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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Pop / JBennetch

    Version: Final | Updated: 01/06/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                             Game: Super Mario World
                   Platform: Super Nintendo Entertainment System
                                 Creator #1: Pop
                               Creator #2: PWalker
                       Email Address For Pop: SPop6@aol.com
                 Email Address For PWalker: bennetch@mediaone.net
                           Type Of FAQ: FAQ/Walkthrough
                               Last Updated: 1/06/03
                                  Version: Final
    =                            Table of Contents                        =
    =                            -----------------                        =
    1: Introduction To Game
    2: Controls
    3: The Mario Transformation Cycle
    4: Moves For Super/Regular Mario
    5: Moves For Fire Mario
    6: Moves For Caped Mario
    7: Moves For Invincible Mario
    8: Yoshi
    9: Walkthrough
    10: Star Road
    11: Midway Gate & Goal
    12: Items
    13: Enemies
    14: Dolphins
    15: Multi Player Game
     15a: Mario
     15b: Luigi
    15: Bonus Game
    17: Game Play Screens
    18: Conclusion
    19: Credits
    20: Version History
    21: Copyright Information
    =                        1: Introduction To Game                      =
    =                        -----------------------                      =
    This game features great game play along with an awesome plot and
    killer graphics for its time. Another words it rocks. Anyway I'm going
    to tell the story behind the game which can be found in your
    instruction manual.
    After saving Mushroom Kingdom from Bowser and the rest of the Koopas in
    Super Mario World 3, Mario and Luigi needed to recuperate from their
    adventures. Together they agreed that the best place to vacation was a
    magical place called Dinosaur Land.
    But while Mario and Luigi reclined on the beach for a relaxing nap,
    Princess Toadstool disappeared, apparently seized by evil forces. After
    searching for hours for their missing friend, Mario and Luigi came upon
    an enormous egg in the forest.
    Suddenly the egg hatched, and out popped a young baby dinosaur named
    YOSHI, who proceeded to tell Mario and Luigi a sad tale of how his
    dinosaur pals were sealed in similar eggs by a group of monstrous
    "Monstrous turtles!," exclaimed Luigi. "Bowser and his bunch have
    returned!" Mario slowly nodded his head in agreement and, along with
    Luigi and Yoshi, set off across Dinosaur Land to find the princess and
    free Yoshi's friends. As they began their journey, Yoshi handed Mario a
    beautiful cape. "This may help you," Yoshi said. "Some say it has
    magical powers."
    With little luck (and help from a magical cape), our hearty crew can
    defeat the seven worlds of Bowser's Krazy Koopa Kritters. Many
    locations are well-hidden so explore everywhere and try everything. Not
    all locations have to be explored to rescue the dinosaurs and save
    Princess Toadstool, but there are many "starry" treasures to be found
    in far-reaching places. You'll need to search all to find out what
    treasures are there... in Super Mario World.
    Sounds cool huh? Well trust me it is! Now, on to the guide!
    =                              2: Controls                            =
    =                              -----------                            =
     _| |_
    * Moves Mario on the map screen.
    * After pressing START on the map screen, you can scroll the map view.
    * Moves the cursor.
    * Moves Mario
     / /
    * Starts the game.
    * Pauses the game.
    * Enters selections on the selections screen.
     / /
    * Changes selections on selection screen.
    * Drops reserve item from the box at the top of the screen.
    (_) A BUTTON
    * Makes Mario spin jump.
    * Makes Mario jump off Yoshi's back.
    (_) B BUTTON
    * Makes Mario jump. (Mario and Yoshi both jump when Mario's on Yoshi's
    * Makes Caped Mario float down slowly.
    * Makes Mario swim.
    * Enters selection on the selection screen.
    * Makes Yoshi fly when Yoshi has the ability to fly. (Explained later
    in the FAQ.)
    (_) X BUTTON
    * Makes Mario accelerate.
    * Mario can hold some objects by holding this button down.
    * Lets Mario punch objects and enemies on the other side of a wire
    fence while clinging to it.
    * After Caped Mario runs fast enough and jumps, he can fly.
    * Makes Yoshi eat enemies when pressed; lets him spit the unwanted ones
    out when released.
    * Makes Yoshi eat berries off trees.
    * Lets you cancel on the selection screen.
    * Makes Fire Mario throw fireballs.
    (_) Y BUTTON
    * Makes Mario accelerate.
    * Mario can hold some objects by holding this button down.
    * Lets Mario punch objects and enemies on the other side of a wire
    fence while clinging to it.
    * After Caped Mario runs fast enough and jumps, he can fly.
    * Makes Yoshi eat enemies when pressed; lets him spit the unwanted ones
    out when released.
    * Makes Yoshi eat berries off trees.
    * Lets you cancel on the selection screen.
    * Makes Fire Mario throw fireballs.
    (___________) L BUTTON
    * When in an action scene, the L and R Buttons can be used to scroll
    the screen forward or backward slightly. This can be used to see
    farther ahead or behind if needed. This function does NOT work in all
    (___________) R BUTTON
    * When in an action scene, the L and R Buttons can be used to scroll
    the screen forward or backward slightly. This can be used to see
    farther ahead or behind if needed. This function does NOT work in all
    =                   3: The Mario Transformation Cycle                 =
    =                   ---------------------------------                 =
    Some items will make Mario have special powers the items are:
    Mushroom = Super Mario
    Flower = Fire Mario
    Feather = Caped Mario
    Star = Invincible Mario
    Power Balloon = Flying Mario
    Every time you get one of these items you will change your form. Now
    what will you turn into? Here's what you'll turn into. NOTE: Fire Mario
    isn't better than Caped Mario or the other way around. It depends what
    your comfortable with. Once you know whom you play with then you know
    that this is the form you want to try to stay in for the whole game.
    LITTLE MARIO----------------------------------|feather|
         |\________                                   |
         ||mushroom|                                  |
       ______ \_                                      |
      |flower|  \_                                    |
         |        \_SUPER MARIO_  _______             |
         |        ______/       \|feather|_____       |
         |       |flower|   ______             |      |
     FIRE MARIO_/           _______              CAPED MARIO
    Invincible Mario (which can be acquired by a star) can overlap your
    current Mario making him even more powerful. The same thing goes with
    the Power Balloon except Mario is not invincible he can now fly. NOTE:
    You can't have the Power Balloon and the Star activated at the same
    =                  4: Moves For Super/Regular Mario                   =
    =                  --------------------------------                   =
    The following moves are for Mario in all his stages.
    | Walking (not running)|
     _| |_  |In which direction you want to move either left
    |_<+>_| |or right.
    (B)     |Mario will jump high if you hold the B button
            |down. Mario will also jump a long way if you hold
            |the B button down as he stomps on an enemy. This
            |is one way to kill an enemy.
     _| |_     _   |This move comes in handy just about
    |_<+>_| + (Y)  |everywhere. The controls are the same for
      |_|          |walking you can steer Mario press left or
                   |right on the Directional Pad to move in
                   |that direction.
    |Spin Jump|
    (A)     |You can't jump as high as normal jump, however,
            |you can defeat most enemies with one blow and also
            |defeat some of the really TOUGH enemies that can't
            |be beaten any other way. And when Mario is Super
            |Mario, you can also destroy blocks.
