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    FAQ/Walkthrough by SubSane

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                             ROBOCOP VERSUS THE TERMINATOR
                                 FAQ/WALKTHROUGH, v1.1
                        Based on the Sega Master System version
                           Written and maintained by SubSane
                                Last updated 2013.04.06
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        1.01 Game Details
        1.02 Story
    2.0 THE BASICS
        2.01 Game Start
        2.02 On-Screen Display
        2.03 Controls 'n Techniques
        2.04 Characters
        2.05 Items
        3.01 Trainer Level
        3.02 Streets of Detroit
        3.03 Delta City Under Construction
        3.04 The Toxic Farm
        3.05 OCP Office Complex
        3.06 Terminator Outpost
        3.07 Underground Complex
        3.08 Underground Bunker
        3.09 Secret Remote Base
        3.10 The Wall to Skynet
        3.11 Skynet
    5.0 LEGAL / MISC.
         5.01 Version History
         5.02 Guide Credits
         5.03 Contact Information
         5.04 Legal Stuff
    ===== 1.0 INTRODUCTION ========================================================
                                  1.01  Game Details
    RoboCop and Terminator face off in one several games released in the heyday
    of the Nintendo and Sega console wars. This particular version of the game
    was released in Europe by Virgin Games in 1993.
                                      1.02  Story
    Years after RoboCop's invention, Cyberdyne Systems is contracted by SAC-NORAD
    to build the Skynet Defense Network. Using the only successful linking of human
    mind and computer, computer scientists use RoboCop's breakthroughs to build
    Skynet's CPU.
    After Skynet is brought online, it becomes self aware and determines the enemy
    to be mankind. It launches a genocidal war of machine versus man.
    Attempting to thwart the human resistance Skynet sends a squadron of
    Terminators into the past. These Terminators arrive in the OCP offices and lure
    RoboCop into battling the mighty ED-209.
    Once RoboCop defeats ED-209 at OCP, he uploads himself into the computer and
    unknowingly gives Skynet the technology it needs.
    RoboCop is brought back online in the Terminator outpost, and realizes he must
    battle his way through the Terminator-infested future to reach the inner
    sanctum of Skynet. 
    If RoboCop is to save humanity, he must defeat the Skynet CPU.
    ===== 2.0 THE BASICS ==========================================================
                                    2.01  Game Start
    Start Game
    Launch the game.
    Difficulty: Choose between Easy, Normal, or Hard difficulties.
    Music: Enable or disable music.
    Sound FX: Enable or disable sounds in the game.
    Credits: The folks who created the game.
    Exit: Return to the main menu.
                                2.02  On-Screen Display
    RoboCop's health bar is in the upper-left corner.
                              2.03  Controls 'n Techniques
    Command         |  Action
    Left/Right      |  Walk left and right
    Down            |  Duck
    Up              |  Climb ladders, enter doorways
    I               |  Jump
    Up + I          |  Jump high
    II              |  Shoot the gun (infinite ammo)
    D-pad + II      |  Shoot straight up or at 45 degree angles
                                    2.04  Characters
    The ultimate cop. His mission in the future is as it was in the past: protect
    people and uphold the law. His health recovers by picking up jars of baby food
    found in the environments.
    Scum Bags
    Lowly scum bags are always looking to hassle the cops. These guys explode into
    a pool of blood with just a few shots or less.
    Their sole purpose is to hunt and destroy the remaining people on Earth.
    RoboCop must destroy any Terminators who cross him on his way to the
    Skynet CPU.
    Skynet CPU
    The baddest of the badass evil computer networks.
                                      2.05  Items
    Baby food: RoboCop's food of choice. The amount of baby food--visible on the
    side of the jar--determines how much health gets regenerated.
    Shield: The S logo is a temporary invincibility shield.
    RoboCop Heads: These grant you one extra life per pick-up.
    Laser Cannon: An upgrade from the default weapon. Fires single laser beams
    that cause greater damage.
    Rocket Launcher: Fires single rockets for one hit kills. Looks like a shotgun.
    Laser Rifle: Shoots slim red laser beams.
    ===== 3.0 WALKTHROUGH =========================================================
    WARNING: This game features three difficulty levels. Easy and Normal are not
    too tough if you have experience with these sorts of games. Hard, however, is
    quite a challenge. The final level in particular will show you no mercy. It is
    important to be stingy with the lives you lose because you will need at least
    six lives to get through the final level and defeat the final boss. The final
    boss alone will take four or five of those lives. So play safely and search out
    the bonuses to earn extra lives and the best weapons.
