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"The person who doesn't consider this a classic is straight-out wrong."

The Virtual Console has started off well enough, but now it is currently bringing out the big guns in terms of excellent games that any Wii owner could consider. Super Mario World: What can I say about it? A classic game that is still being enjoyed today. Even if your old Super Nintendo copy still works perfectly, you can't go wrong with this on your Wii.

I've played this game before, and I know many other people have, probably whoever reading this, so I'm not going to be too detailed here. But for the people who has never experienced Mario World is a minority that should not exist. It's a basic platform game, meaning you run from left to right, jumping on things, jumping over things, collecting power-ups and trying your best to get to the end of the level. As the stages go by, things get more difficult, but not enough to drive you insane. (being frustrated on a certain level doesn't count, we all have that moment once in a while) Controls are simple and straightforward, and the learning curve is at maximum a half hour.

With various levels come various environments. You trek through forests, swim though caverns, and always find yourself in a castle at level 's end. The graphics are perfect, and I would be extremely mad if Nintendo decided to give this game a makeover. It looked great in 1991, and it still looks great today.

Unless you're really good or never sleep, you can't beat the game in a day without shortcutting. Sure, you can repetitively beat the game over and over in as few levels as possible (if you know what you're doing and where the secret exits are), but playing the whole thing through, with all the bonus stages will keep you busy well long enough for this game to warrant a purchase.

So why do we still like Super Mario World, after it's spot in the sun has faded? It's basic, fun, and to me, flawless. If you have 800 points on your VC and afraid of buying a downright horrible game, then this game should be your confidence that things will be all right, that it won't let you down, and it will be with you, in your heart, forever.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/06/07

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