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"You better have a classic controller handy."

Super Mario World, originally for the SNES is one of the many games everyone was waiting for to be released on the Virtual Console. It's one of the best Mario games in my opinion and even now is a joy to play.

Story: 4

Not really much of a story here. Mario, Luigi, and Princess Toadstool are going on vacation when Princess Toadstool gets kidnapped by Bowser. Mario and Luigi soon meet Yoshi whose friend's were trapped by the same villain and together they set off to rescue Yoshi's friends and Princess Toadstool. Nothing really elaborate. The game wasn't really meant for the story of it and I only realised that the game HAD a story until recently so yeah, there's nothing to brag about here. Almost as if the story was thrown in after making the game, but it's not much of a big deal considering the game was meant to be enjoyed through gameplay rather than a captivating plot.

Gameplay: 10

The first thing to mention is the score for gameplay will be somewhere around a 3 if you do not own a Wii Classic Controller. Seriously. The Gamecube controller does not match with the controls intended for this game. The button placement is way off in comparison to what was intended and implemented with the SNES controller. Throughout the game you'll need to press two buttons to have the level of gameplay that people appreciated on the SNES but the GC controller is not fluid and makes the gameplay rather horrid.

Choice of controller aside lets talk about the controls and actual gameplay. The gameplay is where this game shined. The game featured side-scrolling levels with various methods of completion and numerous enemies spread throughout the game. Your basic functions are jumping, spin-jumping which is more of a damaging move, and running or a combination of jumping with running. Simple, right? But you get powerups and everything which allows Mario to get bigger (Super Mario), shoot fireballs and fly/glide. The levels incorporate all of the moves to reach the end and progress through the game. There are loads of levels each corresponding to different maps (which are all part of one large map) The gameplay overall isn't difficult by any means. It's just fun. The game is something you can just pick up and play whenever for a little while. It doesn't really get old, or at least it hasn't for me.

Graphics: 7

The game boasts 2-D graphics which aren't really at the SNES utmost ability with graphics but still they're not bad. Nothing too edgy (though there are plenty of edges). The game was made for the SNES, cut it some slack. The images on the screen won't hurt your eyes and the pictures are easily distinguishable. It has the old-school (well duh), kiddy look but it works for this game. I'd say the graphics just bring out the gameplay a bit better, just adds to the fun feel but that's just me.

Sound: 7

It seems like all VC games have a slight problem with the audio. Nothing like its mismatched just dimmed down and of poor quality. That being said the music in the game is pretty much all the same with few exceptions. The themes for each level are all variations of one another, but luckily the music is catchy enough so it won't get annoying. I enjoy the music and just feel nostalgic when I hear it so I consider it a plus.

Buy?: Depends

The game is cheap so there's a big factor in the decision. If you haven't played the game before I strongly suggest the purchase. If you have played it then you know what it's about and each gamer is different. You might get tired of it so I'd say buy it with caution. The game is fun enough for me and I was just waiting for it to be released again. Overall I say buy.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 02/06/07, Updated 05/18/09

Game Release: Super Mario World (US, 02/05/07)

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