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    Bowser in 16 Levels FAQ by F.F.er

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 08/13/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                  Super Mario World
                                  Super Walkthrough:
                             Get to Bowser in 16 levels!
                                     Version 1.0
                               Nathan "F.F.er" Pickett
                              Only Available on GameFAQ's
            Hola chicos y chicas! This grand text file is to help you
            get to Bowser faster than the next guy. This walkthru took
            about 45 minutes to write, not like my Pokemon one which
            took days.
            I'd like to thank my computer, Little N, for letting me use
            him to write this. Also, I'd like to thank Michael Delgado.
            He was the one that gave me my SNES and got me started liking
            video games. Thanks, dude. Now, the good stuff.
       blue pump: the little blue switch with a P in it
       silver pump: same as above, but it's silver
       brown block: blocks with the scowling brown face in them (end product of
            getting a ? block)
       ? block: blocks w/ ? in them that give powerups
       yellow block: block with two vertical lines in it, spins when you jump
            into it
    **--** THE 16 LEVEL WAY **--**
    LEVEL ONE: Yoshi's Island 1
       If you've ever played this before, it's way easy. Just beat it. Not that
            hard. Go to the right and jump and you'll be alright.
    LEVEL TWO: Yellow Switch Palace
       This level is up the mountain on the left of your current map. Pretty easy
            just don't die. Go through the pipe on the right and jump on the big
            yellow button thing.
    LEVEL THREE: Yoshi's Island 2
       Again, straightforward. For an extra life, hold Y and run into the red
            shell. Jump and let go of Y at the beginning of the ledge and run
            under the ledge. Watch all the dudes die. If you see all of 'em croak
            then you get a 1-UP. Go right. Watch out for the football player guys
            because they hurt ya. Three jumps on their head kills em. Make sure
            you get the Yoshi.
    LEVEL FOUR: Yoshi's Island 3
      This is a way easy level, even though it looks hard. Go up the ledges and
            right. Watch out for the guys and keep right. The brown ledge things
            connected to the balls rotate around the stone axis. Use this to your
            advantage to get all the coins, just make sure you time your jumps
            right. Eventually you get to some yellow blocks that expand out and
            up. Time your jumps and know the pattern. Because you got the yellow
            switch (see LEVEL 2), a row of blocks is there to help you if you
            fall. Watch out for the football guy at the end.
    LEVEL FIVE: Yoshi's Island 4
       Ooh, a water level. Watch out for the jumping and the big fish in the
            water. The little platforms floating in the water sink if you stand
            on them for too long. Fireballs help a lot in killin the little fish.
            Yoshi's a plus too, he can suck them up. Towards the middle of the 
            level a blue pipe sticks out of the ground next to a sturdy ledge. If
            you take it, you'll end up in a place with no water. Go right. The
            little cat guys only die if you lure them into holes or lick them up.
            At the end, there's another blue pipe. Go down it and you're back to
            the water place. If you pick up the red shell to your left (be off
            Yoshi) and stand right under the yellow block above you, hold up and
            let go of Y, the blue pump falls down. If you hit it, the brown
            blocks the red koopas are on turn into coins and the coins to your
            right turn into brown blocks onto which the koopas fall. Go right and
            eventually finish.
    LEVEL SIX: Castle 1 (The only one of these you have to do until Bowser)
       Way easy. Jump and push up to get on the netting. If koopas are on the
            other side (you'll see their bellies) push Y to puch them off. Watch
            out for the guys on your side, though. If you push the punch button
            on the square things in the middle of the netting, you'll filp over 
            to the other side. At the end, go through the red door. This boss is
            way easy. With fireballs, even easier. Jump on him or shoot him till
            he falls off the side. Watch out for the balls he throws.
    LEVEL SEVEN: Donut Plains 1
       This level introduces you to the art of flying. Jump on to the dudes that
            fly into you. If their cape flashes red, then you'll get a feather if
            you kill them. The Y button makes you spin: this can kill normal bad
            guys. Holding the Y button and running one way or the other enables
            you to fly. Run to one side and after a second or two, you run a
            little different. Push B and hold it with up and you'll fly for a
            while. Just make sure you don't get hit. Watch for the baseball 
            throwing guys. They can be tricky. The little flowers that glow then
            spit out fireballs are predictable and can be killed by fireballs or
            your cape spin. Keep right, the Yoshi is a big help (you get one in 
            the middle of the level). When you get to the part with a mess of
            blue pipes, go in them all. In one of them, You get a feather and the
            speaker tells you how to fly and stuff. Run up the side of the pipes
            and fly for lotsa coins. At the end, do down the green pipe then
            finish the level.
    LEVEL EIGHT: Donut Plains 2
       This level moves automatically so make sure you don't get squished. The
            blue-black shell guys work like green shell koopas. In the middle of
            the level, when the yellow floor moves you up to pipes, go up the
            green one (jump & push up). Make your way to the key. Pick it up like
            a shell and run into the keyhole to beat the level.
    LEVEL NINE: Green Switch Palace
       Just as easy as the yellow one. Hit the blue pump to turn the background
            into coins. Collect as much as possible. Go through the pipe and hit
            the switch.
