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    FAQ/Walkthrough by JThomson

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 09/05/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    #                    Super Mario World - FAQ v1.0                    #
    Produced by Jon Thomson (edgeleypark#hotmail.com.invalid), (c) 2002
    Table Of Contents
    1) Version History
    2) Introduction
    3) Walkthrough
    4) Credits
    *** Section 1 - Version History ***
    v1.0 - Full release of FAQ, with complete walkthrough, brief FAQ
    section. (4/9/02)
    v0.1 - Pre-release of FAQ, intended as a guide to getting 96 exits and
    nothing else. Not accepted to GameFAQs. (10/8/02)
    **** Section 2 - Introduction *****
    There are already FAQs out there for this game, but frequent questions
    are still asked on the SMW message board. Maybe people just don't
    bother to read them, or maybe they're missing something out. Either
    way, I thought I'd create a FAQ.
    While this is a great game, it's flawed in that it's too easy. It's
    simply too easy to get dozens of lives. Pretty much every level gives
    up the opportunity to get more than one life, through the Yoshi coins,
    standard extra life, the "hit the three blocks in the correct order"
    bonus room which pops up even in castles. The 100 stars bonus game and
    Top Secret Area merely compound matters. And as for levels like Vanilla
    Secret 2 and Choco Island 4, they're just giving a license to get as
    many lives as you like. The cape is also far too powerful. Unlike in
    Super Mario 3 on the NES, it's possible to fly through whole levels in
    one go. All these add up to SMB3 being in my .sig under the "Greatest
    Games Ever" category, but not SMW. There's also less levels than its
    NES counterpart, 68 compared to 90. In my eyes, the Switch Palaces
    shouldn't count as levels, even though they count as goals. There are
    96 *goals*, not levels.
    Some quick pointers - once you've completed a difficult level, go back
    to Donut Ghost House and complete that to save. Pressing L and R
    together when over a completed castle or fortress will allow you to
    play it again. Collecting 100 stars in total from end of level tapes
    takes you to a bonus round, where you can gain up to 8 lives. Just hit
    the blocks and keep a steady rhythm to keep getting the same icon.
    Having a cape in this hinders you slightly. If you are about to die in
    a level you've already completed (for example if you have the regular
    exit and are going back to get the key exit), pressing start then
    select will allow you to quit and not die.
    I'm assuming you've taken the time to read the manual and that you
    know what the buttons do. If not, practice on the easier Yoshi's Island
    levels until you're comfortable. Practice flying in the Donut Plains 1
    coin room (this is the first level where you get the cape, and it
    conveniently gives you a generous coin room to test it out in).
    Answers to some frequently asked questions - for quick reference, the
    switch palaces are in Yoshi's Island (yellow, after YI1), Donut Plains
    (green, after DP2), Vanilla Dome (red, after VD2) and the Forest Of
    Illusion (blue, after FI2). You can only get 96 goals. There is no 97.
    If you think you've got 96 and your file doesn't show 96, you've
    missed something out. Most frequently, you'll have forgotten to do both
    exits to all the Star World levels, or forgotten to do both the key
    exits to Forest 1 and Forest Ghost House. Your map might look complete,
    but the exits to these levels will redraw paths you've already got.
    More infrequently, you might have missed Soda Lake, Donut Secret 2
    or Choco Secret or the key exit to Valley Ghost House.
    ***** Section 3 - Walkthrough *****
    The guide will show you the way I would try to complete the game and
    get all 96 goals. SMW is very non-linear, and although it is possible
    to complete the game only doing about 11 levels (YI2, YI3, YI4, IC,
    DP1, DS1, DSH, SW1, SW2, SW3, SW4 and then the front door), it's not as
    much fun that way. You might decide to do the Star World at a different
    time to me, probably earlier. That's OK, but I don't see the point
    unless we're trying to shoot ahead and finish the game. I only bother
    trying to do the Star World once I can use it as a short cut to get
    back to the Top Secret Area from the Forest and beyond. Having
    completed the Forest also means I'll have hit all of the switches as
    well, making getting some of the key exits a bit easier.
    On the maps, a symbol of xxx means that the map will pan out to
    elsewhere when you take that path. I'd like to do one big map but my
    ASCII art isn't great. And a * next to a level indicates a save point.
    ========= Yoshi's Island ==========
    YSP*           |
     |            YI4
     |             |
    xxx        YI3--
     |          |
     |          |
    YH = Yoshi's House
    YI1 = Yoshi's Island 1
    YI2 = Yoshi's Island 2
    YI3 = Yoshi's Island 3
    YI4 = Yoshi's Island 4
    YSP = Yellow Switch Palace
    IC = Iggy's Castle
    Yoshi's House
    Left to - Yoshi's Island 1
    Right to - Yoshi's Island 2
    Nothing of any real use here. Eat the berries with Yoshi if you're
    Yoshi's Island 1 (1 goal, 1 total)
    Up to - Yellow Switch Palace
    Right to  - Yoshi's House
    Nice easy start to the game. The first flying block has a power up in
    it. One of the bushes also contains a mushroom if you run through it.
    Spin jump to break the blocks and go down the pipe to collect the
    third Yoshi coin. The fifth and subsequent Yoshi coins collected in
    each level get you an extra life. Hit the half way tape to start from
    there if you die (this will make you Super Mario if you are not big
    already). Throw the Koopa shell at the block above it for an extra
    life. The next ? block has another power up.
    Yellow Switch Palace (1 goal, 2 total)
    Hit the P, collect the coins. More easy lives. Go through the pipe and
    hit the big switch. Save your game. From now on, all yellow dotted
    blocks will now be filled in, and can be hit for mushrooms.
    Yoshi's Island 2 (1 goal, 3 total)
    Up to - Yoshi's Island 3
    Left to - Yoshi's House
    Pick up the shell and knock over all the Koopas for an extra life. The
    fourth ? block contains Yoshi. The second ? block after the half way
    tape contains another Yoshi. Note that if you already have Yoshi, this
    will give you an extra life. A regular block soon after will reveal a
    vine to climb to get the fourth Yoshi coin. Hit the P switch near the
    end of the level to create a platform to make getting lots of stars
    Yoshi's Island 3 (1 goal, 4 total)
    Right to - Yoshi's Island 4
    Down to - Yoshi's Island 2
    The second ? block has a Yoshi inside. After you see a blue Koopa,
    spin round with the next lift to see a pipe, leading to another Yoshi
    coin. The second ? block after the tape has a power up. With the Yellow
    Switch hit, there's nothing difficult about this level.
    Yoshi's Island 4 (1 goal, 5 total)
    Up to - Iggy's Castle
    Down to - Yoshi's Island 3
    The first ? block has a power up. The blue pipe leads to a secret area,
    but keep going until you collect the third Yoshi coin and then go back
    to it. Hit the P, then get the star from the block. Run along and hit
    all the enemies and you should be able to pick up around three extra
    Iggy's Castle (1 goal, 6 total)
    Up to - Donut Plains 1
    Right to - Yoshi's Island 4
    Kill all the Koopas you see. You should start collecting extra lives
    by the time you pass the little lava pit with the fireball, unless you
    did something silly like hit the P or touch the floor for any reason.
    There's seven easy lives here. Ignore the tape (if you die you want to
    be able to get the lives again). Go through the door. There's a power
    up in the flying block. Don't do anything silly with the mallets and
    get to the red door to face Iggy. Jump on him and he'll go downhill.
    Knock him in the lava to win.
    After completing this level, save the game and you should have around
    30 lives, a lot more if you died in the castle and got to get the lives
    again. This should do you until the end of the game, so let's continue
    to Donut Plains.
    ========== Donut Plains ===========
           ----DGH*----DP3---   xxx
           |    |       |   |    |
           |    |       |  DP4--MC*
    GSP*--DP2  DS1---   |
           |    |   |   --P2
           |    |   |
           ----DP1 DSH*--P1
                |   |
               xxx  S1
    DP1 = Donut Plains 1
    DP2 = Dount Plains 2
    DGH = Donut Ghost House
    DP3 = Donut Plains 3
    DP4 = Donut Plains 4
    DS1 = Donut Secret 1
    DSH = Donut Secret House
    P1  = Pipe 1
    P2  = Pipe 2
    S1  = Star Road 1
    GSP = Green Switch Palace
    TSA = Top Secret Area
    MC  = Morton's Castle
    Donut Plains 1 (2 goals, 8 total)
    Left to - Donut Plains 2
    Up to - Donut Secret 1
    Down to - Iggy's Castle
    Jump on any of the flying Koopas with a flashing cape to win that cape.
