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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Jai Stuart

    Version: 5.5 | Updated: 10/19/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

        oOO                      ###@#@@@@@@@@8%###                         @OO
        @oOOOOO@                  ###@@@@@@@@@@@@#@@@@ @o               OOOOOOO
         @oOOOOOOOOOO@           @##@@@@@@@OO@@@@@@@@@@Oo        @OOOOOOOOOOoO
                 OoOOOOOOOOO@8OOO#  #@o%%ooo%%%%%@@@#@o#O8@OOOOOOOOOoo
             OoOOOOOOOOOOOO#@OOO#@   ###%%%%%%%%#@@@OOOOOO#@OOOOOOOOOOOOOO
               OoOOOOOOOOOO@#OOO@     #88%%%%%####O#OO@OOOO@OOOOOOOOOOOo
                 ooOOOOOOOO@O#O#       #####8%@@@@@ooO #O#O##OOOOOOOoo@
                   @OooOOO##OOO@      8#8%%%oo@@@@%%   @OOOO@OOOOooO
                 O@    OOO##OOO@      %8%%%%%%@#@#%    @OOOO@OOO    @Oo
                ooooO8##88##     @88OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO88@#    ##88##8ooooo
                8oooo88##          @###@##@@@@O#@##@#         8#888oooo
               8o#888#####           ######@@#@@#@O          ######88##8
              8888888###             @@# @@ @@ @@@             ####888888
             888##                                                   ##888
                                  Sonic the Hedgehog
                                     Master System
                                     Version: 5.5
                                   Created: 06/09/01
                                Last Updated: 20/10/01
                                  Written by Twilight
                               E-mail: tw1l1ght@hotmail
                          -All of my FAQs can be found here-
             -> http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/9847.html <-
    Table of Contents
       i. Legal Information
      ii. Revision History
       1. Introduction
       2. General Tips and Tricks
       3. Level Tips and Tricks
            3.1 - Green Hill
            3.2 - Bridge
            3.3 - Jungle
            3.4 - Labyrinth
            3.5 - Scrap Brain
            3.6 - Sky Base
       4. FAQs
       5. Credits
       6. Contact Information
      i. Legal Information
    Unpublished work © Copyright 2001 Twilight.  All rights reserved.
    This document is protected by US Copyright Law, and the Berne Copyright
    Convention of 1976.  It is for private and personal use only.  Editing,
    altering or changing this FAQ is prohibited.  It may not be reproduced or
    distributed in any form, in any way, without my permission.  This FAQ is a free
    document that may be accessed for private and personal use by the public.
    It may not be sold, for profit or otherwise, nor can it be used in any other
    commercial transaction.  Do not sell it.  Do not include it as a bonus gift to
    something.  Do not use it as an incentive to buy/purchase.  You do not have my
    permission to translate this FAQ into any other language, nor do you have my
    permission to HTML-ize it.  Do not ask me, for the answer is no.  This FAQ was
    created and is owned by me, Twilight <tw1l1ght@hotmail.com>.  All copyrights
    and trademarks are acknowledged and respected that are not specifically
    mentioned herein.
    This FAQ may only be found at the following web site(s):
    GameFAQs <http://www.gamefaqs.com>
    If you find it on any other sites, please let me know.
    Other users may post this FAQ on their web site (web site only) after obtaining
    my permission via e-mail.  Along with the e-mail, be sure to send the URL of
    your site.  I'll look it over, and (if I decide to), I will then send you the
    terms I have for all who wish to post this document (sites that I submit FAQs
    to myself are exceptions).
    Breach or violation of this copyright can and will result in legal action.
      ii. Revision History
    Version: 1.0     Date: 09/09/01
    80% Complete       - First version!
                       - Most secrets are up; the FAQ is pretty complete
    Comments: Well, it's the first version, so there really isn't much to talk
              about.  Despite being the first version, however, the FAQ is pretty
    Version: 2.0     Date: 10/09/01
    85% Complete       - Two more general tips were added
                       - A few typos were fixed
                       - Other minor changes were made
    Comments: A small update (1 KB worth), but what I really wanted to changed was
              the format of the guide.
