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    FAQ by PickHut

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 01/29/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Hang-On FAQ for the Sega Master System
    Written by: PickMeUp
    Version: 1.0 - 1/29/04
    E-Mail: PickHuttt at aol dot com
    Table of Contents
    I.    Introduction
    II.   Controls
    III.  Gameplay
           -Difficulty Levels-
           -Courses & Stages-
           -In Game Indicators-
           -Road Side Objects-
    IV.   Racing Tips
    V.    FAQ
    VI.   Version History
    VII.  Legal Section
    VIII. Credits/Thanks/Other Stuff
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    I. Introduction
    Hello and welcome to my Hang-On FAQ, the reason I made this is because the game
    can get a little hard sometimes and thought it would be nice to help you out if
    you're having trouble. At first it was going to be a FAQ/Walkthrough but after
    some thinking I thought it would be impossible, so I'll be talking about as
    much as possible about the game that I can help you with and hopefully you'll
    actually find something in this faq useful.
    II. Controls
    LEFT  - Moves motorcycle to the left.
    RIGHT - Moves motorcycle to the right.
    UP    - Shifts gears down, changes level number at title screen.
    DOWN  - Shifts gears up, changes level number at title screen.
    BUTTON 1 - Brake, starts game at title screen.
    BUTTON 2 - Accelerate, starts game at the title screen.
    III. Gameplay
    -Difficulty Levels-
    At the title screen you'll be able to choose between 3 different levels of
    difficulty. The first obviously being easiest, with not that many bikes
    appearing on screen when you play at the beginning. The second level gets a
    little hard with bikes appearing on screen almost every second when you start
    at the beginning. The third difficulty level is the hardest from the start, not
    only do bikes appear alot on screen every second but they get drawn near you as
    if you were some kind of magnet.
    -Courses & Stages-
    There is a total of 8 courses in the game on every difficuly level, each course
    having a total of 5 stages. You go through the stages in this order: Circuit,
    Seaside, Monument Valley, City Night and then Circuit (at sunrise). One stage
    ends and another begins when you cross a checkpoint.
    -In Game Indicators-
    During the race you'll see the following 
    indicators at the top of the screen:
                   ---  ---  
    SCORE  000000 |   ||   | O low  COURSE  1
                  |---||---| O
    SPEED 000Km/h |   ||   | O top  LEFT  4.00
                   ---  --- 
    This shows the current score you have, every moment you're moving the score
    rapidly goes up. There are other means of getting points, but they'll be
    explained in other places in this section of the faq.
    This shows how fast you're currently going on your motorcycle. The highest I've
    seen it go up is 298Km/h, I'm not sure if that's the limit though.
    -Time Limit
    At the start of every stage you'll get 60 seconds, the time remaining from the
    previous stage will be added to this. When you complete a course, the remaining
    time will be added to your score. If you beat all 8 courses with the 3rd
    difficulty level then the game will start at the beginning again but with a
    reduced time limit. When the time runs out, the game will end and you'll be
    sent back to the title screen.
    There are three gears you can shift through: Low, Second and High Gear. When
    you start a race or recover from a crash you always start with the Low Gear at
    the top (it has the word "low" beside it), the Second Gear is in the middle and
    the High Gear is on the bottom (with the word "top" beside it). You'll know
    what gear you're on because the circle will be red, depending on what gear it's
    set to will determine how fast you'll be going.
    This shows what course you're currently on.
    This indicator shows how much kilometers is left in every stage. Each stage is
    4 kilometers long.
    Your driver is wearing red, white, blue and yellow racing gear and is driving
    the motorcycle FEARLESS 4. All of your other racing opponents are wearing
    green, red, yellow, blue and white racing gear and are driving the motorcycle
    SIZZLER 7, if you touch your opponent's bike, you'll explode. Every time you
    pass a SIZZLER 7 you get 300 points added to your score.
    -Road Side Objects-
    -START Lamp
    You see this at the start of every course, it has three lights, two yellows and
    one blue. When the blue light flashes the race will start.