                                 3.01  Trainer Level
    Prime Objective: Collect weapons and stay alive.
    Your options here are simple: jump and shoot. Like all classic side-scrollers
    you will move to the right and run into enemies every now and then. This game
    grants you an automatic pistol and infinite ammo, so your best bet is to
    keep your thumb on the button and keep shooting.
    Mosey along to the right and kill the single enemies as they appear. Some
    enemies will appear on upper levels, in which case you can jump and shoot
    straight at them or use the D-pad to angle your shots up toward them. You can
    also duck down and shoot from a crouch position to avoid bullets.
    Continue along until you reach the first ladder. Kill the enemy waiting at the
    top and then climb up. You can proceed along the street or climb to the roof
    tops, facing enemies on either path. You can also traverse back to the left
    if you need to go back.
    There is a laser cannon on the highest roof of the buildings if you'd like to
    upgrade, but it has a slower rate of fire than the default pistol. You can
    just spam the fire button to increase the rate of fire.
    Keep firing to the right and move past the tall building. Enemies will continue
    to appear as you progress to the clothesline. Grab hold of it and stay there
    to easily take out the next group of enemies by firing up and down at an angle.
    You'll have one more chance to pick up the laser cannon before you reach the
    end of the level and transition to the boss.
    Boss: Buff Dude
    This guy is also packing a laser cannon but he will not move. He simply
    shoots a laser every second or so. Stay on the left and use the distance
    to jump over his shots, fire a few at him, and then jump again. Repeat the
    pattern to drain his health and defeat him.
                                3.02  Streets of Detroit
    Prime Objective: Rescue the hostages.
    This level features plenty of tall buildings to climb and explore. You'll find
    lots of items if you shoot closed windows along the way.
    Climb to the top of the leftmost building to find a rocket launcher, then
    hop onto the highest clothesline. Move to the right and shoot your way through
    more dudes who want to hassle you. Keep to the roof tops and use the long
    clotheslines to cross over the open pit in the streets below. Remember to use
    Up + Jump to jump higher and get to the higher roof tops near the clotheslines.
    You'll get a chance to rescue some hostages for bonus points after you cross
    the first long clothesline. Get past the first building and climb down. Keep an
    eye out for goons as there will be plenty of them around the hostages. You'll
    see the first of the hostages on the ledges of the second building after the
    pit. Simply walk up to them to save them. You can proceed to rescue more
    hostages or stick to the roof tops and clotheslines to get past the enemies.
    Additionally, you'll find bonus items behind wooden fences along the ground.
    Look for fences whose boards reach the bottom edge of the screen and walk
    behind them to get the stuff.
    Continue along to the end to find an extra life near a 24 HOUR sign, but do not
    land on the ground. Pick up the extra life and then return to the clothesline.
    Boss: Terminator
    Stay on that clothesline and angle your shots down toward the guy in the
    sunglasses. Keep shooting until his skin blows away and the endoskeleton
    emerges. This guy can shoot you at an angle so move in and shoot then quickly
    back up to avoid his shots. He's tougher than the last boss, but not too
                          3.03  Delta City Under Construction
    Prime Objective: Take out the security cameras.
    This level is a bit more of a maze than the last two levels, and the goal is
    more specific than just kill 'em all. Keep your gun at the ready and climb your
    way up the brass pipe. Cross to the left and then use the chains to climb
    further up onto the girders. The left side of the chain area has a rocket
    launcher if you're so inclined.
    Proceed as far up as you can and then move to the right. Shoot the first camera
    you see along your path. Cameras will now be scattered across several floors of
    construction girders. The best approach is to start from the top and work your
    way down. Keep along the top and shoot cameras as you go, in addition to
    picking up baby food and the red laser beam cannon. Cameras will grant you
    extra points, just like previous objectives.
    Look out for fire bursts as you wander around near the brass pipes.
    Climb down after you've hit the wall on the right and wander left to continue
    your rampage, and then turn right again when you've hit the left wall. Proceed
    to the lower-right path through the girders.
