Where can I find (red and green switches)?

  1. I can't find 'em.

    User Info: banana360

    banana360 - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. green switch- located in dount plains 2. when on the rising platforms theres a green pipe(i think) that will take you to a secret place. When you warp over there, keep on going and youll find 4 blocks in the air. you must hit the fourth one and a vine will take you to a key that unlocks the green palace. if your feather mario, fly and hit the blocks. if your not, continue and youll see a shell with blocks over it. stomp on them and hold the shell(be careful not to stomp it). climb the blocks with the shell and let it go so hits the top block.
    red switch- located in vanilla dome 2. after getting out of the water, go left and youll see a p block. DON'T HIT IT YET! instead, collect the coins formed in a line so that they wont be blocked when hitting the p switch. hit it, continue left, dont fall in pits and you should be in a pit with coins on the top. fall and youre back in the water. get the key, push it in the hole and youll unlock the red switch palace.

    User Info: kungfun45raid

    kungfun45raid - 8 years ago 0 0

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