    The upside down blue pipe (above some yellow ! blocks) leads to a bonus
    room. When you leave, the pipe next to where you come out leads to
    another bonus room with lots of coins. Practice your flying here and
    collect some more lives. When you leave this room, track back for the
    half way tape. The first bush after the tape holds a mushroom. The
    first block after the pipe mentioned earlier holds Yoshi. The fourth
    regular block after Yoshi holds a vine leading to a Yoshi coin. The
    regular exit is shortly ahead. To get to the key exit, you need to head
    up the green dotted blocks once they have been filled in. You can fly
    up now, or take the easy route once we've hit the green switch in a
    couple of levels time.
    Donut Plains 2 (2 goals, 10 total)
    Up to - Donut Ghost House
    Left to - Green Switch Palace
    Down to - Donut Plains 1
    This level is an auto-scroller, similar to the second part of Iggy's
    Castle. As such, it's really annoying as you can't rush through it.
    The second ? block has a power up. The ? before the sandbank dropping
    from the ceiling has a power up, the one after it sometimes has
    multiple coins. You can go up the second green pipe to a bonus room.
    You will see four regular blocks, hit the highest one to release a vine
    which you can climb to get the key exit to the switch palace. Use the
    koopa shell if necessary (which is blue, so if you have Yoshi you can
    fly up). Otherwise, head to the pipe for the regular exit. This is
    quicker than doing the level the normal way.
    Green Switch Palace (1 goal, 11 total)
    Right to - Donut Plains 2
    Hit the P, grab the Koopa shell and kick it left from the platform.
    Follow it right and get an extra life with a bit of luck. Go and hit
    the switch. All the green ! blocks hold feathers.
    Donut Ghost House (2 goals, 13 total)
    Right to - Donut Plains 3
    Up to - Top Secret Area
    Left to - Donut Plains 2
    Down to - Donut Secret 1
    Bring a cape to this level. Note that you will leave Yoshi outside,
    probably because he/she/it's scared. Head to the first pit, run left
    and fly up. Run along the platform all the way to the end and drop
    down for 4 lives and the exit to the Top Secret Area. Otherwise, run
    along and go through the first two doors. Hit the block you see for a
    P switch. This is a red herring, you can go through the blue door it
    creates to the left for some coins if you like, otherwise go through
    the regular door AGAIN and hit the same block for a vine for the exit.
    Top Secret Area
    Down to - Donut Ghost House
    Middle block is Yoshi, left two are flowers, right two are capes.
    By this stage you should have 11 goals (or 12 if you went back and got
    the Donut 1 secret exit), over 40 lives and a nice easy way to save
    the game. We have a choice of paths now, we can either go and clear
    the Donut Plains levels up to Morton's Castle, or clear the Donut
    Secret levels. Just so we don't miss out anything (and gain access to
    the Star Road), we'll clear the secret levels first.
    Donut Secret 1 (2 goals, 15 total)
    Up to - Donut Ghost House
    Right to - Donut Secret House
    Down to - Donut Plains 1
    The third ? block holds a power up. The pipe leads to a bonus room. Go
    up and left with the balloon for another balloon. The second block
    holds an extra life. Grab the life and the Yoshi coin and drop down the
    right hand side for a power up. The ? block as you come out holds a
    power up. To get the secret exit, carry the P block along until you see
    the keyhole. Hit the switch and then hit the ? block which was blocked
    for the key. Otherwise, carry on, going as high as possible shortly
    after (you'll see a tiny gap) for a possible sixth Yoshi coin.
    Donut Secret House (2 goals, 17 total)
    Down to - Star Road 1
    Right to - Pipe 1
    Up to - Donut Secret 1
    The first section is pretty obvious. The block below the door that you
    can't reach right now holds an extra life, to get it you need to go
    through the "floating door" in the next area, then take the left exit.
    Grab the P switch and go back to the "floating door" area. Hit the P.
    Go through the blue door you see (assuming, of course, you grabbed the
    coins) for the regular exit, otherwise hit the block above the
    floating door for a vine. Quickly climb it and run along for another
    blue door to face Big Boo! Grab the blocks and lob them at him. He
    reappears in fixed positions (you can see him move anyway) so this
    isn't difficult. Just don't do anything daft like falling through the
    Donut Secret 2 (1 goal, 18 total)
    Right to - Pipe 2
    Down to - Pipe 1
    This isn't on the map presented above, it's in the Valley of Bowser.
    The level is icy but pretty straight forward. The block on the floor
    holds a coin chain. Direct it and collect lots of coins. The block
    above the spring holds a vine leading to a star. Grab it and hit lots
    of things for points. I don't think a 1-up is on here. The green pipe
    leads to a secret room. Nip backwards after you leave it for the final
    Yoshi coin. Jump on all the Koopas at the end for an extra life.
    Pipe 2 will lead you back to Donut Plains 3 where we continue.
    Donut Plains 3 (1 goal, 19 total)
    Right to - Donut Plains 4
    Down to - Pipe 2
    Left to - Donut Ghost House
    Spin through the regular blocks to reveal a vine, leading to a Yoshi
    coin. Go back down and while on the lift, hit the switches to change
    direction. The elevated yellow pipe leads to a bonus room. Head back
    after leaving it to claim the fifth Yoshi coin. The end isn't far
    Donut Plains 4 (1 goal, 20 total)
    Right to - Morton's Castle
    Up to - Donut Plains 3
    Kill the small Koopa before he gets in his shell, as the shell will
    become invincible unless you spin jump it. The blue pipe leads to a
    rather dull secret room. To kill the Hammer Brother, hit his platform
    from below. Kick a Koopa to the right on the hill off the brick to get
    an extra life if you're lucky. The second ? block in that section has a
    power up. The next blue pipe leads to another bonus room. The block
    after the half way tape holds Yoshi. When you reach the block where you
    can choose a power up, get the star and leg it to the right, hitting
    everything. You should get a couple of lives at least.
    Morton's Castle (1 goal, 21 total)
    Up to - Vanilla Dome 1
    Left to - Donut Plains 4
    At the start, you'll see a gap in the ceiling. Fly up there for a bonus
    room. You may need to run about a bit to get the Thwimps to go away to
    get a clear run up. Otherwise, just carry on until you get to a stony
    bit with moving platforms. You need to get to the top of this to face
    Morton. The fourth regular block in a row of five half way up conceals
    a vine which you can climb to get an invisible 1-up. Killing Morton is
    easy, just jump him three times. Be quick, or he'll climb the walls and
    drop on you from the ceiling. If he does that, jump out of the way and
    float down onto him (you did get that curiously placed feather right by
    the red door didn't you?) to hit him. Nothing too difficult, and castle
    2 is out of the way.
    You're now almost a quarter done, and should have over 70 lives, even
    if you do lose silly lives on Donut 4 while preparing this guide. Even
    if you don't, by the time you get Vanilla Dome done, you'll have 99
    really easily. Is this a design flaw? Probably.
    == Vanilla Dome and Bridge Area ===
        P3    VGH*------    | P3--VS2--VS3--VF*--BB1--BB2--LuC*--
         |     |       |    |                               |   |
         |     |      VD3   |            ---CBA----CM       |  xxx
    S2--VS1   VD2--    |    |            |   |      |       |
         |     |  |   VD4   |           P4   |      ---------
         |     |  |    |    |                SL
         --VD1-- RSP* LeC*  |           S3   |
            |          |    |            |   |
           xxx    P4----    |            -----
    VD1 = Vanilla Dome 1
    VD2 = Vanilla Dome 2
    VGH = Vanilla Ghost House
    VD3 = Vanilla Dome 3
    VD4 = Vanilla Dome 4
    RSP = Red Switch Palace
    VS1 = Vanilla Secret 1
    S2  = Star Road 2
    P3  = Pipe 3
    LeC = Lemmy's Castle
    P4  = Pipe 4
    VS2 = Vanilla Secret 2
    VS3 = Vanilla Secret 3
    VF  = Vanilla Fortress
    BB1 = Butter Bridge 1
    BB2 = Butter Bridge 2
    CBA = Cheese Bridge Area
    SL  = Soda Lake
    S3  = Star Road 3
    CM  = Cookie Mountain
    LuC = Ludwig's Castle
    I've decided to group these two worlds together as it makes mapping
    easier - after Vanilla Dome 1, there are two distinct paths to
    Ludwig, one via Lemmy and one via the fortress. Also, just having a
    map of the bridge areas looks a bit daft without the later Vanilla
    Secret levels on. To make things absolutely clear, the map on the
    left is INSIDE the dome, the map on the right is OUTSIDE.
