Review by BlueInferno83

Reviewed: 03/09/04

8 Bit Gem

In an age where games consisted of graphical linear lines, cheesey music, and storylines as thin as a rail, Phantasy Star really stands out. This game is not only the first installment of a classic series, but it also was YEARS ahead of its time. This game could very well be mistaken for a Genesis game in terms of graphics and gameplay. Phantasy Star, I believe, was released the same year as Final Fantasy 1. But I believe PS is the superior game. Just check out the reasons why.

Know why I give them a 7? Because I am comparing them to the graphics of later systems and today's games. A 7 for a Sega Master System game is good...very good! The characters are well drawn, and the backdrops are beautiful for a SMS game.

Primative, yes. I will admit that. But the game was released over 15 years ago. The music could not have been much better just because the means to create it did not exist.

Pretty forgettable. Basically, you are Alis, and your mission is to eliminate the evil lord Lassic. But the game has definite cool side stories happening.

Battle System(6/10):
For its time, of course it was original. I mean, this is one of the earliest traditional RPGs released. But it's bland and boring. Doesn't possess that zip that I like to see.

This game had some hecka cool characters. I like Myah and Noah the best. However, as you will see in PS2 and PS4, Noah's sex is a little inconsistant. Still, they're pretty rockin'. Oh, and the Desolians with their French accents are hilarious!

This game is pretty difficult and patience trying. The dungeons are long and seemingly endless, and unless you draw some maps, prepare to be pulling your hair out over this one.

Relatively fun game. I would say that sometime down the road, I might play it again. Who knows? The score would be much higher if the game was made in more recent years, where they could add more to it, but I won't complain too much.

Phantasy Star is certainly not ''the greatest RPG ever made.'' Nor is it a contender. But it is the beginning of legendary Phantasy Star series. For those who want to get involved in the PS series and play all four games (Not PSO :P), then I would strongly recommend starting with this one.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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