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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Mr Kelly R Flewin

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    Wonderboy 3 Guide/Solve      
    Version Final
    Author: Mr. K. Flewin (Kelly Flewin)
    Email: Tknomncr@Hotmail.Com
    This Guide is for private use only, and may not be reproduced or
    altered in anyway. This may not be sold or used in anyway
    to earn a profit, such as putting it on a CD and selling it
    that way, or ANY Such manner not listed here. I am not associated
    nor affiliated with the creators of this game and system, Sega of
    America. This Guide was written by me, K. Flewin. I am not associated
    nor affiliated with any copyrights not mentioned in this Guide.
    TknoMncr is Mr. K. Flewin  [Tknomncr@Hotmail.Com]
    This guide is Copyright Mr. Kelly Flewin, 2000
                  Copyright Time Traveller's Inc. 2000
    [Just saving my ass folks]
       I recently dug this game out of my ancient archives and decided to
      giver another test run for old time sake. It was fun replaying this
      classic, and I found a few new things I wasn't quite aware of before
      when I first played it long ago. So here is my guide and solve to
      Wonderboy 3: The Dragon's Trap for the Sega Master System.
       I will try to be as in depth as possible and I will also mention all
      of the shop locations, what they sell, prices and secret rooms.. marked
      and unmarked. [There's a few hidden rooms that even the ? block doesn't
      open... not many though.]
       Put in the cartridge, start yer Sega up and let's go! [Or in some
      cases, load the rom up in yer emulator and let's go!]
    Quick Final Notes: To use offensive weapons, press Down and Jump to
                       activate them.
                       Collect stones to raise your Charisma Points and
                       better the odds of getting items, more gold and
                       even Medicine to revive you when you fall! :)
                       A coin is any gold amount from 1-19.. Treasure
                       bags are always 20+ Gold.
                       Treasure Chests, for the most part, refill themselves
                       everytime you enter a new password. Take advantage of
                       this. :)
                       If an item in the shops is a ? marked item, try
                       going in with more Charisma Points.
                       I know the official monster listing is at the end
                       of the game in the credits and that the names I
                       give them here are different for the most part. I
                       am sorry for any confusion this may cause, but only
                       after beating the game for this guide did I find out
                       and I felt too lazy to correct it all :)
    Index:  In The Begining
            Quest 1: Get The Key! :)
            Quest 2: "M-I-C-K-E"... Or "I Want My Mummy!"
            Quest 3: Something's Fishy...
            Side Quest #1
            Side Quest #2
            Side Quest #3
            Side Quest #4
            Quest #4: And I ain't "Lion" to you Either
            Side Quest #5
            Side Quest #6 - VERY OPTIONAL!
            Quest #5: Cuz you want to "Fly Like An Eagle" 
            Side Quest #7: Have a heart!
            Quest #6: Heaven is Just Around The Bend!
            Quest #7: It's Time To KATN! [Kick Ass, Take Names]
            Cast List
            A Secret Password ;)
            A Special Tip/Trick from a fellow fan
            Special Thanks Go To...
            Closing Notes
    Update Notice: This should be technically the final update needed to
                  be made as I am unaware of any further secrets or 
                  tricks that could be unearthed. In this update, I let
                  you guys in on the secret of invincibility ^^.
    In The Begining
     ...There was light and... OOPS! Wrong begining :)
     Pretty much starting off from the very begining of where Monster Land
    [Part 2] ended, you are in the castle, loaded to the hilt and ready to
    kick some serious ass. [Now why can't all games start off with you fully
    loaded and owning everything in sight?] You are equipped with the
    Legendary Sword, Armor and Shield, 256 Charisma Points and Max Offense
    and Defense. Best part is :) You're still a human and have all 8 hearts
    filled with a potion of life to back you up.
     Once you're done drooling :) Head on to the Right and kill all the
    worms in sight. Use the springboard and vault up to the top level and
    continue right. Beat up all the Red Cyclops and then drop into the
    first pit you come to. When you're in the next screen, plummet to the
    Left path and when u reach ground, keep on trucking it left.
     A few scant seconds later [And no real worries if you get hit since
    you're so buff!] You will arrive atthe Mecha Dragon's Door. Take a deep
    breath and enter ready to kick ass.
     This dragon, much like all the others, has 100HP and is vulnerable in
    it's head. Let it come to you a bit and then leap and stab it's head.
    Make sure you back off a bit afterwards, as it spits a nasty trail of
    fire at you and it hurts alot. Your hits will do a nice 8-12+ damage a
    hit, so you can easily make short work of it.
     When you win the battle, you will be transformed into a Lizard :~( This
    is the unfortunate curse. Beware of the floating Blue Fire and collect
    as much gold as you possibly can. When it's done shooting gold, or you
    got hit by it, you will be instantly transformed and transported out of
    the room. You can NOT re-enter it at this point :~(
     In your new body, proceed as far Right as you can go, slaughtering all
    the while as the castle crumbles. The last Green Cyclops will have a 
    huge heart that will fill up your life, in case you need it. Continue
    to the next room and all the way Right. The last Cyclops will have a
    key which you will need for the door right beside it.
     Continue onwards thrugh the next room and beware of the falling ceiling.
    It doesn't do much damage at this point in the game, but it IS an
    annoyance and slows you down. Go onwards and enter the final room. Beware
    of the end of the room where it seems it's too high for you. Back up and
    stay at the bottom and the ceiling will fall down and make you stairs. :)
     Climb on up and head to your immediate Left, slaughtering anything in
    sight. Go all the way Left and you will exit from the castle. The credits
    will roll a bit more introducing you to the game and then you will appear
    in the village.
     At this point you are equipped with an Ivory Sword, Ivory Shield and
    Ivory Armor. Well.. not equipped persay..  You have 3 Offense, 6 Defense
    and 3 Charisma Points. Not much, but it's a start. Enter the first door
    you see and get your password! I can not stress how important this is!
    This game can be tough at points and sometimes you might not have all
    the time in the world to play, so ALWAYS WRITE DOWN YOUR PASSWORD!!
     Done? Alright! Let's continue :) Go Left, avoiding the spring board and
    enter the door beneath the small alcove. Fall down the pit and go all
    the way right and you will find a chest. Walk to it and you will be
    awarded with a Second Heart :) [And not in the Doctor Who fashion either]
    Go back all the way Left and enter the door to reappear back beside the
    door you came through. Go back out and you will be back in the sunny
    town once more and ready for your first major quest! :)
    Quest 1: Get The Key! :)
     Once you have exited from the room, hop on the springboard and go
    Right to the first upper door :) Here is the first shop of the game.
    Shop #1: Mithril Sword  15 GP
             Mithril Shield 32 GP
             Mithril Armor  44 GP
    Note: At this point, the Sword is unequippable. It will be signified,
          as well as all future items you can't get, as a ?.
     Try and purchase one of the 2 armors for the future and then exit
    to the ground. Enter the door right below it. Here you will see some
    gold bricks. These are unbreakable at the moment till you get a sword
    further into the game. Ignore them for now and proceed down the well.
    Swim all the way to your right and you will come to the islands mon :)
    [If you're curious.. the top 4 are basically nothing and a gold coin.
     The lone one is a ? block that reveals the secret door to a transporter
     room. You need the block to enter the room.]
     If you're scared, enter that first door and you will be magically
    transported to the small upper platform in town, to the Left of the
    shop. Otherwise, proceed Right with a bit of caution. The worms you
    can easily kill with your breath, while the crabs, you must duck to
    kill. Collect their treasures and continue onwards to the Right.
     [In case you accidentally [Or Deliberately] fell into the water,
    if you go to the Far Left, you will see a wall you just quite can't
    clear. Much like alot of things, that comes later on in the game.