    Version: 3.0     Date: 12/09/01
    95% Complete       - Another four more general tips were added
                       - Another FAQ was added
                       - Changed the copyright disclaimer
                       - Other minor changes
    Comments: The main point of this update was the change to my copyright
              disclaimer, and I'm still tinkering around with the format.
    Version: 4.0     Date: 29/09/01
    100% Complete      - Two more general tips were added
                       - Some information was removed
                       - A few other minor changes were made
                       - The last two versions weren't uploaded, in case you're
    Comments: The net has been screwy for the last week or so, and I haven't had
              time to upload the two past versions, so I figured I'd just skip to
              this one.  I'm pretty happy with the FAQ thus far.  Probably the last
              update of any measurable content.
    Version: 5.0     Date: 17/10/01
    100% Complete      - Renamed from a Hints and Tips guide, to a FAQ/Walkthrough
                         (see the Introduction section for the reasons)
                       - The format was polished up a little
                       - The Introduction section was redone
                       - I added a 'Zone Analysis' for each of the zones, to help
                         make up for the lack of a full Walkthrough
                       - A few more FAQs were added
                       - The FAQs were reorganised
                       - Changed a few other things
                       - Probably the last update for a while
                       - Au revoir!  It's been a blast.
    Comments: Quite a large update (for this FAQ, that is).  The format of the FAQ
              was adjusted slightly, the name was changed, a few more FAQs were
              added, and more.  Oh, for those who care, keep an eye out for my Team
              Buddies FAQ.  It's the one I had writer's block in.  Seems like this
              FAQ fulfilled its purpose. :) I like this FAQ.  Its simple format
              really helps when you're working on monster ones. :) Laters, people.
    Version: 5.5     Date: 20/10/01
    100% Complete      - Minor changes
    Comments: Nothin' big.  A small change to the legal disclaimer (I seem to do
              that every month or so, eh?), a small change to my contact info., and
              small changes to some other stuff.  Various fixes throughout the FAQ.
              Oh, yeah, three-day weekends own j00!  That is all.  Good day.
      1. Introduction
    Hello there.  I'm Twilight, and I would like to welcome you to my Sonic the
    Hedgehog Hints and Tips FAQ.
    About the Game
    This game is for the Sega Master System, Sega's early 8-bit console.  In this
    game you control a blue hedgehog named Sonic, appropriately named Sonic the
    Hedgehog.  As Sonic, you must save the animals and the land from the clutches
    of the evil Dr. Robotnik.
    Or something.  The game's so old I can't really remember.
    Sonic the Hedgehog was an instant classic, Sega's biggest Mario contender.
    There have been many games since.  There is a Genesis version of Sonic the
    Hedgehog, although they're both entirely different games.  I'm not sure which
    of the games was released first, but it doesn't really matter.  One of the two
    spawned the hugely successful series of Sonic games, which range from Sonic
    Pinball to Sonic and Knuckles.  Sonic the Hedgehog for the Master System is one
    of the best games on the system.  It shows how fast and colourful 8-bit games
    can play, and if you have the chance, I highly recommend you pick it up.
    Sonic's a true classic.  'Nuff said.
    More importantly, though, so did I.  ('Nuff can't touch the Twi-meister.)
    About the FAQ
    After experiencing a case of writer's block in my current FAQ project, I pulled
    out my Master System and started playing through this gem of a game.  I thought
    I'd create a FAQ that is just really a collection of tips and tricks I've
    discovered during the five years I've owned this game.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: This FAQ was initally intended to be a Hints and Tips guide.
