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"Mix Super Mario with Legend of Zelda, and you get Wonder Boy in Monster Land."

After the first Wonder Boy game the main character seemed like he could be Sega's own Mario. We all know that Wonder Boy never got the icon status and that Sonic the Hedgehog turned out to be Sega's mascot. And when Sonic the Hedgehog was born Wonder Boy faded away, but the series still has some masterpieces before the blue Hedgehog had his first game.

The second Wonder Boy is very different from the first one. The blond hero is still there but he isn't a caveman anymore, he's a sword man. The game starts with that our hero gets a sword and then decides to free the Monster Land from the evil Dragon. And that's all the story in this game, but it's an old game which focus on the gameplay, not on the story.

The game is played just like any other platformer, you jump over platforms and slays monsters with your sword. When you see a door you can enter it and then it will either take you to a shop or a boss. Some bosses will give you keys which will allow you to reach to the next level, while others who are optional but recommended has something else that will help you during your quest, like a better sword for example.

One of the biggest new things with Wonder Boy in Monster Land is that you can now collect money, and then buy new equipment. The shields can be used to block arrows and other enemy attacks. The shoes allows our hero to run faster and jump higher, and the armor allows him to take more hits. But you will never get enough money to buy all the legendary equipments so you better watch out, it's not so smart to have the Legendary Shoes and the first armor.

The control in this game is very simple. Press button 1 to attack with your sword and press button 2 to jump. You can also use magical items that you have collected during your quest by pressing down.

What I really love about the Monster Land is all the enemies and boss fights. I really love to kick a big jumping mushroom man butt or give Medusa the spanking she deserves. One of the worst things with the original Wonder Boy was the boss fights, and this game they are one of the main reasons why you should play this game.

Of course, there are some bad things in this game as well. First of all there are no continues, you only have one life and one elixir. It wasn't any big problem to me until I came to the final stage. Not only is it really hard to find the right way in that maze, but then there's the final boss. He's not a disappointing easy final boss, in fact he's really hard, but trust me it's possible to kill him.

Wonder Boy in Monster Land is much better than the original Wonder Boy, but it's a bit to difficult if you have a problem to start from the beginning every time you see the game over screen. I will give this game an 8. The final stage is a bit to difficult, since you have to start from level 1 if you die, but this game also has awesome boss fights. If you have a Sega Mastersystem then you should give this game a try.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 12/28/05

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