    Ignore it for the moment and proceed Right. Becreful with the Octupi
    as their fireballs hurt ALOT! After slaughtering them, you'll come to
    some more of those annoying gold bricks and Two Springboards. Hop on
    the last one to break the surface and continue on Right.]
    (Note: This is a good way of getting some nice gold if you feel
           comfortable with these creatures. Simply kill all the enemies
           on top, go all the way Left, drop into the water and then
           slaughter all the enemies there. Go back to the surface and
           go Left and repeat.)
     Anyways :) The next screen becomes a bit trickier. Some of the crabs 
    have taken over the small platforms you leap onto, making the travel
    a bit more challenging. Dispatch of them with well placed flames and
    continue your journey's to the Right. At the end, at the next big
    Island, there's a Red Volcano Beast that spits out fireballs. Time your
    leap so you jump after the highest ball is on its way down. Ignore
    this door for the moment as it takes you under the sea to a wall you
    can't scale yet :~(. Dole out the 3 hits to the Green crabs and kill
    the Red Volcano Beast and proceed to the next screen.
     [In case you accidentally [Or Deliberately] fell into the water at
    this point, go all the way Left into the next screen and then through
    the door to get to a treasure room. You will recieve around 25 gold,
    and 1 of each special offensive weapon for your troubles. Exit
    and go all the way to the Right. The Green Octupi need 2 hits to kill
    so BE CAREFUL! And those fish can be pests so kill them quick. Once
    you go all the way Right, you will come to the door behind the tall
    pillar. Enter it to arrive at the island just above you and then
    continue Right as usual. :)
     Now the fun/hard part begins. A ton of Green Crabs await you, so
    get ready. When you plummet down a small level to the ship, get out
    your arrows [If you have any] and get ready. A cloud will fly by and
    drop fire at you. Time your shot right and you will kill it, get the
    gold and have one less problem. :) Continue all the way Right to the
    door and enter.
     In this room, the first door on your Left is a shop :)
    Shop #2:  Goblin Mail    180 GP
              Master Shield 1980 GP
     You can't purchase anything at this time, let alone wear it, so
    continue onwards. Ignore the lone gold brick for now and go into
    the other door to a treasure room with the KEY! Congratulations!
    [For the curious, the lone gold brick basically is another ? block
     and reveals a door which contains a return room. This room's door
     will take you all the way back to the one platform in town.]
     Go out of the rooms and proceed to head back to town. Please
    becareful as you go back so you don't go into the water... unless
    you want the extra gold from killing enemies. Go all the way to the
    first door you came to on the islands and you will be magically
    transported back to the platform in town beside the shop. Stock up
    and get ready for Quest 2 :)
     And remember! Go to the far Right and GET YOUR PASSWORD! No sense in
    coming all this way for nothing, right?
     I had a password for this part of the game, which I was wishing to
    write down for you readers so you can jump right here if you wanted
    to explore later parts, or any other reason you might have, but I
    accidentally copied it down wrong.. which brings me to this one simple
    Quest 2: "M-I-C-K-E"... Or "I Want My Mummy!"
     Are you ready? What's that? Low on hearts? No medicine? No problem!
    From the platform, go Left over the little Mouse Blocks [Yes, these
    are for later in the game] and proceed Left over the bridge. The first
    door you see is the hospital where the cute [Nay, very cute] Nurse
    can heal you for a price. The more hearts you have, the more it will
    cost. Go back the shop if you haven't already, and get all the goodies
    you can. The Mithril Sword is now purchase-able. By buying all 3 items,
    you raise your stats to 12 Offense, 24 Defense and 12 Charisma Points.
    [This will be higher charisma points if you find stones]
     Leave and go to the tower, the door with the key needed. Enter the
    door with your new found key and use the springboard to vault up to
    new heights. Enter the door at the top and take a breath. It's a long
    way down from here :) Go Right to the next door and enter and get ready
    for the next challenge.
     Welcome to the Desert!
     From here, carefully make your way Left. The enemies here are a bit
    tougher and require a bit more strategy, so don't get discouraged. The
    first screen is a breeze, just Red worms to contend with. The second
    screen... this is where it gets rougher. You now face the GREEN worms.
    These boys take 2 hits each to take down and they leap at you a bit.
    After a short gap, you will come to the evil sunflowers! They shoot out
    nasty fireballs. Your fire can stop them, but it's better to duck them,
    just to be safe. Shoot them in face to kill them.
     The Third screen is the nasty screen. Your next major obstacle is the
    crabs that shoot fireballs up at you. Time your jumps so it's in between
    shots and you will be alright. You CAN fall through them though. A simple
    tornado can also kill the Red ones. Proceed Left, avoiding the fireballs
    and killing everything else you can.
    [If you fell on through, the far Right side has 2 springboards to vault
     you back up to the surface, flinging you through the crab for no
     damage. Just becareful not to fall back onto it though...] If you
     go all the way to the left Underwater, you will eventually come to a room
     with a bunch of coins, 5-8 fireballs, a small heart and a medicine
     bottle :) Well worth the effort.]
     The Fourth screen is pretty much all of the above again. Springboards on
    the bottom if you fall through. Beware the blue crabs though, as they
    shoot alot of fireballs at once and they also take 3 tornadoes to kill.
     The Fifth screen takes us to the pyramids. The first thing that happens
    is another fire cloud flies by. BUT! You can easily leap and shoot it
    down so do so :) For the moment, avoid the wells and continue on to the
    Left, climbing the Pyramid as you go. When you reach the top, go all
    the way down to the Left side and stop when you get near the bottom.
    Kill the spear wielder with caution and enter the Sphinx. Inside you
    will be surrounded by Gold Bricks and you will get your 3rd Heart from
    the chest! :) Exit the room and shoot LEFT immediately to kill the spear
    thrower and climb the pyramid once more. When you get to the other side,
    immediately jump on into the second well. [The first one takes you to
    2 springboards that shoot you back out.]
    [For the curious, the gold bricks contain nothing persay, but if you
     jump through the side or floor, you are led to a room below with a ton
     of chests. You can only open 1 chest per visit! And there are invisible
     doors EVERYWHERE, all leading you out of the Sphinx. Remember to come
     back later to stock up :)
     Chest #1: 8 Coins
     Chest #2: 8 Treasure Bags
     Chest #3: 8 Fireballs
     Chest #4: 8 Tornadoes
     Chest #5: 8 Arrows
     Chest #6: 8 Boomerangs
     Chest #7: 8 Lightning Bolts
     Chest #8: 7 Stones + 1 Medicine]
     When you hit the bottom, the door will shoot you to the room right
    above you where the springboards are and shoot you out the other well.
    Otherwise, slowly proceed to the Left, running after the fireballs from
    the statues hit the ground so you don't get hurt. Hop on the springboard
    and move it on up :) Go Left still and kill the Pumpkins. They can
    be toasted standing up, and leave you nothing. Continue until you reach
    the springboard and then vault all the way up to the next platform.
    Proceed to the right carefully and get ready to jump the spear and kill
    the enemy. Go all the way to the Right and use the springboard ot vault
    to the next floor.
     Go Left, killing the pumpkins once more till you get to the next board.
    The door on the way is a hospital where you can cure your wounds. Jump
    and go Right. Avoid the next springboard and open the chest for the next
    Key. Use the springboard this time and go Left and breathe. Behind this
    door is the TOMBS!
     Continue to the Left and kill the Red Frogs on your way. They can be
    tricky, so use the distance of fire to your advantage. The Green Frog
    will immediately jump at you so get between its leaps and kill it from
    behind. 3 Hits and it's croaked for the last time. Also becareful of
    the statues fireballs, but these are easily avoided.
     On the next screen, becareful of the frogs in the alcoves. They tend to
    leap faster then you shoot. Use the tornadoes to kill them off easily
    and continue on, being wary of the statues firing down on you. The two
    areas of this room have spear wielders so becareful
     The next screen begins with bouncing chaos! Springboards everywhere!