    The final stretch is another slog up several levels with only a few enemies to
    deal with. Take them out and collect all you can. Jump over the fire bursts
    along the brass pipe at the top and continue climbing until you reach the right
    side of the topmost level.
    Boss: Security Robot
    His shots can be avoided if you stand on the far right, jump, and move slightly
    to the left as his shots fly below you. Once you have this jump pattern
    down you can shoot him a few times when you land and before you make the
    next jump. He'll never move so you just have to repeat this pattern to defeat
                                  3.04  The Toxic Farm
    Prime Objective: Watch out for the toxic waste.
    This level starts to toughen things up. For one, you'll find gun turrets every
    now and then that aim toward you. When you destroy them they release another
    three shots which means you'd best keep your distance when confronting these
    things. Proceed along and shoot guys as you make your way to the top of the
    first area. You'll find an invincibility shield which will allow you to easily
    bypass the fire pit as you cross along the brass pipe.
    You'll find a tall stack of TOXIC containers at the end of this path. Jump
    toward the wall and stick to it as you fall to find a secret hole.
    You now have a choice in the path you'll take to the end of the level. You can
    choose to enter a bonus level and fight a bonus boss, then return to the toxic
    farm to continue. Or you can simply continue without going through the secret
    The advantage of the secret level is it is significantly easier and yields good
    bonus items, like two guaranteed extra lives. However, the boss at the end is
    a major pain to defeat. If you're confident in your skills then I'd say take
    the secret path.
    If you choose the secret level, jump up when you're inside the secret hole in
    the TOXIC tanks. Keep reading to get through that area, or if you'd rather skip
    it look further down for the continued walkthrough.
    Secret Level Path: Find extra powerups.
    This is fairly straightforward but LONG. Your only obstacles are shooters of
    all varieties and some lengthy climbing. The level is worth exploring for its
    numerous weapon upgrades, extra lives, and jars of baby food.
    Traversal is much like that of the previous level. As you explore and collect
    items make sure you keep the most powerful gun you can find because the boss
    at the end is not messing around. It'll be a pain in the ass to die and be
    forced to beat him with the default pea shooter.
    As with all levels, proceed to the right and make your way to the top or
    bottom as the level dictates.
    Secret Boss: Spider Robot
    This guy is NUTS. He fires explosive shots down at your feet that can only be
    avoided if you jump high and move slightly to the right, but then he follows
    up with regular shots directly ahead. Make the high jumps to avoid those
    explosives and fire at him when you land, then hop again to avoid his second
    shots. The pattern doesn't allow you much time to shoot at him so you may find
    it takes a while to destroy this dude. Stick to the pattern and you'll survive.
    Toxic Farm Continued:
    Keep reading here to follow the toxic farm path.
    The toxic farm gets quite tough from here. There are turret emplacements on
    the ceilings, turrets in the ground that pop up and are best shot while
    shooting down at an angle from above, and pits of toxic gas to bypass. Follow
    the path carefully and keep up the bullet barrage to kill enemies as they
    spawn into the level. You'll be tempted to make big leaps down into the
    pits but try not to do that. It's better to climb down ladders and chains so
    you can see what's coming and avoid them.
    The toxic pits will provide you with an invincibility shield so you can cross
    without concern except for one near the end, which is still easy to cross if
    you watch for the toxic gas pattern.
    Continue along and stick to the top of the area near the end to find an extra
    life and a rocket launcher. Keep that rocket launcher equipped if you can to
    easily defeat the boss.
    Toxic Boss: Tank Robot
    This guy's attack seems dangerous, but the high ceiling and his slow rate of
    fire make it a breeze. High jump over all of his shots and spam your fire
    button to inflict a good deal of damage in your turn. The pattern is that
    simple. If you kept a powerful gun he should go down easily.
                                3.05  OCP Office Complex
    Prime Objective: Rescue the OCP employees and trash the offices.
    Trash the offices? Well, alright.
    Floor 1:
    This level doesn't branch as much as previous levels. Your best strategy is to
    proceed steadily, spam the fire button, and alternate between shooting straight
    ahead of RoboCop and up at a 45 degree angle. This will take out enemies ahead,
    turrets above, and will also guarantee you cause as much wanton destruction
    as possible. The hostages will all be located in the hallways as you walk so
    you won't have to worry about missing any.
    So do it. Kill 'em all, destroy 'em all, and keep on walkin'.