     _| |_    |You can dodge various enemies and objects when
    |_ + _|   |crouch. This is very useful.
    |Grabbing Items|
    Go Up To It + (Y)(hold)|This can be used to grab items,
                           |which can be used to help you
                           |throughout game play.
    |Throwing Items|
    release (Y) with an item           |Obviously useful. You
                                       |can through items at
                                       |enemies to kill them or
    +The direction you want to throw.  |to get far away coins.
    |_<+>_|direction you want to |You have to swim in some
      |v|  swim in +             |levels, so swimming is
     _      _                    |required. You need to get use
    (A) or (B) repeatedly        |to the controls though.
    |Holding An Item While Swimming|
    hold (Y)        |Pick up an item like you would on land.
                    |Just keep holding Y to hold the item.
    |Jumping Out Of Water|
     _|^|_     _      _
    |_ + _| + (A) or (B)    |You have to jump out of water
      |_|                   |sometimes, however, you can't
                            |jump out of water with an item.
    |Going Down Pipes In The Ground|
     _| |_
    |_ + _|while on top of pipe |Some ground pipes will lead
      |v|                       |you to a different part of the
                                |level while others will lead
                                |you to bonus levels.
    |Going Up Pipes Upside Down|
     _|^|_     _
    |_ + _| + (B)     |Some upside down pipes will lead you to
      |_|             |a different part of the level while
                      |others will lead you to bonus levels.
    |Running Up Pipes With Triangle Block|
     _| |_
    |_<+>_| (depends in which way the pipe is) |Running up
      |_|      _                               |pipes will
            + (Y)                              |sometimes
                                               |lead you to
                                               |bonus levels
                                               |or is sometimes
                                               |required to run
                                               |up to beat the
    |Clinging To Fences|
     _|^|_     _
    |_ + _| + (B)  |You need to pass by several fences to
      |_|          |complete the game.
    |How To Punch On Fences|
    While On A Fence (Y)  |If you want to kill an enemy on a
                          |fence this is the only way. It is
                          |harder to kill the enemies when
                          |they're on the same side so wait
                          |until they're on the opposite side.
    |How To Revolve On The Revolving Doors While On Fences|
    While On The Door (Y) |If you want to get to the other side
                          |of a fence this is the only way.
    |How To Cling On The Ropes|
    While Under The Rope (B) |Some levels require you to jump
         _                   |on the ropes, so it's a required
       _|^|_                 |move to learn.
    + |_ + _|
    |How To Move On Ropes|
    While On Ropes Move   |To dodge obstacles or get items on
       _                  |the rope, you have to move.
    |_ + _|
    |Sliding Down A Slope|
                              _| |_  |A very nice way to kill
    While At The Slope Press |_ + _| |enemies that are on the
                               |v|   |slope. You can also move
                                     |master than walking if
                                     |you do this.
    =                     5: Moves For Fire Mario                         =
    =                     -----------------------                         =
    All the moves are the same for fire Mario and Super/regular Mario
    except one.
    |Fire Ball|
    (Y)     |A very nice way to kill enemies.
    =                      6: Moves For Caped Mario                       =
    =                      ------------------------                       =
    All the moves are the same for Caped and regular Mario except in this
    stage you have a lot of new moves.
    |Cape Spin|
    (Y) |A nice way to kill enemies.
    |How To Fly|
    Accel (which you learned earlier) after 5 seconds (B)
                         _     _
    (to jump) then hold (Y) + (B) and steer with the
    Directional Pad    _
    |A very awesome move that will let you escape from the
    |action for a while or get secret areas.
    |Opening The Cape|
    While In Air (Y) + The Direction |You can perform rocking
    You Want To Rock In _            |action in this way, which
                      _| |_          |if you time right you can
                     |_<+>_|         |go higher than you
                       |_|           |started, but if you get
                                     |hit by an enemy you drop
                                     |back to the ground.
    |Body Press|
    While In Air Hold (Y) |A very nice air attack that hurts.
    Over An Enemy
    |Slow Landing|
                       _                |You can land slowly to
    While In Air Hold (B)               |avoid dangerous
    + The Direction You Want To Land In |objects on the ground.
     _| |_
    |Fast Dive|
                                        _    |Probably the best
                                      _| |_  |attack in the
    The Direction You Want To Dive In|_<+>_| |game the attacks
       _                               |_|   |the whole area
    + (Y) While In Air                       |and hurts every
    =                     7: Moves For Invincible Mario                   =
    =                     -----------------------------                   =
    You can be invincible whenever you get the star you can use this item
    over any current item. Whatever touches Mario can say good-bye.
    =                               8: Yoshi                              =
    =                               --------                              =
    When you see an egg it's your pal Yoshi, the game is a lot easier with
     _| |_                            |You move faster.
    |_<+>_| The Direction You Want To
      |_|             _
            Run In + (Y)
       _    |The only way to move.
     _| |_
    (B) |A good way to kill enemies and get over gaps.
    |How To Get Off Yoshi|
    (A) |If you're on Yoshi and you need to climb something
        |this is the only way to do it.
    (Y) |You can eat various enemies and berries if you do
        |this. If you eat a shell please refer to the shell
    (Y) |Certain things Yoshi can't eat, like shells. You can
        |spit it out items to kill other enemies.
    Certain shells give you certain powers here are the powers they give
    Red Shells = Fireballs
    You can hurt enemies in this way.
    Blue Shell = Flying Power
    You can fly for a certain amount of time.
    (B) Repeatedly
    Yellow Shell = Dust Cloud Jump
    Another way to kill enemies.
    (B) And when you land a dust cloud will kill nearby enemies.
    |How To Fly With Mario|
    When Mario Is In Caped Form |Yoshi can fly without the blue
    And On Yoshi                |shell if you do this.
     _        _
    (B) then (Y)
    |Yoshi Tips|
    1: If shells are left in Yoshi's mouth to long, Yoshi will swallow them
    after a while. If this happens, Yoshi can no longer do the amazing
    things he can do when he holds them in his mouth.
    2: If an enemy hits Yoshi when Mario is on Yoshi's back, you won't lose
    Mario or any strength; however, Yoshi will run away. If this happens,
    you'd better chase him with all your might, because if Yoshi falls off
    a cliff or into a hole, he'll be gone for sure.
    |The Legend Of The Colored Yoshis|
    Somewhere in the land of dragons, there are three different-colored
    Yoshis hiding. At first, they are little kids. So, you must feed them
    something so they grow. If you feed them five enemies, they'll grow
    into big Yoshi.
    |Red Yoshi|
    Red Yoshi always spits out fireballs, whatever the color shell in its
    mouth. You need to grow into big Yoshi first though before you can do
    |Blue Yoshi|
    Blue Yoshi can fly for a fixed length of time, whatever the color of
    the shells in its mouth. You need to grow into big Yoshi first though
    before you can do this.
    |Yellow Yoshi|
    Yellow Yoshi throws out sand clouds for a fixed length of time when he
    jumps, whatever the color shell in its mouth. You need to grow into big
    Yoshi first though before you can do this.
    NOTE: The little Yoshi's specialties are different than big Yoshi's
    =                            9: Walkthrough                           =
    =                            --------------                           =
    = World 1: Yoshi's Island =
    =Yoshi's House=
    Can't really do anything here. You can eat a bunch of berries after
    getting Yoshi though.