    Bounce your way slowly left, slowing to kill the spear wielder and
    to time your bounce over the 2 statues! After this, it's just a matter
    of timing your jumps and length to avoid statues and fireballs.
     The next room has flying Red Balloon Demons. They're easily dispatched
    of, but beware of the side standing statues! They're the real pain in
    the ass here. At the end of this room, you will fall through a false
    floor. DUCK IMMEDIATELY! To avoid the double threat of statues on either
    side of you. Walk/Crawl either Left or Right, to fall down to the door
    at the bottom. Take a deep breath as you're now at the Mummy Dragon's
     The standardized 100 HP applies here. Simply jump and flame.. er aim
    for the head. Each time you hit it, the Dragon flies a bit higher up.
    If you're fast and lucky, you can get in 3 hits everytime it's on the
    ground, before you can no longer reach it. On the Fourth time, duck
    and let it fly over you. Avoid it's Shamrock shenanigans by staying in
    the corner and letting it fly around. When it hits the ground once more,
    repeat till it's toasted! Collect as much gold as you possibly can before
    the flame touches you and when it does, you'll be transformed into!
                                MOUSE MAN!
     Remember all those checkered squares you seen? Mouse Man CLINGS to them
    with his widdle feet :) Making areas previously unaccessible, accessible
    and opening up more of the game. You are immediately transported out of
    the room and back to the locked door. Make your way back down the
    pyramid, except when you get the bottom, cling to the ceiling and walk
    through the tiny hole to the far Right. [To see if you cling, walk to
    the edge. If you fall off, you're not clinging... if you seem stuck,
    press down and you go down the side of it :) Press Jump to leap off of
    the ceiling. Enter the door you see and go for the chest :) Inside are
    8 huge bags of gold, 5 Stones and a huge heart to fill your life up with.
    Also present is shop #3 :)
    Shop #3: Dancing Shield  430 GP
     Buy it for the paltry sum and raise your defense up another 33 points.
    If you noticed, the Mouseman has alot better stats then Lizardman by
    far. Each new Morph you get is stronger then the previous. Also note,
    some weapons and armor work better with different men... so always
    check to see if a shield that was weaker for one man, isn't stronger for
    another. [This gets important later on in the game.]
     The final door? This is your first ever Return Room that you can access!
    Enter this to go back to town on the platform to the Right of the shop.
     Now go get YOUR PASSWORD! And ready for Quest 3!
    Quest 3: Something's Fishy...
     You got your password written down, you're now probably healed to the
    max.. [if you needed it] now what? Well, for starters, you can do a quick
    exploration of the Tower. You obviously noted the mouse blocks from Quest
    2 right? Well hop right up into the tower and then instead of taking the
    door, jump onto the wall and climb upwards! :) After a quick loop in the
    next screen, you will be at the 4th shop. At this point it will all be
    ? Marked items. Just remember this shop for later on.
    Shop #4: Crystal Sword   2940 GP
             Crystal Mail    3140 GP
             Crystal Shield  3210 GP
     Now that you've found the location of a useful shop for later in the
    game, exit the tower and go to the hospital. When you arrive, keep on
    trucking and make tracks over the blocks! Lo and behold, you will find
    Shop #5! [Cue Lou Bega music..... KIDDING!]
    Shop #5: Knight Shield  1140 GP
             Prince Armor   1600 GP
     You can't buy any of these fab goodies quite yet either :~( So continue
    your journey Westward. [Left]. On the next screen you will enter the
    beginings of the forest. Beware of the annoying Fire Cloud and time your
    jumps well over the Blue glowing balls. Though they damage little, they
    bounce you enough for the Fire Cloud can whomp you hard.
     The next screen is more of the same, with more tricky jumps and a darker
    sky ahead of you. Be extra careful here though, as the Fire Clouds fire
    bombs now chase you. A simple shield block destroys them. [IE. Face them
    with your shield to them and you will survive.]
     The next screen is a small little maze of mouse blocks and Red Buzzcuts.
    Move around the maze, killing them all for gold and goodies and then
    proceed to take the bottom path over the block and then head upwards.
    Make sure you are on the second highest path and you will be able to
    continue on to the next screen where, lo and behold, another shop awaits!
    Shop #6: Shogun Blade    225 GP
             Shogun Shield   460 GP
             Shogun Lamellar 500 GP
     As you most on Left some more, beware of the Green Frogs. They will
    jump very high and be a pain in general. One hit usually does them in
    though. The Skeletons are a bit tricky. They will tend to jump wildly
    when you near them. Watch their leaps and time it so you hit them as
    they land. Once more, One hit does them in.
     The next screen has more Skeletons and some Red Bats. They swoop down
    rather sharply so watch how they come down and attack based on that.
    One hit and the treasures are yours! :) The Green Volcano Beasts take
    Two hits each and they're a bit faster shooting then their Red
     The next screen is a bit of a pain. There are several columns of Mouse
    Blocks to climb over and those Red Buzzcuts are guarding them nicely.
    Go on through, carefully killing them before moving on. There is one
    more set of these with Green Buzzcuts. They need Two hits each and they
    are a bit harder to attack because they move quicker. Beat them all and
    the Two Skeletons and move it on over yet another screen.
     This screen is pretty much more of the previous, except now you have
    Green Volcano Beasts in the middle of the columns as well, making it
    that much more difficult. With patience, perserverance and a bit of
    luck though, you will be getting richer quicker. Go all the way Left
    and wonder why the creators made this forest so darn long!
     This is the final screen Left, so let out a cheer.. and then a sigh.
    This isn't gonna be a cakewalk. The Skeletons are now bodyless!! Which
    means you have to kill both skull and body! The only good thing is, the
    Lone Red Bat gives you a much needed key. :)
     Now head on down and you will be in a pool room with some Green Buzzcuts
    and a Red Cyclops. Jump past them and climb the wall to the door and
    enter! The treasure chest contains your 4th Heart!! :) And lo and behold,
    there's another shop :)
    Shop #7:  Medicine   291 GP
     YES! Life giving Medicine for when you die! Remember this place, as it's
    the only one in the game that sells it!
     Now the remaining door is a Return door back to town. I usually take
    it and backtrack all the way, because Shop #6 is now fully available to
    you. Get the Shogun sword to make life easier and the shield. Equip the
    sword and keep on the Dancing Shield. If you haven't gotten the armor,
    I advise you to do so now as well. Fight around if you need the cash to
    get it, it's a wise investment.
     I will not bore you readers with a reply in slow motion, so basically
    follow all the steps you took all the way to the part where you got the
    key at the end of the road and instead of going down, go up. Go up as
    far as you can go and then jump off and plummet to the small platform,
    killing the Red Bat in the process. Enter the locked door and you're
    on you're way to the next boss.
     Right now I am going to be honest and say how #%%#^$#& tedious this
    next part is.
     Immediately drop down the hole and follow the walls along, killing the
    Green Bat things and the Cyclops and you will come to a door. Enter on
    through to get to a treasure chest containing some small hearts,
    tornadoes and a Medicine :) Now go back to the first screen, ye hear?
     The first screen on your ascent of the Right Side, kill the Green Demons
    and be careful of the statues. Try to stick to the ceiling as often as
     Second screen up the Right side. Beware of the Red Djinns. With the
    Shogun Sword, it only takes 1 hit to wipe em out, and they appear in
    large numbers on the upperside. Once more, ceiling is the best.
     Third screen up on the Right side is annoying. Stay on the floor to
    kill the easy Pumpkins and Green Buzzcutts. The Blue one's take Three
    hits each, so stay sharp.
     Fourth screen up on the [yawn] Right side. Alot of Skeletal bodies!
    And Blue Bat things. Stay on the bottom though, as they can jump like
    nothing else, and hurt you alot!
