 
    Laike and the bar tender a couple of times.  Go upstairs.  The lady won't let 
    you in the doorway.  Go back down and talk to the bar tender again.  Open the 
    red chest to become a member of the Thief's Guild.  Go upstairs and enter the 
    doorway.  Once all the way up, find the man who stole your Dragon Wings.  He'll 
    give them back.  Now you're free to shop in the best place in the game.  You can 
    find practically everything in there!  Buy good armor!  
         Now transport back to Iluk.  Go to the man inside the inventor's house and 
    he'll ask you to get a giant root from the desert.  Go straight east until you 
    find a place that looks like a desert with a few lumps coming out of it.  First 
    heal with the stone next to it, then head in.  Fight until you get the giant 
    root, then teleport back to Iluk.  
         Give the man the root and he'll go out in back.  Follow him and talk to the 
    2 men, then go in the hot air balloon.  You'll fly past the Red Dragon's Cave, a 
    temple of Althena, and near Damon's Spire, but winds pick up and bust the 
    control, making you crash in Reza.  Head to Meryod to the northeast.  Go over 
    the bridge to make it break.  Find all of your characters and buy good armor.  
    Don't forget to tell the builder to fix the bridge!  
         Now go back to Reza and you'll find the balloon missing.  Someone's trying 
    to sell it in the thief's area.  Don't worry about it, you won't need it again.  
    Teleport to Iluk.  Talk to the man again and he'll say sorry and tell you to 
    talk to his mentor, Myght.  Find the man who'll tell you how to reach the Red 
    Dragon's cave.  He'll tell you that you have to use a potion to get in the cave, 
    but somebody stole it.  Go back to Reza and find the merchant (in the thief's 
    area) that's selling something called the "Rain Cloud"(or something with rain in 
    it).  Buy it and go back to the man in Iluk.  
         Now go down a narrow path south of Reza.  Press A next to the tiny island 
    next to the shore.  It's a gigantic tortoise that takes you to Damon's Spire.  
    Go inside and down into the basement (not up.  There are 2 staircases).  Find 
    your way to a chest with the Spire Key in it.  Go back up all the way until you 
    hit the chamber with Damon in it.  He'll tell you to go to Reza, since Xenobia 
    will be trying to kidnap Lily.  Instead, teleport out, heal up, and buy 
         Now go northwest from the turtle until you get to the volcano.  Press A on 
    the lava flow to automatically use the Rain God on it.  It will freeze and you 
    can now walk in the cave.  It looks just like the White Dragon's cave, only red.  
    Find your way through until you reach the stairway leading to the crystal.  On 
    the way up the Red Dragon's spirit will appear.  It'll give you its power before 
    it dies, now grab the crystal.  You'll receive the Dragon Shield and the Dragon 
    Fire spell, along with 250 experience points!
         Now finally go to Reza.  Xenobia will be with Lily upstairs in the bar.  
    Talk to Xenobia and she'll take Lily.  Now you have to get to the Frontier.  
    Teleport to Meryod and the bridge will be finished.  You can now cross to a 
    really good weapon store!  Make sure you have enough to buy the Great Sword for 
    Alex.  If you need new armor, go to the armor store and buy it there.
         Once you've crossed, you'll be near the frontier, but far.  Go up the 
    northern narrow path right next to the shore.  You'll pass a spring (where you 
    need soap and is only for girls), a transporter that has been abandoned for over 
    100 years (this is where you'll be able to teleport to the Frontier, but not 
    yet), and a healing stone.  Once you reach a river, turn southeast.  You'll hit 
    the singing town of Lyton.  They say Xenobia has been there too and taken their 
         Now you're ready to go to the Blue Dragon's Cave.  Go inside a house in 
    northern Lyton.  Tell the magician your name is Alex and she'll lift the curse 
    that blocks you from crossing the river.  Now go over the rocks in the river 
    towards the north, then walk into the waterfall.  You're now inside the Blue 
    Dragon's cave!  Find your way through until you reach the boss, Brainiac.  He's 
    not that hard at all.  Have Alex cast Dragon Fire until out of enough magic, 
    then attack, Kyle attack, Jessica heal, Mia cast Spill Attack (best) or 
    Waterfall, and Nash cast Thunder Shot 2 (best) or Thunder Shot 1.  Once you beat 
    him, go into the next room.  When you go up the flight of stairs, the Blue 
    Dragon's spirit will come, then give you the power and heal you.  Grab the 
    crystal to get the Dragon Helmet.  You'll receive the helmet, the Dragon Tear 
    spell, and 400 experience points!  
         Head down and Nash will then steal it the Dragon Helmet and give it to 
    Xenobia.  They'll take off with it.  Leave and head to the southeast until you 
    reach Tamur.  Talk to Tempest and Fresca.  Let Tempest fight you.  Next talk to 
    Laike and let him go with you.  Head north until you reach Myght's Tower.  Make 
    your way up and talk with Myght until he tells you he'll make a hot air balloon.  
