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"This game is for all!!!"

This game is a classic. I remember playing this game when I was a little kid. This game is so fun and exciting to play this game is a classic. Super Mario World has everything good graphics, control, and sound. If you own a Super Nintendo this game should be in your collection. This game is for anyone all ages it’s a great game to play with another person or just alone and most of the game is easy. The game is an example of what kind of games Nintendo produces. This game should keep you busy with all the different levels you go on and the challenge may not be to hard but that’sgood if your just a little kid.


This games gameplay is very responsive and easy to control. All of the functions Mario can do are very simple that can be done with the push of a button. Super Mario World’s gameplay is very simple and should be very easy to control. Mario is very responsive to the touch of a button and doesn’t hesitate. This game has perfect gameplay. The best I’ve ever seen on a game. Nintendo did a good job on this game everything was thought through before rushing into production.


The game is full of sounds from when you hit an enemy to the moving and flying of bats. The game has plenty of sounds and they all are very detailed and sound good. The game is full of music from the beginning of the game to the end of the game. The sound and music part of this game is very good and detailed each of the sounds and music were chosen wisely. There is a sound for almost everything in this game.


This games graphics are amazing they look really good for being on the Super Nintendo. Everything in this game was very detailed besides the background in this game. The backgrounds in this game are very bare there is hardly anything there besides just the color green. All of the levels are very neat with their own special enemies and little things like detailing. The levels are all desinged very well and are filled with their own secret places and touches to make the neat.


This game has high replayability because of all of the secrets to find in each level and all of the stuff to collect. The game may be easy but it had plenty of levels and secret stuff to find. This game should last some time because the two player mode is very fun and the single player mode is also fun to play. Once you beat the game you’ll probably want to do it again because the game is so fun to play and it may not put up much of a challenge but its fun to play through anyway.


This game is easy from the start but after you play through about 15 levels of the game it will start to get harder and some levels require you to think of how your going to beat it. The game is like any other game easy from the start but progress’s to get harder. The game should keep you busy for some time to come.


I woulc suggest you buy this game its as perfect example of how games should be. The game has everything it needs to be a top title on the Super Nintendo. So I say get this game it’s worth a $10.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/09/00, Updated 08/14/02

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