    Vanilla Dome 1 (2 goals, 23 total)
    Right to - Vanilla Dome 2
    Left to - Vanilla Secret 1
    Down to - Morton's Castle
    The first couple of ? blocks you see contain power ups. You will see a
    large number of regular blocks ahead, in the third "compartment" there
    is a power up in the second block from the left in the top row. There
    is a Yoshi coin nearby if you still can't find it. The block one to
    the right of the orange pipe has an extra life in. The block on the
    floor by the red dotted blocks holds a power up. The block in the sky
    which you probably can't reach now holds a vine which leads to the key
    exit. With Yoshi you can probably jump off in mid air and get up, but
    we hit the red switch in a couple of levels' time anyway. When you get
    the star, you can run along and hit all the enemies for an extra life,
    but you have to hit the koopa quickly or you'll end up in the lava.
    Having a cape helps here. In the next area the block after the Yoshi
    coin has a power up inside.
    Vanilla Dome 2 (2 goals, 25 total)
    Up to - Vanilla Ghost House
    Right to - Red Switch Palace
    Down to - Vanilla Dome 1
    The second block from the left holds a power up. Make a mental note of
    the 3x3 block structure as you get the first Yoshi coin. The key to the
    Red Switch Palace is down there. Carry on and jump out of the water at
    the extreme left where you see three ? blocks to get an extra life.
    The block on the right of those three holds a power up as well.
    Continue and the next ? block holds a power up. Get out of the water
    and go left. Carry the P switch as far left as you can, grabbing the
    power up if you need it. Hit the switch and go through that 3x3
    structure I mentioned earlier, which will now be coins. The key and
    keyhole are both down there. For the normal exit, go right where you
    left the water for the halfway tape. Get the star and run right hitting
    everything for lots of lives.
    Red Switch Palace (1 goal, 26 total)
    Up to - Vanilla Dome 2
    Let the koopa get in the shell and become invincible. Hit the P and
    goad the shell to the right by walking along the platforms, hitting the
    other koopas as it goes and earning you an extra life. Try to trap the
    koopa between the last two coins as the P wears off so it doesn't get
    in the way of you getting in the pipe. Hit the switch and save the
    My method now clears up to Vanilla Fortress, but it makes sense to
    clear the ghost house, as it's a recognised save point. The way you go
    now until Ludwig is up to you, this is simply my preferred method.
    Vanilla Ghost House (1 goal, 27 total)
    Right to - Vanilla Dome 3
    Down to - Vanilla Dome 2
    The first block holds a power up. A block in the bottom row of the two
    where you meet Big Boo holds a vine to a Yoshi coin. There's a gap in
    the row above it which only gives you a couple to choose from. If you
    stay on the ground, the next ? block holds a power up. To get past the
    green ball things, spin jump off them. The middle block of the 3 holds
    the P switch you will need. Take it right, remove the 5 coins in a door
    shape, hit the switch and go through the door.
    Vanilla Secret 1 (2 goals, 29 total)
    Up to - Pipe 3
    Left to - Star Road 2
    Down to - Vanilla Dome 1
    To get past the first bit, head to the right and find the vines. For
    the secret exit, get to where you have to springboard past the koopas,
    and fly up and left to a pipe. It's easier to get if you've hit the
    blue switch as there are a couple of blocks which you can put the
    springboard on, but that means coming back from the Forest. There's a
    power up to the right of the springboard in the rightmost block which
    will let you get hit when going through the koopas if you are taking
    the normal exit. Use the next springboard and jump around to get the
    final two Yoshi coins.
    Vanilla Secret 2 (1 goal, 30 total)
    Right to - Vanilla Secret 3
    Left to - Pipe 3
    The first ? block holds Yoshi who is incredibly helpful for
    negotiating your way past the koopas. Just swallow and spit out
    rapidly. Go past the tape until you see Lakitu in a pipe and some note
    blocks. The third note block holds a power up. Grab that, and let Lakitu throw 
    out a couple of Spinys, preferably to the right. DO NOT
    KILL LAKITU! Keep going until you see lots of Spinys in a pit. Hit the
    second regular block you see for a silver P. Hit this and all the
    Spinys will turn to silver coins. Grab the lot and you will get three
    lives, run left and kill anything that moves for lots of 3-ups. The
    green pipe guarded by Lakitu holds a Yoshi coin and will launch you
    past the Chuck that splits into three. You'll still only have 4 Yoshi
    coins, the fifth is in the sky near the start of the level. It's not
    worth getting it, considering you'll have picked up over 10 lives in
    this level anyway.
    Vanilla Secret 3 (1 goal, 31 total)
    Right to - Vanilla Fortress
    Left to - Vanilla Secret 2
    There really is nothing to this level. I don't like this level as it's
    so boring. Try and fly through it all, ignoring the dolphins. If you've
    got Yoshi, you can just bounce off the big fish if necessary. There's
    no point in collecting the Yoshi coins as you should be on 99 lives
    after the last level. Get in, get out, get on to the next level.
    Vanilla Fortress (1 goal, 32 total)
    Right to - Butter Bridge 1
    Left to - Vanilla Secret 3
    There are two ways to do this level, the "small" way and the "big" way.
    I'm not sure which path is easier, I'm tempted to say the "big" way,
    simply because unless I'm already small, I'm not going to hit something
    just to get under those spikes and miss out half of the first section.
    It doesn't save you much time, as the "big" way will drop you out half
    way through the second area with the red door, where as the "small"
    way puts you right at the start of it. If you take the "small" way, I
    think taking the top route in the second area is slightly easier but
    it's all personal preference. It's all fairly linear and pretty self
    explanatory, most blocks give you power ups. If you have a cape you can
    spin the Dry Bones and those weird bandaged turtle things whose names
    I forget right now. Just take your time and don't do anything stupid.
    To kill Reznor, just knock all four heads off their platforms from
    underneath. You'll probably have to jump onto one of the platforms to
    get rid of the last one as the floor disappears to try to dump you in
    the lava. Finish him off and save your game.
    You can carry on and take out the two Butter Bridge levels if you like,
    but I'm going to complete all of the Vanilla levels and come back to
    them once I've got to Ludwig via Lemmy.
    Vanilla Dome 3 (1 goal, 33 total)
    Down to - Vanilla Dome 4
    Up to - Vanilla Ghost House
    This level is annoying in that it's not an auto-scroller, but it's very
    difficult to quickly fly through the level. The second flying ? block
    at the start of the level contains an extra life. The yellow pipe takes
    you to an icy bonus room. The block in it holds a power up. When you
    get to the stage where the lift goes under the platform that you have
    to stand on, use a Buzzy Beetle to clear the plants out of the way. If
    you fly up where you have to hit the hidden block to get past the
    orange pipe, you can find a bonus room. The ? block above the half way
    tape holds Yoshi.
    Vanilla Dome 4 (1 goal, 34 total)
    Down to - Lemmy's Castle
    Up to - Vanilla Dome 3
    Once you get used to dodging the cannons, this level isn't too
    difficult. The blue pipe after the halfway tape leads to a secret room.
    Track back a short way and you'll see a row of ? blocks with a regular
    block in the middle. That holds an extra life.
    Lemmy's Castle (1 goal, 35 total)
    Down to - Pipe 4
    Up to - Vanilla Dome 4
    This level is horrible! Come in as Super Mario (preferably with a cape)
    to spin through the blocks and move to the right. Don't stop until you
    hit dry land. Otherwise, you'll have to wait for the magician to make a
    hole for you. His wand will hit blocks and turn them into koopas. Grab
    the P, run along until you can see the door in mid air surrounded by
    coins. Take away enough coins so you can get at the door once you hit
    the P (the right three in a vertical row should suffice - just make
    sure you leave the one under the door). Go through the door for the
    half way tape and an extra life. The next section is great fun, just
    wait for the gaps, or, if you're a bit of a daredevil, try to run
    through as quickly as possible. There's a feather right by the red door
    to make things easy for you. Lemmy isn't difficult - just don't do
    anything daft with the fireball, and don't worry if you don't hit him
    after a few goes. Three hits will do for you.