                    However, I then thought of calling it a Secrets FAQ (since it
                    lists all the secrets in the game).  I couldn't, though, since
                    I also had a few tips.  I also had secrets for all of the
                    levels.  Then I really made a mistake and added a FAQ section
                    (I know...).  Someone noticed this (specifically, that dude
                    known as Jeff "CJayC" Veasey).  He listed it as a
                    FAQ/Walkthrough on GameFAQs.  Since naming it a FAQ/Walkthrough
                    isn't off-mark at all considering its content (which originally
                    wasn't intended to be there), I decided to do the same, too.
    Despite the name change, this FAQ is provided 'as is'.  I will not change it,
    not make it thousands of KBs bigger, but I will leave it, as it was intended to
    be: A small document that helped me in overcoming writer's block.  The only
    thing added was a small analysis of each of the zones, to finish off this small
    FAQ project.  Enjoy.
    Contact Information
    For ways of contacting me, see the final section of this FAQ.
      2. General Tips and Tricks
    o Always grab your rings!  These are super important, cause they're the only
      way to protect you (well, not including the Invincibility power-up).
    o 100 rings = 1-Up.
    o Unlike the latter Sonic games, when you get hit you'll only drop one ring.
      You could have 30 of them and you'd still drop one!  The worst part is, you'll
      never be able to pick up that ring before it drops away, either!
    o Also unlike the latter Sonic games, when you get 100 rings you'll get a 1-Up
      but the rings will disappear!  Although it generally doesn't matter,
      sometimes it does.
    o One of the most natural instincts for newer Sonic the Hedgehog players is to
      spindash.  It won't work!  You'll often learn that the hard way.
    o There is a decent way to make up for the lack of the spindash.  First when
      you are running, hit the Down button.  You'll break into a spin.  Now jump
      around while holding Down + Right (or Down + Left, depending on which way you
      want to go).  You won't move at spindash speed, but you'll cover good
      distance since you're jumping and you'll be pretty much invincible (not
      utterly invincible, but whatever).
    o When using the Checkpoints, you have to break them multiple times for them to
      keep working (so you could break it once, appear there and forget to break it
      again, but then when you died you'd start back at the beginning!).
    o Hold Up and Down to look up and down, respectively.  A useful feature that is
      often overlooked.
    o You'll get a 1-Up when your score hits 50,000 and another for every 50,000
      points after that.
    o Water, spikes, etc. are bad!  I shouldn't have to tell you this, but I
      thought I would, anyway.
    o Watch out for springs that point to the side.  They'll often send you flying
      into harm.
    o Time your jumps accordingly.
    o If you don't have any rings, avoid badniks instead of trying to bop them.
    o If you insist on speeding down hills into the unknown, roll instead, so
      you'll bop any enemies waiting for you.
    o Always grab power-ups.  There isn't any negative effects on them (well, maybe
      except for the Speed Shoes as you might run too fast and get into trouble).
    o Search around in every zone for a Chaos Emerald.
    o Learn and memorise each of the secrets in the game.  Not only are they
      helpful, but you can show off in front of people.
    o Shields may seem useless, but they can actually be quite helpful.  Remember,
      you can't pick up dropped rings.
    o Play with style. You're Sonic the Hedgehog, the fastest thing alive!  Don't
      play like a half-asleep monkey (lame, I know)!  Play fast, and have fun!
      3. Level Tips and Tricks
    Here you'll be able to find the level specific stuff.  Each part of this
    section is split into zones for easy navigation.
      3.1 - Green Hill
    Zone Analysis
    I love this zone.  It's the basic, happy, grassland-type zone that each Sonic
    game has.  You won't find many obstacles or dangers.  Keep away from the odd
    badnik, and keep an eye out for the spikes.
    Act 1
    -Level Skip-
    NOTE: Well, in all honesty this single trick was half the motivation of writing
          this FAQ in the first place.  It is also one of the things that I
          remember the most about Sonic the Hedgehog during my childhood, since I
          was the first one to find it on our street.