    =Yoshi's Island 1=
    Start off by jumping up for a dragon coin. I will not tell you every
    single enemy to beat, as it would be boring. But watch out for the big
    bullets that come a lot. Go along to the right, and spin some yellow
    blocks when you find them. Go in, and get the stuff here and get out.
    You will land on the mid-way gate. Keep going right; grab the dragon
    coin along the way. Fire the shell up to free the 1-up. Keep going
    right, and grab the extra life when it comes down. Keep going, and get
    the final dragon coin for a life. Ignore the charging chuck and beat
    the level.
    =Yellow Switch Palace=
    This level shouldn't need explaining, but I will anyway. Step on the
    switch, and grab as many coins as you can in the time limit (you should
    be able to grab 3 extra lives here) then go into the pipe. Step on the
    huge switch, and now all yellow dotted lines will be filled with yellow
    bricks! Now head to the next level.
    =Yoshi's Island 2=
    You can gain 5 lives here. Send the shell going up above, then run
    after it until it kills a couple more enemies then jump so it won't hit
    you. Go back, and ride Yoshi. If you still have Yoshi about halfway
    through the level, the block here will have a 1-up, and it will contain
    Yoshi if you had lost him. The right yellow bricks have a secret vine
    in it. Jump off Yoshi, climb up and get the stuff, and get back on
    Yoshi. Keep going, and you can go into the blue pipe but don't just
    yet. Continue on and eat all the berries first. When you get two pink
    ones, a cloud will come and give you coins and eventually a 1-up. Now
    go in there. You can't however get two pink ones in this stage. But go
    ahead and eat all the red berries first. Now you have to super jump off
    of Yoshi to hit all the blocks. One of them has a 1-up. When done, go
    into the pipe and go all the way right to the end.
    =Yoshi's Island 3=
    This level requires some jumping skills. First off, jump up to the top.
    Continue right, and be careful of the yellow blocks that move around.
    You don't really have to worry if you have already gotten the yellow
    switch palace though as there are many of these in the pit. You can
    have fun here if you have blue Yoshi, which you don't get for a while.
    You can fall under the block, release dozens of mushrooms, and grab
    them all at once, which is very fun to do. Anyway, this level doesn't
    really need much explanation, just jump across all the pits and
    platforms. There is a secret worth mentioning, after jumping a couple
    of white platforms and to the right there is a yellow pipe down below
    which you can enter. Get the stuff and get out of there. Get the midway
    gate, and jump along many platforms again. That star block will give
    you a 1-up if you have a lot of coins. If you don't, it will just give
    a coin. Now just go right and beat the level. Another thing worth
    mentioning is if you can super jump off of Yoshi at just the right time
    and hit the bar when it's at the top, you will get "50" and gain three
    lives too. When this meter hits 100 you will enter a bonus game, which
    is described at the end of this walkthrough.
    =Yoshi's Island 4=
    There is a secret 1-up here. If you have Yoshi, you can super jump off
    of him to the top above the screen. Run right and stay near the edge of
    the right side of the island, which has an item block on it. Soon a 1-
    up will come from the sky and land right on you. Go into the pipe, and
    do everything here. When you get back into the stage, shoot the shell
    up for the "p" switch. Use it, then quickly hit the block to the right
    for a Starman. Go right, and get as many lives as you can and go to the
    pipe to the right to the end.
    =Castle #1: Iggy's Castle=
    This level can be rich in extra lives. One word of wisdom: don't ever
    jump off the wire once on. Keep stomping the Koopas over and over and
    eventually you will start getting lives. Keep going, then you can
    switch sides of the wire and get even more lives. All the way to the
    right is a door to a new area. Watch out for the pistons here. They
    don't kill you, but you will get hurt by them. Then, finally, all the
    way to the right is the boss door. The boss isn't too bad. Just jump on
    him when it is titled in the direction you want him to fall. Soon, he
    will be one with the lava and you will have beaten this world.
    = World 2: Donut Plains =
    =Donut Plains 1=
    Get the cape from the enemy that is flashing. To fly, get a running
    jump, then while holding the run button, press the button opposite of
    where you are flying. Example: Run forward, jump while running, let go
    of the jump button but keep holding the run button, and every second or
    so press back on the control panel to keep flying. If on Yoshi you will
    just make a very large jump if you take a running leap. This level
    shouldn't prove much of a challenge. When you find a purple pipe, there
    is a bonus round. Something worth mentioning here is if you have a
    cape, the blocks will always give you a "0" if you hit the block from
    the left with your cape. Collect all your lives, and get out of here.
    After you are out of there, there is another pipe. You can practice
    your flying skills here. Near the end, there is one last secret.
    Secret Exit:
    Jump off of Yoshi up above just to the right of the green pipe. You
    should be standing on ground up above. Hold to "B" button and move
    around a bit, and while doing this, go right into the keyhole (what you
    grabbed was the key.) You can also fly into this area to get up.
    Normal Exit:
    Just go right from where you would get the secret exit.
    =Donut Plains 2=
    Fairly self-explanatory level. The only part worth mentioning is about
    halfway through there are platforms going up to the ceiling. The third
    pipe you can enter.
    Normal Exit:
    Just go all the way right to the pipe that leads to the goal.
    Secret Exit:
    Grab the shell in the enclosed area, and fire it at the highest up
    block to reveal a vine. Climb up it, and use the key. This is easier
    with blue Yoshi.
    =Green Switch Palace=
    Hit the switch, and get the Koopa to kick the shell and get you an
    extra life from all the enemies below. Now just hit the big switch.
    =Donut Ghost House=
    Secret Exit:
    If cape Mario, take a running jump from the right to the left and fly
    up into the area. Continue right, and go down the pit for some lives
    and the exit.
    Normal Exit:
    Head right, jumping over gaps along the way and going through the door
    at the end. In here, go into the door to the right. Now, if you want
    coins, hit the switch here and head left. If you want to finish the
    stage, head into the door again and hit the block for a vine that heads
    up to the goal.
    =Donut Plains 3=
    Another very self-explanatory level. The only parts worth mentioning
    are the following. When you find the "On" and "Off" switches be sure to
    hit one as you come to it. And, when you get the choice between going
    on a white platform and a platform above, go above. You will get to a
    pipe that leads to a bonus round, which afterwards takes you to the end
    of the level.
    =Donut Plains 4=
    Right at the start you can eat a rainbow shell if you have Yoshi. Fly
    right as fast as you can, and shoot it at the very annoying hammer
    brother guy. When you come to some slopes, kick a shell and gain a life
    from all the enemies down there. Keep heading right, and go into the
    pipe near the huge green pipe. Do everything here, and fly right over
    the hammer brother guy. Continue right, and hit the block when it is a
    feather, and it will be a Starman when it comes to you. Blaze through
    to the end of the level with it.
    =Castle #2: Morton's Castle=
    Before you go here, get a couple capes. Now time your fly so you can
    get up above. (If you decide not too, you will have to navigate through
    another area) and enter the door at the top. Continue up, until you
    find a bone guy below two other bone guys. Go to the right wall, and a
    1-up will appear. This is the easiest boss in the game. Just stop him,
    then before he can move much, stomp him again, and do this 3 times and
    you've won.