    LEVEL TEN: Donut Plains 1 (Again)
       Do exactly the same thing as before, but because you got the green switch,
            you can't beat the level like you did last time. Instead, run up the
            blocks, grab the key, hit the hole.
    LEVEL ELEVEN: Donut Secret 1
       A totally underwater level. The sleeping blue fish wake up and chase you 
            if you get too close to them. Fireballs work wonders in this level.
            About halfway through the level, under one of the ? blocks is a blue
            pump. Carry it with Y until you see a bunch of brown blocks blocking
            a ? block. Set down the pump, hit it, get coins (at least 1 so you
            can get out), hit the ? block. Oh! A key! Take it right and down to
            the hole.
    LEVEL TWELVE: Donut Secret Ghost House (the only one of THESE you gotta do)
       First of all, get a cape. In the first room is where you need to be. Go
            to the right a ways (run). Run back to the left and fly up. When you
            see a ledge, hop on and take it right. Go in the door. Watch out for
            the ghosts (if you look toward them, they dont move). Mr Boo shows
            himself. You have to hit this guy 3 times with the blue blocks under
            you. To pick them up hit Y then throw them at him. Remember how to
            throw blocks up? (see LEVEL FIVE) It helps. 3 hits brings him down
            for a win.
    LEVEL THIRTEEN: Star Road 1
       After taking the star by the ghost house and warping to a new map, go to
            the first red dot you see and play the level. If you're small, Pick
            up the mushroom. If you're not, don't get it. Go down and all the way
            to the right. Spin jump (A button) to the next level. Keep going down
            again on the right side, 3 blocks from the wall. There is a key and a
            hole. You know what to do.
    LEVEL FOURTEEN: Star Road 2 (The next red dot, not the star)
       An underwater level again. Go right and next to the blue egg. While
            dodging the fish, touch the baby Yoshi and let him eat the star that
            is falling. He'll grow into Blue Yoshi. Go right and dodge the fish.
            Upon reaching the pipe, go under it (not thru it) and do the usual
            key thing.
    LEVEL FIFTEEN: Star Road 3
       Being small without a Yoshi is not a good idea. Cape and Yoshi is a good
            mix, but you get a Yellow Yoshi in this level if the baby eats 5 bad
            guys. Anyways, hit the silver pump to turn the spikes Lakitu drops
            into silver coins. Jump on the blue blocks to the right and jump on
            him UNLESS YOU HAVE A YOSHI. If you have a Yoshi, lick him. Jump on
            the cloud and go up and then to the left. Get the ? block. Dont get
            back on the cloud, it'll disappear on you. Jump onto the right side
            with a running jump (holding Y) and do the key thing.
    LEVEL SIXTEEN: Star Road 4
       This is some tough stuff. Before you enter, make sure you have a cape and
            the Blue Yoshi from Star Road 2 (You can just push Start+Select to
            exit after you're sitting on him). Let me tell you what a Blue Yoshi
            does. If you eat a shell, you can fly like a Caped Mario as long as
            the shell's in his mouth and before he swallows it. Now: go right a
            long time until you get to that place where you're standing on rocks.
            A red shell's in front of you and the little baby koopa kicks a green
            shell down into the little valley thing. Go a head and blow the red 
            shell at the koopa, because you need a green shell. Go right a little
            more to a green pipe. Jump on & kill ONE green koopa. Jump onto a
            pipe and use A to hop off Yoshi. Hop on the green koopa till he's
            a green shell THAT DOESN'T MOVE (that's 3 hits). Hop onto Yoshi and
            suck up the shell and quickly move left to the end of the stones.
            There are green blocks below. Hop on them. Go right and as soon as
            you're off the blocks, tap B like there's no tomarrow and get on the
            OTHER SIDE of the ? block. Hurry and hit Y towards the ? to let the 
            green shell hit the block. Do the key thing.
    Dont bother with Star Road 5. Instead, go to the Star between 4 & 5. BAM!
    There you are, right at the Front Door. My reccomendation is to go into it
    with 2 capes (cape on and a cape in storage).
    For part 1 of the Castle, the easist door is #4. Go right, avoiding the 
    revolving suns and the big giant hole below you. Go through the door. I 
    always do door #6, but any door works, they're all pretty much at the same 
    difficulty level.
    For door #6, the rug things you can see through have a hole in the bottom of
    them. The totally filled in ones are solid. Use this to your advantage to get
    the mini-bowsers (jump on their heads. you can then pick them up and ram into
    other badguys, but they do come alive in your arms after about 10 seconds).
    In the top right corner right before the big open space is a 1-UP mushroom.
    Go into the door.
    At this point, no matter which doors you chose, you'll end up in a room with
    a disco ball above you and everything's all dark. Just turn up the contrast
    on your TV and it should be better. Dodge the lava, lavaballs, and anything
    else harmful and go thru the big red door to BOWSER.
    I'm not going to tell you how to defeat Bowser. You have to do that on your
    own, or check another walkthru.
    DISCLAIMER                             Copyright 2001 Nathan "F.F.er" Pickett
            CAN BE REACHED AT "csffxii@juno.com". THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

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