    First run to the top of the large hill with the Invincibility power-up.  Break
    it open and walk left a little so you are touching the tall tree.  From here,
    run right at full speed to the drop and once you touch the edge, break into a
    spin.  Now while still holding Right, you should hit the small ramp at the
    bottom and go shooting through the air.  If everything goes accordingly to
    plan, Sonic will nick the top ring of the pyramid while flying.  While flying,
    keep holding down Right, and Sonic should disappear off the screen.  Now the
    screen will start quickly scrolling to the right, and (if you done everything
    correct) it'll stop at the end of Act 1, where Sonic will be waiting.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure you are always holding down Right!  If you let go,
                    Sonic will probably end up in the spikes!  Also, you miss out
                    on everything that you could have gotten after the jump (most
                    notably, the 1-Up).
    OTHER INFORMATION: Grab the Speed Shoes power-up and then perform the trick.
                       Watch Sonic _really_ go flying!
    -Hidden 1-Up-
    Keep an eye out for a 1-Up, hidden in a tree.  To knock it down, jump up and
    knock it from below.
    NOTE: You won't have the chance to grab it if you use the Level Skip trick
    Act 2
    -Hidden 1-Up-
    When you first crash into the water, jump left (into the wall).  It's hollow,
    and you can find a 1-Up in the room at the other side.
    -Chaos Emerald-
    From the Checkpoint, jump on the spring and jump up until you come across
    another spring and a tunnel leading to the left.  Go through the tunnel and
    take out the badnik.  Jump up the ledge and into the water.  Head left, under
    the spikes and spin to take out the badnik.  Keep heading left, and you'll come
    to a waterfall.  Drop down, and you'll come into the chamber containing the
    Chaos Emerald.  Grab it and then fall down the waterfall to the left.
    -Other Notes-
    o You can't get 100 rings here.  You wouldn't believe how many times I've
    Act 3
    -Hidden 1-Up-
    Head right, and jump over the first gap you come to; it's a pit of spikes.
    However, drop down the next gap and head right a bit.  You'll come across a
    hidden 1-Up.  Jump on the spring to get back.
      3.2 - Bridge
    Zone Analysis
    Bridge is familar to Hill Top zone from Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (the Genesis
    version, that is).  It's quite cool, actually.  A few more badniks than Green
    Hill, but it's particulary pleasant to look at.  Admire the scenary, but watch
    out for collapsible bridges.  Act 2 is also one of those scrolling stages,
    where the screen continually moves to the side (the right, in this case).
    Act 1
    -Hidden 1-Up-
    When you come across the second counterweight bouncer, bounce up to the right.
    You'll find a hidden 1-Up.
    -Chaos Emerald-
    When you actually come across the Chaos Emerald, move to the left of the
    bridge.  Edge on to it slightly (just slightly) so the first few parts
    collapse.  Now while falling, jump up on to the ledge and grab the Chaos
    Act 2
    -Hidden 1-Up-
    From the Checkpoint run across the bridge to the right, get on to the little
    part that is sticking out over the water and crouch.  You should see a 1-Up
    floating on the water.  Jump down on to it and you'll break it, and you'll also
    bounce up high enough to land on the platform.
    Act 3
    -Hidden 1-Up-
    From the start, run left a little and you'll find a hidden 1-Up.
      3.3 - Jungle
    Zone Analysis
    From Bridge, you move into Jungle.  IMO, quite a leap in difficulty.  Act 1
    isn't too troublesome, just take your time leaping on the logs flowing down the
    waterfalls.  Act 2, however, can be a real pain.  As you move upwards, the
    screen from below disappears, so you have no-where to go except up.  Act 3 can
    be frustating, too.  Damaging Robotnik will often result on you landing on his
    bombs.  I hope you've practiced jumping.  Luck.
    Act 1
    -Chaos Emerald-
    When you come to the second waterfall where you have to jump from log to log,
    ride a log to the bottom of the screen and walk to the left edge.  As you near
    the water you'll see a small opening to the left.  Quickly jump through.  Fall
    off and you'll land on another log.  Run left (you won't fall off) and you'll
    end up by another Chaos Emerald.  After grabbing it, ride your log back and
    jump off wherever you want.