    Cheese Bridge Area (2 goals, 37 total)
    Right to - Cookie Mountain
    Down to - Soda Lake
    Left to - Pipe 4
    Another fun level, with possibly one of the most infuriating secret
    exits in the game! Bring Yoshi into this level. The first section is
    just a case of setting all the lifts going, switching between them to
    avoid the saws and collect things. The first two blocks both contain
    power ups. Or, if you have a cape, just fly through this first section,
    with Yoshi you can bounce off the saws. Shortly after half way, you can
    get a power up, wings for Yoshi (which if collected will finish the
    level) and you can go down a blue pipe for a bonus room. Assuming you
    took the quick route to finish the level, you'll now have a handy blue
    Yoshi who's going to give his life so that we can get to Soda Lake.
    Get past half way, ignore the wings and you'll get to the rope and saw
    section. Using a cape, fly to the right and float down, using the last
    place you can for the run up to take off. You'll bounce off the saws
    and stay afloat. Now, when you reach the tape, don't hit it, instead
    float UNDER the tape and jump off Yoshi. Go to the right, collect 3
    lives and go to Soda Lake. You can also get under there by flying
    regularly, but it's very difficult.
    Soda Lake (1 goal, 38 total)
    Down to - Star Road 3
    Up to - Cheese Bridge Area
    This level is horrible. At times it's pretty much impossible to avoid
    being hit by the torpedos or the fish. There's no trick to it, just
    wait for the gaps and try not to die too much. Once you've done this,
    move back up to Cookie Mountain.
    Cookie Mountain (1 goal, 39 total)
    Down to - Ludwig's Castle
    Left to - Cheese Bridge Area
    None of the row of ? blocks holds anything special, but the one above
    this row holds a power up. After you have thrown the shell at the
    moles, fly up and run along the clouds for an extra life. Shortly after
    the halfway tape, there is a vine that leads up to an extra life. The
    next pipe leads to a nasty pointless bonus room, which puts you back to
    where I showed you the first 1-up was, so ignore it. The next ? after
    that pipe holds Yoshi. Eat the two pink berries to get a weird cloud
    thing, otherwise just grab the star and finish the level.
    Butter Bridge 1 (1 goal, 40 total)
    Right to - Butter Bridge 2
    Left to - Vanilla Fortress
    This level is just horrible. It's an auto-scroller, and has some
    annoying jumps. Come in with Yoshi and a cape to increase your chances.
    Don't jump unless you know where you're going. To stop the platforms
    sinking too much while you wait for the next platform to appear on
    screen, repeatedly make lots of small jumps, floating if possible.
    Put this one down to experience and move on.
    Butter Bridge 2 (1 goal, 41 total)
    Right to - Ludwig's Castle
    Left to - Butter Bridge 1
    The best bet for this level is to just fly right through it all. There
    are lots of caped koopas and koopas kicking shells at you, and it makes
    for an awkward level. If you decide to stay on the ground, the first
    elevated block holds a power up - use a koopa shell to get it. The
    second blue pipe after the half way tape leads to a bonus room. The
    block on the ground shortly after that holds Yoshi.
    Ludwig's Castle (1 goal, 42 total)
    Right to - Forest Of Illusion 1
    Down to - Cookie Mountain
    Left to - Butter Bridge 2
    At the end of the first corridor, jump through the roof, there's a hole
    in that small square stone. Go up and right to a pipe and a bonus room.
    After leaving, run like hell to the left, stopping only to hit the
    switch or to avoid being hit. In the net section, the first exit off to
    the right holds a power up. The red door is in the top left of this
    area. Ludwig is easy, run to the right straight away and jump him and
    you can get a hit in before he starts shooting at you. Once you've hit
    him, he'll duck into his shell and roll towards you. Try to keep him
    in the middle of the screen and quite close to you, so (a) he doesn't
    go off the screen when he jumps out - you can't hit him then, and (b)
    so you can quickly hit him before he starts shooting at you again.
    Three hits is all it needs, so get them quickly and head to the Forest
    Of Illusion.
    By now, you'll have 99 lives, give or take a couple, over a million
    points, three of the four switch palaces, three of the five Star Road
    entrances and four of the seven castles completed. We'll take out
    another 14 goals in the Forest, then the 10 in the Star Road (leaving
    the Special World for later), which will put us on 66, two thirds of
    the way there.
    ======= Forest Of Illusion ========
               |    |         |
               |    |         |
               |    |         |
              FSA   -----FI3---
               |          |
             x |         xxx
    S4--FF*--x--          |
             x    RC*------
    FI1 = Forest Of Illusion 1
    FI2 = Forest Of Illusion 2
    FI3 = Forest Of Illusion 3
    FGH = Forest Ghost House
    FI4 = Forest Of Illusion 4
    FSA = Forest Secret Area
    BSP = Blue Switch Palace
    FF  = Forest Fortress
    S4  = Star Road 4
    RC  = Roy's Castle
    CI1 = Chocolate Island 1 (just included for clarity)
    Forest Of Illusion 1 (2 goals, 44 total)
    Right to - Forest Of Illusion 2
    Left to - Forest Ghost House
    Up to - Ludwig's Castle
    The first ? block holds a power up. The regular block you can see
    surrounded by note blocks holds a 1-up. If you can eat the two pink
    berries, you'll create that cloud thing again. When you reach the block
    giving you the choice of power ups, get the star (other people will
    describe the method of hitting the Wigglers for lots of points, but I
    don't bother) and run through everything. You'll go over the keyhole.
    The key is in the block next to it. To get there, drop off the platform
    you went over it on and grab the balloon from the ? block and float to
    the left. The conventional exit isn't too far to the right from there.
    Forest Of Illusion 2 (2 goals, 46 total)
    Down to - Forest Of Illusion 3
    Right to - Blue Switch Palace
    Left to - Forest Of Illusion 4
    Up to - Forest Of Illusion 1
    This level is mostly linear and isn't too difficult, especially
    considering there's a feather right at the start. After the first real
    power up, go right to continue, but you can get an extra life by going
    down and then to the right. You'll see a small cubby hole with an
    entrance four blocks wide, the third block holding an invisible 1-up.
    Beware, the rest hold invisible coins, and hitting them may prevent
    the mushroom from dropping down to where you can get it (This happened
    to me - I had hit just one of the other blocks, I had to hit a third to
    launch the mushroom up and give it the angle to drop down through the
    only remaining gap). Going through the level the normal way, once you
    reach the yellow ! block by a sleeping fish at the bottom of a long
    drop, you can pass through the wall to the left to reach the key, or go
    to the right for the normal exit.
    Blue Switch Palace (1 goal, 47 total)
    Left to - Forest Of Illusion 2
    Collect all the coins you can first, then hit both switches to drop the
    Spinys down, then turn them into silver coins. If you don't collect the
    coins first, some will be stuck.
    Forest Of Illusion 3 (2 goals, 49 total)
    Down to - Roy's Castle
    Left to - Forest Ghost House
    Right to - Forest Of Illusion 2
    The first ? block contains Yoshi, who can collect two pink berries to
    get another one of those clouds. There's nothing important in this
    level, the key exit is in the tall pipe after the Chuck, although you
    will have to be big to get it. This is right near the end of the level.
    Forest Ghost House (2 goals, 51 total)
    Left to - Forest Of Illusion 4
    Right to - Forest Of Illusion 1
    Down to - Forest Of Illusion 3
    The first section is pretty straight-forward, just remember to spin
    jump off the ghosts if you need to. The second ? block holds a power
    up. The flying ? block after you go through the door holds a power up,
    but I don't advise stopping around to get it. The same advice applies
    to the first normal ? block. Those ghosts can cause you more problems
    than you would envisage. If you are small, you can get in and under
    that block below the P switch for an extra life (be quick about it or
    you'll lose a life to the ghosts). Grab the P. The first door you see
    takes you back in the level and wastes your time, go into the second
    pit, hit the P and go through the blue door. Go left on top of the
    original corridor, and through the first door for the regular exit, or
    continue and collect the final Yoshi coin and go through the second
    door. This leads to the secret exit (which also has a 3-up moon).
