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"The definitive example of a truly perfect game."

It feels odd to be reviewing Super Mario World. I never thought I would have had a chance to do it, considering my fairly young age. Fortunately, Nintendo's Virtual Console has given many of us a chance to "step back through time" and enjoy several things we missed, or simply want to play again. Super Mario World is no exception.

Super Mario World brings back tons of memories. That's the bottom line. I myself, a fairly recent gamer who didn't really become a "core gamer" until the Nintendo 64 era, remember playing Super Mario World on my friend's SNES as a child. If you can pick out a game that was more influential, more brilliant, and more revolutionary, you're beyond me.

Beautiful re-renditions of SNES "beeps and clicks" soared through my surround sound system yesterday after purchasing this game. It was seriously a "blast to the past." Wonderful, memorable Mario themes coat this game's musical soundtrack, making it even more clear in my mind that Koji Kondo sits as one of the great video game composers of all time (right alongside Nobuo Uematsu).

I sure don't. The game is so brilliant, I can't even FORCE myself to rate something as mediocre as visuals. It's a Mario game, beautifully designed, and that's all that matters.

You know the drill by now. The Princess is missing, and it's your job to find her. Super Mario World lets you navigate TONS of levels (with over 94 possible exits) in many different "regions" as you try to accomplish this goal. The game runs smoothly, and allows for jaw-dropping speedy gameplay, or for relaxed, "get-every-single-item" gameplay. The game possesses, without a second thought or doubt, some of the greatest level design in video game history.

REPLAY: 10/10
I played and successfully beat this game over 10 years ago. I'm still playing it. Does that tell you anything about its replay value?

You can't get much better than a nice, comfortable chair, a fizzy beverage of your choice, and a copy of Super Mario World. Even now, the game remains a landmark in electronic gaming software achievement, and one of the most praised and beloved video games of all time.

This IS the definitive gaming experience. If you have not experienced it, you owe it to yourself and the rest of your gaming community to do so.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/06/07

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