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"Super Mario's Super Quest"

I remember the first time I got this game. Christmas 1992, I opened my brand new Super Nintendo and was thrilled to find this game with it. Having been playing on the NES for a few years it was definitely time for a new challenge and the start of a new era, so as soon as my Dad had it set up the new SNES, I instantly inserted SUPER MARIO WORLD into the slot at the top activated the on switch and right before my very eyes a gorgeous new land by the name of 'Dinosaur Land' opened before my very eyes.

After 'Mario' and 'Luigi' had defeated 'Bowser' and his army in Super Mario Bros 3 (a superb game for the NES) both Brothers where knackered and decided to go on a Vacation to Dinosaur Land with their friend 'Princess Toadstool' (now known as 'Peach').

After arriving 'Mario' and 'Luigi' decided to head down to the beach to relax, but while they had a peaceful nap 'Peach' disappeared, Mario and Luigi were frantic, 'Peach' didn't tell them she was off exploring without them so knew something was up. After a long search on they come across a little house lying deep in the forest. The house was owned by a dinosaur named 'Yoshi', Mario and Luigi entered the house but it was empty. Just as they were about to leave Luigi spotted a note on the table, it read 'Hello, sorry I am not home, but I have gone to rescue my friends who were captured. "Oh dear", Gulped Luigi, sounds like trouble". Mario nodded in agreement. "Maybe it's a clue", he said scratching his chin.

After leaving the house Mario and Luigi headed west only to find a giant egg. The egg hatched and out popped a friendly dinosaur. Mario and Luigi were shocked but the Dinosaur meant no harm. "Hi, it barked excitedly my name is Yoshi, thank you for freeing me from that egg". "Your Yoshi"? shouted Mario in amazement. "Yes", Yoshi quipped, "why"? "We believe your friends were kidnapped , and you were on your way to rescue them", Mario asked nervously. "I was", Yoshi sobbed, "but I was ambushed by a group of nasty turtles led by 7 young kids and a much bigger turtle with a spiked shell, two horns and fire red hair, they sealed me in that egg and told me they had captured my friends". "Turtles", boomed Luigi, "7 kids, a big turtle with a spiky shell, Bowser is back". Mario and Yoshi nodded in agreement and together our three heroes decided to team up and defeat the evil Koopa King.

Will our heroes free the dinosaurs and find the Princess? Only time will tell.

Super Mario World is a big game with 7 different lands; Yoshis Island, Donut Plains, Vanilla Dome, Cookie Mountain, Forest of Illusion, Chocolate Island, and the Valley of Bowser. Each land has many different levels for Mario or Luigi to complete, at the end of each land is a Castle owned by one of Bowsers 7 children. Each kid has one of Yoshis friends held captive and you need to beat the kids to save them all, not an easy task as they are all tough, but they can be defeated.

Bowsers army contains the old troops such as the Koopa Troopas, Goombas, Lakitus, Bob-ombs, etc, plus some new enemies, e.g. Magikoopa, Blargg, Rex, Dino Rhino, etc. Also set up are new levels like the Ghost Houses in which you have to search for the exit. This game also introduces us to a new character called Yoshi as explained in the story above. Yoshi has many abilities which are useful, whilst Mario is riding on his back Yoshi can eat enemies,and if he is holding a Koopa Troopa shell in his mouth he can perform the following actions; Red Shell= spit fireballs, Blue Shell= Flying, etc.

Th old power- ups return such as the Super Mushroom which turns Mario into Super Mario, Fireflower which turns Mario into Fire Mario, and the Starman which turns Mario invincible. And new power ups like the Feather which turns Mario into Caped Mario, using the cape Mario attack his enemies and fly.

And it doesn't end with finding there, no. There are secret levels to be found but I won't go into too much detail about them. But if you are lucky to find them you will be well rewarded.

16 bit colour in full glory here, beautiful sceneries in the levels and superb detailing too on the characters. It might look a bit dated by todays standards, but who cares it's still got superb graphics.

If you have never played this before, then WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR, you could be missing out on a true gaming classic, a must for all fans of Nintendo and Mario games. It is probably available on ebay or any other internet shopping site (if your stupid enough to want to sell it), or if you have a Wii and have access to the download shop buy it, I couldn't recommend it enough, oh, and get Super Mario Advance 2 on the Game Boy Advance. Another Superb chapter in the history of Super Mario.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/16/07

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