    =Donut Secret 1=
    A little through the level you will find a pipe. Go into it. Fly up to
    the right for a fire flower, and to the left to get more air. Fly up
    some more, and get the 1-up and two dragon coins.
    Secret Exit:
    Get out of here; continue through the level until you find a P switch.
    Grab it, but do not step on it yet. Go right until you find some
    blocks. Now use it. Get the key in the block, and beat the level.
    Normal Exit:
    Just continue through the level, not any trouble in this stage really;
    just go right until you find the goal.
    =Donut Secret House=
    Dodge around the ghost circlet, and hit the P switch. Spring over the
    big boo. Go in the door to the right. NOTE: You can defeat the Big Boo.
    Slide down the ramp onto him and he will "die". Continue, and dodge
    around this ghost circle as well.
    Exit #1:
    Continue left, and grab the switch. You need to be cape Mario before
    getting this far. Now glide up to the upper right of this room, and use
    the switch in this area. A door will appear, go in. To defeat this mini
    boss big boo, you must chuck the blue blocks at him as he reappears
    three times, then you've won. You now have access to the Star World.
    Exit #2: Grab the coins in the outline of a door. I think you get the
    idea. Go left, grab the switch, and hit it and go into the newly
    appeared door (the blue one, not the normal door) for exit #2.
    =Donut Secret 2=
    Shoot the block with a shell, and try to control the coins so that it
    never runs into anything (you can get 64 coins from it total) and head
    right. Use the spring to get up into a secret area, with a Starman.
    Blaze right with it. Go into the green pipe in the ceiling for some
    coins. Keep going right, and at the end you can kill several Koopas in
    one swoop to earn a life.
    World 3: Vanilla Dome:
    =Vanilla Dome 1=
    Easy enough level. Just head right, and go around the blocks to get to
    the right.
    Secret Exit:
    To get to the secret exit, you must have either gotten the red switch
    palace or jump off of Yoshi's back to get the brick, but then you must
    lose Yoshi to get up if you don't have the red switch palace gotten.
    Normal Exit:
    Head right into the pipe. Grab the Starman, and hurry right before the
    lava fries you. Continue right, and watch out for the spiny enemies.
    The goal is not much further to the right.
    =Vanilla Dome 2=
    Go right into the water. Navigate the water until you get to the right.
    Go up the vine, and continue until you find an arrow pointing down and
    go down there.
    Secret Exit: Go up and left, and run left. Use the switch at the solid
    wall. Fall down, and get the key. Go around the fishes down below to
    the keyhole.
    Normal Exit: Go right instead. Watch out for the charging chucks, and
    get a Starman from the changing block. Hit the switch, and blaze right
    to the goal.
    =Red Switch Palace=
    Hit the switch, then quickly go up above and make the rainbow shell
    defeat all the Koopas for you and gain you an extra life. Now just go
    into the pipe and step on the large switch.
    =Vanilla Ghost House=
    Go right, and dodge ghosts along the way. At the block part, where
    there is a little gap between blocks, the third block to the bottom has
    a vine in it. Go up, and go all the way right and down to a door. Dodge
    the green balls (you can spin jump and ride them across though) and
    grab the switch that is in yellow blocks. Go up to the coins in the
    outline of a door, get the coins, and step on the switch to make the
    door open up to the goal.
    =Vanilla Dome 3=
    Pretty self-explanatory, as many of the levels are. When you get to a
    pipe, there is a secret block just to the left to allow access up
    there. Keep going forward into the level, until you get to the next
    skeleton platform. Quickly get past here before you miss your ride. You
    can go into the yellow pipe for some coins and an powerup. At the part
    with another ride and many piranha plants, you must act quickly to get
    on your ride again in time. This will lead you right up to the goal.
    =Vanilla Dome 4=
    There is no need to describe this level at all. Just requires skill to
    dodge all the bullets around. When you get to a yellow pipe with a
    piranha plant in it, bullets will come out of everywhere on the screen
    and are nearly impossible to dodge. Run as fast as you can to the goal.
    =Castle #3 Lemming's Castle=
    This level can be quite frustrating. Wait for a magician to break a
    brick from below, and go down. When you get to the water, stomp the
    magician. Jump up along the blocks, and step on the switch. Go as fast
    as you can to the right where the door is waiting. Go into the next
    door, and this is pretty hard here too. Find out the pattern of the
    blocks, and quickly get in and out the areas before getting fried by
    the lava. When you find a mushroom, you are safe where that is. Lemming
    is pretty easy. One of the enemies that pops up is him. You can tell
    because he looks different than the two fake ones. 3 hits on the real
    Lemming will knock him into the lava, and you have beaten it.
    =Vanilla Secret 1=
    Climb up the level, and go up vines along the way.
    Secret Exit:
    When at a part with lots of Koopas, fly up to the left (to the left of
    the Koopas) and go into the pipe and go up and right to the goal.
    Normal Exit: When at the part with lots of Koopas, time your jump so
    you get up there without getting hit. Now go up and left and get to the
    =Vanilla Secret 2=
    Head right, and do not defeat any of the Koopas, as you will regret it.
    Go right all the way until you come up to a pit filled with spines. The
    second block from the left houses a switch. Bring it back all the way
    left to the piranha plants coming out of pipes, and step on it. Race
    left, trying to get all the coins. You will get around 40 lives or
    more. This is the best way in the game to get lives. Go back where the
    spines are, and head right. Go into the pipe near the huge pipe.
    =Vanilla Secret 3=
    Very simple level. Just go right, trying to stay up in the air. Watch
    out for the enemy in the water, but believe it or not Yoshi can swallow
    that huge enemy. Head right to the pipe that leads to the end.
    =Vanilla Fortress=
    Follow the path right. If small, go into the area to the bottom. Watch
    out for the brown spikes as they fall when you get near them. All the
    way right is a pipe, go in. Now just keep heading right, watching out
    for enemies and chain spikes. The boss is pretty easy to beat. Hit a
    block under 2-3 of them, and then jump onto one of the blocks before
    you get fried below and finish off the last couple of them.
    =  World 4: Bridge  =
    =Butter Bridge 1=
    ================= `
    Just follow the way that the screen goes and you'll be fine. At the end
    is a pipe that leads to the goal.
    =Butter Bridge 2=
    Very easy. Just get a cape if you don't already have one, and fly
    through the entire level to the end.
    =Cheese Bridge Area=
    Extremely easy. Make sure you have Yoshi and a cape. Just take a
    running jump to the right, and hold right and the jump button and you
    will bounce all around and not have to do anything but hold the jump
    button and right. Now jump again from here, and super jump once again
    after you land to get to the end.
    Secret Exit:
    Float down under the goal and jump off of Yoshi under the goal to the
    right to find the secret goal.
    Normal Exit:
    Just head right and finish the stage.
    =Soda Lake=
    This level is best done with Yoshi. You can stay up on the ceiling of a
    torpedo and the torpedoes won't do anything to you. Just carefully
    navigate the waters to the right where the pipe leading to the goal is.
    =Cookie Mountain=
    As always, you can just fly through the level. If not, just be careful
    of all the enemies that rain fire from the blocks. A very
    straightforward level clear up to the end so you shouldn't need any
    help here.