    Forest Of Illusion 4 (2 goals, 53 total)
    Right to - Forest Of Illusion 2
    Down to - Forest Secret Area
    Up to - Forest Ghost House
    If you grab the 1-up which Lakitu is dangling down, he'll start
    throwing Spinys at you. It's a matter of preference whether or not to
    get it, personally I find it harder to dodge the 1-up than dodge the
    Spinys so I just grab it straight away. The fifth ? block of six holds
    a power up. The elevated blue pipe after the half way tape leads to the
    key room. A Yoshi coin is high in the sky above the unoccupied blue
    Koopa shell.
    Forest Secret Area (1 goal, 54 total)
    Down to - Forest Fortress
    Up to - Forest Of Illusion 4
    There's not a lot of interest in this level. Either get on the lifts,
    or ideally fly through the whole level in a fraction of the time.
    Forest Fortress (1 goal, 55 total)
    Left to - Star Road 4
    Right to - Forest Secret Area
    In the first section, stay as far to the right as possible, which will
    take most of the giant mallets out of the equation, just leaving you
    to deal with the saws. There isn't any real trick to the second
    section, just wait for the gaps to open before advancing. If you head
    up above the red door, you can fly across the lava pit and get a lot of
    extra lives, but considering we've got a ton of those already, it's not
    worth the risk. Just take the normal red door and deal with Reznor.
    There's no difference between this one and the Vanilla Fortress Reznor,
    indeed they're all exactly the same and all just as easy to kill.
    Roy's Castle (1 goal, 56 total)
    Down to - Chocolate Island 1
    Right to - Forest Of Illusion 3
    Stay as close to the front of the moving chain of blocks as you can,
    so you can anticipate its moves and react to them. The fireballs
    shouldn't get in your way. When you get off, DON'T hit the P, instead,
    carry it along and throw it away safely. Ignore the power up as there's
    too much trying to kill you at that point. Run along, dodging anything
    that comes at you. Having a cape helps a lot. Roy is exactly the same
    as Morton except the side walls move inwards to decrease the playing
    area, so hurry up and kill him.
    We've now hit all of the Switch Palaces, and have only one Star Road
    entrance to find (it's in the Valley of Bowser, conveniently next to
    the Front Door), so now is the time to get the first part of the Star
    World done.
    =========== Star World ============
              |      |
    S2-------SW2    SW3-------S4
    |                          |
    |            S6            |
    -----SW1      |     SW4-----
          |       |      |
          |       |      |
    SW1 = Star World 1
    SW2 = Star World 2
    SW3 = Star World 3
    SW4 = Star World 4
    SW5 = Star World 5
    S1  = Star Road 1
    S2  = Star Road 2
    S3  = Star Road 3
    S4  = Star Road 4
    S5  = Star Road 5
    S6  = Star Road 6 (to the Special World)
    The Star Road is the quickest way to get from one side of the map to
    the other. Every level has two exits, one will take you forward, the
    other will take you back (except SW5, which is slightly different).
    These levels allow you to choose a colour of Yoshi, and get lots and
    lots of extra lives (I'm sure we'd be on 200 or so now, if the damn
    counter hadn't stopped at 99... suppose they were too lazy when
    programming this thing to use anything other than an 8 bit integer).
    Star World 1 (2 goals, 58 total)
    Left to - Star Road 2
    Down to - Star Road 1
    For the key exit, simply go to the far right and spin jump down. The
    regular exit is right at the bottom of this level. After the second
    drop, spin jump 7 or so blocks in from the right to get an extra life.
    Having a cape helps in this level, as while spinning, you'll also knock
    out the blocks to the side of you, allowing you some lateral movement.
    Get the star when you see it, kill everything on this level before
    getting the other star (in the same place as the first, but on the
    opposite side). Move down, killing things for lives. Get the third star
    (I think that even if you lose the invincibility before picking up the
    third star, your "invincible points meter" will not reset, ie. if the
    last enemy you killed while invincible got you 8000 points, the next
    one will give you a 1-up, not 100 points). If you initially spin jump
    down where the right hand hole is (after getting the second star),
    you'll come across enough flying koopas to get you a life easily. When
    the stars all run off, just get out of the level.
    Star World 2 (2 goals, 60 total)
    Up to - Star Road 3
    Left to - Star Road 2
    When you come into this level, you'll see a baby Yoshi (unless you
    already have Yoshi) hatch and a star float down. Don't feed the Yoshi
    the star, take the star and move along quickly to the right. Carrying
    the Yoshi will give you enough speed to reach the second star (in the
    block) for lots of lives. Hit everything you can without stopping. If
    you already have Yoshi when you enter the level, you'll have to let the
    star bounce along for a bit in order to reach the second star in time.
    In any case, the pipe leads to the normal exit, or swim to the right
    under the pipe (through that small gap) for the key exit.
    Star World 3 (2 goals, 62 total)
    Right to - Star Road 4
    Up to - Star Road 3
    For the normal exit, run to the right. You can wait around and hit the
    P to get Lakitu to throw out silver coins, but I prefer to just lob a
    block up at him straight away. Get the cloud and head up to find the
    key and keyhole. You can fly up as well, which is easier with Yoshi.
    The only danger on this level is grabbing a block and falling through
    the floor.
    Star World 4 (2 goals, 64 total)
    Down to - Star Road 5
    Right to - Star Road 4
    If you decide to come into the Star World from the Forest Fortress,
    this is where you'll start. I went back to Donut Plains to do the
    levels in numerical order. There isn't much to find here, it's a simple
    case of jumping from platform to platform. Feed Yoshi if you don't have
    one already. When you get to the red shell, grab it, drop onto the !
    blocks, throw it at the ? block and grab the key. Obviously, don't use
    the red Yoshi - he'll spit out flames which are no good. Use your cape
    if you have one. If you want the normal exit, there isn't any major
    obstacles preventing progress, and it's not far to go from there.
    Star World 5 (2 goals, 66 total)
    Left to - Star Road 1
    Up to - Star Road 6
    Right to - Star Road 5
    The only confusing thing about this level is how to get across the
    large chasm once you've crossed the initial set of drop lifts. It's
    quite simple, set off the coin chain and send it to the right. Then,
    once it's stopped, hit the P and run along. If you want the normal
    exit, keep going to the right, using Yoshi to defeat anything in your
    way. There's a baby yellow Yoshi where you get off if you need one with
    easy enemies to eat. For the key exit to the Special World, you'll need
    a cape. Send the coin trail up and right at about a 45 degree angle
    until it is just off the top of the screen, then send it straight to
    the right. Run along and fly off the end. You should see/land on some !
    blocks (if you miss the first time, you'll know where to aim the next
    time), carry on along these (I hope you've hit all the Switch Palaces,
    which you should have done) ducking under the blocks as appropriate for
    the key. You'll have to dump Yoshi if you have him but that's not a
    After opening up an easy path around the game, we'll go back and do
    Choco Island and the Valley of Bowser before going to do the Special
    World. There's only 30 more goals to go now!
    ======== Chocolate Island =========
            xxx             CGH*--CI1
             |               |
         ---SGS*         P5--+--
    P6   |        ------     |  |
     |   |        |    |     |  |
     ---WC*  CF*--+--CI3---CI2 |
         |    |   |    |     |  |
         |    |   ------     ----
    RC  = Roy's Castle (again included for clarity)
    CI1 = Chocolate Island 1
    CGH = Choco Ghost House
    CI2 = Chocolate Island 2
    CI3 = Chocolate Island 3
    CF  = Chocolate Fortress
    CI4 = Chocolate Island 4
    CI5 = Chocolate Island 5
    P5  = Pipe 5
    P6  = Pipe 6
    WC  = Wendy's Castle
    SGS = Sunken Ghost Ship
    Chocolate Island 1 (1 goal, 67 total)
    Left to - Choco Ghost House
    Up to - Roy's Castle
    The first bush holds a mushroom. The flying block holds a power up.
    The yellow pipe will launch you across the chasm. The next flying block
    after half way holds a power up. The next ? block holds Yoshi. The grey
    pipe will launch you and you should hit the koopa and bounce to safety.