    Now head to the roof.  Ghaleon will appear and tell you that he'll kill you.  
    Now Laike will not stop trying to help you become a Dragonmaster.  Go back out 
    of the tower and back to Tamur to get your other characters again.  Tempest and 
    Fresca left to go to the Prairie.  
         Head out or Tamur northeast until you find a small cave in the ground.  
    It's the Prairie Tunnel.  Fresca has gotten the disease.  Make your way through 
    the cave and into the prairie and into the town of Pao where many are sick.  In 
    one tent you'll find Fresca laying on the ground, talking about how Tempest went 
    into a cave to the northeast to kill the monster that is making the disease.  Go 
    inside the leader's tent.  Mia and Jessica will become sick.  You'll only have 
    Nash and Kyle in your team for now.  Head to the northeastern cave to help 
    Tempest kill the monster.  You'll find him in the beginning.  He'll also join 
    your team as an exceptional fighter.  Don't forget to find a special whip in a 
    chest in the cave for Tempest so his attack will increase!  The monsters in here 
    are hard if you're not at least in your early 40s in levels.  Once you reach the 
    boss, you're in for one tough battle!  All you have to do is have Alex use 
    Dragon Tear and attack, Kyle attack (best if you picked up the Insane Sword in a 
    chest on the way to the Inca God), Nash attack (best if you picked up the Pixie 
    Bow in a chest on the way to the Inca God), and Tempest attack.  Just use a wind 
    potion to get out or walk out.  Go back to Pao and go in the tent where Mia and 
    Jessica were and give the lady in the top left the seal.  She'll take away all 
    the disease with it.  Talk to Mia and Jessica to get them to join you again.  Go 
    to the tent where Fresca was and talk to Tempest and Fresca.  Go back to the 
    tent that had Mia and Jessica in it and talk to the lady laying on the ground.  
    She'll get up and walk out.  Go outside where the well is and talk to the lady.  
    She'll give you the Mirage Water to get the transporter working again.
         Now is a time to go where ever you'd like to get some good weapons and 
    armor, although the best ones were in the cave.  Now teleport to Lyton and go 
    south to get to the transporter.  Fill up the left side with Mirage Water and 
    step on the right side to be taken to the Frontier.
         Once you reappear you'll be inside the Dark Cave.  Find your way out and 
    head west until you hit the town of Cadin.  They are under attack by the Vile 
    Tribe very often.  Be sure to buy supplies now and SAVE!!!!!  You'll be heading 
    to the Black Dragon's Cave now!
         Head south of Cadin, then east.  The cave is tucked in a mountainside.  
    You'll see a cave with colors darkening around it.  Once inside, find your way 
    to the Hero Crest and Dyne's Sword!  Equip Alex with the sword and leave the 
    cave.  Go south, east, then north to reach Talon.  Everyone there will be slaves 
    of Ghaleon's, working in the Talon Mine.  Find your way through the mine.  On 
    the way you'll find all the Burg citizens.  Once you reach the boss, it won't be 
    to hard.  The strategy to defeat him is to have Alex use Dragon Tear, Kyle 
    attack, Jessica heal, Nash use Thunder Thrust, and have Mia cast Flamaria or 
    Trouble Bubble.  After his easy defeat, he'll suprise you with the real boss, 
    one of Taban's Dragon Tanks.  Have them all do the same things.
         After his defeat, head up and out side.  Go northwest to the town of Marke.  
    These people are the only ones left who still worship the goddess Althena.  
    Teleport now to Vane to heal, then to anywhere to buy supplies that you want.  
    Now talk to the town elder.  He'll open up the cave's passage into the Black 
    Dragon's cave to receive the last piece of dragon items. When you come to a room 
    with a huge empty space there, walk forward and suddenly the Black Dragon's 
    bones will reform and attack you.  To defeat it, have Alex cast Dragon Tear, 
    Kyle attack, Jessica heal and attack, Nash cast Thunder Thrust or Thunder Shot 
    2, and have Mia cast Flamaria.  
         After you defeat the Dragon, Ghaleon will be heard clapping.  He'll tell 
    you that you've destroyed the last dragon and he can now enslave Althena.  Go 
    north and into the crystal room to grab the Dragon Armor.  It practically makes 
    you invincible for the time being.  Use a Wind Essence or Mia spell to get out 
    of the cave.  Teleport to Marke.  Talk to the girl in the elder's house a couple 
    of times and she'll give you a key to Ruid.  
         Head southeast to Ruid.  Once there, go inside the tower.  Once at the top, 
    talk to Taben.  He'll send some new dragon tanks on you.  To beat them, have 
    Alex use Dragon Quake, Kyle attack (what else is he good for?), Jessica heal, 
    Nash cast Thunder Thrust, and have Mia cast Flamaria.  Once you're done, go back 
    down the tower and outside.  
