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    FAQ/Walkthrough by PublicDomain

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    The Flintstones
    SMS 1993
    Version:        1.0
    The story goes like this: Fred wants to go bowling but Wilma has other ideas so
    she gives him chores to do in the house instead. What follows are four stages
    of different scenarios so that Fred still gets this bowling evening and the
    family is happy at the end.
    The controls differ from task to task. Generally, the D-Pad moves Fred around.
    In Level 1, use Button 2 to paint and 1 to move the ladder.
    In Level 2, use 2 to jump with the car, use both buttons to rapidly raise the
    vehicle like with a jack.
    In Level 3, use Right to set the angle, 2 for the speed.
    In Level 4, use 2 to jump.
    At the Title Screen, press U, R, R, D, D, D, L, L, L, L.
    Start the game, then pause and hold Buttons 1 and 2 and then one of the these:
    Up	Level 1 (Painting)
    Right	Level 2 (Driving)
    Down	Level 3 (Bowling)
    Left	Level 4 (Rescue Pebbles)
    Level One: Fred Must Paint The Wall
    You have a strict time limit for this. You need to finish painting before the
    time runs out.
    The dark gray wall needs to be turned all white. To do so, grab the green fly
    or worm creature and dunk it into the paint bucket in the center. Simply
    standing a little bit to the right of it should refill the "Brush" meter.
    To fill the Paint meter, i.e. the Wall filler, you need to stand next to empty
    space and press 2. As you fill the wall, Pebbles will escape from the cage and
    start scribbling on the walls. For now you can ignore it until you made the
    major parts all white. If you want you can pick her up and place her back in
    the cage, but then you also lose the paint "brush" which may take even longer.
    You can paint over her stuff quickly should you need to. On the other hand you
    should also not let it get out of hand.
    When you are done with the lower part of the wall there is still the top part
    to do. Climb the ladder and paint the surroundings. Then climb back down and
    move it with the 1-button. Keep it pressed until you move to the next area. It
    is advisable that you move it so you can clear out the right and left part in
    its entirety. Otherwise you waste time moving the ladder around.
    When you think you are all done, take a close look at small dark gray patches
    around. If the game doesn't move on to the next stage you are not 100% done
    yet. Watch out for small thin stripes near the top. The light shades near the
    window are normal though.
    Level Two: Get To The Bowling Alley Before It Closes
    This is another timed mission but don't worry about this as much as getting
    through quickly.
    As you drive along by pressing the Right direction hard to go faster. Use the 2
    Button to jump over the rocks on the road to prevent accidents. They may still
    happen before or after those rocks, however.
    If you get be stopped by a broken wheel. Fred automatically gets out. Walk to
    the back of the vehicle and Fred will place the reptile underneath like a jack.
    Press the 1 and 2 button in successions to raise it as far as it goes. If you
    are too slow it will go back down again. Then grab the wheel and sit back in
    the car.
    If you were too slow the bowling alley is closed even if you still have sand
    left in your hourglass. This level can either be 20 seconds long, or take a few
    minutes in which case the bowling alley is most likely closed.
    Level Three: Fred Must Beat Barney
    Position Fred with the directional buttons. You usually bowl from 1/3 from
    either side and then have an angle so it hits the pins from the side.
    Set the angle with the directions. You can do right or left depending on the
    way you position Fred.
    Now that you are ready, press the 2 Button and keep it pressed until you get
    the desired Speed.
    Anything else you need to know about bowling can probably be learnt from other
    sources, including the game's manual.
    Barney is not the best of bowlers. As the level title suggests, you need to
    beat him to move on.
    Level Four: Fred Must Rescue Pebbles And Bring Her Back
    This is a platformer, and timed as the first two levels.
    Start jumping on the platforms and then when you are in the top right of the
    first screen, jump up on the wooden one. Use the UP direction to raise it to
    the top. There is some weird alien creature here. Wait for it to go right and
    then quickly follow behind it. Jump on the platform on the left and quickly on
    the right out of reach of the alien. Continue up. At the top be wary of the
    wind gusts pushing you down.
    Walk right first and collect the metal helmet. Then go left, the objects don't
    hurt if you have the helmet. On the far left is a green rope. Hand on to it,
    make sure you jump slowly here, then start descending all the way to the steel
    bar. Do this step by step, one wind gust at a time. It will try to push you off
    the rope, so steer against it. Do not get two gusts together as it will throw
    off the controls and you will most likely fall.
    Grab Pebbles and start climb up again, the same routine with the wind as just
    now. Be careful on the third screen, jump over to the platforms first. Dodge
    the alien and ride the elevator. This time is it easier. You may fall around
    two platform levels but it is still good to be safe. When you reach Barney you
    have won the game.
    This guide is available for and to anyone who wishes to use the information on
    their site or in their own guide. Remember this was posted on GameFAQs first if
    you want to copy and credit anything.

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