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"A fun little puzzle game"

The Sega Master System was a very underrated system with lots of great games. Columns was one of the first puzzle games ever made, and remains one of my favorite puzzle games of all time. Columns made its home on several systems and each version did nothing to establish itself from the others. So while I do like the Master System version of Columns a lot, it does nothing to establish itslef from the other version of the game. So the Genesis version is just as good. This is not something that you should buy a Master System just to play, thats for sure. But regardless of whether or not it is worth buying a system over, Columns is a very fun and unique puzzle game and is almost as good as Tetris. It certainly is a lot like Tetris, that's for sure.

Graphics (7.9/10): The backgrounds weren't much, just a black screen. And the puzzle pieces looked bland but okay as well. But at least the pieces were easily distinguishable in terms of what color they were. Overall the graphics are good but kinda dull.

Music/Sound (8.1/10): The music featured in Columns for the Sega Master System is pretty good. The music featured in the game has a nice little beat to it and is orchestrated very well. The sound effects are bland but they're perfectly acceptable. Overall, the music and sound effects are acceptable for a Master System game.

Gameplay/Control (8.2/10): Columns for the Sega master System is a classic puzzle game in the reins of Tetris, but instead of matching same-colored, different shaped pieces, you mixed same shaped, different colored pieces. So in order to move on yuo have to match three of the same color together, like Bust A Move. The game, like Tetris, is horizontally scrolling.

Replay Value (5.1/10): I do not play Columns for the Sega Master System very much anymore.

Challenge (7.3/10): The game gets quite challenging in the later stages.

Overall (8.4/10): While not as good as Bust A Move or Tetris, this game is still pretty fun anyways.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 03/04/00, Updated 07/16/01

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