         Teleport to Marke and talk to the town greeter.  He'll tell you that the 
    Grindery was heading towards Talon.  Teleport to Talon.  The Grindery ran over 
    half the town.  Follow the tracks northeast and out of town.  You'll se a 
    cinematic scene of Althena destroying something.  You'll end up outside town.  
    Walk to the Grindery.  You'll hear a loud zap and everything will go dark.  Alex 
    will wake up in the thief's bizarre with Nall.  Talk to everyone and go 
    downstairs to the room with Jessica and Mia laying in beds.  Talk to them each 
    multiple times.  They'll say they can't move.  Go downstairs and talk to Nash 
    and Kyle a couple of times until they repeat themselves.  Go back upstairs and 
    talk to Jessica and Mia to get them to join.  Go downstairs and talk to Kyle and 
    Nash to get them to join.  Laike will then come in and tell you that he is 
    really Dyne, he just lost his power.
         Teleport to Vane, then to Myght's Lab.  He'll tell you the air balloon is 
    ready ond upstairs.  Go up and Xenobia will appear, but so will Laike.  Laike 
    will go at her.  She'll turn him to stone, but he will still fight her.  Run 
    aboard the air balloon.  Jessica will fly it to Althena's tower.  You'll crash 
    land on it.  Make your way to the top and grab the chests before talking to the 
    Dragon Angels.  Talk to them and Alex will fight them all by himself.  Use 
    Dragon Quake until you're out of MP, then attack until they die.  Remember to 
    equip all your Dragon Items and a couple of Althena Herbs.  Once you defeat them 
    you can get Althena's Sword and become a Dragonmaster.  
         Go outside and use the Dragon Wings to teleport to Myght's Lab.  Myght will 
    be with a *stoned* Dyne.  Teleport to Meribia and walk outside.  Behind a 
    mountain, you'll see the Grindery.  Equip all your Dragon Armor and Althena's 
    Sword to get in.  Go inside and make your way up.  You'll fight 4 flames.  Have 
    Alex use Dragon Quake and attack, Kyle attack, Jessica heal, Nash cast Thunder 
    Thrust, and have Mia cast Bye Bye Air or Landquake.  Once it's gone, head up 
    stairways.  You'll come across a place that looks like Vane, but monsters will 
    attack you.  Defeat them and you'll be back down the stairs.  Go up again and 
    defeat the monsters.  You'll again be back down on the stairs.  Do this 1 more 
    time and Tempest and Fresca will appear and will hold the enemies back.  Go into 
    the Vane-looking place.  It's really called My Secret Garden.  Talk to everyone 
    and go to the bottom left corner to get healed by a pixie.  Now go inside the 
    tower.  Go up until you get to a point where you can go downstairs.  Go down and 
    find a chest with a key in it.  Go back all the way up.  Unlock the door with 
    the key you picked up. Go inside and talk to Luna a couple times until she 
    changes into Xenobia.  Luna was a fake.  Fight Xenobia by talking to her.  Have 
    Alex use Dragon Quake, then attack, Kyle attack, Jessica heal and attack, Nash 
    cast Thunder Thrust or latest spell, and have Mia cast Landquake.  You'll now 
    teleport to a room.  Grab all the chests and talk to Ghaleon.  Have everyone do 
    exactly what they did to Xenobia.  After you kill him, head up through the door.  
    You'll reach Althena's room.  The Dragon Angels will appear and tell you that 
    they'll bring Althena back, but she'll forget her life as Luna.  Just as they 
    try a blast will hit them and Ghaleon will be back.  He'll morph into his true 
    self and you'll have to fight him.  Do the same fighting technique to him as 
    before.  Once he's dead, the Dragon Angels will come back as stars and they'll 
    say they can't change her back, but you can.  You have to try to help her 
    remember you as Alex, not Dragonmaster.  Right before you go up, talk to 
    everyone in your team.  Jessica will heal you.  Play your harp.  It will cut 
    down the critical lightning's damage.  Keep on going up.  You might want to use 
    an Althena Herb on your way up if your life is in the 100's.  Once you reach 
    her, you'll jog her memory and she'll be Luna again.  You just beat the game!  
    There really isn't a big ending, but the pictures in the background are of what 
    the characters did after Ghaleon had been defeated.  Enjoy!
    III.  Spells
    	There are many spells in the game, even ones not mentioned in the 
    instruction manual.  I've listed every spell I know of for each character.
