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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Jungon

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      Spider-Man vs. the Kingpin
      For Master System
      By Jungon
      Version 1.01
      Section . . . . . . . . . . Ctrl+F code
      I- Intro. . . . . . . . . . . . [00001]
      II- Story . . . . . . . . . . . [00002]
      III- Basics . . . . . . . . . . [00003]
      IV- Menu Commands . . . . . . . [00004]
      V- How do I read the FAQ? . . . [00005]
      VI- Stage 1: Daily Bugle. . . . [00006]
      VII- Stage 2: Warehouse . . . . [00007]
      VIII- Stage 3: Sewers . . . . . [00008]
      IX- Stage 4: More Sewers. . . . [00009]
      X- Stage 5: Power Station . . . [00010]
      XI- Stage 6: Electricity. . . . [00011]
      XII- Stage 7: Central Park. . . [00012]
      XIII- Stage 8: City . . . . . . [00013]
      XIV- Stage 9: Venom . . . . . . [00014]
      XV- Stage 10: Hideout . . . . . [00015]
      XVI- Stage 11: Kingpin. . . . . [00016]
      XVII- Other Versions. . . . . . [00017]
      XVIII- FAQ. . . . . . . . . . . [00018]
      XIX- Copyright. . . . . . . . . [00019]
      XX- Credits . . . . . . . . . . [00020]
      Version Updates:
      1.01: Fixed some minor typos.
      I- Intro                                                            [00001]
    There are no FAQs or walkthroughs for this version anywhere, and there are so
    many unique stages, some very challenging. I decided that since no one did it
    it's because there is Mega Drive (Yeah, Genesis) version and it looks more
    appealing to the eyes, but.. don't be deceived by that, this version can have
    its joystick problems but it's more acceptable on difficulty, and more free to
    navigate through the game.. maybe I should show to the world how unique it is.
    Well, I can detail more in the next version.
    I finished this game many times in the past, I don't know what it is, maybe
    it's the replay value, to see how I can beat my record time, and all.. the
    music is crap, but even so, I still hum two or three tunes... O_o
    I'm Brazilian, so I hope my english is good enough for everyone to understand.
    Last, this game is puzzling, and puzzling games are just so amazing.
      II- Story                                                           [00002]
    This game is known by its story, as it exists in many consoles, and this one
    isn't different at all.
    Kingpin planted some bombs around the city, and he blames Spidey, and now we
    have 24 hours (which goes like minutes for us) to unmake the mess, fight off
    some of the most popular villains of the series, and find some keys that will
    turn off the bomb. And.. to recover energy, we sleep in the apartment, which
    of course discounts on the remaining time.
    About Stages, the game have small scenes, that can be divided into 5 sections,
    that could be considered.. 11 stages, I suppose, (11 scenarios) and.. there
    are seven bosses to defeat. You can call them stages, levels, rounds, scenes,
    ..missions, whatever.
      III- Basics                                                         [00003]
    Well, how to play can always help. So, even if you already know how to play,
    this section can prove useful by making you remember a command or two.
    I doubt there will be spatial explanation here, since the maps are just too
    hard to draw in text style. But maybe I'll be adding something more, picture,
    or maybe Youtube videos.
    Directional: You move Spidey around, left and right make him walk, down make
    him crouch, and it's more used when we are balancing in a web: up and down
    control the web size, and left and right control the balancing speed.
    Button 1: If you're pressing a direction, you'll throw a web shot, it's weak
    but useful as it paralyses any enemy it hits for a short period. If you're in
    air and moving, it will become a balancing web and we can ... you know, balance
    around (screen is locked, but it's still a speed boost). .. if we're not
    walking, just standing (not pressing a direction), button 1 is for punching,
    low kicking, or air kicking. (Oh, remember that web cartridges are necessary to
    use any kind of web...)
    Button 2: Press it to jump. When pressing down, you can descend from heigher
    places. If you're on some places pre-defined, Spidey will grab the wall with
    another button 2 press, and you can control him climbing the wall too.
    Button 1+2: (Hold 1 and press 2 for better use) You'll access a menu on the top
    left, that will be described here:
    - Hand: Will just unpause the game.