     Fifth screen up on the Right side is easy. Walk on the ceiling alot,
    and kill the Green Cyclops if he appears when you're topside. The ceiling
    means avoiding the Blue Glowing balls.
     Climb up the wall and leap to the Right and then drop :) Cool music
    when you're plummeting :) Once you hit bottom, go as far Right as
    possible. This is where you have to be really quick with shield blocks
    as the statues become more and more ruthless at this point. Move your
    Way Up and Left and block block block!
     Move your butt around the small doughnutesque pathway to the next
    upper level. Becareful of the Green Djinns here. They each take Two
    hits to kill and they hurt alot. Move Up and Then Left once more.
     The Third screen on the left side is full of shooting statues and Blue
    Buzzcuts. Stick to the ceiling the whole way up and attack fast to avoid
    costly errors. Move on to the Left once more and then continue your
     The Fourth screen is merely a bunch more of the Blue Demons and Skeletal
    bodies. Make your way up and to the Left to continue your ascent to the
    next floor. You're almost there! :)
     Fifth screen is a pain in the ass. Not only do you have tons of statues,
    but you have Blue Glowing balls as well, making this very precarious
    whereever you go. Take it easy and you will survive. Once you're at
    the top, go up and you will come to the top of the tower and the door
    to the boss. Take a deep breath and let's go kick some ass, shall we?
     The Zombie Dragon isn't too difficult to defeat. It stays underground
    alot, but when it rears it's head ;) The you whack it on the nose and
    it goes underground once more. Jump over it as it goes back and forth
    and repeat the nose hit and it will go the way of the dinosaur. If you
    do get caught in it's poison like breath, keep close to it as it backs
    into the corner. You will survive without it touching you if done
    right. When you win, you will collect gold as usual and when the flame
    touches you, you will turn into Piranha Man!
     Go all the way down to the bottom of the screen now and use the door
    to enter the room with Shop #7 and the Return Door. Get a Medicine or
    Two if you need one and then use the return door. :) Once in town,
    GET YOUR PASSWORD! Also equip the Shogun Shield for a huge defence
    boost. [Note: I'll give the password for this in just a few seconds,
    just wanna let you know of a few fun things first.. that and I also
    lost the password for this too :~( Yeah... I'm a tad disorganized.]
    Side Quest #1
     Before we get to the next major quest, let's do a few quick errands
    to buff our Piranha Men up a bit, shall we? Entering the door below
    Shop #1, jump down the well and swim along the path. Notice that hole
    with water to its ceiling? Swim up there :) Welcome to Shop #8!
    You can't get to it quite yet, since there's gold blocks surrounding
    it, but it's good to know.
    Shop #8:  Lucky Sword     300 GP
              Samurai Armor  1000 GP
     Continue Right and you at a door. Enter it and you will be in a small
    treasure room. The chest contains 6 treasure bags and some stones for
    your troubles. And yes, I know there was a chest below you as you came
    here, but that's for late in the game. [Another Heart] Walk Right and
    fall off the edge to land right in front of the door on the first
    Island! :) Enter it and go back to town, now a bit wealthier.
    Side Quest #2
     Now it's time to get busy! From the platform, hop to your Right and
    scale the tower, exiting and going right to the next door. Enter once
    more and you will be back at the desert. This time, go all the way to
    your Right! :) Defeat the Green Worms and avoid the Fire Cloud.
     On the next screen you will encounter the tenacious Blue Frogs. They
    will hop thrice [3 times] and then sit still. They take 2 hits each,
    so watch their jumps and time your attack well. Beware of the Green
    Cyclops here, as they really hurt alot if you touch them and if you
    give them a chance to attack back, they throw nasty boulders that drill
    your hearts away.
     The Third screen has lava pits galore, and it that wasn't enough, Red
    Djinn's swoop down to knock you off the few platforms there are. If you
    fall into the lava, GET OUT ASAP! It will sap you so fast your head will
    spin... well not that fast, but fast enough.] Continuing on, you will
    encounter the Evil Sunflowers once more. A simple shieldblock and attack
    is enough to dispatch them.
     The Fourth screen is a REAL DOOZY! Now you have lava pits, few platforms
    and Green Djinn's that throw rocks too! And they take Two hits each! Go
    really slowly and watch your leaps and you will make it alright. Also
    for added danger, you have to contend with Blue Crab's throwing fireballs
    at you as well! Caution is the key, and it can be done. If you fall in
    the lava here... pray you have medicine.
     The Fifth screen introduces the Skeletons with Hats to the equation.
    They like to jump around alot and take Two deft blows to fall... Two
    hits. Evil Sunflowers make the platforms dangerous, but with good timing,
    you can beat them no problem. Go onwards and leap off the springboard to
    get to a door. Go on through :)
     The chest contains 6 Treasure Bags and 2 Lightning Bolts... very handy!
    The last door happens to be a much needed hospital, so fill up. And of
    course, the other door is... Shop #9 :)
    Shop #9:  Dragon Mail  300 GP
     Equip the Dragon Mail, even if it's less defense and leave the rooms to
    the outside and continue on Right. Yes Right.. as in.. into the huge Lava
    pit that will kill you... if you're not wearing the mail! :) The Dragon
    Mail protects you from the lava in this area so no damage to you, except
    by angry monsters. Proceed two more screens Right, facing off against
    Disembodied Skeletons with Hats and then some Green Spear Wielders that
    take Two hits a piece.
     Now continue on one more screen, avoiding the bothersome statues, and
    you will arrive at a small little villa of sorts. Enter the door and in
    the new room, swim on to the door to the Left of you. Enter that one
    and you will be in a room with 3 new doors, one of which is behind gold
    bricks. The First door is the one you came in. The Top door leads you to
    your first ever Transporter Room! :) Change into Mouse Man at this point.
    The Third door takes you to the flipside of the original room. Climb up
    the mouse walls, leaping to the Left side, part way up, and claim the
    chest! You now have the Thunder Saber which allows you to smash through
    Gold Bricks :) DON'T EQUIP IT! As it has no Attack Power period. Just
    owning it is enough. Smash the Two gold bricks [1 small heart and a
    treasure bag if you were wondering] and continue on back down to the room
    with gold bricks around the door. :)
     Go into the transporter room once more and change back into Piranha Man.
    Exit and waste the gold bricks for some gold, lightning bolts and some
    stones. Enter the door and you will be at a Return Point. By the way,
    you can remove the Dragon Mail now. :) Now go get your Password and we
    can continue on our merry way.
    Side Quest #3
     Enter the door beneath Shop #1 and dive on in. Swim to the first open
    passage above and resurface outside of Shop #8. Now with the sword, you
    can break on through and buy equipment. Get the sword and the armor
    and then drop back down the well and go to the door on the islands and
    use the door to return back to town.
     To get to this point in the game as Piranha Man, 4 Hearts and a bunch
    of great stuff [Side Quest 4 not done yet, as it is your choice] the
    password is;
                            H9N4 V7R ERRA M3N
    Side Quest #4
     This is REALLY optional. I tend to do this immediately so I don't forget
    to do it later on in the game. From the Platform by Shop #1, leap over to
    where the tower is and using the mouse blocks, climb downwards and destroy
    the golden bricks over that little span of water. Jump right in and you
    will fall to a small passage. Keep going left, ignoring the bridge of
    golden bricks you can't destroy quite yet. [It leads to a heart later]
    You will soon come to Four wells. The first one drops you down to a ton
    of springboards. Use it and smash the golden brick above it for the ?
    to Shop #10!
    Shop #10:  Muramasa Blade  800 GP
     This is unavailable at the moment, but something to remember for later
    on. Anyways, avoid the Second and Third wells at the moment as they just
    drop you off to the exit door and next area of the game respectively,
    where you'd be floundering a bit. You can go there and fight for gold
    though, if you were so persuaded though. Use the springboards to launch
    up to the ceiling and drop into the Fourth well. You will land in front
    of a door. Enter it and you will reappear out the door on the far Right
    side. Mount the walls and destroy all the golden bricks in sight. When
    you get to the end, make sure you're clinging tightly on so you can go
    upside down and hit the remaining golden brick. Only Mouse Man can do
    this! The brick contains another ? mark which leads you to an odd
    treasure room.
