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    FAQ/Walkthrough by SubSane

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                                     JURASSIC PARK
                                 FAQ/WALKTHROUGH, v0.9
                        Based on the Sega Master System version
                           Written and maintained by SubSane
                              Last updated August 9, 2005
         1.1 Game Details
         1.2 Story
    2.0 THE BASICS
         2.1 Game Start
         2.2 Status Screen
         2.3 Controls
         2.4 Items
         3.1 Brachiosaurus
         3.2 Triceratops
         3.3 Velociraptor
         3.4 Pteranodon
         3.5 Tyrannosaurus
    5.0 LEGAL / MISC.
         5.1 Version History
         5.2 Guide Credits
         5.3 Contact Information
         5.4 Legal Stuff
    ===== 1.0 INTRODUCTION ========================================================
                                  1.1  Game Details
    Developed and released by Sega and Universal City Studios in 1993.
                                      1.2  Story
    You play as Dr. Alan Grant, the hat-wearing palentologist from the first
    Jurassic Park film. The developers took some of that juicy creative license to
    alter the story from the film, which altered the story from the novel. In this
    version of Jurassic Park Dr. Grant has been called out to Jurassic Park to help
    the park employees capture some escaped dinosaurs. It seems the park's computer
    system crashed (Ctrl + Alt + Delete, fools!) and some of the electric fences
    shut down. The dinosaurs have now killed a few people every day and the park
    owners have decided that simply will not do. Dr. Grant ventures out into the
    wild with only three weapons and a Jeep to capture the massive reptiles. He
    must be one of those He-Man paleontologists.
    ===== 2.0 THE BASICS ==========================================================
                                    2.1  Game Start
    Press Start to begin the game.
                                   2.2  Status Screen
    There are three weapons to choose from. The rifle fires large waves, the
    greande launcher fires grenades in the air, and the TNT sticks blow up with a
    large wall of fire. Here you can select the best one for the enemy you're
    Health packs
    The emergency kits that you collect are stored in the top-right corner. Select
    the box to use one and refill your health.
    Continue coins
    The numner of Continue coins that you've collected will be showed here. Get
    ten for an extra continue.
    The current high score.
    Your current score.
    The number of lives you currently have.
    The number of remaining continues.
                                     2.3  Controls
      Command           |  Action
      Start             |  Begin the game, pause
      Control pad       |  Move while driving, running, ducking, or hanging
      Control pad Up    |  Grab ceilings, enter doors
      1 button          |  Shoot
      2 button          |  Jump while on-foot
                                      2.4  Items
    Item        |  Purpose
    Gas can     |  Collect them during the driving segment for new health points
    Little man  |  The Dr. Grant mini-me is an extra life
    C coin      |  Collect 10 of these to gain one extra continue
    Negative C  |  This blue/red coin takes away one continue, so stay away!
    Health pack |  These emergency kits are saved in the pause menu. You can use
                   them to refill health.
    Red sack    |  Refill two health points
    Blue Sack   |  Refill one health point
    JP logo     |  Extremely important items. You must collect all the logos in
                   each stage to complete the game and get the good ending.
    ===== 3.0 WALKTHROUGH =========================================================
                                  3.1  Brachiosaurus
    Driving segment
    Ah, we start off in the usual relaxing Jeep ride. Eventually some small green
    dinosaurs (raptors?) will start leaping out at you from the lake and forest.
    Remember that during the driving segments you should always keep the cross-hair
    near your vehicle. You don't want to be caught off guard. Keep shooting and
    keep an eye out for the two slow-moving gas cans to increase your health.
    After a brief fight a large carnivore will appear behind you. Note the aiming
    reticule will target his head, so start shooting! Keep your cross-hair on the
    mouth or eye and don't stop firing no matter what. Tap the button quickly to
    do the most possible damage and keep him from reaching your vehicle.
    Action Segment
    The first part is extremely easy. Stay on the bottom levels and slowly walk to
    the right. When you see a green dinosaur pop up shoot it and collect whatever
    reward it leaves behind. Keep walking slowly and shooting to get to the door
    at the end.
