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    FAQ/Hints and Tips by ProTect

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 03/23/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Aladdin Hints and Tips
    For the Sega Master System
    Version 1.0 (23 March 2003)
    By ProTect (e-mail: protectiam@yahoo.com)
    Copyright (c) 2003 ProTect
    The game Aladdin is a copyright of Sega. All Aladdin characters are copyrights
    of The Walt Disney Company (Geez, I hope I got that right. I sure don't need
    Eisner's lawyers on me).
    I do not claim any of the Aladdin characters as my intellectual property in
    any way. My contribution is solely the giving assorted tips for the Aladdin
    Master System game.
    This guide is mine, ProTect's. Do not post it to public forums without my
    permission. Do not in any way claim it as your own.
    DO NOT rewrite it and pass it off as your Hints and Tips for another game!
    Plagiarism is a very serious crime. It is intellectual theft.
    Guide Disclaimers
    Purpose of This Guide
    Hints and Tips
    Pro Action Replay Code
    ----------PURPOSE OF THIS GUIDE-----------
    This guide is a collection of hints and tips for Aladdin on the Sega Master
    System. It may work on the Game Gear version too, however, I have not played
    through that entire game to make that statement with any certainty. I am sure
    that it will do you no good for the Super NES or Genesis Aladdin games, as
    they are vastly different from this one as well as from each other.
    ----------HINTS AND TIPS----------
    You start off the game with a rip-roaring chase through the Agrabah
    marketplace after Aladdin steals a loaf of bread. You must dodge barrels (both
    moving and stationary), an angry guard hot on your heels, and holes (if you
    fall down them, you die) until the stage ends. Fairly linear.
    Then you meet up with an innocent girl, who has given an apple to a hungry
    child completely unaware that this is stealing, and the penalty for stealing
    is to lose your hand. I guess they ran out of sprites to show that scene from
    the movie, but it's what the dialogue implies. Anyway, you have to get her
    away from the market, by leaping across the rooftops until you get to a safe
    spot. Also linear.
    Despite all that, after a bit of dialogue, Aladdin and the girl end up being
    captured anyway, and the girl reveals she is really the Princess Jasmine. She
    orders the guards to unhand Aladdin, but they take their orders from Jafar.
    There is a scene of Jafar telling Jasmine Aladdin has been beheaded for
    kidnapping her, after which you find Aladdin is in fact alive and is being
    used by Jafar to get the magic lamp from the Cave of Wonders.
    The Cave of Wonders is tricky. There's this one part in particular where you
    have to SLIDE under a wall (press the Attack button while you are running).
    Enjoy the animation, because as I recall that's the only place in the entire
    game that requires you to slide.
    After you have the lamp, Abu, Aladdin's monkey, will screw up and grab a huge
    jewel. The Cave of Wonders expressly forbid them to touch anything but the
    lamp, so it now gets ugly and tries to kill them by flooding itself with lava.
    You have to get them out of there on the flying carpet you find.
    After this Aladdin meets the Genie after Abu steals the lamp from Jafar in his
    old man getup. The Genie takes them out of the cave, and makes Aladdin into a
    prince so he can court Princess Jasmine in style.
    As Prince Ali Ababwa, you have to make your way through the Sultan's palace.
    But it's not easy, because the guards will instantly kill you if they catch
    you. You have to throw stones at them as soon as you see them. This will stun
    them just long enough for you to get by. There will be some doors you need a
    key to open. But they're in fairly obvious places, and it's unlikely you'll
    ever run out, since you can only carry one at a time anyway.
    One thing you can carry more than one at a time of, though, is stones. You
    can carry up to ten (!) stones at one time. What's more, you can get the same
    stone more than once. That is, if you think you may be running out, when you
    find a stone, just grab it, go down the nearest stairs or walk off the screen,
    then come back to find another stone!