    - Music note: Use to sound off the game, or back on.
    - Book: Use to turn on/off the stories.
    - Parker: You can go back to your room and recover time.
    - Camera: Parker is a photographer, so.. you can get some money from photos,
    and money means more web cartridges.
    Button Pause: Pauses the game, not really wanted because the menu pauses the
    clock too.
      IV- Tricks and dynamics                                             [00004]
    Some more information, for all stages:
    - You can always see the clock on the left, vertical position. It's horizontal
    when you're in your room.
    - Your cartridges are shown on the left, below the clock. If you have less than
    six big dots there, start worring, otherwise, just use it and lose it, really.
    - A cartridge means 32 webs.
    - By the way, Easy mode gives you 8 cartridges, Difficult gives 6, and
    Nightmare gives 4.
    - Every time you get $250 from pictures, you automatically spend them on new
    cartridges, that's two more.
    - You get $5 cash when taking a picture, but a boss is worth much more cash if
    you take his picture (and this means simply taking a picture near him).. 
    - Your HP is shown in two bars, one being always white, the second can be green
    or red, which means you're low on health, and the game over screen is absolute,
    no continues, so prefer to retreat to recover if you're on red HP.
    - About HP, bosses will have it too, it's shown on top left, and you usually
    need to defeat the guy.
    - How much your attacks hurt the enemy: Punching is around 2 HP, Low kick is
    around 4 HP, Air kicking is around 6 HP, and web shots are around 0,20 HP. You
    will throw out cartridges and cartridges while fighting some bosses..
    - Stages end when you defeat the boss, but some of them don't have one, so you
    have to reach the exit, that will be described on stage descriptions.
    - You cannot touch enemies at all, just attack them from enough distance, even
    when punching and kicking. Bosses are like.. poisonous or something.. =P
    - When you use Parker item and go back to your room, you'll restart the stage
    completely. Exceptions will be described.
    - When your HP reaches 0, music fades out, and Kingpin announces his victory
    over the city and over Spidey.
    - Oh yeah, when your times reacher 00:00, the bomb explodes and you get the
    bad ending, where Kingpin proves Spidey is a villain and put him behind bars..
      V- How do I read the FAQ?                                           [00005]
    It's simple, all you need is spatial knowledge, and good adaptation to the map
    I'll try to describe.
    Enemies: The number of enemies you need to defeat, and their HP (approached).
    Bosses: Bosses you'll fight on this stage.
    Items: What you'll need to get.
    Tune: Which sound test tune will be playing.
    Cash: How much money you can get by taking pictures.
    Difficulty: From 1 to 7 asterisks, the more the harder.
    Strategy: What you can do against the enemies so they're out of your way and
    you have enough time in the end.
    Anything else: More specific strategy.
      VI- Stage 1: Daily Bugle                                            [00006]
    Well, first off in any game, you have to wake up and go to work ... the game
    puts you in front of the building where you work, it's newspaper so they will
    know clues, but.. you are being threaten by a couple of police officers.
    Windows are all being washed on the same day. You need to get inside the only
    window that is open and not being washed.
    Enemies: Ignore all of them and go straight to the exit.
    Bosses: None, you need to enter the window.
    Items: None.
    Tune: 1
    Cash: $5 for any picture.
    Difficulty: *
    Strategy: If you go web balancing, you won't be hit by the window washers,..
    watch out for the bullets (the officers shoot you from down there if you get
    lazy..) and you have to climb with your hands to successfully enter the window.
    If you're not entering it easily, move around the window and you should
    eventually enter.
      VII- Stage 2: Warehouse                                             [00007]
    Spidey starts his research for more clues on the warehouses near the harbor,
    and so it begins. This stage will be a little longer than the others, but
    you'll actually need to defeat all thugs there. You'll find 2 of them way up
    there, 5 over the boxes, and one walking around the floor. Dogs are to be
    avoided. That net between the two structures can be climbed.
    Enemies: 8 of them, around 12 HP each.
    Bosses: A tractor driver, and then, Dr. Octopus.
    Items: First key.
    Tune: 2
    Cash: $5 for each normal picture, $250 for Dr. Octopus picture.