    OTHER INFORMATION: You can ride the log quite faraway before you have to get
                       off, but you won't make it to the end.
    Act 2
    o Make damn sure you don't fall here.  Even a small jump will move the screen
      up enough that Sonic will die if he touches the floor.  Don't rush, either.
      Simple: You rush, you die.
    Act 3
    -Hidden 1-Up-
    Drop into the water (not too far out, mind you) and you'll come across a hidden
      3.3 - Labyrinth
    Zone Analysis
    Labyrinth...  This zone will bite you if you're not careful.  For one thing,
    you'll be thrown into the water, and to stay alive you have to touch large air
    bubbles.  Robotnik is annoying in Act 3, but IMO he's not as difficult as he
    was in Jungle.  Keep your cool in this act, and avoid moving unnecessarily.
    Act 1
    -Secret 1-Up-
    When you come to the area where there is a gray floor switch and a Super Ring
    power-up, stand on the switch and the Super Ring will turn into a 1-Up.
    -Other Notes-
    o Make sure to always get a bubble when you come across them.  Jumping out of
      water also works, too.
    Act 2
    -Hidden Goodies-
    At the start of the act, while you start sliding to the left, jump up on to the
    ledge.  Get over the spikes and you'll come across a few rings and a Shield.
    -Chaos Emerald-
    After making it out of the water, look around for a Invincibility power-up.
    Grab it and quickly make your way back into the water and run through the
    corridor to the right.  When you reach the end, jump up the shaft and head
    left.  You'll come to a pit of spikes.  Fall in (the Invincibility is still
    going, right?) and you'll grab the Chaos Emerald.  After that, quickly jump out
    before the Invincibility gives.
    Act 3
    -Hidden 1-Up-
    Jump on the spring and ease your way into the corridor on the left.  If you can
    successfully navigate the spikes, you'll come across a 1-Up.
    -Other Notes-
    o You don't need to get bubbles in Act 3, so you don't have to worry about
      running out of air.
      3.4 - Scrap Brain
    Zone Analysis
    From the cool, nice looking earlier zones, to the futuristic setting of Scrap
    Brain.  This zone is a pain.  Act 1, like usual, isn't anything to worry over,
    but in Act 2, a bit of backtracking is in order.  You'll also find teleports in
    Acts 2 and 3.  Finding your way out in Act 3 will possibly prove the most
    difficult task, especially if you're going through for the first time.
    Act 1
    o This is where the game starts getting tricky.  Hang in there.
    Act 2
    -Chaos Emerald-
    When you come to the place where you can see a 1-Up behind an immovable bar,
    and you can either take the top route or the bottom route, take the top one and
    go through the door.  Follow the steep slope upwards and you'll come to a gap
    in the floor and a flamethrower on the roof.  Jump the first gap and the
    second, but drop down the third.  You'll land on a hidden floor.  Head right
    and go through the opening bar.  You'll come to a teleporter.  Jump in it and
    you'll appear in the chamber holding the Chaos Emerald.  Grab it and head left
    to exit.
    -Hidden 1-Up-
    When you come to the place where you can see a 1-Up behind an immovable bar,
    and you can either take the top route or the bottom route, take the bottom one
    and go through the door.  Follow the slope downwards and drop down the shaft to
    the right.  Just keep falling and you'll eventually hit the ground.  Head left
    through the open bar and you'll come to a teleporter.  Run in, and you'll
    appear in the room with the 1-Up.  Grab it and go out through the right (the
    bar will now open).
    Act 3
    o It's nearly impossible to give directions here.  The best to map your
      progress is to grab every ring you come across.  That way, whenever you come
      across rings, you'll know you're in a new place.
    o There's a 1-Up around somewhere, too.  I wouldn't bother actively trying to
      find it; look for the way out, instead.
    o When all else fails, wander around aimlessly.  Maybe you'll get lucky.  It's
      the only way I've been about to get out of this place, and I've been playing
      Sonic for years.
