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    FAQ/Walkthrough by MHuddleston

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 01/04/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

               _____   _   _   _   _    _    _____    _____    _ 
              | ____| | | | | | | | \  | |  /  _  \  |  __ \  | |
              ||____  | |_| | | | |  \ | | |  / \  | | |__| | | |
              |___  | |  _  | | | | \ \| | | |   | | |  __ |  | |
               ___| | | | | | | | | |\ \ | |  \_/  | | |__| | | |
              |_____| |_| |_| |_| |_| \__|  \_____/  |_____/  |_|
                               Walkthrough v1.1
                        Written by Matthew Huddleston
    |This walkthrough was written by Matthew Huddleston.  This walkthrough|
    |is copyright 2001 by GameFAQs.  Anyone who wants to use              |
    |this walkthrough on their site MUST have my permision.               |
    |The only site that is currently allowed to use this walkthrough is   |
    |GameFAQs.  Please note that I am not affiliated in any               |
    |way with the making of Shinobi or am I affiliated in any way with    |
    |SEGA or Tonka.  If you have any questions or comments then feel free |
    |e-mail me at:  sandra05@bellsouth.net                                |
    1. Story (from the manual)
    2. Weapons
    3. Ninja Magic
    4. Power Ups
    5. Minions of the Ring of Five
    6. Strategy for the Ring of Five
     Mission 1 - Ken Oh
     Mission 2 - Black Turtle
     Mission 3 - Mandara
     Mission 4 - Lobster
     Mission 5 - Masked Ninja
    7. Cheat Codes
    8. Credits
    Shinobi.  The name means stealth.  It's one of the qualities
    you have, learned in a lifetime of training in a discipline 
    passed on in your family from father to son over the decades
    You are Joe Musashi, the Master Ninja.  Your hands and feet
    are lethal.  With shuriken, sword, nunchaku and other weap-
    ons, you are virtually unstopable.  You're also a deep cover
    agent for the government...called on when the fate of
    nations is at stake.
    This time you must battle the Ring of Five, a terrorist net-
    work led by five evil ninjas with powers as strong as your
    The Ring of Five has kidnapped the children of the world's
    leaders and are holding them hostage in different locations
    around the world.  Each is guarded by karate thugs, deadly
    mercenaries and the meanest martial artist in the world.
    You have five missions.  In each you must rescue the hos-
    tages, take out the Ring of Five's henchmen and defeat a
    leader of the Ring of Five.  They have might on their side. But
    prove your skill with the shuriken and you will earn Ninja
    Magic to aid you.
    Good luck.  This will be your toughest assignment ever!
    Close Quarter Weapons
     Shuriken - Throw at your enemy for minimum damage.
     Long Sword - Use for close range attacks.
     Nunchaku - Use for close range attacks.
     Manrikugari Chain - Use for close range attacks.
    Distance Weapons
     Knife - Is thrown at twice the speed of a shuriken.
     Bombs - Throw it when standing and it will roll towards the 
    enemy, exploding on contact.  If you release it when squatting,
    the bomb will act like a time bomb; exploding after a short length
    of time or when an enemy touches it.
     Pistol - Like the real thing...point and shoot.  The bullets will
    knock down both enemies and certain types of vehicles.
    -=-=-=Ninja Magic=-=-=-
    Metal Binding Magic:
    Freezes the movements of all enemies on the screen.
    Invincible Magic:
    When using this magic, Musashi will blink on and off.  During
    this time no damage can be done to you, even if you touch the
    enemy or are attacked.
    Eight Hands Magic:
    Using this magic will release eight other selves from you who
    will defeat all enemies on the screen.
    Flying Squirrel Magic:
    Allows you to fly through the air for a short period of time.
    Lightning Magic:
    Calls down lightning to destroy all your enemies.
    Tornado Magic:
    Creates a whirlwind around Musashi to mow down any enemy in your
    -=-=-=Power Ups=-=-=-
    Shuriken Power Up:
    Increases the amount of damage your shuriken does to an enemy.
    Restore Life Meter:
    Restores your life meter to its full amount.
    Life Meter Max:
    Increases the amount of your life meter to maximum.
    Punch and Kicks Power Up:
