He has returned...
Malnor, Demonlord of Darkness, infests the Tower of Despair once more. But this time he has the Ring of Skulls, a potent Amulet of evil force and malice, gathering malevolent powers to him. His evil orc legions and demonkin hordes are now poised to ravage the realm of Aelandor.
The Council of Wizards has summoned you, the Warrior-Mage of Castle Argent, in a last desperate attempt to destroy Malnor, the Screaming Shadow. You, the wielder of the Silver Gauntlet, must set out on a quest to find the Gold Gauntlet, for only with both can you take on Malnor. The fate of Aelandor lies in your hands. Can you survive the perilous journey to the Tower of Despair, and face the ultimate challenge within it?
The TOWER OF DESPAIR offers a new challenge to adventure gamers. It includes over 110K of programming, and an adventure guide containing a history and map of the realm of Aelandor. The illustrated guide contains vital clues to the adventure, and is essential for play. The authors all write for WHITE DWARF magazine; and one of them, Jamie Thomson, is contributing to Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone's 'Fighting Fantasy' series.

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