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    FAQ by PickHut

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 02/04/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    OutRun FAQ for the Sega Master System
    Written by: PickMeUp
    Version: 1.0 - 2/04/04
    E-Mail: PickHuttt at aol dot com
    Table of Contents
    I.    Introduction
    II.   Controls
    III.  Gameplay
           -Music Selection-
           -In Game Indicators-
           -Road Side Objects-
    IV.   Racing Tips
    V.    Endings
    VI.   FAQ
    VII.  Version History
    VIII. Legal Section
    IX.   Credits/Thanks/Other Stuff
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    I. Introduction
    Hello, welcome to my OutRun FAQ. Well the reason I made this faq was because
    there weren't any faqs made for this game and thought it would be nice to have
    one up for people to get info from. Basically the other reason being is that
    I loved the Sega Master System and it's unique collection of games :). I hope
    this faq will be helpful to you because I'll be putting in as much info for
    this game as possible, enjoy!
    Btw, you'll notice the similarities between this FAQ and my Hang-On FAQ. Since
    the two have very similar gameplay features (aside from a couple of
    differences), the way this faq will be written will almost look exactly like
    the Hang-On faq.
    II. Controls
    LEFT  - Moves car to the left, moves left at the music selection screen, moves
            cursor left at the name entry screen.
    RIGHT - Moves car to the right, moves right at the music selection screen,
            moves cursor right at the name entry screen.
    UP    - Shifts gear to low gear if it's on high gear.
    DOWN  - Shifts gear to high gear if it's on low gear.
    BUTTON 1 - Brakes, starts game at title screen, selects music at music
               selection screen, selects letter at name entry screen.
    BUTTON 2 - Accelerates, starts game at title screen, selects music at music
               selection screen, selects letter at name entry screen.
    III. Gameplay
    -Music Selection-
    After you get pass the title screen, the first thing you'll see is the music
    selection screen. You get to select from 3 different music themes: Passing
    Breeze (74.6), Magical Sound Shower (69.2) and Splash Wave (80.3). To select
    Magical Sound Shower hold left on the d pad and to pick Splash Wave hold right
    on the d pad. The game will only stick to this screen for a couple of seconds
    so if you didn't pick anything yet then the game will pick what's currently
    -In Game Indicators-
    During the race you'll see the following 
    indicators at the top of the screen:
     SCORE     TIME  L  SPEED 000km/h
    00000000    80   H   ||||||||
    This will show the current score you have, every second you are driving the
    score will go up rapidly. There are other ways to get points but I'll explain
    those parts later in this section of the faq.
    -Time Limit
    This indicator will show the current time you have left. At the beginning of
    race you'll get 80 seconds, when you get to the second stage you'll receive
    65 seconds, everything after that will differ. Whenever you cross a checkpoint,
    the time you have remaining from the last stage will be added to your received
    time, the remaining time when you reach the goal will be added to your score.
    When time runs out before reaching a checkpoint or a goal, the game will end
    and you'll be sent to either the name entry screen or title screen.
    You have two gears to shift through, L (low) and H (high), the gear you're
    currently on will be highlighted in red. When you start the race or recover
    from a crash, it'll always be set to the L gear.
    This shows how fast you are currently going in kilometers, the highest it can
    go up is 298km/h.
    This also shows how fast you're currently going and appears below the SPEED
    indicator. A row of blocks will appear from left to right and will rise or fall
    depending on how fast or slow you're going. The higher the meter rises the
    color of it will change, ten white blocks will be at the beginning, 4 yellow
    blocks are in the middle and 1 red block will be at the end. There are actually
    5 red blocks, but you only see them when you start up your car at the beginning
    of the race, recovering from a crash or when dropping from the H gear to the L
    The car you drive is a red car with an open top and sitting in the passenger
    seat is a "woman". The car's name is never mentioned anywhere in the manual or
    game but you can tell that it is modeled after the Ferrari Testarossa. There
    are other cars you'll encounter during the race that will appear on screen,
    they aren't really your opponents but they will get in your way. If you bump
    into them, you'll either get pushed over a little bit or spin out of control
    depending at how fast you were going, you'll also lose some speed of course.
    Whenever you pass a car you'll receive 20,000 points.
    -Road Side Objects-
    -Starting Line
    You'll see this at the beginning of the game, at the upper left part will be
    three lights, two reds and one green. When the green light flashes the guy
    will put down the checkered flag and the race will start.
    -Arrow Signs
    This will pop up when a turn is about to come up, they won't appear for every
    turn though.
    -Fork Road Sign
    You'll see this green fork road sign right before the end of every stage,
    they'll warn you that a fork in the road is coming up.
    These giant signs with the words "CHECK" will appear at the end/beginning of
    every stage, you'll recive more time when you pass through them.
    -Finish Lines/Goals
    You'll come across these if you're able to successfully get across 5 stages.
    There are a total of 5 goals (a,b,c,d and e), each having a different outcome.
    1 million points and your left over time will be added to your score when you
    reach a goal.
    -Other road side objects
    These will range from a variety of things depending on what stage you are on.
    From palm trees, road signs, houses, rocks etc., if you come into contact with
    any of these, along with the the objects mentioned above (except Starting Line
    and Goals), you will crash or spin out of control depending on how fast you
    were going.
