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Reviewed: 04/19/00 | Updated: 04/19/00

THE best Sega CD Game out there. (You heard me)

I know I'm going to generate some controversy with that statement, but this is true. The Third world war is without a doubt the best Sega CD, Easily beating Classics like Lunar, Dark Wizard and Shining Force. This Was my first Sega CD game,(I got my System back in 94) And this game still generates Fun and challenges to this Day.
Graphics 7/10
Dated. Thats the only reason the graphics got as low as they did, You have your basic World Map, and Your combat map. The world is divided into colors, 16 different colors for 16 different nations and when you conquer territory, your countries color expands to that nation. Real basic stuff on the World Map.
The Combat Graphics, They can get a little Clunky mainly because they try to do too much stuff at once, and it can be really hard sometimes in the middle of combat to decipher friend from foe, But there are a ton of units, Ranging from simple Jeeps(Thats what they use when your units strength is low) to missile launchers, to tanks. Problem with this is, you can't tell a Japanese Type-21 Tank from an American M1A1, But these are minor complaints to this game. The Actual Combat fields are somewhat bland, The ground, instead of it having greens and Browns and Other field colors, is just a dull brown. The cities you roll by look pretty dull too, but these are just minor gripes. Basically the Graphics in Third world are 1995 and you can tell.
Sounds and Music 10/10
Your going to laugh.. I just know it, but.. When I was a little younger before I could get a hold of my final fantasy Sound tracks. I used to listen to some of the tracks on my CDX. Thats how good the music is, Its really Modern, has somewhat of a Militaristic Beat and a good tune. There are 3 basic tracks to this game, The Planning music (Arguably the best one) The Information phase music (The music that plays between turns and tells you information from around the world) And the Battle Music, (This music is a little hard to hear, but, Your normally firing away trying to attack the enemy.) All in all some well done Music here.
The Sounds to this game, Sounds of combat Cannons firing, missiles being launched, lasers being fired. Pretty Standard Stuff here sounds wise, there are also Some talking to this game when you call for support you hear the Fighter squadron Leader saying ''We will be here in 20 seconds'' Or if they are in trouble they say ''We are in trouble'' The Sounds in Third world War are above average, but the music to the game, make for a good gaming experience.
Gameplay 9/10
There are 5 different Scenarios, 16 Different Countries (USA, Canada, Brazil, the UK ,France ,Germany ,Russia ,Saudi Arabia, Israel, Iraq, Libya, South Africa, China, India, Japan and Australia) And 2 different Ways to win, Economically and Militarly. You will not Tire of Third world war in one sitting. Each Scenario is very different, One scenario is The modern world another one is where Developing nations are very powerful, there is the Cold war Scenario and a Scenario where Its easier to win economically, and my personal favorite the scenario where Japan, China and the US are the strongest. There are so many Options to Third world war, it makes for a pleasant Gaming Experience, my only Small complaint to the Gameplay, is when your in combat, the control seems to be a little sluggish, but, not sluggish enough to warrant a bad score. Overall, the Gameplay in Third world war, is very good, and I really Wish they could make more Modern Day Micromanagement Strategy Games, that would really make my day.
Overall 9/10
Without a shadow of a doubt, this game is the best Sega CD Game out there, Even beating Lunar and Shining force and Dark wizard. I've known non strategy Buffs to buy this game because it is so Intriguing and in depth, it is a worthy collection to any Sega CD Library.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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