     The treasure chest contains the Magical Saber. When equipped, simply
    attack at a Star Tile and it will turn into a golden brick! This saber
    only makes them, not breaks them. This is needed to escape immediately
    from this room and furthermore, it is needed near the very end to get
    to the final boss. :) The door above you teleports you back to the
    familiar platform in town.
     Optionally, if you MISSED the golden brick, the door under the ledge
    contains a Return Door so you can try again.
    Quest #4: And I ain't "Lion" to you Either
     From the platform you're all too familiar with now, go to the door
    underneath, and hit the gold brick to transform back into Piranha Man
    if you undertook the last sidequest, or ignore this step all together
    if you ignored it.
     Anyways, once you're Piranha Man, jump down the well and swim your way
    to the island. Pass the door and the first opportunity you get, jump in
    the water and swim all the way Right. Remember that door you saw earlier,
    but COULDN'T get to? Now you can and it leads you to Shop #11.
    Shop #11:  Aqua Shield  430 GP
     Pick yourself up one of these babies and then swim all the way to the
    Right, killing and gaining gold as you go. When you reach the gold bricks,
    destroy them and head on down the pit. [One has a Treasure Bag, One has
    a heart.] Proceed Right, killing the Blue Octupi and Green Volcano Beasts.
    You'll make quite alot of coin and power-ups here. Swim your way to the
    end and keep on truckin'.
     In the next screen, you don't have much to worry about. Swim onwards
    Right and watch the Two blocks that are rising and falling. Wait for the
    First One to lower down and then swim over top of it and then just run
    underneath the Second and you'll do fine. Swim all the way up to the top
    of the screen and to the next one.
     In this screen you're immediately welcomed by Two Blue Octupi on either
    side of you. If you kill the One on the Left, and then continue on, you'll
    come to a door where you'll find the Hospital if you're running low on
    Hearts. After you've killed it, [And optionally healed] kill the one on
    the Right and head on. The Blue Fish will pose a bit of a problem, but
    are easily dispatched if you let them come to you. The Green Volcano
    Beasts are the normal pushovers as well. Continue ALL THE WAY to the
    Right, avoiding the door in the Pirate Ship for the moment. Kill the Blue
    Octopus and swim down the well.
     Here is where things get a bit tricky. There are now Four moving blocks
    to deal with. Just simply run under them as they rise up and you should
    have no problems whatsoever. Attack the school of Blue Fish that come
    after you and then swim up to the door. Your reward for all this effort?
    The door leads to a treasure chest with your FIFTH! Heart. :)
     Simply now exit the room, swim all the way back to the Right, avoiding
    the blocks. Swim up the well, dispatch of the Octopus and any enemies
    you want to and then swim up to the door ans hold up. You're now in the
    Pirate Ship. :)
     Head to your Left with caution and kill the Red Ghosts that pop up from
    the floor. Watch to see if any pop up behind you. The Green Pumpkins
    give you nothing but slowdown so get rid of them fast and keep on going.
     In the next screen things get a bit more difficult. Here you will face
    nasty Green Ghosts that love to pop up from behind. Be careful as they
    take Two hits to kill and they shoot fireballs as well. At the end you
    will come to some floating bricks. Just duck under them as they go up
    and avoid the Green Ghost that pops up after you reach the door. It's
    worthless... ie. it has no gold or items whatsoever. Enter the door and
    we're part way there.
     When you exit the door, head on to your Right, taking time to quickly
    slaughter the Green Cyclops [They throw boulders if you don't do it fast
    enough.] and becareful of the Green Ghosts as they tend to get in your
    way. It's a bit of a pain, but let the Cyclops's throw the boulders and
    rush you a bit. It helps for when there's Ghosts. [They take 5 or so
    hits, the Cyclops's] Head on over to the end of the screen and whoop some
     The next screen has more of those annoying Statues. There's quite a few
    tricky jumps and the Ghosts are of no help to them either. At the end
    there is one Floating brick that hinders your last move. Just run under
    quick and then turn around when you land on the platform to kill a ghost
    from behind. Enter the door, pause for a sec and breathe. :)
     You're back to going Left again, but it's an easier route this time.
    Whip off the Blue Octupi and snatch their rewards up. Becareful of the
    Green Ghosts though as they really pop up from behind here. Not too
    difficult by now to dispatch them. The last Octopus ALWAYS has a huge
    heart to heal you with. [Well not always, I've seen it pop up One or
    Two from the end, but almost always it's the end one.] So you'll be
    safe for a while more.
     On this final screen, you get to have fun with leaping Green Cyclops's.
    Time it so you knock them off into the little gaps between barrels and
    then whip them in the corner with your sword. It's a bit tricky further
    in with the Blue Ghosts [Two Hits], but it can be done. When you get to
    the door, take a quick breather and get ready for the next boss! :)
     Enter The Pirate Dragon! This guy's really nasty. The standard jump up
    slash the nose works, but he throws hooks at you. The good thing, though,
    is they bounce in an arc, so if you're caught by the hooks, run under the
    arc and you'll be fine. [Cue Indiana Jones music... er maybe not..]
    An easy way is to let him shoot his hooks, attack his nose, and when he
    jumps around, either follow him or back off just enough, that when he
    lands again, you're right there to smack him in the nose again. If you
    get this down, you can effectively beat him with minimal damage to you
    and no hooks. :) It's a bit difficult, but once you get the hang of it.
    Once you defeat this menace of the seas, and collect that thar booty,
    [Which is ALOT of Treasure Bags... at least 1000+ Gold in total!] you
    will be transformed into Lion Man! :) You will exit the ship on top of
    the island. [Not the one they were on in Survivor] Simply go all the way
    to the Right and enter the door.
     Remember that lone gold brick you couldn't reach? Lion Man's attack is
    in a tight arc, allowing you to get higher up blocks and ones below your
    feet without a problem. :) Simply slash it and a ? Mark will appear. Grab
    it to show the hidden door. Behind this is a return point. :) You also
    may wish to get the Master Shield while you're here. It's 1980 GP and
    well worth the purchase. When you're done head on into the hidden door
    and return back to town. AND GET YOUR PASSWORD!!
     And in case you just want to zip ahead to this point [Or other reasons]
    the password for Lion Man, 5 Hearts, 20 Stones, Thunder Sword, Magical
    Saber and Master Shield as well is;
                            VPA3 N9G D1BN R6D
    Side Quest #5
     Wanna beef up a bit? I'm sure you do. :) From the platform that's fast
    becoming a second home, go past the tower to the bridge of golden bricks.
    Smash them up and fall down once more. [One of them has a Treasure Bag.]
    As you're running along, destroy the next golden block bridge and fall on
    in. When you reach the bottom, go all the way to the Left [Destroying the
    bricks in the way and gaining another Treasure Bag and Lightning Bolt!]
    for your SIXTH! Heart. :) To exit, go back to the Right and destroy all
    the bricks. The door leads to just beyond the bridge. :) Drop down the
    Second well and enter the door to the Right to go to the Return room
    and back to the surface. Optionally yet, you can just hack and slash to
    your Right for a while and make some gold and buy some more kick ass
    gear before going surface side. [Take the Third well to do this.]
    Side Quest #6: VERY OPTIONAL!