    The warehouse is a bit tougher. There are nine raptors to deal with, but if
    you head the right way it's easy. Switch to the TNT sticks and kill the first
    raptor below by jumping down and getting on the crate to the left, where he
    can't reach you. Get on the platform to the left and ride down to meet another
    raptor. Toss one TNT before he sees you and jumps then toss the finishing TNT
    as he jumps at you. Run to the right and shoot the raptor on the other side of
    the wall with the rifle, then crawl under the wall and quickly shoot the next
    raptor that appears on the right.
    Now we go up again. Switch back to TNT and ride up the elevator. Try to jump
    and toss a TNT at the raptors above you before they spot you, then as you come
    into view you can toss the other TNT to kill them. Keep going up until you
    reach the caged raptors at the top. Kill them with the rifle immediately after
    the doors open. Once all the raptors are dead you're free to gather all
    items, especially the two health packs. You can reach them by hanging from the
    ceilings. Enter the door in the bottom-right corner to continue.
    The next part is fairly easy if you have good aim. Equip the grenade launcher
    and start firing as you head to the right. The pterodactyls will pretty much
    fly into the path of the grenades and the brachiosaurs aren't hard to miss.
    Hop onto the boat at the end to move on to the boss.
    JP Logos: 1
    1. Shoot the third green dino that pops up.
    2. On the next platforms, shoot another green dino (the seventh one).
    3. Shoot the last green dino in the water area.
    Boss: Brachiosaurus
    Shoot your grenade into the air to hit the brachiosaur's head. Look for the
    bubbles to easily avoid it and continue shooting until it goes down for good.
                                    3.2  Triceratops
    Driving segment
    As always the driving segments are easy. Keep the cross-hair near the Jeep
    and shoot the dinos when they get near. Watch the left side of the screen for
    the blue gas cans.
    The thick-skulled pachycephalosaurus (or pachy for short) will emerge from the
    rear. This one is the exact same size as the T. Rex from the Brachiosaur stage
    and attacks in the same exact pattern. Simply keep your cross-hair on the head
    and don't stop shooting as it nears the vehicle.
    Action Segment
    Run along and crawl under the tornados as you come across them. The lightning
    strikes will always be ahead of you, but nonetheless you should not go ahead
    too recklessly. Use the pits created by the lightning to get past the low
    tornados. The small dinos that pop out of the bushes are also pachys, but
    they're a more realistic size than the one from the driving segment. Simply
    shoot each time they appear to kill them off.
    The next area will have some small dinos called compsognathus, aka compys.
    Shoot them once to kill them. Run along and slowly run down the hill to the
    pit below. Turn around and run as soon as the lightning strikes or you may get
    hurt by the resulting fire. Wait for the fire to clear then jump onto the
    branches and go to the right. Kill the last dino to move on.
    This area is more dino bush surprises and and lightning. Go to the right and
    jump onto the first branch over the water. Wait for the lightning to pass and
    jump across to get the health pack and JP logo on the branches ahead. Kill a
    few more compys to reach the end of the area.
    JP Logos: 1
    1. In the area with the small pond, jump on the tree branches and grab the
    logo on top of the last branch.
    Boss: Triceratops
    Run all the way to the right and hop on the branch, then jump and grab the
    leaves at the top. Quickly move to the left and wait for the triceratops to
    knock you down. Turn towards the dino as soon as you hit the ground, duck down
    and start shooting! I mean just shoot that triceratops' rear end and stay low
    to avoid the dirt clods. If he's still alive hop onto the left branch and
    shoot him on his next pass.
                                  3.3  Velociraptor
    Driving segment
    Much as always the first part of the drive will involve shooting a lot of small
    dinosaurs, and this time they emerge from lava. Blast them all and collect the
    usual gas cans and blue sacks along the way.
    After that a large pteranodon will appear. This fight is actually not too
    easy, so it's time to employ a cheat. First off aim at the pteranodon but
    keep the cross-hair between your Jeep and the dinosaur. Blast it once as it
    flys in then quickly move the cross-hair to shoot as it flys above. Keep this
    up, but if you get hurt you can aim just ahead of the front grill and shoot
    when your Jeep hits a rock. This will add a health point to your total.
    Action Segment
    Grab the ceiling to get across the lava pits, but jump down onto a platform if
    a bolt of electricity appears. The platforms tend to fall in the lava as well
    so don't linger on them. Use the grenade launcher to take out the pteranodons
    as they appear and collect all items that they drop. To cross the rising lava
    you have to wait for it to be at its peak and quickly get across. Keep going
    until you get to the doorway at the end.