    Increases the power of your punches and kicks.
    You become able to enter the bonus round.
    10,000 Points:
    Your score is increased by an extra bonus of 10,000 points.
    -=-=-=Minions of the Ring of Five=-=-=-
    Thug        - Thugs run at you like
    idiots.  I feel sorry for anyone
    who takes damage from these simple
    enemies.  100 points.
    Gunmen      - Gunmen will shoot at you
    with thier guns (duh).  There are 2
    types of Gunmen: standing and squating.
    100 points.
    Frogmen     - Frogmen wear underwater
    equipment and will leap up at you from
    underwater.  100 points.
    Fly Ninja   - The most annoying enemy.
    Some leap up and dowm while others quickly
    fly through you from different
    directions.  100 points.
    Green Ninja - This is a tricky foe.  Instead
    hitting them in the face, you have to
    hit them in the knees.  200 points.
    Mongo       - Easy...all they do is stand
    in one place and slowely throw things at
    you.  300 points.
    -=-=-=Strategy for the Ring of Five=-=-=-
    Mission 1 - Ken Oh
    Ken Oh's attack pattern is simple.  He launches two homing fire-
    balls at you and then hesitates for a moment.  First, crawl under his
    first two fireballs and stop at his knees.  Stay there and wait.
    All of his attacks should not hit you if you are kneeling down at
    the right place.  Whenever you get a chance jump up and hit him in the
    face.  After five hits of your shuriken he will be defeated.
    Mission 2 - Black Turtle
    This one is kind of difficult.  The Black Turtle will send out three
    Fly Ninjas at a time.  These ninjas are one of the hardest enemies to
    fight in a group.  Every time you take down a ninja the Black Turtle will
    release another one to spite your attemps.  Try and hit the Black Turtle
    as much as possible without be squashed by the ninjas.
    Mission 3 - Mandara
    Mandara Phase 1
    This is also a difficult battle.  Make sure that you've gotten the knife
    or the gun weapon by now.  You have to defeat the wall of Mandaras
    before they crush you.  Having the knife or gun makes this battle much 
    easier since you can throw it 2x faster than the shuriken.  Start throwing
    and don't stop!
    Mandara Phase 2
    After you have defeated the wall of Mandaras, you will notice a face
    moving up and down the wall.  It's attack pattern is very simple.  It
    will launch a ball at you that will stay close to the ground (jump over
    it) then it will launch a ball that will bounce in the air (stand still
    and it will bounce over you).  Keep evading these balls while attacking
    its face.
    Mission 4 - Lobster
    This is the easiest boss battle in the game.  Lobster is extremely slow
    and easy to hit.  All you have to do is jump up and throw your weapon at
    his face whenever his sword isn't gaurding it.
    Mission 5 - Masked Ninja
    Masked Ninja Phase 1
    The Masked Ninja will have a barrier around him.  He will jump up and
    down trying to pounce on you.  Whenever he hits the ground his barrier
    will blink off for about 1 second.  That's when you hit him.  After 3
    hits he will change into Tornado form.
    Masked Ninja Phase 2
    Now he is a Tornado.  His weakness is close range attacks.  Duck down
    and hit him whenever he gets close to you.  After 3 hits he will change
    into Multi-self form.
    Masked Ninja Phase 3
    He will jump up and down.  Everytime he reaches the ground another
    self will appear.  Try and hit him before he reaches the ground.  This
    will prevent him from even creating another self.
    Masked Ninja Final Phase
    Now he just goes all out ninja.  This is way too hard to evade.  The only
    tip I have is jump whenever he runs at you.  This will let you evade his
    attack and give you a chance to back attack him.  Good luck!
    -=-=-=Cheat Codes=-=-=-
    Level Skip
    At the Title Screen, after the face appears, press and hold Down on the 
    D-Pad followed by Button 2.  This will allow you to choose your level.
    Myself (for writing this guide)
    My Mother (for buying me this game)
    SEGA (for making the Master System)
    Tonka (for making this excellent game)
    Thank you for using my walkthrough.  Remember if you have any questions
    or comments then feel free to e-mail me at:  sandra05@bellsouth.net

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