     Want some extra cash? Here's how to get it with some extra work. From
    the platform, leap to the tower and climb to the top. Exit and go Left
    and enter the door to the desert. Go all the way Left to the Sphinx
    room and with Lion Man, slash away all the bricks and drop down into the
    hidden treasure room. :) The Second Chest is the one with the Treasure
    bags. Remember... everytime you enter a password, things like this will
    replenish.. well not the heart container chests, but the gold will. :)
    Quest #5: Cuz you want to "Fly Like An Eagle" 
     Alright.. crappy joke, more so considering the fact the next animal is
    a Hawk, but how many amusing Hawk jokes are there? ANYHOO! Get yourself
    some charm points going, [I recommend the Prince Armor ;)] and 800 GP.
    From home, go to the golden block bridge and "Break On Through To The
    Other Side". Run along and smash the golden brick in the sky to get Shop
    #10. Get yourself the Muramasa Blade [Which takes your attack to 250!]
    and then leave and jump down the Third well. [First leads you to springs
    and the Second leads you to the Return Room door.]
     From the bottom, proceed to your Left to the next screen. Here you will
    encounter Green Bats that swoop at you and some Blue Worms that jump at
    you. They're really easy to beat and yield some nice gold most of the
    time. Beat them all down and head off to the next screen.
     There are more of those Green Bats here, so do away with them. For
    starters, take the upper path, as the lower one is nothing but a dead
    end. Next you will come across some Blue Bats that require Two hits to
    kill. Nothing major yet. When you have the chance to go up or down,
    choose the downward path and kill the Blue Ghost and head on to the
    end. [Or go topside, kill the other Blue Ghost, then go bottom side.]
    There's one more Blue Ghost before the end of the screen, and every now
    and then, you can kill it from the platform below it.
     In the next screen, things become more complicated. You start off with
    one little Blue Balloon Demon to kill, and then you are swarmed with Blue
    Pumpkins. Right past this is a river of lava and some platforms. Using
    the springboard for leverage, make your way carefully across. If you're
    unsure, equip the Dragon Mail to prevent any damage from the lava. When
    you're past the lava, you'll be attacked by Two more Blue Ballon Demons
    and a Skeleton with a Hat. Easily dispatched for by a hero like you.:)
     The next screen ups the ante a bit. Right off the bat you're attacked
    by a Green Bat. :)  Dispatch of it and get ready. Are you running low
    on life by chance? No problem!! See that little alcove beside the
    springboard? Underneath there is a secret door that houses a Hospital!
    Heal up if you need it and head back out. Use the springboard for extra
    leverage and continue your trip across the platforms above the lava.
    The First set are plagued by Green Bats. The Second set are plagued by
    Blue Ghosts with low enough fireballs that you can't block. :~( Just
    wait till they shoot and then leap over the fireball and at them. You
    will miss them as they go down again. The Third set is the same, except
    now there's some Blue Ghosts behind you as well. Just run like mad and
    you should make it fine. Beware at the end, as there is one Blue Ghost
    hiding from you. But the good news is, it usually has a huge heart that
    fills your life up, so it's a good thing.
     The near to final screen is run by a bunch of Evil Sunflowers and the
    Fireball Throwing Clouds. They are straightforward to deal with. When
    you have the choice of taking up or down, go down and to the next screen
    to exit, or take the topside all the way over. On the next screen, you
    seem to be at a dead end but lo and behold is a secret door and behind
    it, the ELUSIVE Shop #12.
    Shop #12:  Tasmanian Sword  1480 GP
     In this NEXT TO FINAL screen, fight off more Evil Sunflowers and Green
    Ghosts as before, except when you have a choice of up or down here, keep
    up and to the next screen. [Note: The top is watched by Three Evil
    Sunflowers in a row, so watch your step.]
     First thing to do right off is get some speed going. When you reach the
    platforms end, reach for the steps. If you miss, you're going to have to
    go back to the previous screen and do it again. If you succeed, beat up
    the Blue Cyclops fast as it throws nasty Boulders and hurts you ALOT!
    [Only Two hits to kill it though :)] When you survive, enter the door
    and you will be on your way to the next big boss.
     Once you have entered the palace, go Right and stop when you see the Red
    Ninja. Allow it to throw it's shruiken and block it. Watch where it jumps
    and then kill it ASAP. There's quite a few of them and they really pack
    a wallop. Continue on to the next screen.
     On this screen, you will encounter Green Ninja's. Do the same as with
    the Red ones, and One quick shot will do them in. Continue on and leap
    over the Blue Glowing Balls, being careful of the Green Ninja's lying
    in wait behind them. Of course now with a few swipes of the sword you
    can DESTROY these balls.
     The next screen is rather easy. You are introduced to the Red Shogun
    Warriors. If you swipe at them and you're not close enough, they will
    take a leap back and pause for Two or so seconds before moving again.
    Simply rush them and slice em Twice to take them down. You have alot
    of room here to learn, so practice until you get it. When you come to
    the end, smash the Four golden bricks for a treasure bag and a small
    heart and then enter the door. :) You're doing good so far.
     Inside you will encounter Green Shogun Warriors. Be careful when you
    fight them, as when they leap back, they lob Blue Stones at you and
    those really hurt you alot. [An easy way to beat them is to deliberately
    miss them and when they lob their stones at you, run in and slash them
    while they're paused.] You will also be bombarded by some Blue Bats.
    Continue to the end and enter the door. [Note: Randomly you can get
    the Hades Armor from the Green Shogun Warriors. It saves you a bundle
    later on in the game. This will act like Medicine and heal you forever.
    The only downside is, you have a helluva lot less Charisma :~(. This
    is a really good trade off though.]
    ***** This Trick posted here... in the middle of it all NEEDS *****
    *****    The Hades Armor and Legendary Armor found later      *****
    [Submitted by Christophe Gagné]
     The Hades armor, the one you can supposedly replenish life "once" with, 
    is in fact quite bugged. The trick is, once you get the legendary 
    armor, equip the Hades suit, and get "killed". What you would actually
    expect is that the Hades armor, since it has disappeared, will no 
    longer work. WRONG! Unless you go and look at your stats, you will
    have the defense that the Hades armor and its life replenishing 
    ability. However, the best of both worlds comes if you have the 
    legendary plate (thus the need of having it before you do so) and look 
    at the inventory. You will now see the stats of the legendary armor, 
    because you have it equipped by default (the Hades armor has 
    disappeared, leaving you on the 1st armor of the list...) BUT the 
    thing is you still get the replenish life. Basically, you cannot be 
    killed, because you will always come back to life, and yet you will
    be wearing the highest defense plate of the game. In fact, the thing 
    is that once you have "died" while wearing the Hades armor, you will 
    always get its life refilling when you hit 0 HP. How f-kin great! You 
    can now easily beat the game, because you will never die! 
     In the next room, you travel to your Left. Red Ninja's will be lying
    in wait on the doors. Jump their shruikens, as they are just higher
    then your shield, and then waste the buggers. Also watch out as there
    are a few Green Shogun Warriors wandering around as well. At the end,
    enter the doorway to continue on.
     This next room is a killer. You face the VERY TOUGH Blue Shogun Warriors.
    If you miss them, they leap back SUPER FAR and they lob THREE Blue
    Boulders at you, all different distances. Talk about your anti-social
    people! Also near the end are a bunch of floating blocks, but you know
    what to do by now. Run under them while they're up. When you're done
    head on into the next room. :)
     This close to final room is a pain. You not only have to deal with SEVERAL
    Blue Shogun Warriors, but nasty Green Ninja's as well and all while going
    to the Left. The only good thing is, near the end you can back the warriors
    into a corner and kill them quickly. Finish them off and enter the final
     This next to final room is the worst before the boss. The Blue Ninja's
    are plentiful, quick and take Three hits before they die. Dispatch of
    them quickly as possible and pray you don't get hit or you will be
    drained. Once more through the door, quicker then ever before!
     This is it! The last enemy room before the boss! Get rid of the Blues
    with your sword a swinging and the Warriors and Ninja's will bow down
    to you. Enter the door and then take a breather.