    =Castle #4: Ludwig's Castle=
    Start by going right and dodging spikes and enemies. You are safe in
    corners if you crouch. When you get to the door, jump into the little
    square shaped block just to the left. You should go through it. Go up
    and right, and into the pipe for a bonus round. After you are done here
    you will appear in an area with spikes coming down. Head left as fast
    as possible, and then hit the switch at the last second to raise up the
    spikes. Go left as fast as possible before getting killed by the
    spikes, but watch out for fireballs. In this room, you need to get up
    to the top to the boss door, but you can gain some more lives by
    stomping a lot of Koopas. To defeat Ludwig, stomp on him, and then wait
    for him to stop spinning in his shell. Then you can hit him again, etc.
    Three hits is all it takes.
    = World 5: Forest of Illusion =
    =Forest of Illusion 1=
    Head right until you find a spring. Get it, and bring it to the right
    where you see a lot of music blocks. Hit the yellow block, and bounce
    of the spring and then super jump off of Yoshi (very difficult to get
    this 1-up without Yoshi) and grab the life. Continue right, get a
    Starman, and get lots of lives here.
    Secret Exit:
    After defeating all those enemies, drop down and hit the block to make
    Mario a balloon. Go left, and use the key in the keyhole to get the
    secret exit.
    Normal Exit:
    Just continue right, the exit isn't much farther.
    =Forest Ghost House=
    Head right, and watch out for ghosts and the big boo. Continue right to
    the door. When continuing right, you will find a switch. Grab it, and
    go all the way right. Step on it, and go into the door.
    Normal Exit:
    Go into the first door you see.
    Fake Exit:
    Go into the second door you find.
    =Forest of Illusion 2=
    Follow the path, and be careful of those water spike guys. When you get
    about halfway through the level or so and there is a yellow block in
    the lower left corner.
    Secret Exit:
    Go through the wall to the left of this block, and here is the exit.
    Normal Exit:
    Just continue to the right, and the goal is waiting for you.
    =Blue Switch Palace=
    Go right, and collect a couple coins there. Now step on both switches,
    and quickly go up and grab all the coins. Now just go into the pipe to
    the switch.
    =Forest of Illusion 3=
    Just go right until you find a charging chuck.
    Secret Exit:
    When you find him, the green pipe near him you can enter. Destroy the
    blocks and use the key.
    Normal Exit:
    Just head right and the goal is there.
    =Forest of Illusion 4=
    Grab the life, and then shoot Likatu and ride the cloud as long as you
    can. Then, when he comes back, ride him again.
    Secret Exit:
    Land on the pipe, and go in. Another way is to time your jump off of
    the jumping Koopa to the right onto the pipe.
    Normal Exit:
    Just keep heading right to get to the goal.
    You can stay in the cloud forever if you go up as high as you can, so
    you can fly through the whole level.
    =Forest Secret Area=
    Extremely straightforward. Just stay on the platforms, and at the end
    if you have enough things on the screen you will get 3 lives.
    =Forest Fortress=
    Watch out for the pistons and grinders. Time your moves so either won't
    hit you. In the next room, you need to be careful of lava and yet more
    blades. If you are cape Mario and you are good at flying, go above the
    red door and fly above the fireballs to the right with lots of 1-ups.
    Now go into the door. Use the same strategy you did last time, and
    you've beaten this level.
    =Castle #5: Roy's Castle=
    Stay on the moving platform, and watch out for fireballs. Keep on it,
    and watch out for the brown spikes. When you get to a switch, step on
    it and grab the life. Now carefully jump from block to block here to
    the boss. This boss is very easy, just stomp him three times in a row,
    one after the other.
    = World 6: Chocolate Island    =
    =Chocolate Island 1=
    Simple level. There are a couple pipes that shoot you out of the big
    one. The last one you will need to hold both the A and B buttons to get
    to the other side, where the goal is.
    =Choco-Ghost House=
    Go right, and watch out for the pits and the ghost likatu. Go into the
    door, and jump off the boo blocks to get to the door. To do this, make
    them follow you near the door, and face them to turn them to blocks.
    The door leads to the goal.
    =Chocolate Island 2=
    This level shouldn't pose any trouble.
    For Exit 1:
    Go into the pipe, and finish this area with 250 or more seconds left on
    the timer.
    For Exit 2: Have a little bit less than 250 seconds on the timer before
    finishing the area you go into from the pipe.
    =Chocolate Island 3=
    Pretty straight forward. Just follow the moving platforms to the end of
    the level.
    Fake Exit: Just go up the vine.
    Real Exit: Fly under the exit to the right for the real goal, or jump
    off of Yoshi to get to the right of it.
    =Chocolate Fortress=
    This level is pure skill, so a walkthrough here wouldn't do much good.
    Time your jumps very carefully, and have patience. It really helps to
    have a cape too. When you get to the end, you know how to defeat the
    =Chocolate Island 4=
    Be careful on the platforms, because if you fall down you will die.
    When you can go down after a dragon coin, go down and get the lives. Go
    right, and hit the third yellow block from the left for a switch. Hit
    it, and go into the pipe. Get the switch here, and fall all the way
    down. Now fly up to the 2nd level for 3 lives, and go in the pipe (you
    can get the other items if you want). Now go right to the goal.
    =Chocolate Island 5=
    Not a difficult stage. Just go right until you find a changing power up
    block, then eat it when it is a Starman, and blaze through the level.
    At the midway gate, jump across moving pipes to the goal.
    =Castle #6: Wendy's Castle=
    Finally, a challenge. This level ranks up as one of the hardest stages
    in the game. One word of advice: Take your steps slow and carefully!
    Watch out for those killer spikes! They will kill you if they squish
    you head on. It's better to get hit by the blades than to die. When you
    get to a bunch of blocks, jump around the first one clockwise, and if
    you did it right a 1-up will pop up. Keep going, and you come to spikes
    that are extremely quick. If you make it, there's a save point. Now,
    this next part is a lot easier. Just wait for the right time to jump on
    platforms and make it all the way to the boss door. Wendy isn't too
    bad, but you do have to worry about two fireballs this time. You should
    know how to beat this boss, as she is very like the 3rd boss, lemming.
    =Chocolate Secret=
    Get all the way right while dodging charging chucks. When you enter the
    pipe, just hold the down button on the slopes, and then enter the pipe.
    Here, you must go right as quickly as you can across falling yellow
    platforms. You will just barely make it across before frying. The pipe
    leads to the goal.
    =Sunken Ghost Ship=
    This level Yoshi can actually come to. Go into the yellow pipe to the
    right, and take your time here as many ghosts appear. When you finally
    make it to the other side, go into the pipe. Get the star, and try to
    land on the platform to the right that has another Starman in it. Fall
    to the water on the right, and quickly go down and get the two 1-ups
    and then swim back up. Grab that ball to finish the stage.
    = World 7: Valley of Bowser =
    =Valley of Bowser 1=
    The fastest way through this level is to follow this pattern through
    the maze: Up, down, up, and go all the way down from here and watch out
    for charging chucks. Now just follow the path down and right to the
    =Valley of Bowser 2=
    Exit #1: Go right all the way to the pipe. The block has wings in it,
    which can only be used if you have Yoshi. Go up, and get all the stuff
    here and fall down to finish the level.
