This software package contains two cassettes of the main programs in the NEC course 30 Hour BASIC Spectrum edition. The tapes are prepared for use with a Spectrum micro only.
Tape 1 contains 36 programs covering the first steps of learning BASIC up to and including FOR... NEXT loops and strings. The program include simple arithmetic, temperature conversions, percentages, compound interest, printing standard letters, making a telephone directory, a simple quiz, putting items in order, counting and producing frequency distributions.
Tape 2 contains 34 programs using more advanced techniques of BASIC than on Tape 1. These include random number generations and mathematical functions. The programs include: simulating coin tossing and dice throwing, calculating means, squares, cubes and reciprocals, sorting a list into alphabetical order, and simple games.
Although the two tapes in this pack are specially prepared for use with 30 Hour BASIC, they form a first-class introduction to BASIC even if you do not have 30 Hour BASIC itself.

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