    There is a total of 15 stages in the game, 5 of which you'll be able to go
    through each time. Right at the end of each stage will be a split in the road
    giving you the choice of picking between 2 stages. You'll only get a couple of
    seconds to choose, so whichever side of the split you are on is the stage
    you'll be going to. Below is the course map (which you see at the end of every
    race) and the names of the stages in each location, I've decided to make it
    vertical here because that's how you'll be looking at it in the game:
      A      B      C       D      E
      |      |      |       |      |
      |      |      |       |      |
         |      |      |      |
         |      |      |      |
             |      |      |
             |      |      |
                 |      |
                 |      |
    1. Coconut Beach
    2. Gateway
    3. Devil's Canyon
    4. Desert
    5. Alps
    6. Cloudy Mountain
    7. Wilderness
    8. Old Capital
    9. Wheat Field
    10. Seaside Town
    11. Vineyard (A)
    12. Death Valley (B)
    13. Desolation Hill (C)
    14. Autobahn (D)
    15. Lakeside (E)
    *If some of these are wrong then please inform me about it.
    IV. Racing Tips
    -When you are waiting at the Starting Line, hold onto the accelerator button
    instead of waiting to do it until the race starts.
    -Make sure you're on the right gear and don't forget to switch to the H gear,
    there are times you'll just forget because you are just caught up with what's
    going on at the moment.
    -If you're not sure which way the road is going to turn, it helps to stay in
    the middle of the road. That way you have a better chance of not crashing if
    you're on the wrong side when it happens.
    -When you're sliding off the road when turning, let go of the accelerator
    button. Depending on how close you are at the edge, if the skidding sound
    stops, hold the accelerator button again and let go if you hear the skidding
    noise again and repeat this over and over until the turn ends. If letting go of
    the accelerator button doesn't help then hit the brake button, but don't hold
    onto it too long or you'll come to a complete stop.
    -When you are braking, don't forget to switch gears if the speed drops too much
    or too high. If you don't then regaining speed will take much longer.
    -During certain parts of a stage you'll encounter hills that will obscure the
    road ahead. When this happens you'll usually bump into other cars or see turns
    at the last second. Try to stay in the middle of the road and keep in mind
    that other cars always stay on one lane. So when you see a car coming before
    the hill appears move into another lane to avoid it.
    -Whenever you pick a side at the fork in the road, get ready to turn in the
    opposite direction to what you just turned. For example: if you pick the left
    side of the split the next turn will be a right.
    -When recovering from a crash and you see the tachometer go all the way up to
    the red bars and you're still not moving, don't worry about it, just keep
    holding onto the accelerator button and you'll move eventually.
    -When changing from L gear to H gear, you should change around 170-175km/h.
    V. Endings
    -Goal A:
    The car stops in front of the finish line where a crowd is waiting. A group of
    people surround the driver and continually throws him into the air while the
    woman (the passenger) watches. A woman in a swim suit walks up to the car and
    poses, the men that were throwing the driver stops and stares at the woman and
    the driver falls to the ground.
    -Goal B:
    The car stops in front of the finish line where a crowd is waiting. The car
    starts smoking from the back and the driver and woman get out. Then the car's
    front and trunk open up and smoke comes out and the tires fall off, the guy
    looks at the screen and does the "I don't know" pose.
    -Goal C:
    The car stops in front of the finish line where three camels are standing. The
    driver and woman get out of the car and the woman walks to the side of the car.
    An arabian man walks up to the driver and hands him a lamp and walks off. The
    driver rubs the lamp and a group of women appear surrounding the driver.
    -Goal D:
    The car stops in front of the finish line where a crowd is waiting. The driver
    and woman get out of the car and the woman walks to the side of the car. The
    driver starts waving to the people as a woman with a trophy approaches the
    driver. The man puts his hands out to receive the trophy but she walks by him
    and gives the trophy to the woman instead. The mans looks down and starts
    playing with his fingers.
    -Goal E:
    The car stops in front of the finish line where a crowd is waiting. The driver
    and woman get out of the car and the woman walks to the side of the car. The
    driver starts waving to the people as a woman with a trophy approaches the
    driver. She gives him the trophy and a kiss on the cheek.
    VI. FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
    Q. Any codes or secrets to help me get through the game?
    A. Nope, just have to play through the game the normal way.
    Q. Does OutRun 3D really exist?
    A. Yes, I have seen the box cover, read the instruction manual and seen pics of
       the game. You could go to www.vgmuseum.com and check out the pics yourself.
    Q. What other games do you recommend that have the same type of gameplay as
       this game?
    A. You can check out other versions of this game as well as some of it's
       sequels, like OutRunners. You can also check out Power Drift, Super Hang-On
       and Rad Mobile/Gale Racer.
    Q. What do you think of this game?
    A. I enjoyed it, the fact that you can go through different stages every time
       you play through it was interesting. The music was pretty good too and the
       stages provide a good challenge.
    VII. Version History
    Version 1.0 - Started FAQ on February 1, 2004. Finished Version 1.0 on
                  February 4, 2004. Finished sections I-IX but will probably need
                  some tweaking in the future. Submitted to GameFAQs on February,
                  4, 2004.
    VIII. Legal Section
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
    violation of copyright.
    This document should only appear on GameFAQs, if you find this FAQ on another
    website, please e-mail me about this.
    This document is Copyright 2004 Wendell Baugher.
    OutRun is a copyright and trademark of Sega Enterprises Ltd.
    IX. Credits/Thanks/Other Stuff
    -Thanks to CJayC for hosting this document on his site.
    -Thanks to the game and instruction manual, if it wasn't for these then this
     faq wouldn't have been created in the first place.
    -Thanks to The Sega Notebook, google it and you'll know what I mean.
    -If you think anything is missing in this document then please e-mail about it
     with the heading "OutRun FAQ contribution". I'll give you credit of course,
     if you don't want your name mentioned then I'll just put "anonymous
     contributor" in place of your name.
    -If you're gonna e-mail me any comments (good or bad) or questions about this
     document then have the heading be "OutRun FAQ C/Q".
    -If you want to see screenshots of this game or the ending then check out The
     Video Game Museum at www.vgmuseum.com.

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