    Choco Ghost House (1 goal, 68 total)
    Down to - Chocolate Island 2
    Right to - Chocolate Island 1
    The best bet in the first section is to simply run like hell until you
    get to the power up, then keep going quickly to the door. It can get a
    bit hairy, but if you don't think about avoiding the ghosts and moving
    pit and concentrate on simply moving quickly it works out easier. If
    you time your jumps so that you avoid the Fishin' Boo (which is the
    REAL problem) you'll be okay. After the door, the ? contains a power up
    which will come in useful if you messed up the first bit. If you feel
    the need, there's a 1-up in the extreme right hand end of this room.
    Otherwise, simply get the "brick ghosts" to follow you and form a
    platform which you can use to get up to the door and exit.
    Chocolate Island 2 (2 goals, 70 total)
    Left to - Chocolate Island 3
    Down to - Pipe 5
    Up to - Choco Ghost House
    This is a fun level to explore and is one of my favourites. The info
    box should give you some clues. The first section holds a Yoshi, a coin
    box and not a lot else. There's a hidden block below and to the right
    of the coin box which will allow you to get in plenty of coins (around
    20 if you do it right). Where you go when you go through the pipe
    depends on the number of COINS you have - 8 or less will take you to a
    slopy area with some flying koopas and some awkward jumps, 9-20 will
    take you to an area with lots of Rex's, and 21 or more will take you to
    an easy bit where you simply have to fly across a big pit with no
    resistance. Once you've completed any of these second areas, the TIME
    you have left on the clock will determine where you go next - get in
    the pipe with 250 or more on the clock and you'll go to the key exit
    leading to Choco Secret, just miss it and you'll go to an area with
    lots of dinosaurs, miss by a lot (more than about 20 seconds on the
    clock) and you'll go to an area with lots of mushrooms in bubbles. If
    you didn't get the key, the final tape will be in the fourth section of
    the level.
    Chocolate Island 3 (2 goals, 72 total)
    Left to - Chocolate Fortress
    Down to - Chocolate Island 3
    Up to - Chocolate Island 3
    Right to - Chocolate Island 2
    The first ? block you see holds a power up. The blue pipe leads to a
    bonus room where you can grab lots of coins. If you want the half way
    tape (this room cuts out a large chunk of the level) you'll have to
    track back, but you've missed nothing important if you simply continue.
    The first block to the right as you leave the bonus room holds a power
    up. Climb the vine you see for the fake exit (which sends you in a
    circle back to where you started), or fly under to the right for the
    real exit and three more extra lives.
    Chocolate Fortress (1 goal, 73 total)
    Down to - Chocolate Island 4
    Right to - Chocolate Island 3
    To negotiate the spikes, simply take your time and wait for the gaps.
    After the power up, don't try and run across the gap under the spike,
    jump. The easiest way to get past the first Thwomp is to get it to fall
    down then spin jump onto it and off to the right. The left block of the
    three is a power up - if it's a mushroom hit the right block and change
    the direction of it and try and send it through the gap, rather than
    mess around with the Thwomp and die trying to get it. To pass the
    Thwomp over the spikes, edge right until it drops and spin jump on and
    off it. To get past the next one, jump slowly right and whip back to
    the left when it drops, then spin jump over. Having a cape helps a lot.
    The same trick applies to the next one. Kill Reznor (using the generous
    feather right next to the final door) and move on.
    Chocolate Island 4 (1 goal, 74 total)
    Left to - Chocolate Island 5
    Up to - Chocolate Fortress
    There's three extra lives stupidly left in plain view near the start of
    the level. Having hit the blue switch, getting them is easy. That's
    just the starter, though. The main course is down that grey pipe which
    is blocked off. Make sure you have a cape. The third block from the
    left in that diagonal row above holds the P. Hit it and go down the
    pipe. Hit the P and fall down the extreme left side and don't float or
    anything. When the P wears off, fly back up one level at a time,
    collecting about eight lives and loads of power ups. Your clock will
    probably be running low after you leave here, so when you leave ignore
    the power up that's in the block to the right (unless you went in
    without a cape, in which case wait a few seconds after you hit the P
    so that you can get it to change back before you drop all the way to
    the bottom, and hopefully land on a level with something useful) and
    keep heading right. It's pretty linear and easy, and there's not far
    to go.
    Chocolate Island 5 (1 goal, 75 total)
    Up to - Wendy's Castle
    Right to - Chocolate Island 4
    The ? holds Yoshi, and the bottom right block of the 8 holds a power
    up. The yellow pipe leads to a bonus room. The yellow pipe before the
    big ocean leads to a bonus room as well if you ignore the first one.
    After you pass the trapped mushroom (if you ignored the first pipe),
    the bottom left block of the five on the floor holds an extra life.
    There's little of interest after half way, so try to keep the cape to
    make the trickier jumps easier and to help get past the Chucks.
    Chocolate Secret (1 goal, 76 total)
    Left to - Pipe 6
    Right to - Pipe 5
    To get here, take the pipe you accessed by getting the secret exit to
    Choco 2. Come in with a cape if you have any plans of survival. The
    green pipe leads to a secret room, but it's evil and doesn't hold
    anything useful, so ignore it. Slide the whole of the way down the
    second section. Having Yoshi helps in the third section, which is a
    test of how quickly you can run and jump. After the first multiple
    sandbank area, the block holds a power up, but ignore it if you're
    already fully powered, concentrating on avoiding the Chucks instead.
    You're home and dry after the second nasty sandbank bit.
    Wendy's Castle (1 goal, 77 total)
    Up to - Sunken Ghost Ship
    Down to - Chocolate Island 5
    Left to - Pipe 6
    Wait for the first spike to start rising before continuing past it.
    Don't try and cheat it on the way down. Duck under the first saw and
    spin jump over the second in the appropriate places. Take your time in
    the spike/saw section, especially if you can't duck under the saws.
    Take the quick moving spikes one at a time, jumping over the middle
    one, hit the half way tape and be glad you don't have to do that again.
    The second section is really easy so long as you remember that you can
    spin jump everything, and you don't try to cheat any of the moving
    platforms. Wendy is the same to kill as Lemmy, except all the pipes are
    the same height and there are two fireballs to contend with. Your
    priority here is not being hit by the fireballs, there's only one extra
    but it makes things a lot harder. Take your time and Wendy will soon
    be toast.
    Sunken Ghost Ship (1 goal, 78 total)
    Up to - Valley Of Bowser 1
    Left to - Wendy's Castle
    Just one fairly easy level before we get on to the Valley of Bowser.
    The only block you can see in the first area holds a power up. In the
    next section, loads of Boos will drift in and out - just be patient and
    stay in the middle where the biggest gaps are. It's not hard, just
    remember to face the regular Boos when you reach them, as you might
    have to wait a while to get past the circle of Boos. Enter the pipe
    and you'll hit a star and begin a huge drop. Hit as much as you can for
    lives, but try to stay roughly central, maybe a bit to the right, in
    order to land on a platform and grab another star. I think that if you
    miss it, a star falls anyway to pick up. Hit the green sphere to
    complete the level.
    Head to the Valley of Bowser if you want, but my guide will now
    complete some unfinished business elsewhere, namely the Special World.
    ========== Special World ==========
    S6  = Star Road 6
    Gna = Gnarly
    Tub = Tubular
    WC  = Way Cool
    Awe = Awesome
    Gro = Groovy
    Mon = Mondo
    Out = Outrageous
    Fun = Funky
    S7  = Star Road 7 (leads to Yoshi's House)
    Here come eight levels which range from the sublime to the
    Gnarly (1 goal, 79 total)
    Right to - Tubular
    Left to - Star Road 6
    Read the message box for an ego massage... then set off all four vines.
    Use the moving rope to get up, hitting the block on the right for an
    extra life. The block further up to the right holds a vine. Further up
    still, there are two blocks - one holds a vine, the other a P. Take the
    P right up to the top (there's one awkward jump using a note block that
    will take some practice) and set it off. Fall down the right side,
    hugging the right wall. You'll land on a ? block which the P created
    next to a pipe. Go through it. Get the Yoshi coins to the left and run
    along to the right for three lives. Hit the blue P and carry the silver
    P across. Kill the Hammer Brother and use the silver P where you find
    Lakitu. You probably won't get any lives here though. The exit is just
    to the right.
