Review by Zylo the wolf

"A really horrible port."

Everyone who was young in the early 90s couldn't have missed the Mortal Kombat game. All the talk about what kind of effect games like Gta and Counterstrike have had during the last 5 years is nothing compared to how outraged parents was when they saw what kind of games their children played. Once they heard the two words "Finish him!" they saw how their own children made a man rip out another mans heart and then holding it up to show that he was the winner in this duel to death. For Sega fans, this game really showed how "mature" the Genesis crew was since there was no blood in the SNES version. But those Sega fans who didn't own a Sega Genesis but had a Master System instead couldn't have been happy about how they got an unplayable game.

First of all, not even all the characters in the original version is in this game. Kano isn't playable. And there's also just two different stages, the bridge and the sewer. For some reason both stages has exactly the same annoying music too.

The Mortal Kombat series did get as huge as it did because even if Street Fighter 2 was a better game, Mortal Kombat had special moves which was much easier for youngsters to do. To bad that the conrtol in this game is so horrid, that I can't even perform Sub-Zero's freezing attack. Since the Sega Master System joypads only has 2 buttons, you block by pushing back on the direction button, if you're lucky. The block function usually doesn't work and your fighter will get hited.

The graphic is the best thing about this game, at least when the characters are standing still. However once it's time to move (which is a basic thing in all fighting games) the characters will start looking like the games is lagging and the animation looks really poorly done. The game is also very slow which is something a fighter game definitely shouldn't be.

I'm not sure if Mortal Kombat has been poorly ported on the Master System or if the game was doomed on the system from the beginning. If you by some chance have a Master System gaming night with your friends and suggest that you should play some Mortal Kombat, then chances are that your friends will never talk to you again. Scorpion doesn't even scream his classic "GET OVER HERE!" line. If you must play some Mortal Kombat then try the Sega Genesis version, which actually is playable.

Reviewer's Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

Originally Posted: 10/13/06

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