    Difficulty: Easy * Difficult * Nightmare **
    Strategy: I prefer to take them out in this order: start by taking out these
    two thugs near the entrance. Then go up, and find the upper left one, then go
    down for the next two on boxes, the floor guy should be around, take him too.
    Next, go front, take the last box guy out, go up and the upper right guy should
    be closer.. after getting all 8, the spider sense will turn on, it's a boss.
    Tractor Driver: He'll drive his tractor around the floor, go right for a
    quicker meeting and .. he should be out with 3 punches, .. the real boss will
    show up only after he's out of the screen, right after another spider sense.
    Dr. Octopus: His attacks consist on climbing the roof to escape your shots, and
    using his tentacles in straight hits. Usually if you get him paralysed,
    tentacles will make him stand in mid air. The best strategy is to get close to
    him, and low kick him quickly, his HP should drop really fast.
    Secrets: On Difficult or Nightmare mode, you can air kick all the lights, if
    you do it, the stage should become all dark and purple. Supposedly the enemies
    get more blind this way. Octopus won't be tricked, I guess.
    After the boss, you'll automatically get the first key, and the info that he
    doesn't know where the other kes are.
      VIII- Stage 3: Sewers                                               [00008]
    After a hint from Dr. Strange, you decide to pay The Lizard a visit in the
    sewers. And from this point on, you can retreat from the stage to recover at
    your room. The sewers are only scrolling horizontally, so it should be an
    easier stage.... not! Be careful, don't walk on the floor where the wall
    behind is green, there are terrible traps. Avoid things that fly down, things
    that fly up, and.. after every green guy you defeat, there will be an insect
    that runs into you, avoid it too.
    Enemies: 4 of them, around 16 HP each.
    Bosses: The Lizard.
    Items: None.
    Tune: 3
    Cash: $5 for each normal picture, $350 for The Lizard picture.
    Difficulty: *** (if you fall to a trap, *******)
    Strategy: After you take out the first guy up there in the beginning, the
    floor one will be near you, get him and be careful for any floor traps near
    green wall areas. After this guy is out, stay away from the floor and get the
    other two green fellows, shouldn't be a problem.
    Terrible Traps: If you happen to find it, you'll be thrown into a hole, full
    of spikes, an alligator at the bottom, and even if you manage to get out of
    there, you can start at the same position where you fall again.. and if you
    manage to escape, all 4 enemies will be back to you.
    The Lizard: Spider sense, oh dear. He comes from the top right, he jumps
    around, uses his tail to attack, and is poisonous. He doesn't mind taking the
    fight to the dirty water, either. Try to stay with him on the floor, the traps
    will be off, so don't be afraid fighting him all over the place. Best
    approaches are:
    1- Web him some times and low kick ... or:
    2- Try to get him on the corner, so he won't be pushed back, and you can low
    kick him a lot more, sometimes to direct victory.
    After the boss, you'll find out that The Lizard hid the key around the sewers.
    Don't worry about the traps, the key is not there..
      IX- Stage 4: More Sewers                                            [00009]
    Lizard hid the key and you're back on the stage, go right as there is nothing
    here, and on the rightmost part, you should fall on a hole. Stage 4 is there, a
    vertical map with bats, green walls (if you try to climb them, you fall with no
    chance of recovering).. spikes, and the roof hurts too, strangely.
    Enemies: Avoid them.
    Bosses: If you're playing on Nightmare, you might encounter Venom.
    Items: The second key.
    Tune: 3
    Cash: $5 for each normal picture, $500 for a secret Venom appearance.
    Difficulty: Easy **** Difficult **** Nightmare *** (I find it easier on
    Nightmare, because if Venom is there, bats won't be, and without the bats, it's
    a piece of cake to get the key and run away.)
    Strategy:  Get the key up there, luckily web balancing from the beginning, if
    not, just climb there from platforms or using webs. The exit is on the roof,
    top right, climb the ladder (wihtout using webs) and jump off. If there are
    bats, they will drain most of your HP off.. and they take around 3 air kicks to
    be defeated. Ignore them if possible, and recover later.