    Tubular (1 goal, 80 total)
    Right to - Way Cool
    Left to - Gnarly
    Contrary to popular belief, this is NOT the most difficult level in
    the game, I think Awesome is. However, Awesome is easily navigated with
    a blue Yoshi. In any case, this isn't too difficult if you know what
    you're doing. Come in with a cape. This can help you if a balloon dies
    near the tape and you can float across. Hit the P, drop onto the
    springboard and hit the ?. Get the balloon. Stay high above the Chucks.
    Hit the ? for another balloon. Let it run along a bit before getting
    it, ideally up to the koopas. Go in between the bottom two koopas and
    underneath the plants. The block that the bottom of the two Chucks is
    standing on holds your final balloon. You need to dodge the footballs
    and grab it. When you get it, you should be under the firing arc of the
    higher Chuck, so kill him from below and do the same to the next two
    plants, the only thing standing between you and the end of the level.
    See, that wasn't too hard, was it?
    Way Cool (1 goal, 81 total)
    Right to - Awesome
    Left to - Tubular
    There are two ways to do this level - the hard way and the easy way.
    The hard way involves going past all the switches, hitting that ?
    block to release the wings, wonder why you haven't got Yoshi and
    continuing right past a really hard rope section, or hitting the
    switches in this order - ON, ON, OFF, ON, going down the pipe, getting
    Yoshi, coming out where the aforementioned ? is and getting the wings
    to finish the level. You decide. I chose the easy way.
    Awesome (1 goal, 82 total)
    Right to - Groovy
    Left to - Way Cool
    There's no trick to this, it's just really hard. Come in with a cape
    and blue Yoshi from previous level. Keep eating koopas and flying
    through the whole level. If you decide to do it the hard way, the only
    thing to remember is not to go berzerk when you get the star, and that
    you need to bounce off one of the koopas onto an incredibly small icy
    block, which you will kill straight off if invincible. The jumps are
    simply too hard, especially if you try without a cape to stabilise
    Groovy (1 goal, 83 total)
    Left to - Mondo
    Right to - Awesome
    Looks familiar? It should do. The block on the floor holds Yoshi, which
    you should know from the title sequence. There's nothing difficult in
    this level, just get to the star and then run through everything. The
    only difficult bit is right at the end where you have to pass a couple
    of awkwardly placed Chucks.
    Mondo (1 goal, 84 total)
    Left to - Outrageous
    Right to - Groovy
    Having Yoshi is a big help on the final three Special World levels.
    The strong current makes this level awkward. Kill the Hammer Brother,
    then get onto dry land. Wait for the water to rise and grab the power
    up just before the blue pipe. The highest of the next three ? blocks
    holds Yoshi if you lost him, and the lower of the next two blue pipes
    leads to a bonus room. Near the end, there are two long rows of ?
    blocks, the sixth block in from the right on the top row holds a power
    up. Kill the Hammer Brother, get in the pipe and you're done.
    Outrageous (1 goal, 85 total)
    Trying to do this level without Yoshi is asking for trouble. If you
    lost Yoshi on the last level, go back to Way Cool and get one. Come in
    with a cape as well if possible. Eat all the Wigglers and large flames,
    you can't eat the small ones and they still cause damage so you'll just
    have to get around them. Swallow the springboard when you reach it, and
    try to jump from cannon to cannon. Two things can go wrong here - you
    could fall off onto the floor (get back up very quickly - spit out the
    springboard and eat anything in the proximity if necessary), or Yoshi
    could start to eat the springboard. If he does, spit it out and eat it
    again. You need it to clear the large orange pipe. Clear it, kill the
    Hammer Brother and eat anything that moves in the "exploding enemy
    block" section. There's another Yoshi ahead if you lost him in this
    area. Keep moving forward, the middle of the three ? blocks holds a
    power up (keep your cape if you have one). Kill the Hammer Brother at
    the end of the level very quickly before the Bullet Bills become a
    Funky (1 goal, 86 total)
    The first thing to realise is that you only have 200 seconds on the
    clock. The second thing to realise is that Yoshi can eat the green
    berries to give you an extra 20 seconds. The high ? block holds him if
    you don't have one. The P you can find doesn't appear to do anything
    constructive. The high flying block above the rows of blocks you can
    pick up holds a 1-up. Get past the Chucks and read the You Are A Super
    Player !! sign. Just don't run out of time whilst gloating.
    Once completing this level, all the map colours will change and a lot
    of the enemies will have changed.
    ======== Valley Of Bowser =========
    DS2---P2   S5---FD   BD
     |          |    |    |
     |          |    |    |
     P1        VB4--LaC* VF*
                |    |    |
                |    |    |         x
    P1  = Pipe 1
    P2  = Pipe 2
    P5  = Pipe 5
    P6  = Pipe 6
    DS2 = Donut Secret 2
    CS  = Chocolate Secret
    VB1 = Valley Of Bowser 1
    VB2 = Valley Of Bowser 2
    VGH = Valley Ghost House
    VB3 = Valley Of Bowser 3
    VB4 = Valley Of Bowser 4
    S5  = Star Road 5
    VF  = Valley Fortress
    LaC = Larry's Castle
    FD  = Front Door
    BD  = Back Door
    Valley Of Bowser 1 (1 goal, 87 total)
    Left to - Valley Of Bowser 2
    Right to - Sunken Ghost Ship
    Two things to remember - your goal is in the bottom right, and you can
    safely stand on the giant moles. Go down at the first fork for a Yoshi
    coin. After collecting that, keep taking the top route until you find
    the half way tape. From there, head up and use a mole to cross the
    munchers, and jump across to the right to find a 3-up moon. There's
    nothing worth backtracking for, so drop down and continue to the right.
    Take the second path from the bottom for a Yoshi coin, and fill in the
    gap in the path above by hitting the invisible coin blocks. The second
    path from the top also leads to a Yoshi coin. The bottom and middle
    paths will allow you to continue. Find the vine (shouldn't be too
    hard), climb it and enter the pipe for a bonus room. Otherwise, take
    the top or middle paths for another Yoshi coin, or the bottom path to
    Valley Of Bowser 2 (2 goals, 89 total)
    Left to - Valley Ghost House
    Up to - Valley Fortress
    Right to - Valley Of Bowser 1
    The first block holds a power up, but beware as the invincible koopa
    shell will be coming for you. If you are small, hit the half way tape
    before collecting the mushroom so you can have it in reserve. When you
    leave the pipe, jump up and go up and left as far as you can, then jump
    for a power up. The Yoshi wings will allow you to skip the rest of the
    level if you have Yoshi - which is useful. To get the key exit, you
    need to traverse this moving maze of sand, which will crush you if you
    don't think. The golden rule is that there's normally a place to stop
    and think out your next move. There's only normally two choices - to
    advance when it's going up or down. Look to which one doesn't kill you
    and take the other one. You're going to have to run in places to avoid
    being squashed. When you go through the pipe, head right STRAIGHT AWAY
    as you'll immediately set the floor off rising, then fly up and left
    onto the ceiling at the first opportunity, carry on to the left and
    find the key. The normal exit is shortly ahead to the right, although
    I'd just get the key, do the level again to the half way tape, start
    and select and go back and get Yoshi from somewhere.
    We now have a choice of paths. I'm taking out Valley Fortress first, as
    it can be a bit annoying and I want it out of the way.
    Valley Fortress (1 goal, 90 total)
    Up to - Back Door
    Down to - Valley Of Bowser 2
    Run past the first three spikes straight away and get the feather. Take
    the next four as one group and pass through the yellow spiky section
    with care (if you're going to die, at least die on a "proper" bit of
    the level). Take the next spike as soon as it starts to go up then
    wait. Do the same with the next one. Press R to see that there's a
    group of spikes ahead. As soon as the first one starts to rise, hop
    onto the platform, jump onto the next one and do a big jump and float
    to safety. Don't do anything silly in the fireball bit. The first two
    spikes are okay to get past, just mind the fireball on the second one.
    The next two pairs are tighter, and the second adds a fireball into the
    equation. The final spike is easy to clear, then go and kill Reznor.