      3.5 - Sky Base
    Zone Analysis
    I hope you're a good jumper.  Lightning flashes, flying platforms, and other
    strange things await you in Sky Base.  Make sure to time your jumps here, cause
    one slip and you'll fall.  If you can hang in through the first two acts,
    however, you'll finally get a chance to sink your spikes into Robotnik.  It's
    time to save the world, Sonic.
    Act 1
    o Avoid jumping between two of those diamonds when they start charging
      lightning, or else you'll get zapped.
    o Watch where you're jumping, because you can fall to your death if you're not
    o A tip when you're riding those flying platforms: When you aren't touching
      them, they'll stop moving.  This is useful to know if you find yourself
      flying into a lightning field.
    Act 2
    -Hidden 1-Up-
    From where you start, turn to the left and crouch.  You'll see one of those
    flying platforms from Act 1.  Drop down on to it and go with the flow until you
    come to another one.  Quickly jump on to this one and then up the ladder.  Grab
    the 1-Up from up there.
    -Chaos Emerald-
    NOTE: These directions follow directly after the ones above.
    After grabbing the 1-Up, walk to the edge of the platform.  You'll see another
    one of those flying things.  Jump on to it and (like before) go with the flow
    until you come to another one.  Jump on to this one and you'll eventually reach
    the final platform, that is scrolling vertically.  Quickly jump on to this one
    and you'll come to the Chaos Emerald.  Jump up and grab it, and exit to the
    left (you can pass through the chain).
    Act 3
    o This is the final act of the game!  Go and kick some Robotnik ass!
      4. FAQs
    Q: What game was released first, Sonic on the Master System or Sonic on the
    A: I honestly don't know...  The first time I played this game (way back in
       1994, I think it was), they were both released (I think, I can't vividly
       remember that far back).
    Q: Is this game just an 8-bit version of the Genesis Sonic the Hedgehog?
    A: No, definitely not.  Although some of the zones share the same names, the
       whole game is different.  The acts are different, the bonus stages are
       different etc.  As such, the information in this FAQ won't help you in that
       Sonic game.  Sorry.
    Q: I can't find this damn game.  Is it rare?
    A: Yes.  In some countries I've heard it is rare, but I've never really
       considered it rare because I've always been able to find copies of it.  I've
       heard there's a good chance that you could find it somewhere in Australia,
       and New Zealand was a good place to find it a few years ago, too.  If you
       can't find it anywhere, try looking for it over the net.  And no, sorry, I
       can't help you here either, since I don't know any sites that have it.
    Q: Do the Chaos Emeralds do anything significant?
    A: Yeah, they change the ending slightly.  They also give you lots of points at
       the end of the game.
    Q: Can Sonic turn into Super Sonic?
    A: Nope.  Check out Sonic the Hedgehog 2 on the Genesis.
    Q: Not even with the Chaos Emeralds?
    A: Nope, sorry. :)
    Q: Does that sign at the end of the levels mean anything important?
    A: Sort of.  If it shows Robotnik, nothing happens.  However, if it shows
       Sonic, then you get a 1-Up.  If it shows a ring, you get 10 rings.  If it
       shows an exclamation mark (!) then you get to play a bonus stage.  In the
       bonus stages you bounce around, collecting lots of rings and perhaps a
       Continue and a 1-Up.
    Q: Where's Tails?
    A: In Sonic the Hedgehog 2, on the Genesis.
    Q: Why isn't he here?
    A: Cause he wasn't introduced until later in the series.
    Q: How did you find all of these secrets?
    A: Playing.  Lots of it.  You've got to remember, I've been playing Sonic the
       Hedgehog for years, but only in the last few days or so have I brought all
       my knowledge together in the hopes of making this FAQ.