    Floor B-1:
    Get down to the lower floor and continue doing the same thing until you get to
    the end. Enter the dark doorway to proceed further into the building.
    This is where you finally stop wondering, "Where the hell are the Terminators?"
    The endoskeletons will appear but aren't much tougher than a garden variety
    evil skeleton. Stand there and shoot at them until they disappear, then
    enter the next dark doorway between the bright lights.
    Proceed to the left into an open area with glass walls. Shoot your way to the
    end to find a second open door to a dark office with another Terminator inside.
    Kill it and destroy the turrets on the left to continue.
    Floor B-2:
    The next ladder down will take you to another office floor. Proceed to the right
    and continue the usual. Make sure to look to the left when you exit the first
    office on this floor. You'll find a ceiling turret and a full jar of baby food.
    The remainder of this floor is pretty simple, but the boss at the end is not.
    If you have a red laser cannon or the rocket launcher, you want to keep it.
    As you approach the next office employee look for a beam to the left of his
    position. There is a hidden laser cannon behind it. Pick it up if you only
    have the pea shooter, but otherwise you don't need it.
    Keep to the right to find the boss.
    Boss: ED-209
    So here's the thing: he's a cheap bastard. He'll immediately open up with
    a barrage of shots that only allow you to duck under some of them and you
    can jump over some but will immediately land into more. You're going to take
    hits no matter what.
    The best strategy I found is to move to the far left, duck down, and unleash
    as much hell as your spam finger can muster. You'll take some hits but will
    also cause damage. Once he gets as far to the left as he can he'll begin his
    retreat and reload, during which he can't fire on you. This is your chance to
    remain in a firing position and keep at him to hopefully destroy him before
    his next pass at you. This is guaranteed to work with a rocket launcher, but
    weaker weapons may require you to take the brunt of another attack and perhaps
    lose a life.
                                3.06  Terminator Outpost
    Prime Objective: Free the rebel hostages.
    You are now in the future. If you're asking, "Huh?", see the story section at
    the top of this guide.
    This level is another twisting tunnel shootfest. Keep firing and look out for
    turrets and pods hanging from the ceiling. As before, shoot them from afar
    so they can't hit you. Follow the path and ladders down into the depths. Rebel
    hostages will be found along the way. The Terminators are the same variety as
    the ones from the OCP complex in level 5, though there will be many more of
    them. Just keep the pressure on with your own gunfire.
    As you progress, make sure to avoid the open fire pits and green ceiling pods.
    Both of these hazards can kill you instantly.
    The labyrinthian nature of the level might seem confusing, so remember one
    thing: not every wall is a wall. Your primary goal is to follow the path and
    maneuver to the right at every opportunity. Consider each area you enter as a
    block with a tunnel somewhere on the right side that leads to the next
    block. If you ever think you're stuck, enter the tunnels that lead to the
    right and walk again the walls.
    That said, if you find yourself low on health it's good to explore the left
    tunnels and lower areas. Shoot any trash cans you see to obtain additional
    baby food.
    Keep going until you find a hard wall on the right side and some pipes you can
    hang from. Drop down along that tunnel to walk to the exit.
                               3.07  Underground Complex
    Prime Objective: Stay alive.
    That tells it all, don't it?
    Caliber of weapon is now an important factor, especially on Normal or Hard
    difficulties. Pick up the rocket launcher on the floor near the start of the
    level and try your best to hang onto it. It'll be very useful from here to
    the end. You'll get a few more opportunities for red laser cannons and rocket
    launchers later in the level.
    This one is surprisingly easy. There are your standard Terminators, hanging
    turrets, and ground turrets. Your goal is in the upper-right corner of the
    level. Make your way in that direction and creep along so that you can catch
    any Terminators and turrets before they get a chance to hit you. Jump over
    any gaps or pits you see in the floor so that you only step on the orange
    grated ground.
    You'll find an extra life and additional weapons along the top floor of the
    level when you're near the end.
                               3.08  Underground Bunker
    Prime Objective: Just stay alive.
    Although your goal is to just stay alive, you can still rescue hostages in this
    level. Huh. Well, a cop's a cop. Save 'em as you see 'em.
    This level looks like a right duplicate of the Terminator outpost, and it
    works much the same way with just a few spots that are tough to navigate.
    The usual enemies and hazards abound.
