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"Haha, it's so slow! Oh.. it's meant to be like that?"

Strap yourself in for a life or death ride!. In hot pursuit of enemy agents, blaze a trail across Europe in the world's most powerful vehicles. Only your skill and determination will get you all the way to your destination-Berlin!-The box


This game trys really, really hard to do something exciting and new, but unfortunately, it falls flat on it's face.

The weak points start here. The visuals are all very good, but there is always something. Always something that spoils a game. In this case it is the terrible frame rate. Six frames per second, anyone? Thought not. It effects the control, more on that in a bit.
The actual graphics are nice, if a little blurred and repetitive. You'll see the same object used in every similar level. A bit disappointing.

The less-than-average- Master System affair. Low and deep repetitive sound effects, and annoying music is what this game's sound consists of.
The music is annoying, but try hard enough and it doesn't effect gameplay too much. Still, you'll be reaching for the volume control before long-like many Master System games.

I learnt a lesson here.
''Never expect miracles from a Sega Master System''
The game consists of you avoiding obstacles, enemies, and getting to the end, within a time limit. Great. You have objectives, such as catch the thieves. It's all very well, but you are going around for an hour, getting game over screens because you keep trying to punch people of their bikes! It doesn't make it clear what you actually have to do.
The game doesn't last long, and once you've done it, that's all. No firework shows or dancers, that's it. Great. And there are no other modes to extend the game's life. Even better.

These are poorly thought out, and the slow frame rate makes the game sluggish to control. Left and right do the obvious, 1 attacks, and 2 boosts. How do you accelerate, you ask? You hold up. This not only makes you thumb exceedingly sore, but due to the control pad design, it makes it hard to go left and right.

The game is hardish, yeah, but provides challenge in a frustrating way. If you mess up, you get 'Game Over', and you have to start again. Fantastic!

Sprite likes:

Sprite doesn't like:
Bad controls
Short lived

I admit, it CAN be enjoyable, if you force yourself to endure the torture it provides. Otherwise, don't bother, even if you see it cheap. Doink.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 04/17/02, Updated 06/14/03

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