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"THIS is what you call a Driving game!!"

~ Introduction ~

Outrun....a game that existed on PC (Gamefaqs doesn't have it listed ==> CjayC, please add it!), SMS and genesis. It's a original driving game because :

~ Game Play ~ 9/10

It's a driving game so you have to drive your car to the finish before the time runs out. When you pass a checkpoint you'll get some seconds added. At certain points the road splits up, you can go left or right. The only difference is that the landscape will be slightly changed. I usually pick the road where there are les cars and trucks on. Yes, you have to race but there are a lot of cars and trucks in your way. Do not bump into them because you'll be slowing down. Also try to avoid obstacles like trees, houses and other things like that because if you're driving at high speed your car will flip over ( pretty unrealistic ^^ ) but weird enough your car will not get a scratch, you'll have to restart your engine again. When you've reached the finish you'll get a trophy.

~ Story ~ */10

There is no story in this game.

~ Controls ~ 8/10

These are pretty easy, just use the left and right and gas button. You also have to change gear from L to H.

~ Graphics ~ 8/10

Pretty good for an SMS game. When you have taken the split the landscape changes like the first landscape are palm trees but you can be riding in the middle of a grain field or a town.

~ Music & Sound ~ 8.5/10

Before you start your ride you can select some music on your radio. These songs are pretty good and never get annoying. You can also select to turn your radio off but that's no fun.

~ Play Time / Replay Value ~ 8/10

One race takes like 5 minutes but because you can choose left or right you have like 50 different routes you can choose, that makes the game so interesting to play as much races as you can, you can also put your name in the high score and look what route you took after the race.

~ Overall ~ 9/10

A very good racing game for the SMS, it is unique and has beautiful landscapes.

Rent or Buy? Buy this game if you like the racing genre and if you own an SMS else you should get this on the genesis console.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/30/04

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