    Follow the path as it is laid out before you. There will be a few spots where
    you need to drop down below from some pipes as well as fire pits. The fire
    pits are as fatal as the last time, so avoid coming near them at all. The only
    place where you might want to risk it is a spot with two long pipes and a wide
    fire pit below. If you can manage to high jump from the far left of the lower
    pipe to the ground on the left, you can reach an extra life just to the left.
    Shoot the barrel further to the left to get the invincibility shield and
    use it to return to the right. There's nothing more to do on the left.
    Continue to the right and watch those fire pits. You'll have to do more
    creeping to take out hazards and avoid the the shots.
    You will eventually return to the surface. Follow the path and make sure to
    untie hostages to get a health boost. The fire pits require a high jump to
    clear them. The explosives on the ground have to be destroyed by a single
    shot down at an angle. It takes a few second of practice to get the angle
    just right, but by this point in the game it ought to be a breeze.
    The final subterranean area will be short. Climb down the ladder but look
    out for the pod on the right side. Take it out and quickly climb down to
    take out the Terminator. Do not jump over to the left side or the explosives
    on the ground will get you.
    Enter the door to get to the final room. Here you can try and take out the
    explosive on the right side at an angle, or jump into it. The Terminator next
    to the explosive is easy enough to kill and the full jar of baby food at the
    end is probably worth it if you had no health.
    The area below has a laser cannon on the left and a Terminator on the right.
    The gun might be worth it if you only have the pea shooter. Kill the the
    Terminator or avoid it when you're ready and then complete the level by
    reaching the far right side.
                               3.09  Secret Remote Base
    Prime Objective: Just stay alive.
    This one's not really a maze so you can just follow the path. The toughest part
    of this level is the number of turrets they shove right in front of you, which
    makes it difficult to catch them before they catch you. Like before, it's
    safest to tread carefully and shoot from as safe a distance as possible. Follow
    along the path and you'll get the occasional jar of baby food as well as an
    extra life and some weapons. You still want the rocket launcher or the red
    laser beam cannon.
    Follow the path as it winds around a central chamber. You'll eventually come
    upon a black doorway that leads to a boss fight.
    Boss: Terminator with a Machine Gun
    This guy shoots at 45 degree angles in your direction, but he can't shoot
    through the blue cylinders. Position yourself so that your shots pass right
    below the top cylinder but still pass through to the Terminator. This sweet
    spot is out of his shooting field which means you can just camp there and
    shoot at him until he's dead.
                               3.10  The Wall to Skynet
    Prime Objective: Take out the radar dishes.
    At the gates to hell, my friend.
    Room 1:
    They really start to skimp on the baby food in this level. You'll face a few
    turrets and lots of Terminators at all sorts of angles. The good news is that
    you can shoot through the orange walkways and they cannot, so keep your eye
    on the top of the screen and kill any Terminators you can spot. Your general
    direction in this level is top-right, but turn left when you hit a solid
    wall to continue. Shoot the radar dishes along the way for bonuses.
    The exit to the next room will be a dark doorway surrounded by chrome pillars
    on the far right side of the level. Press Up to enter inside.
    Room 2:
    Walk along until you see another doorway shortly after you start.
    Bonus Room:
    This leads to a bonus room with an extra life inside, but you'll need to fight
    off many Terminators and do some climbing. If your skills are good enough and
    your health high, you can go inside and try to get that extra life. It
    shouldn't be too difficult. Remember to get to the far right, hop up a few
    platforms, then turn left to find the extra life sitting on a platform
    along with a Terminator.
    Room 2:
    There's a baby food jar just to the right of the bonus room door. Grab it and
    mosey along to the door into room 3.
    Room 3:
    Proceed to the right to find a lone Terminator trying to shoot you through a
    hole between two cylinders. Shoot him at an angle and then enter that area
    to face off against another boss.
    Boss: Terminator with a Machine Gun Deux
    This guy shoots at 45 degree angles and straight ahead. Stay on the far left
    and high jump to avoid his downward shot. Shoot him as you jump to hit him.
    Repeat this simple pattern until he blows up.
                                     3.11  Skynet
    Prime Objective: Defeat the Skynet boss.