    Exit #2: This time ignore the wings, and if you have Yoshi, you must
    ignore him, as you can't do this with him. Take your time between
    moving or you will be squished. When you get to the other side and the
    pipe, watch out as this floor goes up. When you get past here, fly over
    the left wall over to the left where the key and keyhole is.
    Exit #3: This one is pointless, but to get to it just continue right
    from exit #2.
    =Valley Fortress=
    Probably the hardest stage in the game. First, have two capes (one in
    reserve.) When you start, race to the green block and wait to continue
    right. The next part you have to be quick. The next part you have to be
    ultra quick, take your time to move over at the right time. When you
    make it to the end you know how to defeat the reznors. Your reward is
    being able to go at the back door, which allows you to start near the
    end of bowser's castle.
    =Valley Ghost House=
    Start by going into the first door all the way to the right. Hit the
    switch, and race right as fast as you can.
    Exit #1:
    Go into the second door from the right.
    Exit #2:
    Go into the last door. Grab the switch, and go right to a block. Hit
    it, and make a little stairway to the top. Don't make it too low, or it
    won't be high enough. Don't make it too high, either. If you are caped
    you can fly up, and crouch while falling back down then rapidly jump to
    get in. If not, after making the coin stairway, step on the switch and
    go up to the key and keyhole.
    =Castle #7 Larry's Castle=
    If you are excellent in flying, fly around the whole level to the
    right. If not, just ride the block right. Fall down the pit down below,
    and get the stuff. Try to stay caped through the level. Here are those
    magician enemies, so watch out. If you are caped, you can destroy the
    blocks and not have to wait for the magician guys to do it for you.
    Once over to the right, the boss awaits. Larry is just like the first
    boss you fought, only with three fireballs on the screen this time.
    =Valley of Bowser 3=
    Not a very challenging stage. The blocks indicate how long they move
    before they fall down. Example: 4's last for four seconds. When you
    find two yellow pipes, you can enter the bottom. After this part have
    some more blocks (not all time ones though) and banzai bills coming at
    you. After this is the goal.
    =Valley of Bowser 4=
    Take your time, and watch out for digging chucks. The pipe after a
    series of platforms and lava you can go into for an ice area. Later on,
    you can get Yoshi.
    Secret Exit: Keep Yoshi to the end. Eat the key, and go into the
    keyhole with it in your mouth.
    Normal Exit: Just head right to the goal.
    =Bowser's Castle=
    Front Door:
    Room #1:
    Fairly hard, you must dodge fireballs and pistons at the same time.
    Extremely hard without gotten all of the switch palaces.
    Room #2:
    This is one of the easiest. Just get into the background, and you can't
    be hurt except from the Koopas. You can even gain a life from them all.
    Room #3:
    Not very difficult, but it is a maze. At the upper left corner is a
    hidden 1-up.
    Room #4:
    Not tough. Just follow the blocks to the other side.
    From any of the rooms, you will appear to the next four.
    Room #5:
    Run for your life as soon as the first spike goes up to the other side.
    Room #6:
    An underwater area with many skeletons and spikes and ball and chains.
    Not a recommended area to do, as it's long and fairly difficult.
    Room #7:
    You have to dodge many silver and jumping gold Bowser statues. Fairly
    Room #8:
    A room filled with charging chucks. This room isn't too hard,
    especially if you are caped.
    Note: The front door one ends up here after the other rooms, and the
    back door entrance starts here.
    Head right after hitting the switch to help you see, using the mecha
    Koopas to defeat enemies along the way.
    Bowser strategy:
    Wait until he shoots two mecha Koopas, and try to throw them up so that
    it bonks him on the head with them. After you do this twice, he runs
    away. Stand in between flames, and then the princess will give you a
    mushroom. Now Bowser shoots a couple of bowling balls that you must
    either jump over or spin jump around. Then he fires two more mecha
    Koopas, which you know what to do with. More flames, and another
    mushroom comes. Now he is really angry. He starts pounding into the
    ground, which will hurt you. He occasionally will fire mecha Koopas,
    which you must use to hit him quickly before he finishes you off. Two
    more hits and you've won the game!
    =                             10: Star Road                           =
    =                             -------------                          =
    = Star World =
    Note that the normal exits for the most part here do nothing, but I
    will cover them anyway.
    =Star World 1=
    This has to be the easiest level in the whole game.
    Secret Exit:
    Just go all the way to the right, spin jump, and Mario does all the
    work for you and you will appear next to the keyhole and the key.
    Normal Exit:
    Just bust away all the bricks and go all the way to the bottom of the
    stage, then go to the pipe to the right and get to the goal.
    =Star World 2=
    Another extremely easy stage. Grab the Starman and the baby Yoshi, then
    race right and hit the block to get another Starman. Eat a few enemies
    to get a full-grown blue Yoshi, the best of them all.
    Secret Exit:
    When you see the pipe, fall down a bit and go along the bottom area
    until you get all the way right. Eat the key, then go into the keyhole
    to beat the level.
    Normal Exit:
    Just go into the pipe to get to the normal exit.
    =Star World 3=
    Yet another very small and easy stage.
    Normal Exit:
    Just head right for the goal.
    Secret Exit:
    Jump on the switch, and if you have Yoshi, jump off and throw a block
    at likatu, then jump back on. Go up the blocks and jump on the cloud.
    Fly up, and go left for the key, and right for the keyhole.
    =Star World 4=
    The secret exit is very easy with blue Yoshi, and if you don't have him
    you will either have to have gotten many of the switch palaces or be
    cape Mario. Nothing much to explain except that once you get to the
    pipe where a Koopa is kicking a shell, you have two ways to go
    depending whether you want to get one or the other exit.
    Secret Exit:
    Fly down (remember it is much easier with blue Yoshi) and time your
    spit so that the shell hits the block to reveal the key.
    Normal Exit:
    Keep going right, jumping over the gaps and platforms along the way to
    the goal.
    =Star World 5=
    In this level you actually want to get both exits.
    Secret Exit:
    If you haven't beaten all the switch palaces yet, you must use blue
    Yoshi and fly up to the upper right corner of the level. First you must
    fly through a lot of the level. Make sure you have a green Koopa in
    your mouth, then spit it out, and eat it again to get enough time to
    fly all the way right to the key and keyhole.
    Normal Exit:
    Do what you did for the secret exit, except keep going right and
    continue going right. You will eventually find the goal.
    To get to the Special World, go the star road in the center.
    = Special World =
    If you are bored and want to listen to cool music, let the game stand
    still for a while on this world map. Eventually it will start making a
    remix of super Mario brothers 1 music.
    =Stage 1: Gnarly=
    Go up the vines, and grab the switch in the left yellow block. Carry it
    up above, and at the big drop step on it. Fall right and onto the
    blocks and go into the pipe. Get the coins and lives to the right, and
    jump up. Step on the gray switch, then step on one of the others. Grab
    the other with you, and step on it as the other is about to run out
    (but continue right) and defeat the fly hammer brother. Go right to the
    This is no doubt the hardest level in the game. Step on the switch to
    the right, fall onto the spring, and become balloon Mario. Now go
    right, and get the topmost right block for more air. Dodge the Koopas
    and plants, and continue. In this part, you must get under the chuck
    and hit the block under him for more air. Now just fly right to the
    end. Sound easy? Well try it and you'll see why it's so hard.