    Venom: On Nightmare mode, he shows up sometimes, so... ignore him, just take
    the picture and reach the exit. He can't climb. And oh, did you notice? He
    doesn't trigger the spider sense =P
    Secrets: If you're playing on Nightmare, you can get the symbiote here, jump
    down where the ladder starts, and voila, you're black and Venom-ish.
    Bad news: If you use Parker item on this stage, you'll have to fight all stage
    3 again.. including The Lizard..
      X- Stage 5: Power Station                                           [00010]
    Well, Dr. Strange tells you Kingpin is broadcasting again, it's time to make
    him stop by visiting the power station, and we'll have to deal with Electro
    now, but... there is a good old (and horrible) labyrinth of switches that you
    should be turning off before that..
    Enemies: forget the electrician guys, forget the flying fireflies, your enemies
    are just the 3 switches.
    Bosses: Electro.
    Items: None.
    Tune: 4
    Cash: $5 for each normal picture, $450 for an Electro picture.
    Difficulty: Easy ***** Difficult ***** Nightmare ******
    Strategy: Don't go up here, the barrier must be switched off before anything.
    If you go up, death will not be slow. You see that green and blue thing? It's
    the switch, a punch should turn off the barrier. Go right, and don't jump too
    high, there are two more switches to turn off the trap. After going right some
    screens (3 or 4) should find the second switch. Turning it off allows you to
    jump higher, but please stick to hitting the third switch before... go left,
    and then up (wrong order here can be fatal).. the button can be seen when you
    climb to the highest part on the left. After all 3 switches, run off to the
    upper right, and your spider sense should warn you of the boss.
    Electro: You'll notice that he moves much like The Lizard, except... he'll
    shoot some electric sparks at you too, they take enough damage to be trouble.
    Best approach is, first, you fight him on a flat surface, if you think the
    floor below where he comes from is not enough, go down to the lowest floor.
    Web him all you can, if you're taking pictures right, you should have more
    than enough to overspend now, even on Nightmare... go closer and low kick
    whenever you can. If you can push him to the corner (it's harder than The
    Lizard but possible), you can take a lot of his HP with low kicks and he'll
    most of the times jump and fall on the corner again. If he escapes, start over
    with webbing..
    Eventually he'll be defeated, and then tell you he actually didn't hide the
    key.. oh well.
      XI- Stage 6: Electricity                                            [00011]
    The key is up there, suspended, and you just need to go up there and catch it.
    Enemies: No, not the electricity.. electricity is our friend.
    Bosses: Maybe Venom again..
    Items: Third key.
    Tune: 4
    Cash: $5 for each normal picture, $500 for a secret Venom appearance.
    Difficulty: ******* (even with Venom)
    Strategy: First off, don't try to climb from the sides, the barriers only turn
    off the first time if you go below the first one, and stay in the middle for 2
    seconds. They'll start blinking, oscillating. The sequence is this: blink weak,
    weak, ..weak, little fake pause, then strong, weak, weak, strooong, and they
    turn off, go up 4 jumps, .. and wait for the barriers to blink a little more..
    strong strong weak weak .. go quickly, 3 more jumps and you grab it.
    Venom: On Nightmare mode, he show up sometimes, so... if he showed up to you,
    ignore him, take the picture, and do the above. Unless you already took his
    picture before, so... forget it, just go, he can't climb to the upper platform.
    Secret: Just on Nightmare mode ... after getting the key, fall to the far left,
    and grab the little item that looks like a Game Gear.. next scene on your room,
    you'll be able to play it with button 2... voila, it's a Pac-man like game,
    with Venoms as enemies, then Lizards, Hobgoblins, and then J Jonah Jamesons...
    it's kinda fun =P
    Bad news: If you use Parker item on this stage, you'll have to fight all stage
    5 again.. including Electro.. this is really unwanted, avoid it at all costs.
      XII- Stage 7: Central Park                                          [00012]
    Like Spidey says, let's pay Sandy a visit.. there are guys with guns to deal
    with before finding him..
    Enemies: 2 on Easy, 3 on Difficult, 4 on Nightmare
    Bosses: Sandman
    Items: Fourth key.