      5. Credits
    o Sega <Sega.com - http://www.sega.com/index.jhtml>:
      For all of their consoles.  No matter what anyone else thinks, Sega will
      always be kind of special to me.
    o The Sonic Team <Sonicteam official website - http://www.sonicteam.com>:
      For creating one of the most classic series to date, and for those games that
      made my childhood seem very interesting.
    o Mike and Helen:
      For loaning me out this game, no matter how annoying I seemed. ;)
    o Mum and Dad:
      For also buying me lots of Master System games back in the golden age of Sega
      vs. Nintendo.
    o Adele:
      For buying my family our first console (a Master System), for being cool, and
      for indirectly introducing me to videogames.
    o Jeff "CJayC" Veasey <GameFAQs - http://www.gamefaqs.com>:
      For maintaining the greatest site on the net, and for all of his hard work
      and dedication to GameFAQs.  You're cool, Jeff!
      6. Contact Information
    || Contact Details                                ||
    || >> E-mail: tw1l1ght@hotmail.com                ||
    || >> ICQ: 118986797                              ||
    || >> Web Site: ---- Sorry, I don't have one yet  ||
    Before sending in questions, tips, or any other information to contribute, it's
    important to read these guidelines first.  Anyway, feel free to send in
    information, tips, strategies, questions that ARE NOT answered in the FAQ,
    corrections, whatever.  The only thing changed will be the format; I'll have to
    remake the lines to fit in with the guide.
    Also, there are two big things to remember.  One is that you are polite, the
    other that you spell properly.  I mean, I don't mind if you use the odd
    internet slang etc., but if the majority of your e-mail/message is made up of
    one letter words (which, in all honesty, aren't really words to begin with),
    then it'll be ignored.  The preferred mode of contact is e-mail, but if for
    some reason that won't work, use ICQ.  Do not contact me via MSN.
    All contributors have been credited somehow within the document.
    E-mail Guidelines
    These are the guidelines you MUST follow if you wish to e-mail me.  They're
    just simple rules to save time and clear confusion.
    I will respond to and include these types of e-mail:
       o Tips or strategies you may have to contribute
       o Corrections about wrong information in the FAQ
    I will respond to but not include these types of e-mail:
       o Comments about the FAQ
       o E-mail asking permission to use this FAQ on your web site.  Read the
         copyright notice for all the details.
    I will not respond to but include these types of e-mail:
       o Typo/grammar corrections
       o Questions that are not covered/included in the FAQ
    Send me these types of e-mail, and I guarantee you won't get a reply back:
       o Questions that are already answered in the FAQ
       o Questions that do not relate to the FAQ
       o Information that is already included in the FAQ
       o Unconstructive criticism
       o Chain letters
       o Hate mail
       o Any e-mail that is in ALL CAPS
       o Any e-mail that demands an answer
       o Mail requesting me to send you the latest version of this FAQ.  The latest
         version can always be found at GameFAQs <http://www.gamefaqs.com>.
    If you keep sending me stupid e-mail, just remember I can and probably will
    block your e-mail address.  Sorry to sound harsh, but this has to be stated to
    save my time as well as yours.
    ICQ Guidelines:
    o Don't flood me
    o Don't get angry or upset if I deny permission to add me to your contact list.
      It's not because I'm a prick (haha, I know), but because I don't know most of
      my FAQs' readers.  I don't know them, thus I don't really have much to
      discuss.  Sure, I'll be happy to answer the occasional question.  However, if
      I get spammed by 20 messages in a row while talking to my friends, don't
      expect a reply back.
    o Remember, ignorant, hateful, or otherwise unsavoury messages will be ignored.
      Consequently, so will you.
    Thanks for reading, and farewell...
      __           _| ||_____________________________________________________
     / _\=========/___/-------------------------------------------------    /
     \__/=========\_  \===================================================='
                    | ||        - T - W - I - L - I - G - H - T -
              The latest version of this document can always be found at:
                          GameFAQs - http://www.gamefaqs.com
             If you find this FAQ on any other sites, please let me know.
                                                          © Copyright Twilight 2001
                                                                       -End of FAQ-

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