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    FAQ/Walkthrough by TheMightyRoast

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    About the game

    Castelo Ra-Tim-Bum (Ra-Tim-Bum Castle) is a game that was released for the Sega Master System only in Brazil in 1997. It's based on an educational TV show of the same name that was made between 1994 and 1997.

    About Me

    My name is Tim Roast (XBOX 360 gamertag: TheMightyRoast). All my guides are listed on GAMEFAQS at:


    I can be contacted via email at themightyroast [at] gmail . com (Replace the [at] with @ and remove all the spaces).

    About the guide

    This guide was produced to help with the Sega Master System FAQ completion project (http://selmiak.bplaced.net/sms/) which is trying to get a complete FAQ for every single SMS game on GAMEFAQS (and has now succeeded too).

    The game Castelo Ra-Tim-Bum is in Portuguese so I used Google Translate to convert text into English for version 1.0 of this guide. Then GameFAQs user UD4, using his knowledge of Portuguese and of the TV show, noticed that the translations needed a little work so helped me out to improve the Portuguese to English and also with the name of the mouse character.

    All that is left for you is to enjoy the guide. If you liked it or found it helpful please show your appreciation by checking out the final section of the guide.


    1 and 2 togetherTo skip cut scenes
    UpUse to go through doors / climb ladders
    DownCrouch / descend ladders


    You have three lives and one continue to complete the game.

    At the beginning of the game there are several cut scene screens to navigate through, all in Portuguese. To skip these press 1 and 2 together. Otherwise immerse yourself in the story:

    The first screen shows Pedro, Biba and Zequinha at the castle door with the following text:

    Portuguese: Pedro Biba e Zequincha chegam ao castelo e vao ate o porteiro decifrar a senha do dia

    English: Pedro, Biba and Zequincha arrive at the castle and go to the doorman to decipher the password of the day.

    The next screen shows Zequinha inside the castle on his own with the text:

    Portuguese: La dentro, Zequinha afasta-se para se divertir brincando com as invencos do castelo

    English: Once inside, Zequinha moves away to have fun playing with the castle inventions.

    Then you see him in the kitchen next to a table with a jug of juice and a conveniently-placed empty glass on it:

    Portuguese: Com sede, ele vai ate a cozinha e la encontra uma jarra com suco de uva

    English: Thirsty, he goes to the kitchen where he finds a jug of grape juice.

    The next screen shows Zequinha drinking the juice:

    Portuguese: Sem pensar duas vezes, Zequinha enche um codo com o suco e o bebe...

    English: Without thinking twice Zequinha fills a glass and drinks it all ...

    The next screen shows Zequinha as a baby:

    Portuguese: Mas o suco era uma pocao do dr. Vitor que o fez voltar a ser bebe!

    English: But the juice was a potion of Dr. Vitor and turned him into a baby!

    Now Nino is here holding the infant child in his arms:

    Portuguese: Com a choradeira Nino aparece e, imaginando o que aconteceu, parte para solucionar o problema...

    English: Hearing the crying, Nino appears and, imagining what happened, leaves to solve the problem...

    Nino lectures you:

    Portuguese: Para reverter o efeito da pocao, voce deve encontrar os quatro ingredientes necessarios para o antidoto atraves das portas a seguir. O porteiro lhe dara dicas que o ajuda-rao a acha-las.

    English: To reverse the effect of the potion, you must find the four ingredients for the antidote through the doors below. The doorman will give you tips that will help you to find them.

    Portuguese: Apos passar pela ultima porta, Procure pelo Dr. Vitor, pois ele a ajudara com o antidoto. Agora, com quem voce quer seguir nesta aventura?

    English: After going through the final door, look for Dr. Vitor, as he will help you with the antidote. Now, with whom do you want to go on the adventure?

    Now you can begin the adventure. You can choose to be Pedro (the boy), or Biba (the girl). Both seemingly have the same abilities so you shouldn't be disadvantaged choosing one over the other.

    Once chosen you will be in front of five doors with the doorman below giving advice. The five doors lead to various parts of the castle. You need to take them in a particular order. Trying to enter a door at the wrong time will lead to you losing energy (the energy bar is in the top corner underneath the number that shows how many lives you have remaining).

