Review by Ofisil

Reviewed: 09/26/11

Mario Bros. & Zelda 2... without the fun

Wonderboy In Monster Land is an Action\Platform developed by West One for Sega. What is this game? Take Super Mario, add Zelda 2… and remove the fun!!! It’s a flawed, unfair and annoying game that makes me wonder why? Why people? Why do you like it?

Gameplay: 3/10
Replay Value: 0/10

Wonderboy In Monster Land is side scrolling platform game that includes some RPG elements. However everything is pretty simplistic and not really exciting. You kill enemies along the way and buy the upgraded versions of your weapons and armor with the coins they drop. The game is VERY hard however the real problem lies in the way it is hard. Its extremely easy to hit your self and that because in order to kill an enemy you’ll have to slash your sword at a very, very, veeery small distance from the enemy making it quite easy to get hurt. Moreover missing an important, (and sometimes hidden), shop with a powerful weapon or armor could really mean the death of you, especially upon reaching the final boss, who has an extremely easy to follow patter but due to the aforementioned problem its quite easy to die in three hits. There are even more frustrations included in here than meets the eye! The game resets it self when left in pause for too long, the last maze which is one of the most frustrating levels ever, no continues and so on. WIML could be a great game if the developers were a bit more careful and had polished their game a bit more but what we have here makes Zelda 2, (one of the weakest of the Zelda games), look absolutely fantastic!

Graphics: 6.8/10
Design: 7.5/10
Sound: 6/10
Music: 4/10

Despite its overall simplicity I always liked the graphics of Wonder Boy In Monster Land. Cute, colourful and with a nice variety just like all 8-bit system games should be, Wonder Boy In Monster Land is one of the best looking SMS titles. You’ll go through some typical fantasy settings like forests, caves, castles, underground lairs and caverns and fight with a lot of little mobs ranging from small snakes and goblins to wraiths, knights, medusas and finally a dragon. The only problem with the graphics? The world is quite “static”, even for an 8-Bit game. Sound-wise this title doesn’t have anything special, just the typical videogame fanfare that you would expect from any other game of its era.

-Good Graphics

-Boring Gameplay
-Very hard but not in a good way

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Overall: 4.5/10

Extremely simplistic to even try and frustratingly challenging to enjoy, Wonderboy In Monster Land is not a game I recommend playing…

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Product Release: Wonder Boy in Monster Land (EU, 12/31/88)

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