    Tune: 5
    Cash: $5 for each normal picture, $550 for a Sandman picture.
    Difficulty: Easy **** Difficult ***** Nightmare ******
    Strategy: The strategy I found best to fight the armed fellows is to jump
    down/up to the other floor, and then air kick them, their HP is around 18, so
    it shouldn't be more than 3 kicks, don't run near them, they shoot, and your HP
    will look smaller.. well, after taking out enough of these guys, spider sense,
    it's time to deal with one more villain.
    Sandman: Ignore his fake HP, he's immune to atttacks, the only way to get him
    is to hit one of those hydrants when he is close enough. His attacks consist in
    hiding, becoming the floor, appearing, and strong punches when near. Water him
    out and the key is there. If you happen to miss him with both hydrants, go to
    your room and think about what you've done,... and try again, I suppose.. just
    don't miss him on Nightmare, or your time will be out.
    One-hit KO, and the key is ours,... that was quick.
      XIII- Stage 8: The Streets                                          [00013]
    Dr. Strange comes to tell you Hobgoblin is making some havoc or something (how
    nice of him), seems like the guy wants to be found, well, let's give him what
    he wants, and before dinner..
    Enemies: 2 on Easy, 3 on Difficult, 4 on Nightmare
    Bosses: Hobgoblin
    Items: None.
    Tune: 5
    Cash: $5 for each normal picture, $1000 for a Hobgoblin picture.
    Difficulty: Easy ***** Difficult ****** Nightmare *******
    Strategy: Same of the last stage, except.. these guys don't shoot, just use
    knives,.. because they gave out all their bullets to the citizens on the
    windows, these will shoot everything they got on you. And there is a skater
    guy that you should crouch or just get out of the way when he passes by.
    Taking out enough bald guys should trigger the spider sense for another boss.
    Hobgoblin: First off, climb the highest you can, preferably fight him on the
    right part of the scenario.. he should be at your height quickly, trying to
    throw some bombs at you. Avoid being below him, web him whenever you can to
    make him stop flying around, and try to hit him with air kicks when he gets
    near you. This is a hard fight and if you give him the chance, you will be dead
    in a few hits. If you can web him near the corner up there, you can give
    multiple air kicks, that can save some time.. 
    After some fighting, this guy should fall to the lowest floor, and warn you
    that the fifth key is at the hands of a mutual friend... and you say......?
    "Oh no, not him.."
      XIV- Stage 9: Venom                                                 [00014]
    It's just the boss fight here.. and not hard.
    Enemies: None else.
    Bosses: Venom
    Items: Final key.
    Tune: 8
    Cash: $5 for each normal picture, $500 for a Venom picture. (IF you didn't take
    it before on his Nightmare appearances)
    Difficulty: *
    Strategy: Get him on the corner with low kicks, if needed push him there, any
    side is okay.. ..and if you feel you need HP for him, use Parker item, you'll
    just restart this fight. ^^
    Well, the fifth key is now yours.
      XV- Stage 10: Hideout                                               [00015]
    Time to get to the bomb, let's disarm it, just... there are bosses to fight
    before, actually.. rematches.
    Enemies: Forget the towers, just the bosses.
    Bosses: All of them, depending on difficulty level.
    Items: The bomb, go there and use the keys.
    Tune: 7, but really, 8 or 9 most of the time.
    Cash: $5 for each normal picture, values for bosses are the same IF you didn't
    get it before.
    Difficulty: Easy ** Difficult ***** Nightmare *******
    Strategy: Avoid anything that is shot at you. Bosses use the same pattern, so
    if you're going to fight Hobgoblin, prefer the lowest floor on the left, take
    some time waiting him to descend, .. really, it's terrible to fight him in
    high places here. All other bosses should be easy enough, just get them off the
    screen to hit the spider sense again ... oh, and you may have to disarm the
    bomb while Sandman is trying to crush you... there is no hydrant here.
    Easy: You fight Dr. Octopus and The Lizard.
    Difficult: You fight Electro, Hobgoblin, Venom, and Sandman will be there.
    Nightmare: You fight Dr. Octopus, The Lizard, Electro, Hobgoblin, Venom, and
    Sandman will be invincible and eager to punch you.