    Oh, yeah, and there's a tricky part here too. There's one point where there
    are two doors one after another, and you've used your last key on the first
    door. What you have to do to open the second one is get a guard to walk on
    that little bump on the ground. Just stand right next to the wall beneath
    the door until the guard charges at you.
    After this you'll meet Princess Jasmine and take her on a magic carpet ride.
    But this is no free ride; indeed, it's just as bad if not worse than the Cave
    of Wonders carpet sequence. You'll need to dodge birds (storks?), a horse, and
    rooftops (like the holes in other stages, you'll die if you hit these).
    After you drop the Princess off, Jafar's men will throw Aladdin into the
    bottom of the nearest deep body of water. There's nothing to do here but watch
    the Genie's touching rescue of his friend.
    You're at the end game now! Aladdin will confront Jafar, and you'll have to
    chase him over a long series of holes and obstacles, including Jafar throwing
    lightning at you. Then Jafar will get Aladdin's lamp, and use it to transform
    himself into the most powerful sorcerer ever. Of course, this is where you
    have to fight Jafar, with a great big scimitar. He'll then turn into a big
    snake, which is his final form before he's undone in the ending. I won't spoil
    it for you, but if you've seen the movie, you know what to expect. If you
    haven't seen the movie, I'm afraid I've spoiled most of that for you. But see
    it anyway! Terrific film, lovely animation. It'll probably be on a Platinum
    Series DVD any day now, probably after The Lion King.
    ----------PRO ACTION REPLAY CODE----------
    This is a 100% original code created by me, ProTect, using CHASMS' Cheat
    Finder feature. It is not taken from any of those sites with lists of Pro
    Action Replay that post the same list of codes from the manufacturer or some
    code wizard maybe adding one or two of their own codes.
    You may feel free to post this code to such a site, but please do give me
    credit for it. I had to use an emulator I don't like to get it.
    00C1 1606	Infinite Energy
    www.gamefaqs.com - GameFAQs
    It's sort of pointless to link to this, since if you're reading this FAQ you
    should be there. But I know how people like to steal FAQs and post them on
    their websites, so if you see this anywhere else, check GameFAQs out. It
    didn't have anything on this game until I submitted this guide. ;)
    http://freezesms.emuunlim.com - FreezeSMS Webpage
    This is the home page of FreezeSMS, a vastly underappreciated Master System
    emulator I used to beat this game. IMHO, it's the BEST SMS EMULATOR EVER! Do
    get it, please, and be sure to download some of the Game Info Files it offers
    for nearly every game on the Master System.
    http://asp.disney.go.com/DisneyBooks/RASFirst.asp?page=1&id=2321 - The Aladdin
    Online Storybook
    Here's Disney's page where you can read the illustrated story of Aladdin, in
    case you've never seen the movie or have forgotten it.
    http://www.vgmuseum.com/ - The Video Game Museum
    This is probably my favorite site for pictures of games. It doesn't have
    anything for THIS game except a couple of screenshots, but for other games it
    has such things as endings and even pictures of the games' boxes and ads for
    certain games. I sent them pictures of this game's ending, but who knows when
    those pictures will be posted (they're busy!).
    http://www.zophar.net/sms-gg.html - Where you can get the CHASMS emulator at
    Zophar's Domain
    This is where I was gonna put a link to CHASMS, the only emulator I know of
    that lets you hack your own Pro Action Replay codes, but the page seems to be
    nonexistent. So instead here's a link to Zophar's Domain's selection of Master
    System emulators. If you want to play around with CHASMS' Cheat Finder, click
    CHASMS to download it. Otherwise, I would recommend you just get FreezeSMS.
    Hell, I recommend FreezeSMS either way. Personally, I use CHASMS only for
    making PAR codes. I PLAY my Master System and Game Gear games with FreezeSMS.
    I wouldn't even bother with the other emulators on that page. They all
    categorically suck.
    I, ProTect, wrote this.
    Sega created Aladdin (the game).
    The Aladdin characters as portrayed in the game and the movie belong to The
    Walt Disney Company.

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