    The doorman will be saying to you:

    Portuguese: Voce deve seguir reto ate nao poder mais e entao ao seu lado uma luz piscara.

    English: You should go straight till you can't go any further and at your side a light will flash.

    The doorman is indicating the fifth door so go through there.

    Clift claft still a porta se abriu

    Clift claft still the door has opened

    Having entered the lab, walk right. You'll walk under a machine that will send a shrinking ray on you. Now you are small go down the hole in the floor in front of you. Down here walk right trying to avoid the drip either by running past or trying to jump it. If you can't avoid don't worry too much as it doesn't outright kill you, instead it'll drain a little of your energy. Then collect the item here on the ground which will allow you to use the rocket later on, head past the next drip before jumping over an enemy that moves left to right along here (again it won't kill you if you only touch it a little, just drain your energy). Keep heading right and enter the rocket. Once you are in the rocket it will fly into the air. When the rocket stops jump out to the right (right and jump together) to land on the beaker. The darker black outline on the top of the beaker is the bit you can stand on whilst the lighter black outline is what you can't stand on because if you do you will fall into the beaker and drown. Jump over the hole. Walk right to the end which will take you to a clock area.

    Climb on the two-faced clock here. Jump onto the minute-hand on the left clock-face as the first platform, before jumping onto the alarm bell in the middle. Now stand on the red bit here. This will break the clock and all the numbers will now be stuck on the wall.

    You need to jump on the platforms above the numbers in order starting from 1 through to 12, before jumping across the two beakers at the end. You will need to drop from the 4 and the 8 to reach the next number in the sequence. Trying to take a number out of sequence will cause you to drop off the wall so that you will need to start again from 1. Once done head right.

    In this next area walk right to the window cord which will automatically lift you up. At the top jump onto the top of the window blinds (by pressing jump then right to make sure you land it otherwise you'll fall down and need to start again) then walk along the top of the window before falling off the edge onto a spring that will spring you up onto another beaker. Jump across the gap onto the middle bubble which will bounce you up so you can reach the far end of the beaker.

    Now all the work is done and you just walk right to go under the machine here to turn you big again before walking to the end of the room to exit.

    Time for a cut-scene where you are met by Tibio and Peronio:

    Portuguese: Estavamos esperando por voce. Agora que passou pelo laboratorio, voce recebera o primeiro ingrediente. Com mais tres, podera resolver seu problema. Esperamos que tenha aprendido alguns bons truques! Siga em frente e boa sorte!

    English: We were waiting for you. Now that you passed the laboratory, you will receive the first ingredient. With three more, you can solve your problem. We hope you have learned some good tricks! Carry on and good luck!

    Now you will be back in front of the five doors. The doorman will be giving you a clue as to which door to enter next:

    Portuguese: E logo a primeira a se achar

    English: It's the first to find.

    Therefore enter the first door, the one that is green and yellow.

    Clift claft still a porta se abriu

    Clift claft still the door has opened

    In the first area jump onto the table and use the run button whilst facing right in the middle of it. The table will turn making a green circular spring thing raise off the floor. Jump onto it and you will spring upwards towards the ceiling where you will catch hold of the chandelier. Your weight will pull it down and the door that would have blocked your way out of this room to the right will be opened so you can exit this area to the next bit, so press down to get off the chandelier and head right.

    Head right along the kitchen. Jump over the drip and all the water that it has put onto the floor. Next avoid the oven flames that spit out at you, then the three blue drawers which pop out as you come alongside them. Next avoid the forks that are thrown out of a green cupboard. Then look for the three utensils hanging on the wall, because they will drop when you near them. So gently go under them. Pass the roast chicken (which thankfully doesn't try to kill you) to get out of this part.

    Now you are on the end puzzle of the level. Here there is a symbol in the top left corner of a food that you need from one of the many drawers to make a massive burger. You need 11 ingredients in total, all in the correct order, and if you don't do it in time then you have to start again (but you don't lose lives here). Direct the cursor to the drawers and press 1 on the drawer handle to open.