    =Way Cool=
    Get on, and get the third switch you see. Hit the next one too, and go
    into the yellow pipe at the end of the ride. Now, if you didn't use the
    pipe you will have to go through this hard part to the right. If you
    did, you will have Yoshi, and the block has wings in it. Get all the
    coins, and fall into the pit to finish the stage.
    Another hard level. Make sure you have Yoshi. Save the switch, eat it
    to bring it with you and spit it out a lot so you won't swallow it.
    When you get to coins in the air, use it. Get the Starman, and race. If
    you are falling in the pit, jump off of Yoshi to save yourself. Try to
    save this toward the end, because it is nearly impossible to jump this
    far. To the right is the goal.
    Just head right until you find a Starman. Get as far as you can with
    this, and you will be near the goal. It takes great skill to be able to
    get all the coins from the cloud. Past the huge pipe is the goal, not
    far away.
    Wait for the water to rise and come down, then go right and defeat the
    flying hammer brother. Just go right, and don't bother to get
    everything unless you want to. Watch out for those hammer brothers, as
    they are everywhere. You should do fine. At the end is a pipe, which
    leads to the goal.
    This level should seem familiar. Use your same tactics here, only there
    are fire snakes and bullets going everywhere. Believe it or not, Yoshi
    can eat the flames. About halfway through, you must bring a spring with
    you to a very tall pipe. The end is pretty hard, you must quickly get
    on the hammer brother's block and jump to the goal before you get too
    badly hurt by the cannons.
    This level isn't too bad. Make sure you have Yoshi though. Those green
    apples give you 20 extra seconds. In the music block area, the upper
    right most has a Starman. Race as fast as you can, and then a bit more
    to the right you will find an interesting thing. At the end coins in
    form of letters spell "YOU ARE A SUPER PLAYER!!" and then the end of
    the level. Congratulations! Your reward you are asking? Go into that
    star road to find out!
    =                     11: Midway Gate & Goal                          =
    =                     ----------------------                          =
    Midway Gate: If you run through the midway gate then you turn into
    Super Mario (if you're not already) and if you die you can restart
    there at any time.
    Goal: At the end of the level there will be a goal there. If you break
    through and hit the white bar then you get a certain amount of points.
    If you get 100 points then you get to play a bonus level!
    =                             12: Items                               =
    =                             ---------                               =
    They make Mario invincible.
    3-Up Moon
    They will give Mario three extra lives.
    Jumping Board
    Time it right and you can do a super high jump.
    Yoshi's Wings
    Yoshi can fly if you take these when Mario's riding Yoshi.
    Make Mario Caped Mario
    Make Mario Super Mario
    Make Mario Fire Mario.
    Jump Block
    You can bounce of these blocks and sometimes throughout items.
    Switch Block
    This block turns certain objects coins and vice-versa.
    Message Block
    This gives you hints and advice during the game.
    Yoshi will come out of here and if you already have Yoshi a 1-up
    Mushroom will come out.
    1-Up Mushroom
    These mushrooms will give you an extra life.
    Yoshi can swallow these they count as one coin.
    If you collect 100 coins you will get an extra life.
    Dragon Coins
    Gather 5 of these in one course and you will get an extra life. They
    also count as regular coins.
    Power Balloon
    Mario's body will swell up when he has these, which will allow him to
    drift through the sky for a fixed amount of time.
    Prize Block
    Hit this from beneath to get a coin or item. If a enemy is on top of
    these when you hit it, it will cause damage.
    Rotating Block
    Hit this from beneath and it will rotate for a fixed amount of time. If
    an enemy is on top of these when you hit it, it will cause damage. But
    be careful enemies can drop through rotating blocks.
    Grab Block
    You can hold and throw this block to kill enemies or hit prize blocks.
    If you see a keyhole then you know there's a key somewhere. Quickly
    find it and it will lead you either to a different part of the level a
    secret level or even a bonus level.
    Bonus Block
    If you get 30 coins in one course, punch it to get an extra 1-up
    Exclamation Blocks
    You need to fill these in with the switch palaces, but when you do you
    can get great items out of them or they might be stairs to awesome
    =                             13: Enemies                             =
    =                             -----------                             =
    Here's a list of basic enemies you will face.
    The same old Koopas are back again. Everything seems bleak when these
    characters appear! If you jump on a Koopa in this game, it pops out of
    its shell. And what's worse is that an unshelled will eventually fill
    its empty shell and climb back to start all over again. BEWARE! If
    Koopa climbs into a yellow shell he'll become invincible!
    Super Koopa:
    A Koopa that can fly once it has put on the magic cape. It looks like
    these guys might give Caped Mario some tough aerial combat. But look at
    the bright side...if you jump on one that's wearing a flashing cape,
    you'll get a cape feather.
    Jumpin' Piranha Plant:
    These are a tropical plant version of the Volcano Plant! Be careful;
    they come madly whirling out of the pipes and can be very tough.
    Jump on it to make it roll. You can also hold it or throw it.
    Monty Mole:
    This is a mole that bursts out of the ground. There's even bigger ones
    Boo Buddies And The Big Boo:
    You may remember the Boo Buddies from Super Mario Brothers 3. This time
    there's a whole heard of them! And amongst them there's a huge spook
    called The Big Boo. But don't worry, if you look at them, they act shy
    and turn away. Cute, aren't they? But watch it...they're dangerous!
    This is a dinosaur spook that roams the haunted house. It comes after
    you with its pale face and ohhhhh, what a ghastly spook it is!
    Rip Van Fish:
    This little fellow is always taking a nap, but when Mario comes along,
    he wakes up, and sets off in hot pursuit. Whatever you do, don't let
    Rip touch Mario!
    This is a great giant urchin drifting in the sea. It doesn't move very
    fast, so if you swim by carefully, they should be no problem. However,
    it's probably really painful if you get stung.
    As one would expect, you could only meet this kind of enemy in dinosaur
    land, and there are lots of them too. You have to stomp on Rex twice to
    defeat him. Rex has wings, but I don't think he can fly.
    Mini-Rhino And Dino Rhino:
    These are dragons from Chocolate Island. Jump on Dino-Rhino and it
    becomes Mini-Rhino. Watch out they breathe fire.
    These explode and scatter stars after a set time. Some of the Bob-ombs
    use parachutes to drop from the sky. These little guys are a real
    A nasty stone ghost that guards the castles and fortresses for the
    Koopas. If Mario comes close, Thwomp will try to crush him. The trouble
    is, if you pass it, you can't go on.
    A caterpillar that lives in the forest. Normally Wiggler is very quiet,
    but once jumped on, Wiggler turns red and gets extremely angry. If
    possible, treat wiggler with respect.
    This is one of the tortoise sorcerers. The strange of light that shoot
    from the wand are able to change blocks into enemies. On top of this,
    Magikoopa can appear and disappear in an instant. A tough customer to
    deal with!
    Sumo Brother:
    When this strange little fellow stomps its foot, lightning strikes, and
    turns whatever it hits into flames, BEWARE! Sumo Brother will even
    attack you with a karate chop!