    Room 1:
    This one's a doozy. You'll have to make your way through several rooms of
    ladders, turrets, and Terminators. The path is straight forward but I'll tell
    you now that any Rambo tactics you may have been using will do you no good
    here. You can't power through it. You'll have to move along at a snail's pace
    and carefully take out every turret and Terminator in the path. I also
    recommend surveying the area ahead as much as possible so you can properly
    develop attack strategies. The ground turrets in particular are a real pain
    because some will spawn in below you and they have a 180 degree range of
    Additionally, you really need powerful guns here, which means you don't want
    to lose a life and revert to the pea shooter. That alone could be enough to not
    only end you before you get to the Skynet boss, but you'll need never every
    precious life just to beat Skynet at the end.
    Move along now and take your time. Explore each floor from side to side in case
    there are any baby food jars and powerful weapons, and needless to say you
    should shoot at everything you see to reveal goodies. The items in this level
    are not too far removed from the main path so it's safe to explore without
    veering too far off the alpha path.
    The exit in this room is located through a big doorway guarded by a single
    Room 2:
    Things lighten up a bit in here. This corridor starts you off on the left
    side and lets you face enemies on the right one by one. Don't let any of them
    hit you as you move along to the right side.
    Continue moving up until you get to the long pipe at the top. Use this to
    cross over the explosives and grab the red laser cannon in the center if you
    need a powerful weapon. This is your last chance to get equipped before the
    final boss.
    The exit door is in the lower-right corner.
    Room 3:
    Like before, aim your shots well and kill each enemy carefully as you climb
    down the ladder. There will be a single Terminator waiting for you at the
    bottom. Move along slowly to destroy another Terminator, then destroy the
    ground turret the moment you see it.
    Time for the showdown.
    Boss: Skynet CPU
    Ho damn. This giant Terminator skull is the final defense for Skynet, and it
    packs a goddamn wallop. It has two main attacks. The first is a barrage of
    single shots that cascade at an angle toward your current position. The second
    attack is a cheap shot. Any single shots that hit the ground turn into
    explosives that cause a massive amount of damage when they hit you.
    And you will be hit. A lot.
    The best strategy I found is to jump and immediately fire off a volley of your
    weapon, whatever it is. The red laser beams and rockets are especially useful
    for this first round of hits. You may get a chance to fire off one or two of
    these volleys before he takes your first life.
    Walk toward it the moment you respawn and stand underneath the base of the
    Aim directly up and start spamming the fire button. You will be temporarily
    invincible and this will be the time when you cause the most damage. Keep up
    the close hits and be ready to lose four or five lives before he is defeated,
    depending on the difficulty.
    Enjoy the ending screen. They sure knew how to reward players back then, hm?
    ===== 4.0 CODES 'N SECRETS ====================================================
    Cheats aplenty courtesy of smspower.org. 
    Pause the game to enter these cheats:
    Nine Lives:
    Up + I, Down + I, Down + I, Up + II, Down + II, Up + II, Up + I, Up + II
    Level Skip:
    Down + II, Down + I, Up + II, Down + II, Down + II, Up + II, Down + II, Up + I
    Weapon Select:
    Up + I, Up + II, Up + II, Up + I, Down + II, Down + I, Down + I, Down + II
    Up + II, Up + I, Down + II, Up + II, Up + II, Down + I, Up + II, Down + I
    ===== 5.0 LEGAL / MISC. =======================================================
                                  5.01  Version History
    2013.04.06 - Version 1.1: Cheats added.
                                   5.02  Guide Credits
    Thanks to these folks...
    1. The people who made the game.
    2. Wilson Lau for his excellent guide to Bart vs. the Space Mutants. It
       inspired the over 50 guides I've written to date.
    3. You for reading.
                                5.03  Contact Information
    subsane at gmail dot com
                                   5.04  Legal Stuff
    1. RoboCop TM and (C) 1993 Orion Pictures Corporation. All rights reserved.
    TM designates a trademark of Orion Pictures Corporation.
    The Terminator TM and (C) 1984 Cinema '84. A Greenberg Brothers Partnership.
    All rights reserved. TM designates a trademark of Cinema '84. Licensed by
    Hemdale Film. Sublicensed by Bethesda Softworks.
    2. This guide copyright (C) 2013 SubSane. This guide may be distributed freely
    as long as it remains in its ORIGINAL and UNALTERED form. It is only for
    private use and may not be reproduced for commercial purposes.
    If I should discover that this guide has been altered in any way and is being
    displayed publicly, I reserve the right to have the guide removed from that

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