    Basically it is trial and error memory game but to save you from the trial and the error, and from using your memory, here are the locations of the ingredients (names are as I could make out from the images in the game):

    The drawer puzzle
    1. Carrot - in the big pink drawer diagonal down and left from the picture of the food in the top corner
    2. Bread - in the blue drawer across and slightly up from the drawer with the carrot in
    3. Meat - this is in the big blue drawer on the bottom row
    4. Lettuce - in the big pink drawer near the middle of the screen
    5. Egg - in the pink drawer next to the previous one with the lettuce in
    6. Gherkin - in rectangular pink drawer near bottom left corner
    7. Tomato - in the blue drawer near the top left corner
    8. Red plate - in the long thin purple drawer above the drawer which had the lettuce in
    9. Brown slice of meat - in the pale yellow drawer below the pink one that had the egg in
    10. Rasher of bacon - in the third purple drawer along the bottom
    11. Yellow bap - in the purple drawer right in bottom left corner

    Clicking any other drawer will result in nothing happening.

    Now you have completed the area and Morgana will meet you with the second ingredient:

    Portuguese: Bem, bem, vejamos quem esta aqui... Procura por algo? Ah, o segundo ingrediente! Aqui esta. Ainda faltam dois. O porteiro lhe dira o caminho para acha-los. Continue firme! Boa sorte!!

    English: Well, well, let's see who's here ... Are you looking for something? Ah, the second ingredient! Here it is. Two more remain. The doorman will tell you the way to find them. Keep hope! Good luck!!

    Now the doorman will direct you as to which door to take next so you can get the third ingredient:

    Portuguese: O caminho parece quadrado e duro. Mas sera bem redondo.

    English: The path seems hard and square. But it will be well rounded.

    This is indicating the fourth door across, the one that is a hole in a brick wall and which takes you into what is the piping/plumbing of the castle.

    Clift claft still a porta se abriu

    Clift claft still the door has opened

    From the start walk right avoiding the drop and go up to the purple monster sitting at the end of the path. His name is Mau and he will ask you a question:

    Portuguese: Qual palavra esta errada?

    • Viajar
    • Viagem
    • Viajando
    • Viajem

    English: What word is wrong?

    The word that is wrong is Viajem. Now you will start the level again but he will be gone from where he was before, allowing you to pass.

    Head down the hole now that the purple creature has gone. If your energy is low then you can head left, jump on the bug and collect the alien here (Godofredo is his name I believe); he will give you energy. If you don't need energy leave him be for now and collect him later as you will return to this section of the level when you answer another of Mau's questions.

    Head right avoiding the drip, the descending spider and the second drip. At the end is a hole in the wall. Press up on it to go to the level above.

    On the level above head left. Duck under the bat, then move left again avoiding the drip and you will reach another hole in the wall. Again press up.

    There are two ways to go here, left or right. Both lead to the exit but by going right you should get there quicker. Avoid the spider, jump on the bug and meet Mau again who will ask:

    Portuguese: Qual das figures tem os 4 lados iguais?

    • Triangulo
    • Quadrado
    • Circulo
    • Hexagono

    Which of the figures has four equal sides? The answer is Quadrado.

    Then you'll start again so go back through the level again to where you were. This time Mau will have gone so head down past where he was, avoid the slow-moving bat and follow the pointer for the exit of the level.

    (The other way you could have went was to head left where another Mau is. Walk up to him and he will ask another question:

    Portuguese: Qual palavra esta errada?

    • Nuvem
    • Colina
    • Caxoeira
    • Ceu
    • Riacho
    • Passaro

    So which is the word that is wrong? Well it is Caxoeira obviously (thanks Google Translate).

    Once you have answered you will start the level again, so repeat the above to get back to here. When you reach back here Mau will be gone. Head down, and collect the alien here (to give you some more energy), head past the bat, and the spider and into the hole at the end of the wall. From here head down, avoid the bat and go out the exit indicated by the pointing finger.)

    Now you have completed the level and Mau will talk to you:

    Portuguese: Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Tenho observado voce andando pelo encanamento! Esta atras do ingrediente, nao e? Eu o tenho, mas voce tera de ouvir minha gargalhada fatal ha ha ha...

    English: Ha ha ha ha ha ha. I've been watching you walking down the pipeline! You're looking for the ingredient, no? I have it, but first you will have to hear my fatal laugh ha ha ha ...

    So now you have three ingredients and you are back at the door selection screen. The doorman will be telling you which door to take next:

    Portuguese: Ela e a segunda no caminho e tem a cor azul como o ceu.

    English: It is second on the way and has the colour blue as the sky.

