Review by brian88420

"Mario Shines on yet another Console"

Story: The typical Mario story. Save the princess from Bowser and his evil allies by going through all of the worlds defeating evil and then fighting a boss at the end of each world.


Game Play: This is where the Mario series has always shined. It is a plat former at its best. The controls are easy to learn and fun to master. There are lots of secrets to discover and fun enemies to kill. Every level is fun and the learning curve is perfect so the area you are at is never too hard for you, yet it is fun to figure out. This time around you can also save your lives so it is no longer pointless to get up there to 99 lives just to have to shut the console off. Anybody who appreciates a good plat former is bound to love this one. This is a game where people should stray away from their normal genre and try it out.


Graphics: The graphics are the exact same as they were on the Super Nintendo. I don't see this as being a bad thing though the graphics have an upbeat colorful feel to them. I can honestly say I don't want to ever see this game with a different graphic style or upgrade.


Controls: The controls for this game were perfect on the Super Nintendo, no complaints about it. But now with the classic controller the controls just seem more responsive and they work out great. The Game Cube controller's button layout unfortunately is not meant for this game and ends up being frustrating to use. But the CC is only 20 bucks so go out and get one!

10/10 with classic controller 5/10 with Game Cube controller

Sound: Typical Super Nintendo sound since it's just a port, but in my opinion the sound from this game is a classic to me and I like to hum along the whole time. The music may not be anything special, but for the time when it was first released it has done very well and always seems to fit the situation. From the up beat music during boss battles to the creepy sounds in the ghost houses, Super Nintendo tunes at their best.


Buy or Not: I own this game on the Super Nintendo and I still picked it up on the VC. I think it is worth the 8 bucks just to replay this classic with the classic controller and without having to dig out the old Super Nintendo.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 02/07/07

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