    Grab your grendade launcher and kill all of the pteranodons in the lower part
    of the building, then climb your way to the top-right corner. Ride up the
    elevator and grab the health pack and red sack inside the small room up there.
    Once that is cleared you can return to the left side and ride up the elevator
    to the top-left corner. Run through the electric bolts and ride up the next
    elevator to find a red sack inside a closed room, then turn left and get
    through the next set of electric bolts to exit.
    Ah, it's another meeting with our raptor buddies from the Brachiosaur stage.
    Kill the first raptor with your rifle and then switch to the TNT sticks to
    kill the next raptor below. Head left and mow down the remaining raptors to
    clear the path to the right.
    Jump down to find an opening door and another raptor on the left. Blast him
    with the rifle and then jump down yet again. Shoot the two raptors through the
    gap and move on. There will be a red sack atop the small elevator if you need
    extra health. Ride up the large elevator with the electric blasts, which can
    be easily avoided by running to the opposite side of the blast. When you get
    to the top you can either run to the left and collect an extra life, which
    means falling back to the beginning of the area, or head to the right. Ride
    down one more elevator to enter the door to the boss room.
    JP Logos: 0
    Boss: Velociraptor
    The raptor will appear from one of the four doors, but all you need to do is
    equip your rifle and stand in the middle on the center platform. If the
    raptor appears from the top doors you run in the opposite direction and let
    him jump down behind you, then shoot him. If it appears from the bottom doors
    you have to jump to the top platform, wait for him to follow then jump down
    and repeat the process. It takes about 10 shots to kill it but is not hard
    at all.
                                   3.4  Pteranodon
    Driving segment
    Here we'll find a another fight with lots and lots of small flying dinosaurs,
    this time pteranodons. Keep the cross-hair next to the vehicle and shoot all
    incomers, and as always watch for gas cans or extra lives.
    The big boss this time is a giant pteranodon. Unlike the flying boss in the
    Velociraptor stage, this one will drop rocks from above. Shoot at the rock
    if its carrying one, then aim straight at the body to get it to fly off. Keep
    blasting until the pteranodon is utterly annihilated.
    Action Segment
    Run into the cave and take the path on the right. This will take you to the
    next level up near a JP logo. Duck and shoot the frilled dinosaur with the
    rifle, then pick up the logo and run to the right onto the moving platform.
    Enter the cave on the right where you have two paths. Stick to the ceiling
    on top to cross over the spiked pit and get the extra life on the right.
    Head down to the bottom and quickly ran through the tunnel to get to the
    small pond. Use the ceiling to reach the health pack, then return back to the
    spot where you killed the first frilled dinosaur.
    Enter the cave again but this time go up the left elevator. Run to the right
    and use the moving platform to cross the pit and enter the next cave on the
    right side. Head to the left where there's a JP sign and moving platform
    which you can use to get past the spikes. The next level up also has some
    spikes, and this time you'll have to jump over a block and hang from a
    ceiling to get all the way across. Get to the door below to return to the
    Jump up and avoid the boulder to get to the hook and use it to cross to the
    other side. Run to the end to continue.
    Equip your grenade launcher and start to the right kill every pteranodon you
    see and collect all the items you drop. As you go along the ground will begin
    to drop, so never stop any any piece of ground. When you reach the JP sign at
    the end the ground will drop and you'll meet the boss.
    JP Logos: 4
    1. On a platform above the start of the stage.
    2. Directly to the right of the first logo, on a platform.
    3. Shoot the third pteranodon that appears in the open hill area.
    4. Shoot the second to last pteronodon in the open hill area.
    Boss: Pteranodon
    This is a fairly simple boss. Equip your grenade launcher and duck down on a
    low branch. The low branches should amke it easy to fire up in the air and
    hit the giant pteranodon. Each shot will take a health point until the
    pteranodon is dead.
                                  3.5  Tyrannosaurus
    Driving segment
    More of those small green dinosaurs. Blast them all and get past them, just
    like every other driving area.
    After a brief fight the big guy will appear from behind. That's right, I'm
    talking about the star of Jurassic Park: Tyranosaurus Rex! Note the aiming
    reticule will target his head, so start shooting! Keep your cross-hair on the
    mouth or eye and don't stop firing no matter what. Tap the button quickly to
    do the most possible damage and keep him from reaching your vehicle.
