Review by Oolada77

Reviewed: 01/13/04

Is it better then genesis...?

Mortal kombat for the sega cd, you look at the front of the jewel case and read the words, Bigger, better, louder, and you think to I loved MK1 for sega/SNES, so how does this one fair out? well with that said on with the review.

First look-Graphix:8

As you put in your disc, you'll notice the original MK commerical was added as eye candy, but really does nothing game-wise (not to mention the fact the clips of MK1 are taken for the SNES verision, to make it look better). But along with a pointless intro, we get to see the fully animated character bio's from the arcade along with a new soundtrack as background. Now lets press start and see what happens...... As the ''select a fighter'' screen pops up you'll notice very few changes to it from the genesis verision. The music is different (taken for the arcade beginning music), sub-zero has his animations back (on sega genesis his pose was just scoripion in blue, and all the rest of the gang have been given more animation for a smoother look. Now as we move on to the stages to fight, you'll notice that each background has been given a few ( a stress the word ''few'') new animations or add-ons. The biggest change to mk, is the fact that you need no code for the blood, it comes directly with the game (much like the arcade). The pit stage has body parts laying around, thou the art work for it has much to be desired, in shang tsung's thorn room, he moves his head back and forth watching the fight and even claps his hands at the end of each round, Goro's layer has some blood on the walls, a few more bones laying around and the eyes in the background seem to move faster, The budda stage as the lite torches with the flames swaying in the back drop, and that is about it with new changes to the backgrounds.


the music for this game is loud indeed, but does that make it good? personal with the exception of the intro music, I would choose the genesis music over this. My reason for this is because the music sometimes is to loud and takes away for the other sounds such as hits or punches. You'll also notice the host of MK does call out your characters name when you choose him/her or after the last winning round of a fight. With fatalities, we do not get the overdone blood curdeling screams of the arcade, but rather a short cut-scream (note: when punch off the pit stage, you'll have a good hard scream on the way down). the sound part of this game was improved upon but yet agian, I think more could have been done to it.


The moves, combo's and fatals that we have learned to love are all here and as easy to do, as they were for the sega that is pretty much that.

This is not a bad verison of Mortal kombat 1, and yes the sega cd has it's limits, but I still think more could have been.

Is louder for sure.
More animation
more add-on's to the backgrounds
Shang tsung saying FATALITY amoung other voice add-on's
The game cd can be use as a music cd aswell.

Loading times (esp fighting shang tsung) can be unbearable at times.
No fighting annoucments the first rounds of each fight
Really no different then the sega genesis verison

Buy or rent: Well it is unlikely you'll find this for rent anywhere, but if you have a sega cd, and you like MK and you dont already have it for genesis and see it for sale, i say, it would be a good 10 bucks spent, but would be pointless to get if you have the genesis cart.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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