    Chargin' Chuck:
    These All-Stars always seem to bar Mario's way just when he's within
    sight of the goal. They use a variety of bull-headed attacks, so you'll
    really have a tough time checking Chargin' Chuck.
    =                             14: Dolphins                            =
    =                             ------------                            =
    Don't worry, these guys aren't enemies; they help Mario cross water. A
    useful shoal of dolphin look alikes!
    Kind of an awkward section, but we've received countless e-mails about
    dolphins, so we had to add this section.
    =                          15: Multi Player Game                      =
    =                          ---------------------                      =
    A multi player game is much easier than a 1-player game. You can
    exchange lives too. Here's how.
    If you press L or R at the map screen, the screen on the right will
    appear. This screen also appears if one of the players finishes the
    game. When this appears, you can give some of your Marios (or Luigis)
    to the other player.
    When you're only using one controller, press B to give one of Luigi's
    lives to Mario; press A to give one of Mario's lives to Luigi.
    When you're using two controllers, player 2 (with controller 2) can
    press B to give one of Luigi's lives to Mario and Y to give one of
    Mario's lives to Luigi. Press START to return to the original screen.
    =                               15a: Mario                            =
    =                               ----------                            =
    Mario will be for whoever is player one there's no difference between
    Mario and Luigi.
    =                              15b: Luigi                             =
    =                              ----------                             =
    Luigi will be for whoever is player two there's no difference between
    Luigi and Mario.
    |How to save your game.|
    When you clear areas like a castle, fortress or haunted house, the
    following choices will appear on the map screen:
    *Continue and Save
    *Continue Without Save
    If you choose to continue and save, the route up that point will be
    saved in the Save Slot you selected has been saved, it doesn't matter
    if you switch the POWER switch OFF, because it is saved on the Game
    Pak. If you want to end the game in the same status as you started,
    select CONTINUE WITHOUT SAVE and then continue with the game. (Your
    extra Marios will not be saved.)
    When the game is over, the following choices will appear on the map
    If you select "End" you'll return to the Title Screen. If you select
    "Continue," you'll begin on the course immediately after the last saved
    When all three save slots have been used, you can delete the data in
    one on the slots by selecting "Delete Saved Route" at the Title Screen.
    And after selecting and restarting a save slot, you can choose to play
    the game as a 1-player game or a 2-player game. (The number displayed
    in the save slot is the number of areas you've found up to the point
    when you saved.)
    |Losing Lives|
    When you lose all your lives the game is over.
    You lose one life:
    *When Small Mario is touched or bitten by an enemy.
    *When Mario falls into a hole.
    *When Mario does not reach the goal before the timer reaches zero.
    *When Mario gets pushed off the screen (in the automatic scrolling
    If you are Fire Mario, Caped Mario or Super Mario, being touched or
    bitten by an enemy will transform you back to regular Mario.
    =                              16: Bonus Game                         =
    =                              --------------                         =
    Each time you get 100 points from the goals you get to play this bonus
    Hit all the rotating item blocks from beneath. The idea is to get a row
    of blocks with the same picture to win an extra 1-up mushroom. It's
    just like playing Tic-Tac-Toe!
    Here are the payoffs=
    Row of Mushrooms: 1 1-up mushroom
    Row of Flowers: 2 1-up mushrooms
    Row of Stars: 3 1-up mushrooms
    =                          17: Game Play Screens                      =
    =                          ---------------------                      =
    At the start of the game press START and the save slots for Mario A,
    Mario B, and Mario C will appear.
    Use SELECT to choose one of the slots and also whether it is a 1-player
    game or 2-player game. Then press START to start the game. The game
    consists of map screens and action screens.
    Top left: Mario's current status.
    Top: Current course.
    Somewhere on map: Mario's location.
    The game begins at Yoshi's house. Move Mario (or Luigi) by using the
    Directional Pad. At first, Mario can only go left or right from Yoshi's
    House. However, once it Mario has cleared some of the areas he will be
    able to move farther along. No go for it!
    If you wish to see the rest of the map press the START button and the
    Directional Pad to scroll the screen. Press the Start button again to
    return to where you were. (NOTE: This can't be done in world one but
    can be done in later worlds.)
    Some points on the map are red. These areas have a normal goal and a
    special goal (or secret keyhole). If you find the goal, a new route
    will appear on the map. Many of these new rotes can appear as a
    Top left: Number of lives.
    Top left next to number of live: Number of Dragon Coins you have
    collected so far on that course.
    Top left next to number of Dragon Coins: Number of points.
    Top center: Stored item. (Which you can get by collecting another item,
    you can use this by pressing the SELECT button or the item
    automatically drops when an enemy hits you.)
    Top right: Number of coins.
    Top right below number of coins: Score.
    Top right next to stored item: Timer.
    Press B or Y while on the map to enter an area. If you can get Mario to
    the end of the goal safely, the area will be cleared. Once an area is
    cleared, you can return there as many as you wish (except for castles
    and fortresses, which can only be cleared once). If you go into an area
    that has already been cleared, you can return to the map screen by
    pressing START then SELECT.
    =                             18: Conclusion                          =
    =                             --------------                          =
    It's been a whole year since we started this guide, and we really want
    to thank all of our readers for making this a success, we never
    imagined that so many people were still into this game. We really
    appreciate the feedback and we only hope that we can do our best in
    future guides.
    Hey here's a cheap way to advertise...visit my other guides that are
    currently up at the following URL:
    And visit PWalker's other work at the following URL:
    Well I hope this guide comes in handy for you and see yeah!
    =                              19: Credits                            =
    =                              -----------                            =
    CJayC - CJayC@GameFAQs.com
    For posting our guides, and putting up with us in general. =)
    Devin Morgan - DBM11085@AOL.com
    For helping us on formats.
    DLM - McFadanDaMan@AOL.com
    For helping me with my table of contents.
    We would also like to thank you, the reader, for taking time to view
    this guide. We hope it comes of use to you!
    =                         20: Version History                         =
    =                         -------------------                         =
    Version: .1 - 5/14/01
    This is the first and probably last version of this great Mario game.
    Version: .2 - 6/20/01
    We got rid of that ugly ASCII art, we also re-formatted parts of the
    guide. This will be the last update.
    Version: .3 - 3/20/02
    Our last version of this guide, major reformatting done. Enjoy the
    Version: .4 - 5/14/02
    Okay, we swear this will be the last version of this guide; we had to
    do a major reformat job though. Oh, by the way, today is this guide's
    anniversary, it's been a whole year since the first version of this
    guide was sent in, we appreciate all the positive feedback we have seen
    from our readers, and we hope we can produce more guides in the future
    that will help people as much as this guide has.
    Version: Final - 1/6/03
    Okay, last version, we promise! We just needed to do a format change.
    =                      21: Copyright Information                      =
    =                      -------------------------                      =
    This FAQ is Copyright (c)2001-2003 Pop and PWalker. This FAQ is for
    private and personal use only. It may NOT be used on any website other
    than the following sites:
    GameFAQs: www.gamefaqs.com
    If you would like to post this FAQ on a site, book, magazine, etc.
    Please contact us at SPop6@aol.com and bennetch@mediaone.net. If you
    post this guide in any way, shape or form without our permission on
    anything then proper legal action will be taken.

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