    Action Segment
    Note: I will point out every health pack in the stage. You will need every
    single one to defeat the boss, so do not skip them!
    March ahead to the right and equip your grenade launcher. Ride up the elevator
    and use a grenade to destroy the sentry gun, then enter the first door near
    the elevator. Switch to the rifle and use it to kill the raptor in the blue
    room, then switch back to the grenade launcher and destroy the next gun. Pick
    up the extra health pack and return to the main area near the elevators.
    Ride up on the left elevator and destroy the gun at the top to enter the next
    door to a blue area. Return to the trusty rifle and kill the raptors in this
    room when they appear through the doors, then enter the door in the top-left
    corner. The other doors lead to some brown T-rexs' that will drop some
    negative continue coins, which will actually take away from your continues.
    Naturally you want to avoid those at all costs.
    Now you'll be near a conveyor belt and some lasers. Wait for the first laser
    to come down then quickly run across to the door on the left. Equip the rifle
    and blast away the raptors as they emerge from the doors, then enter the door
    on the bottom level to the left. Hop down and kill the T-rex (avoid that blue
    coin) and go through the next door.
    You are now in a blue room with three doors. Enter the top-left door and
    follow that path to fight to large dinos. At the end of the path you'll find
    another health pack. Return to the blue room with the three doors when you're
    done. Take the lower left door and destroy the two guns, then get through the
    bottom door.
    Skip the first six doors in the row and destroy the top guns as you run along.
    Quickly use the rifle to kill the raptor, then collect the blue sack on the
    far right. Enter the seventh door to fight the final boss...
    Boss: Tyrannosaurus Rex
    Holy crap, he's a lot bigger when you're not running away in a Jeep! Equip the
    grenade launcher and immediately jump and fire the gun over the T-rex's body.
    The grenades will shake the blocks above loose and cause them to come crashing
    down on the dino's head and back. During the fight the T-rex will approach
    you and take a bite, which cannot be avoided by any means. Remember I said to
    collect as many health packs as possible? Well, here's where you use them.
    Keep firing at the ceiling (and make sure you aim so the blocks hit every
    time) and when you have only one or two health points remaining quickly use
    a health pack.
    It will take ten block attacks to defeat the T-rex for good. Remember to only
    get hit by the unavoidable bite and make sure every shot hits the T-rex.
    Congratulations! You have captured all the loose dinosaurs and saved the park,
    which has now become a worldwide sensation. Bah, who needs the morals from the
    film and novel when we can have a happy sappy ending. THE END!
    ===== 4.0 CODES & SECRETS =====================================================
    Extra health when driving
    Your vehicle will regularly hit rocks as it drives across the roads. Aim just
    ahead of the front end and shoot when the truck hits a rock to gain an extra
    health point.
    ===== 5.0 LEGAL / MISC. =======================================================
                                  5.1  Version History
    August 09: Version 0.9
    - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Man, out of all the Jurassic Park video games I choose the one with the sappy
    ending. Ah well... the guides complete.
                                   5.2  Guide Credits
    Thanks to...
    1. Universal Studios and Sega for creating this game.
    2. Wilson Lau, whose Bart vs. the Space Mutants guide inspired me to write
    video game guides.
    3. Masamune3 and the rest of the SMS-lovin' cats. Good shtuff.
    4. snowblind for his excellent review. It helped me figure out a few things.
    5. You, for reading this guide. I hope it was helpful in some way.
                                5.3  Contact Information
    The address is: subsane@gmail.com
    The issue of too many e-mails isn't a problem, so I'll most likely respond to
    any questions (for now). But, I do delete e-mails without a subject. Put
    'Jurassic Park FAQ' or something similar in the subject line.
                                   5.4  Legal Stuff
    1. "Jurassic Park" is copyright © 1993 Sega and © 1992 Universal City Studios,
    Inc. and Amblin Entertainment, Inc.
    2. This guide copyright © 2005 SubSane. The guide may be distributed freely as
    long as it remains in it's ORIGINAL and UNALTERED form. It is only for private
    use and may not be reproduced for commercial purposes.
    If I  discover that this guide has been altered in any way and is being
    displayed publicly, I reserve the right to have the guide removed from that

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