    -Arrow Signs
    These pop up right when there's a turn about to come up. Sometimes they pop up
    early, other times they pop up right when the turn happens.
    You'll see this at the end of every stage, there will be two small white boards
    on each side of the road with the word "GO!" written on them.
    -Finish Line
    You'll see this at the end of every course, there will be two small white
    boards on each side of the road (like the checkpoints) with the words "GOAL"
    written on them.
    -Other road side objects
    These will range from poles, bushes, cactuses and light posts. They may not
    pose much of a threat when you're driving on a straight road but they can
    become dangerous when riding the corners. If you touch any of these objects
    with your bike, you'll explode.
    IV. Racing Tips
    -At the start of every course don't wait until the blue light flashes on the
     START lamp to press the accelerator button, hold onto it will waiting.
    -Don't forget to switch gears, sometimes you'll be so caught up in the moment
     that you'll forgot all about it until you realize your bike's not speeding up.
     Also, make sure you have it on the right gear, there are times when you are
     making a turn and you accidentally press up or down without knowing it.
    -When you're about to go into a turn, be careful when you're "on top" of an
     opponent. Since you won't know how sharp the turn is going to be you might
     slide into the other motorcycle and crash.
    -Don't be afraid to slow down ALOT if you're about to crash into an opponent or
     a road side object. You may lose some time, but it's better then losing a
     whole lot of time when you crash.
    -When you're in a turn and you're still sliding off, it helps if you let go of
     the accelerator button when pressing down the brake button. If that doesn't
     work then drop a gear while braking and that should help, just don't forget to
     switch back.
    -Don't crash in the first and at times the second stages of a course, that may
     sound hard but the time left over in those stages will help you in the later
     stages and will give you a better chance in finishing the course.
    -Be careful when you slow down alot, sometimes an opponent will try to drive
     right by you and will likely crash into you instead.
    -When switching gears I suggest the following: wait until around 80-90Km/h to
     switch to the Second Gear and 180-190Km/h to switch to the High Gear.
    V. FAQ
    Q. Is there any way to continue the race after you run out of time?
    A. Nope, after time runs out, that's it, you'll be sent back to the title
    Q. Is there any secrets or codes that can help me?
    A. None that I know of, you'll just have to play the game as it is.
    Q. What do you think of this game?
    A. Eh, it's not one of the best Master System games, but it's also not one of
       the worst. I just get annoyed with the whole "touch ANYTHING no matter how
       fast or slow you're going and you'll explode" part of the game.
    Q. What other games do you recommend that have the same type of gameplay as
       this game?
    A. Super Hang-On, Outrun and The Circuit/World Gand Prix. World Grand Prix is
       also a SMS game that plays exactly like Hang-On, there are only a couple of
       differences like racing with cars instead of bikes and racing on tracks.
    VI. Version History
    Version 1.0 - Started FAQ on January 26, 2004. Finished Version 1.0 on January
                  29, 2004. Finished sections I-VIII, may need some tweaking in the
                  future though. Submitted to GameFAQs on January 29, 2004.
    VII. Legal Section
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
    violation of copyright.
    This document should only appear on GameFAQs, if you find this FAQ on another
    website, please e-mail me about this.
    This document is Copyright 2004 Wendell Baugher.
    Hang-On is a copyright and trademark of Sega Enterprises Ltd.
    VIII. Credits/Thanks/Other Stuff
    -Thanks to CJayC for hosting this document on his site.
    -Thanks to the game and instruction manual, if it wasn't for these then this
     faq wouldn't have been created in the first place.
    -If you think anything is missing in this document then please e-mail about it
     with the heading "Hang-On FAQ contribution". I'll give you credit of course,
     if you don't want your name mentioned then I'll just put "anonymous
     contributor" in place of your name.
    -If you're gonna e-mail me any comments (good or bad) or questions about this
     document then have the heading be "Hang-On FAQ C/Q".
    -If you want to see screenshots of this game or the ending then check out The
     Video Game Museum at www.vgmuseum.com.

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