    Bomb: Punch the numbers, if they don't turn off, hit another one, until they
    all turn off, just make their light disappear. Avoid being shot while in the
    process, it shouldn't take long.
    Good news: If you already defeated a boss, he won't show up a second time, so
    use Parker item for any recover necessary if you have enough time.
    And now let's get the final boss.
      XVI- Stage 11: Kingpin                                              [00016]
    Final battle, he doesn't fly, doesn't throw things at you, doesn't teleport..
    he's just.. tough.
    Enemies: None else.
    Bosses: Just Kingpin.
    Items: None.
    Tune: 8
    Cash: Why bother?
    Difficulty: ****
    Strategy: If you use Parker item here, or lose the fight, it's just a worse
    ending. And if the time runs out at this moment (shouldn't stop after
    disarming the bomb?!) it just stands there 00:00 anyway. Fight what you can,
    low kick him, preferably from the right, because he has a blind spot there, go
    machine gun-ish, and he shouldn't hit you much with his punches..
    Ending sequence, and final score, enter your 3 letters, the end.
      XVII- Other Versions                                                [00017]
    There are a lot of different versions of this game, most with the name The
    Amazing Spider-Man vs The Kingpin ... and some just called Spider-Man, not to
    be confused with a beat-em up released for the arcades. (I can admit I didn't
    research a lot on other consoles, too...)
    - Game Gear version is exactly the same, just with smaller screen.. so the FAQ
    can mostly apply to GG as well.
    - Mega Drive/Genesis version is more known, ..sprites are clearer, actions
    scenes are more well designed, music is horribly boring, and we have more
    trouble with bosses, since they're stronger, wiser, and our HP is smaller..
    - Sega CD version looks promising, since it's Genesis version with some
    improvements, and some better cutscenes that look more like the 90's cartoon. I
    never played it, though..
    - N64/DC/Play1 all have Spider-Man games with similar names, but it's a
    completely different plot with 3D movement.
    - Atari 2600 have a Spider-Man game in name, but it's a much simplier game
    where you go climb a building in a very Atari-ish way, square-ish.
    - GB/GBC/GBA algo have Spider-Man games, but I dind't learn anything about them
    so maybe this will have a future version. =P
    - There are actually a lot of Spider-Man games, but few are this 24 hour search
    for keys and boss defeating to get to Kingpin. x_x
      XVIII- FAQ                                                          [00018]
    Q- How do I pass Stage <insert number>?
    A- if the walkthrough didn't help at all, email me, but I'll take some time to
    Q- Do I get continues?
    A- No.
    Q- Do I get items that recover energy, or free web cartridges?
    A- No.
    Q- Do I get Mary Jane?
    A- Only one pic of her and Peter hugging, nothing too special.
    Q- Are there shortcuts?
    A- Not that I know, there are only procedural paths.
    Q-How many endings are there to be seen?
    A- I believe there are three, if you count the one you defeat Kingpin, the one
    you lose the final boss fight, and the one the bomb explodes.
    Q- What's the difference between Spider-Man's usual suit and Venom's symbiotes?
    A- Just looks, I guess. Even the ending was the same to me, and beating the
    game on Nightmare IS tough..
    Q- What does the Pac-Man mini game?
    A- You get some extra time and web cartridges if you win 10 stages.
    Q- Can I defeat Sandman with usual attacks?
    A- No.
    Q- Shouldn't you separate the Secrets in a different section or something?
    A- I don't really care, these secrets aren't cheating, nor too special, anyway.
      XIX- Copyright                                                      [00019]
    This document should not be used in any way to earn money. It's for personal
    use only. If you wish to use this document on your site, ask me first, and tell
    me where it's going to be.
      XX- Credits                                                         [00020]
    Well, the game designers, gameFAQs for hosting it, and my parents =P
    Thanks to SMS FAQs Completion Project - for incentive \o/ I actually know there
    is someone else working on this game's FAQ/Walkthrough, but... decided to do it
    anyway, ... I wrote it in 5 days, there sure are improvements to make... XD
    Copyright 2012 by Jungon

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