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"I Think the Most Relevant Fact is That Someone Actually Got 3 MK Games on the SMS..."

Ah yes, the never ending struggle to find a (decently priced) Mortal Kombat game for every Sega console I own. Early on this year, April I believe, I found a SMS copy of Mortal Kombat for only 15 bucks Canadian. This was an opportunity that I just couldn't pass up, thus I snatched it up immediately. What I got wasn't surprising, but it wasn't too bad either. Again, probably the most amazing fact is that the developers (Acclaim) were able to get 3 of these games on the SMS. Whether they are playable or not doesn't matter. This game, thankfully, is playable, and game play will tell you just how playable it is.

Game play: 6/10

Its a step down that's for sure (I'd expect any game that goes from 6 buttons down to 2 to be a step down), but its still easy to play, one of the better pick up and play versions of MK. The characters are down from 7 to 6, however of the ones that are still around, they all have their same moves, and fatalities. There are also only 2 levels, however they look (for the most part) the same as the Genesis version, which is a good thing... I guess... Finally, all of the same menus, and bosses etc. appear, thus the game really isn't lacking aside from the levels, which, yet again, is a good thing. As is the story (albeit the same MK story as always).

Story: 9/10

Ok I know the score is different from my Genesis MK story score, but that's because there is a bit missing story-wise from this game. The, "Code," screen still pops up, which is good, though its blurry... but yes the story is still rock solid. Shao Khan needs to win one more Mortal Kombat to invade the Earth realm, and he sends his right hand man Shang Tsung to win the 10th and final tournament. The Earth fighters must stop him. Graphics are next, we're still going decently strong...

Graphics: 5/10

A slight step down from the Genesis version, and aside from the bluriness, looks the same for the most part. The backgrounds look virtually the same, with a few things missing (namely the silhouette in the pit). The life meters look plain an uninteresting, and the colours are a bit off; not as vibrant as the Genesis version. The characters look the same for the most part, since they are all sprites. Sound is next, and this is where it takes a turn for the worse...

Sounds: 3/10

Well, I didn't quite know what people meant when they said bleeps and bloops but now I do. There is music, and there are sounds, but A, they are not the same as the Genesis version (quite downgraded), and B it is just repetition. Again, I commend Acclaim for their effort, but really there is nothing there... Replay ability will follow.

Replay ability: 4/10

Aside from the normal MK fighting and multi-player, there isn't anything to do replay-wise for this game. The score is downgraded a bit more though, since this game isn't as much fun as the Genesis version... but that's alright I guess...

Buy or rent?

Unless you live in Brazil, you won't be able to rent this game. As far as buying goes, if you are a big MK fan, then go ahead and buy it. It's a good novelty game too, however if you want a good port of MK, go with the Genesis version (and steer VERY clear of the SNES version, you'll do yourself a favour there).

Ah well, it was a good run that Midway had with all of their MK ports, but they fell a bit short with this one. Its not a bad game by any stretch, but its not an award winner either. At least blood can still be enabled! "Bleep, bleep tssss..." "Did I just do the toasty fatality?"

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 11/12/07

Game Release: Mortal Kombat (EU, 12/31/93)

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