Help with flying?

  1. Yo!

    i Need Help With the Flying Ability What i Mean is How do i and How do i Use the Ballon Type/Cape Power?


    METALLICAS_HEIR - 8 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    Isnt There a Way You Can Stay up in the air for a longer time by using the Blimp (cape) Thing?


    METALLICAS_HEIR - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Yellow Cape -> keep running right or left till Mario starts actually running and then hit the Jump Button. Mario will then take off. To keep in the air, alternate pushing Left and Right on the control pad. Assume your facing right. Pushing Left will make you fall slowly while pushing right will make you dive bomb and give you a temporary invincibility if you crash into something.

    P Balloon Mario -> As soon as you see the flying P, grab it and just maneuver Mario around using the Control Pad.

    User Info: Armydude213

    Armydude213 - 8 years ago 2 2

Other Answers

  1. Cape: run by holding I think y or x and then jump you'll start flying. P balloon: when u get it just press the jump button.

    User Info: pokemon8

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  2. Cape: Run, Y to take off...
    Slow descent A in air,
    Spin Y,
    Raise up (while flying): Press back as Mario dips to dive, can be done repeatedly. Also if you hit a hazard while flying, you will Spin Jump and have 3-sec. invincibility.

    Balloon: Directional Pad - move...
    You will float up if you stay still...

    User Info: dark_deity9

    dark_deity9 - 8 years ago 1 2
  3. Press A, not Y to take off w/ cape...

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  4. Get a cape Hold Y and run until mario sticks his hands into the air.
    Then jump by pressing B while still holding Y
    Keep holding Y and (assuming your facing right) hit left button when mario leans forward to gain height
    If you hold left you slowly fall and if you hold right you will fall quickly and cause an earthquake if you crash into land

    Also there is a sort of rare balloon with a P on it
    Touching it will make mario float
    You can use the directional pad to control mario

    User Info: blazeyboy007

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  5. You start running and after about three or four seconds you punch the a button for the cape. You fly with the balloon by pressing the b button continously. See you

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  6. You start running and after about three or four seconds you punch the a button for the cape. You fly with the balloon by pressing the b button continously.

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  7. Here is how to fly: 1.First get up to full speed To do that you need to make sure you have enough room to move with nothing in your way like an enemy or a pipe. you will also know when you are at full speed when Mario has his arms outstreched 2.Press the A button to lift up into the air and if you push in the other dirrectoin you will pull your cape out and float. If you have played Paper Mario 2 before when you turned into a plane you had to tilt in the other dirrectoin to stay in the air. The same thing aplies here. 3. if you are on Yoisi and you get up to speed he will fly with you. 4. If you fall if you hold A you will fall more slowly. And that is about all i can tell you about flying. Have Fun Flying!

    User Info: BeebBeeb

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  8. My guide on flying:

    Cape: Keep on running until you hit the max speed (Mario will hold his arms in a helicopterlike-fashion) and then hit B to jump. As you start flying, press back on the D-Pad while soaring to get a boost upwards, and Mario will hold his cape in something that could resemble a parachute. Keep doing it to stay airborne. If you press forward while in "parachute" mode, you'll do a nosedive. If you hit the ground, you will cause a shockwave that stuns enemies that can be stunned (Koopas, goombas, beetles, bob-ombs etc.). If you hit an enemy, it will die.... Unless it's a spiked one.

    Balloon: Just hit the B button to float upwards.

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  9. Odd. I would think someone would have answered this by now... it's quite a simple fix.

    Press the back arrow and the B button at the same time while in the air to recoil and bounce higher in the air, like a parachute. I think that's this "balloon" power you're speaking of. Pressing forward will make you lean forward and go into a nosedive when you're flying normally, but once you've entered this parachute form, pressing forward will only speed you up, as every time you press back you'll go higher, but lose a bit of speed. You'll have to tap forward every time you start losing speed if you want to keep flying forward.

    User Info: XTApocalypse

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