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Reviewed: 02/02/00 | Updated: 03/18/02

An easy and yet fun game

This was one of the few Master System games that I owned back in the day. While it wasn't as good as some others, I found it to be an enjoyable game, worth playing through a few times.

This game is basically a side scroller game that goes through levels in a early Mario game like fashion (1-1, 1-2, etc.). You are Alex, and you go through the levels, fighting ninjas, sharks, and other strange creatures with swords and throwing spears.

This game actually isn't -that- easy the first few times you play, but after a while you really get the hang of it. Also, I don't think the game would be anywhere as good as it is without its secrets, which it has a lot of. I'd say that just about every level after the first world has at least a couple secrets in them.

They are pretty good, and like most Master Systems games, look better than the average NES game. There's no doubt to what's going on or anything. There's a couple odd inconsistencies, for example Alex's hair is black on the first boss for some reason, while it is usually brown.

It's a pretty easy game. For one thing, if you have a full life, in a chest that would normally give you health up, you get an Alex Doll, which is a 1up. In other words, if you rarely get hit you're going to load up on lives.

Music & sound effects:
Good memorable music. I actually like it quite a bit, but that may very well be due to nostalgia. Sound effects are nothing special, just standard 8 bit.

Fun game. I've beaten it a number of times, but there's still more to do. Throughout the levels, there are many secret areas that you can access by going through walls, or taking the correct route. Even after many years of playing, I still haven't been able to access them all.

Another interesting feature is that if you go through a world without every getting hit, you get ''secret bonus'', which gives you many points. Even after trying many times, I have yet to do that through all 4 worlds. Another to try (if you're bored) is to see how fast you can beat the game.

If you find this game cheap, which it will mostly likely be, pick it up and give it a try. It's a good game and I'd recommend it to anyone looking for a decent side-scroller.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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