     This the final room before the boss. Notice the elegantly surrounded
    door? Good! Ignore it! Go all the way Right and between the Two logs,
    press up to enter a secret Treasure Room. Inside the chest is One HUGE
    Heart to fill your life up and a Medicine. When you're ready, exit and
    then enter the boss room.
     Enter the Daimyo Dragon! Strike its nose as usual but watch out when it
    raises its sword, as it causes lightning to descend from the heavens.
    Strike him quick and let him come to you. Back up as he slices down and
    then follow him a bit to the edge of the screen and repeat. He will go
    down REAL FAST with the Blade. Collect all the gold afterwards and when
    you are engulfed in the flames you will become! HAWK MAN!
     When you exit the palace, fly STRAIGHT UP! Enter the door there and
    you will be in a room with a Return Room, Shop and Chest. :) The chest
    has around 12 Treasure Bags worth over 85 GP a piece, some boomerangs
    and a Large Heart for your life. Then we have Shop #13!
    Shop #13:  Hades Armor  2000 GP
     If you didn't find one get it now. This is going to be BEYOND useful
    for the upcoming battles, I assure you. When you're done, head in the
    remaining door and return on over back to the town. AND GET YOUR
    PASSWORD! Oh yes, equip the Knight Shield.
     The password for this point, that nets you Hawk Man and all the rest,
    6 Hearts, 46 Stones and most of the weapons, armor and shields, is;
    [No Tasmanian Sword]
                            HXLW ZTG FAWP VU1
    Side Quest #7: Have a heart!
     Now that you're Hawk Man, you can go virtually EVERYWHERE in the game.
    The next step is to get yourself the Seventh Heart! From the Platform,
    go All the way Right and Fly Over the barrier. You will find, nestled
    between 2 huge barriers, Shop #14! :)
    Shop #14:  Heavenly Shield  3980 GP
               Key               250 GP
     Get yourself a key [NEEDED] and if you can afford it, the Heavenly
    Shield. This is the BEST shield for Hawk Man.
     When you're done shopping, fly over the next barrier, past Shop #8 and
    drop down the first pit you come to. You will be back at the island! Now
    go Left and fly up at the first opening where you could never reach.
    Voila! The chest contains your Seventh Heart! We had to take this route
    because Hawk Man drowns in water and takes heavy damage... that and you
    now have the Key and a new shield. [Hopefully] :)
    Quest #6: Heaven is Just Around The Bend!
     Next stop is the Legendary Items! From where the platform, Fly above
    the barrier to the right and keep flying ALL THE WAY Right! You will
    soon come back to the ancient castle you left for ruin. Go in the front
    door and get ready to do some battling. Following the same path as the
    beginning of the game, go on forward and fly to the upper level. Beware
    of the Blue Djinn here as it hurts! Four hits destroys it and gets you
    some nice gold. Continue on the top into the next screen.
     Here you will encounter Blue Spear Wielders. Four hits will take them
    down to hell for you. Go Right until you get to the pit. Drop on down
    and take the Left path.
     When you reach the bottom, go about to your Left, slaying the Blue
    Cyclops and exit the screen. [Note, this is gonna take a while as the
    Cyclops is tough and Hawk Man's attack power blows at the moment.]
     On this final screen going Left, you will arrive once more at the
    Mecha Dragon's Lair. Enter the door and you will be in a small treasure
    room. Lo and behold in the chest, you will find the Legendary Sword!
    This is the best Sword in the whole game so rejoice! Exit the room and
    immediately re-enter it. Go to the chest again and you will be rewarded
    with.. get this... 39 TREASURE BAGS ALL OVER 85 GP AND A HUGE HEART!
     Exit the room and begin your journey back all the way to the Right. In
    the next room, the Blue Cyclops will bow down to you in Three blows
    now. :) The Second Blue Cylcops will give up the key to the locked door.
    Enter it and let's go on, shall we?
     Go Right some more and kill all the Green Cyclops for the extra money.
    You'll be needing it in a moment. The lone Blue Cyclops here will give
    you the Legendary Armor!! The best ARMOR in the game... other then the
    Hades Armor for obvious reasons.
     In this final screen, Fly Right and kill the Blue Cyclops. When you
    get to the makeshift stairs, back up as another Blue Cyclops will run
    down to greet you. Kill it and fly out of the castle. :)
     Now, you're out of the well. What now? Go back down into the well and
    press up! Here is Shop #15! The Final Shop :)
    Shop #15:  Legendary Shield  5440 GP
     Snatch this up and equip it, unless you're wearing the Heavenly Shield
    as Hawk Man. When you're done, fly back to Shop #14 and get one more
    Key. Then fly back to the platform in town. :)
     To get to this point as Hawk Man, with 67 Charm Stones, 8 Hearts, All
    The Armor and Shields and Every Weapon [INCLUDING the Tasmanian Sword]
    and ready for the final encounter, enter this code;
                            Y30V DD1 VW3E 0UU
    Quest #7: It's Time To KATN! [Kick Ass, Take Names]
     By now you're buff and ready to take on the world! So let's get it on!
    Starting from the platform that is home, fly immediately over to the
    tower and then to the top. You see the door here.. you normally go Right
    to go to the desert? Well now it's time to go Left for once. Fly a screen
    or so over and you will encounter a locked door surrounded by golden
    bricks. Destroy them all for various treasures, heal up to the max, get
    a medicine if you want one, and then enter the door to this FINAL Palace
     Surprised aren't you? It's just a star filled room. But WAIT! You have
    the Magical Saber, right? [If not, go get it quick! Look back up to Side
    Quest #4 and follow the directions.] Use the saber on the middle Stars in
    this room. Then switch off and destroy them all. A ? Mark will fall down
    and enable the final hidden door to be revealed to you. Enter and let's
    begin the final conquest. Please also note, that once you enter, that's
    it! No turning back! [Unless you die]
     Run Right through the starry night to the palace and enter the front
                                 FINAL PALACE
     Now get ready to run/fly/swim like a man possessed by these beasties
    cause you're going to want to survive. You also will want to equip
    the Hades Armor. Trust me, you're going to need it.
     From the beginning, fly to the Right, timing your flight with light
    taps, so you pass between the Double Statues along the way. [One on
    the ceiling, one on the ground, both shoot simultaneously.] At the end,
    enter the door to access the LAST hospital of the game if you need it
    or carefully fly up, avoiding the Two statues trap.
     On the next screen, be very careful of the Blue Buzzcuts roaming around.
    Two hits will dismiss them, but the ceiling one does tend to be a big
    nuisance. Note the ground one going through blocks ;) That's kind of a
    shortcut idea later on in the Palace. Anyways, progress carefully through
    and fly up into the next screen.
     The next part is a bit tricky as you will have statues shooting at you.
    Go to the Left and carefully make your ascent, watching out for the
    fireballs. Once you reach the top platform, run right through the wall
    as it is a fake. Smash the Golden Brick for a small heart and continue
    Right. Fly carefully over top of the higher platform steps and at the
    end time your flight carefully so you land and then block the Double
    threat of the Two statues. Fall down and enter the door to a transporter
    room and turn into Mouse Man.
     Jump on these Mouse Blocks and cling to the ceiling. Go Right until
    you fall into a small pit. Jump Up and Right and then continue through
    the top of the wall. [Note: There are invisible platforms on the lower
    route as well, but this is far quicker.] Move so you don't fall on the
    statue right below you. :) Continue on, jumping the statues and go to
    the next screen.
     In this screen, you will start off fighting some nasty Blue Crabs. As
    you go, you will come across a VERY malicious Fireball Cloud. I do mean
    Malicious as it hounds you very fast and all the fireballs move after
    you. At the end is a higher up platform where you can leap to and
    dispatch it if you didn't have any arrows to do so normally. Go down
    through the lower path's wall and plummet down the pit. You CAN'T make
    it to the upper platform. :~( And I have tried.