    Valley Ghost House (2 goals, 92 total)
    Left to - Valley Of Bowser 3
    Up to - Larry's Castle
    Right to - Valley Of Bowser 2
    The block in the green ball area holds a power up. Remember that you
    can spin jump onto them, but the last one is the only one that could
    cause you trouble. Go through the door and you'll see a P. Hit it and
    head right quickly. Going left will take you to the key room, but you
    can't access the P so it's a waste of time. Go right and you'll see
    doors and lots of coins. Run right as fast as you can. The first door
    will take you right back to the start of the level. The second door
    will take you to the key room, but again you can't access the P. The
    third and fourth doors will take you to the normal exit, and the fifth
    door will lead you to the key room and the hallowed P. Carry the P
    along until you see a couple of ghosts and a ? block. Put the P down
    and hit the ? block. This activates a coin chain - immediately send it
    right, and keep changing the direction up and then right every 3 or 4
    coins. Keep going until the music stops. Hit the P and climb the coin
    chain. You'll see a key, a keyhole and an incredibly tiny gap which
    you've got to get through, and, knowing your luck, you've probably
    blocked it. It's possible to get in even if you haven't lined up the
    coin chain for a run and duck - just jump and duck repeatedly and try
    and head right when the bricks turn back to coins. This is easier if
    you are small or have a cape to slow your descent. If you get in
    slightly, keep jumping and pushing right to get through (if big, don't
    worry about the ghosts hitting you - it will help). This is not easy to
    do so be patient.
    Valley Of Bowser 3 (1 goal, 93 total)
    Up to - Valley Of Bowser 4
    Right to - Valley Ghost House
    Spin jump the first two koopas in one go when the first one is just
    about to hit the floor. The first block hides a power up. The numbers
    on the lifts indicate how long it takes for it to drop off the screen,
    so prepare to get off the 1 lifts quickly, and also get off the 4 lifts
    soon after they hit 1. The block just after the half way tape holds a
    power up. There's nothing overly difficult from here on in, just make
    sure you activate as many of the lifts as possible to make it easier to
    dodge obstacles like the giant Bullet Bills. Surely they should be
    giant Pidgit Bills?
    Valley Of Bowser 4 (2 goals, 95 total)
    Right to - Larry's Castle
    Up to - Star Road 5
    Down to - Valley Of Bowser 3
    The green pipe leads to a bonus room. Climb the vine and get Yoshi.
    Take the spin jump option of descent. Set off the 1-up, and float down
    and right. Actually getting the extra life isn't easy and probably
    isn't worth the risk. Yoshi can eat the rock things that the Chucks
    dig up, and I think they can be caped as well. There's a power up in
    the ? block above the yellow ! block. The key exit is in plain view,
    the only way to get it is to keep Yoshi up to there and get him to
    swallow it. The trick to this level is to tactically use the cape to
    get the Chucks to dig the rocks, and only drop on the "target" platform
    once they're out of the way by floating. If you die after half way, go
    back to the Top Secret Area or wherever and get Yoshi and a couple of
    Larry's Castle (1 goal, 96 total)
    Bring two capes. This is the hardest level in the game excepting some
    of the Special World levels, and without a cape it becomes very hard.
    Use a running jump to get off the moving platform onto the stationary
    platform above right at the start. Rejoin the moving platform when it
    comes round (it will approach from below and nip up to the left).
    DON'T go through the first door, stay on the lift and go down for the
    half way tape (you don't know how useful that is - there's no real way
    to do the first part of the level any quicker, and the second part can
    take a very long time if you lose your cape), a couple of Yoshi coins
    and a mushroom (ignore it if you still have two capes). Go through the
    door to the really really horrible bit. Spin any Dry Bones or other
    spinnable opponents with the cape and kill the magician quickly. You'll
    come up against several vertical walls of blocks which, without a cape,
    the magician will have to remove for you. They normally turn into
    koopas, but they can turn into Thwimps as well. Spin the blocks and
    move on. You might be under time pressure if it's still your first
    attempt, but take your time and don't lose the cape. If you lose your
    cape, pray. Killing Larry is the same as Iggy, except there's fireballs
    to deal with and the platform seems to tilt more.
    You've now done 96 goals! Wahey! But we've still got the unfinished
    business of Bowser to deal with. Go in the Front Door, or, if you're
    a woos, go in the Back Door (which is so incredibly nice to you - it
    even gives you a half way tape right before the final door).
    Front Door
    Left to - Star Road 5
    Down to - Larry's Castle
    This level consists of six stages - stages one and three require you
    to pick a door. Stage One has a choice of four, numbered 1-4, Stage Two
    is the area relating to that door, Stage Three gives you doors 5-8 to
    choose from, Stage Four is the area relating to that door, Stage Five
    is an easy section (which is where the Back Door starts) and Stage Six
    involves taking out the big fella himself. Easiest path is to take door
    2 then door 5.
    Door One involves a nasty little auto-scroller with lots of mallets and
    fireballs. This is, in my opinion, the hardest of all eight doors.
    Door Two is a really really easy net section - all the koopas are on
    the other side of the net, and the fireballs are easy to avoid.
    Door Three is an easy maze with a few Mechakoopas to avoid. There's an
    extra life in the top left corner of this room.
    Door Four is an annoying platform/fireball section similar to the bit
    in, for example, Wendy's Castle. If you have a cape it's really easy,
    just fly up and right (that's the only way to get the extra life) and
    then fly across the whole room. It's not too difficult otherwise.
    Door Five involves lots of spikes and Thwomps - edge up to the first
    spike while it is in the floor then run to the right as fast as you can
    once it's cleared the floor and don't stop until you reach the door.
    Door Six is a water section, with moving spikes and Dry Bones. It can
    get hairy, but there's a power up in there. The ball and chain section
    isn't difficult, despite the large number of them, but getting out of
    that section can be as there's not a lot of room to manoeuvre.
    Door Seven involves lots of those fire breathing stone koopas like in
    Roy's Castle, some of which jump. It's not very nice.
    Door Eight is filled with lots of Chucks that do big jumps at you. With
    a cape this is a doddle (there's a cape half way through this room),
    otherwise they could take some dodging.
    After this, you enter where the Back Door joins us. Hit the block to
    turn on the light. There's just a few Ninjis and Mechakoopas to deal
    with, so get past these and go through the red door.
    Ah, the familiar final boss music. He'll come down in a giant
    helicopter type thing. The blade will hurt you, but the side of the
    device won't. The first stage will see Bowser repeatedly move in a semi
    circular arc. I like to press up while he's doing this for comedy
    value. Eventually, he'll throw down two Mechakoopas. Jump on them and
    throw them upwards. You need to hit Bowser twice. Easiest way is to
    stand dead centre and throw up when he's at the zenith of the arc.
    He'll fly down and meet it perfectly. If you hit him only the once and
    lose the koopa, spin jump one of the two he'll throw down later. You
    don't want the other one to be interfering with your throw.
    Get two hits and he'll fly off. Stand about left-centre. Lots of
    fireballs will rain down - just stand in between two of them. Bowser
    will return and the Princess will pop up and throw a mushroom down to
    you. This time Bowser flies higher and moves more or less laterally,
    following your movement. Run from side to side. After a while he'll
    stop, turn upside down and drop a giant ball on you. Spin jump over
    this a la Vanilla Ghost House. Repeat this with the second one. He'll
    then throw two more Mechakoopas at you. It's harder to hit him now for
    two reasons, first he is flying higher so you'll have to jump, and
    secondly he trails your movement, so you'll have to move out to the
    side and quickly get the Mechakoopa up before he gets there. It's
    harder than before, but it shouldn't take too long.
    The fireballs will come back again and the Princess will throw down
    another mushroom. This time Bowser starts bouncing all over the place,
    but he moves so slowly he's easy to dodge. I prefer to force him to
    make two bounces one way then two the other, by simply moving from one
    side to the other of where the middle bounce will be. To hit him with
    the Mechakoopas, throw it just to the side of where he'll bounce, so
    he goes up as the Mechakoopa goes down. Two hits and you've saved the
    world again. Watch the average ending, find out what a Blargg is and
    then repeat this with your other two save files.
    ******* Section 4 - Credits *******
    Thanks to Nintendo for producing yet another fine Mario game.
    Thanks to gamefaqs.com for hosting this guide.
    Thanks to The Strokes, The Coral, Doves, System Of A Down and other
    great bands for not being crap.
    Thanks to all those who have also written full Mario World FAQs, and
    other FAQs in general which we all find helpful, and to those on the
    SMW message board.
    Thanks to the ZSnes team for continuing to improve their emulator. And
    I do own the original game...
    Why not check out my Lost Levels FAQ? Dig out my contributor page.

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