    This is indicating the second door across, the one that has a blue outline and which takes you ... into the sky...

    Clift claft still a porta se abriu

    Clift claft still the door has opened

    Here you are falling. Collect as many passing items as you can as they come up from the bottom of the screen, except for the apple core and banana skin which lose you energy. The items are all things to help you wash. Once you've collected all of them at least once then an umbrella will appear. Grab that and float to the ground, then head through the door to the right.

    And that is the end of the level where Ratinho the mouse will meet you with the fourth ingredient:

    Portuguese: Oi! Espero que tenha guardado muitos itens para sua hygiene pessoal! Este e o ultimo ingrediente. Ache o Dr. Vitor e nao se esqueca do seu banho!!

    English: Hi! I hope you saved many items for your personal hygiene! This is the last ingredient. Find Dr. Vitor and do not forget your bath!!

    So basically he is saying that you stink. But also that you have all the ingredients now and you should find Dr. Vitor. You'll be back at the door selection screen and there is one more door that you haven't been through yet. The doorman will be telling you:

    Portuguese: Ao contar tres chegara ao seu destino.

    English: At the count of three arrive at your destination.

    So it is the third door along, which takes you into the library.

    Clift claft still a porta se abriu

    Clift claft still the door has opened

    Now you are in a room with a suit of armour. Run to the edge and push open a door to the next area. This will take you into the main library area where there is a ladder to reach the platform above.

    However it is better to go along floor level on this part so you don't get hit by falling books. Pass the two poems that you are forced to read (and which don't seem to translate into English very well so I've tried my best to make them make sense):


    De repente surge alguem

    Disposto a fazer bem,

    Assim como para o mal

    Ha de existir a cura.

    Continue ate o final,

    Pois so acha quem procura.


    Suddenly someone appears

    Determined to do good,

    As for the evil

    A cure shall exist.

    Continue to the end,

    For those who seek succeed.


    A preguica tambem cansa

    Sao dois lados da balanca

    Mentira vira verdade

    Frio queima como fogo

    A simples dificuldade

    Ja e uma regra do jogo.


    As even the sloth grows tired

    There are two sides to a scale

    Lies become truth

    Cold burns as a fire

    The simple difficulty

    Is already a rule of the game.

    Then climb the ladder at the end to reach the level above. Avoid the falling book (you can tell which ones fall, because they have a blacker outline than the others) and go to the coat of armour to enter the next area.

    In here don't climb the ladder because you'll just reach a coat of armour at the end of the row that you can't pass. Instead go along the floor level, run past the desk in the middle that will spit books out at you that can kill you (running past will lose some energy, but not much). Then at the end climb the ladder and head to the second coat of armour to enter the next room.

    In here either go along the bottom, passing the poem...


    Neste mundo equilibrado

    Tudo tem um outro lado.

    E para cada elixir

    Que faz alguem diminuir,

    Ha uma pocao com poder

    De estimular a crescer.


    In this balanced world

    Everything has a flip side.

    And for each elixir

    That makes someone grow smaller,

    There is a potion with power

    To stimulate one to grow bigger.

    ... and the desk that spits books at you, or across the top avoiding the falling books. Then at the end climb down the ladder and go to the end of the floor level. This will take you to the end of the game.


    More cut screens in Portuguese, how delightful.

    The first is Dr. Vitor sitting down on his armchair:


    Portuguese: Ola! Vejo que voces tem um problema. Aproximem-se para eu poder ajuda-los.

    English: Hello! I see you have a problem. Come closer, so I can help you.

    He then stands:

    Portuguese: Deem-me os ingredientes que eu farei o antidoto para o Zequinha voltar ao normal.

    English: Give me the ingredients so I can create the antidote to turn Zequinha back to normal.

    Then the next screen shows Pedro, Nino and Biba linking arms:

    Portuguese: Todos aguardam na esperanca de que de certo...

    English: All waited hoping it would work...

    Before the final screen shows Zequinha back to his normal size:

    Portuguese: Obrigado! Eu ja estava cansado de chorar! Nunca mais vou beber nada estranho. Ate a proxima!

    English: Thank you! I was tired of crying! I'll never drink anything strange again. Until next time!

    You get the end screen with the word FIM before the credits start to roll.

    Well done you have completed the game.

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