     After plummeting down, simply fall all the way down, avoiding the
    statues with care, and run throughthe bottom wall to fall down the pit
    with little effort. :) Gotta love those secret passage walls. ;)
     When you fall down, defeat the Red Cyclops and go Right. Enter the door
    and go to the chest. TADA!! THE FINAL HEART PIECE!! You will now have
    all 8 Hearts!!! Congratulations!! Now comes the tricky part. Leave the
    room and beat the Red Cylcops again. Run as fast as you possibly can to
    the Left and smash the Golden Brick to reveal a springboard. This is
    gonna be hard as there are now TWO VERY MALICIOUS Fireball Clouds to
    contend with as well as another Red Cyclops. Use the springboard to
    launch yourself up and through the wall and move down the pit.
     In this next room, pretty much the same as before. Avoid all the statues
    and then run through the bottom path's secret passage in the wall and go
    down the pit once more. 
     Fall into this watery room and dispatch of the Blue Fish before
    entering into the door. Transform in here to Piranha Man and exit,
    defeating the Blue fish once more. Swim up to the door and enter it.
     This next room is pretty much the same thing. Quickly dispatch the Three
    Blue Fish and swim up and enter the next door as well.
     Once you enter this next screen, you can't turn back. You will encounter
    several Blue Volcano Beasts. Time your move and slaughter them, reaping
    their rewards. Also watch out for the Blue Ninja's. They take Three hits
    and they like to swarm you around the Blue Volcano Beasts. Climb the
    steps at the end and drop down into the next screen.
     Gathering your wits and courage, continue forth and slaughter the Blue
    Shogun Warriors and Blue Ghosts [No Fireballs, Phewf]. At the end, open
    the door and transform into Lion Man. Exit once more and slash all the
    Golden Bricks to fall down into the next area.
     In here, watch out for the Two Blue Djinn's that hound you on either
    side. Slash away and then move down and destroy the Blue Buzzcut's as
    they approach. Climb the steps and plummet down the pit on your left.
     Nothing really big in this screen. Avoid the statues by running all
    the way to the Right and then move Left down the pit. You will also
    quickly bypass a Blue Ghost on the top that shoots fireballs. [No
    secrets in this room either.. I painfully checked.]
     This next pit room is a pain. The statues make your leaps difficult
    and the Blue Glowing Ball remains there as a pain as well, unless you
    take the time to slaughter it.. which takes a while. When you finally
    manage to make it down the pit, get ready to suffer some hardship.
     Now you will be in the dark corridors. The candles are your only light!
    Proceed to your Right very carefully, killing the Blue Spear Wielders
    as you come to them. Also be wary of the Blue Ghosts that shoot
    fireballs. They pop up behind you from time to time.
     The next dark room contains a myriad of statues that will shoot you
    from behind. To make matters worse, you will also be swarmed by Blue
    Ninjas along the way as well. Run like a madman, leaping statues and
    Ninjas until you reach the sanctuary of the door.
     You will land in another dark room with seemingly invisible platforms.
    Run to your Left, killing the Blue Buzzcut's along the way and fall down
    at the Left side. Be careful so you don't hit the Blue Ghost though.
    Turn and slay before travelling to the Right and falling down the hidden
     Now you will be faced with an all to familiar room. Fall to your Left
    and climb the steps, like you did in previous like rooms, dispatching
    the Blue Buzzcut's and Blue Ghost as you go and Plummet down the pit
    to the Left.
     You will be in a well lit Golden like room now. Go right into the
    center and you will fall into an invisible hole in the bricks. Push up
    to transform once more into Hawk Man, Fly up to your Right side passage
    to continue on, after leaving the room.
     The well lit rooms continue on in this near final room. Fly up and to
    the Right, carefully dispatching the Blue Spear Wielder that takes Two
    hits. Time your flight to the passage to the Upper Left so you don't get
    hit by the fireballs from the statue.
     Now comes a switch. Instead of having to plummet down the pit from the
    steps, you have to fly up from it. Land quickly at the top to deflect
    the oncoming fireball and then fall to your Right. Deflect another
    fireball at the bottom and fly to the passage at the top, being extra
    careful of the Statue at the top once more.
     On the next screen, fly up and to the Left before looping around at
    the top and going Right once more. Go through the secret passage in the
    wall and smash the Golden Brick for a small heart. Take a breather
    and casually scroll through this screen until you come to the ominous
    looking blocks. You see that door? That's it! The BIG ONE! The Final
    Boss rests behind this door!! Pause the game, wipe the sweat off your
    brow if there is any. Wipe your hands dry and take a deep breath. Let's
    Get It ON!!
     Enter Vampier Dragon!! This is going to be one of the hardest bosses
    of the game, namely due to the fact that it flies around the screen and
    so do you... well that and it shoots alot of fireballs as it makes it's
    moves as well.. and they hurt! The key here is not to hit it in the
    conventional head as you usually have done. You must hit the face
    in it's STOMACH!! I usually let it fly down to me and then avoid any
    fireballs and wahck it one. Although you may also follow it up and time
    your hit in the air, though this is a bit more difficult. The Dragon
    will often leave the screen to the Left or Right and come back the other
    direction, or do the same thing up or down, spewing fireballs all the
    way, so take note of this pattern and attack accordingly. The stomach
    will be the only one shooting fireballs! Note that too. :) After the
    usual amount of hits, and probably alot of healing from the Hades Armor,
    [You did remember to equip it right? If not, better hurry!!] it will
    soon bow down to your superior playing skills.
     When you win, the Salamander Cross [I believe that's the name for this
    artifact.] will fall down from the screen. Touch it when it's on the
    ground and all the animal friends that have helped you will die from
    your body, leaving the HUMAN you alive at last. You will go to an auto
    sequence from here where you arrive at the Familiar Platform in town
    and find it is Night time. You will jump over to the shop and look
    around before falling down and going to the Left, using the Springboard.
    You will stray over the Golden Brick bridge, pausing a second, and also
    pass the Hospital, pausing a further second. Remember that one building
    in town that had no door? Now there is finally a door!! You will enter
    it and finally be Home Sweet Home! Now sit back and enjoy the ending
    credits! Congratulations!! You have won the game!!
    The Cast List is as follows, for all you purists:
    Will O' Wisp
    Falling Block
    Giant Bat
    Master Skeleton
    Master Skull
    Wandering Born
    Air Giant
    Side Crawler
    Giant Toad
    Faerie Zombie
    Deadly Ninja
    Deadly Samurai
    Firing Octpus   [Error??]
    Hovering Smog
    Giant Fish
    Giant Cobra
    Fire Ant-Lion
    Fire Stone
    Fire Flower
    Mecha Dragon
    Mummy Dragon
    Dragon Zombie
    Captain Dragon
    Daimyo Dragon
    Vampier Dragon
    A Secret Password
     And for those who were curious about the code that was at the top of
    the solve before ;)
                             WE5T ONE 0000 000
     Enter this code and see what happens ;) Never know what SUPERHUMAN
    things will wonderously happen :)
    A Special Thanks To...
    James "Phillipe" Clarendon [James@Twobit.Com] for his information on
    how and where to obtain the Tasmanian sword. Go figure, the one
    corridor I forget to Quintuple check... 
    Christophe Gagné <svooterz@hotmail.com> for his information on how
    to live forever with the Hades Armor/Legendary Armor bug. :)
     That's all folks! Odd though, how Sega fails to mention any of the
    creators or geniuses behind this game... or is that intentional?
    TknoMncr is Mr. Kelly Flewin  [Tknomncr@Hotmail.Com]
    Wonderboy 3: The Dragon's Trap is Copyright of Sega
    This guide is Copyright Mr. Kelly Flewin, 2000-02
                  Copyright Time Traveller's Inc. 1999-2002

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