    Name        Spell name           what it does                              range
    Alex:         Flame                   Throws fireballs                       1 
                     Power Litany        Level 2 hit point recovery         1 ally
                     Flamer                  Flame with wider range            all 
                     Little Litany          Level 5 hit point recovery         1 
                     Blazing Fire          Causes fire to rain down           1 
                     Flame Bomb         Blazing Fire with wider range   all enemies
                     Light Ray              Throws fire bombs                   1 
                     Calm Litany          Level 4 hit point recovery         all 
                     Bright Blast           Light Ray with wider range      all 
                     Dashing Flame      A flame dashes at enemy          1 enemy
                     Light Rain             Rain of fire falls                        
    all enemies
    Kyle:         Fastcut                  Fast attack from any distance    1 enemy
                     Kiai slice               Increases offensive power          
                     Sidestep                 Forms protective barrier            
                     Slayride                 Hyper-destructive sword slash   1 
                     Sprint                    Doubles character's movement  Kyle
    Jessica:     Althena Litany       Recovers maximum hit points    all allies
                     Calm Litany           (look at Alex's spells)                
    all allies
                     Camp Defender      Same as Holy Defender             all allies
                     Cascade Litany       Increases attack power              1 ally
                     Charm Defense       Delays enemy appearance         all allies
                     Fusion Litany         Recovery from paralysis            all 
                     Heal Litany            Level 6 hit point recovery           all 
                     Holy Defender        Forms a protective barrier          1 ally
                     Luck Litany     Causes enemies to attack each other  all 
                     Magic Box         Prevents enemies from using magic 1 enemy
                     Magic Defense       Forms a protective barrier           1 ally
                     Mental Litany        Brings characters to their senses all 
                     Power Litany         Level 2 hit point recovery            1 
                     Purity Litany         Recovers poisoned                       1 
                     Rest Litany            Level 7 hit point recovery            1 
                     Tempter                 Causes enemies to sleep              
    all enemies
    Luna:        Cascade                 Increases attack power                 all 
                     Good Luck       Causes enemies to attack each other  1 enemy
                     Healing                  Level 1 hit point recovery             
    all allies
                     Purification            Recovers poisoned                        
    1 ally
                     Supersonic             Attacks enemies with song           all 
                     Temptation            Causes enemies to sleep               all 
                     Tranquility             Level 3 hit point recovery             
    all allies
                     Destruction            Death song                                   
    1 enemy
    Nash:        Thunder Attack      Throws lightning bolt                   1 enemy
                     Thunder Ball          Creates electrical storm                 
    1 enemy
                     Thunder Bomb       Thunder Ball with wider range    all enemies
                     Thunder Fang         Blue lightning attack                     
    1 enemy
                     Thunder Thrust  More powerful than Thunder Wall  all enemies
                     Thunder Wall          Thuder Fang with wider range    all 
                     Thunder Wave       Thunder Attach with wider range all enemies
                     Thunder Shot 1       Hit with powerful lightning bolt  all 
                     Thunder Shot 2       More powerful than 1                 all 
    Mia:          Blizzard                   Creates a freezing storm             
    all enemies
                     De-Heal                    Takes enemies HP to you           1 
                     De-Protect                Reduces enemies defense           all 
                     Flame Bomb             (see Alex's spells)                     
    all enemies
                     Flamer                      (see Alex's spells)                      
    all enemies
                     Fullstone                   Ghost attack                              
    1 enemy
                     Ice Attack                 Throws ice daggers at enemy    all 
                     Ice Wall                    Moves a wall of ice at enemy     
    all enemies
                     Little Litany              (see Alex's spells)                      
    1 ally
                     Luck Litany      causes enemies to attack each other  all 
                     Psychotron                Escape from a dungeon              
    all allies
                     Spill Attack              Spirit attack                               
    all enemies
                     Spilter                       Spill attack with wider range     
    all enemies
                     Tornado                    Creates a tornado                       
    1 enemy
                     Waterfall                 Ghost attack                               
    all enemies
                     Wind Blast               ??????????                                 
    1 enemy
                     Trouble Bubble        Creates bubbles                         
    all enemies
                     Landquake               Makes an earthquake                 all 
                     Bye-Bye Air             Takes air from enemy                1 
    IV.  Conclusion
    	Well, that's the end!  I couldn't include a monster list or an items list, 
    but I al least added in spells!  I don't even know if I wrote down all the 
    spells in the entire game.  I just wrote down the spells that you should at 
    least have by the end of the game.  Anyway, I hope my walkthrough didn't confuse 
    you at all.  If it did, please e-mail me at Gambit1234@aol.com and ask me any 
    questions.  Sorry there is no credit section, but all I can think of that needs 
    to be mentioned is Working Designs.  Without the company the game would have 
    never been released.  I also used some of their info, but it should be O.K. 
    since I'm not selling this walkthrough for money.  Thanks for reading and feel 
    free to e-mail me!  I have a great Sega CD club called the Sega CD Survivors.  
    We even have our own magazine!  If you'd like a copy, please e-mail me for 
    either issue 1 or 2.  Thanks and happy gaming!

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