How do I get past star road?

  1. I'm stuck on star road and I don't know how to get past it or beat it. I have been trying for a while. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    rnr_refugee - 7 years ago

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  1. With the exception of Star World 5, all of the Star World levels require you to find the secret exit to advance to the next level. Here are their locations:

    Star World 1: At the second stretch of yellow blocks, go to the far right and break the blocks while hugging the right wall. You'll end up next to the key and keyhole.
    Star World 2: Progress normally. When you reach the pipe at the end of the level, don't enter it. Instead, if you look under the pipe there's a narrow passage at the bottom that leads right; swim along it to find your key and keyhole.
    Star World 3: At the start, pick up one of the Grab Blocks/Ice Blocks, then punt it upwards at Lakitu. If you hit him, Lakitu will be defeated, but his cloud will remain(if you kill him with another method the cloud will dissipate). Use the staircase-like formation of mid-air blocks to reach the cloud, then float up on it to find the key and keyhole.
    Star World 4: Late in the stage you'll come across a stretch of land with pipes. If you look underneath them there is a keyhole, and a key hidden inside a block. If you've activated the Green and Red Switch Palaces it is easy to get here as the green and red ! blocks will create a bridge. If you haven't, you'll need Yoshi to eat a blue Koopa shell from nearby to fly here.

    Star World 5 is different. If you clear it the normal way, a road leading to the first Star Road and Star World 1 will appear. If you clear it by the secret route, a Star Road leading to the Special World will appear. The key and keyhole in this level are located in the top of the level, about midway through. You have to fly up there, and it is quite difficult to access if even a single one of the 4 Switch Palaces(Yellow, Green, Red, and Blue) is not activated(and of those, Blue in particular).

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