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"An Outstanding Game Remade"

Welcome to my review for the Game Super Mario World on the Wii (originally on the SNES). This game is about the famous Super Mario who goes on a big adventure throughout more than 70 levels and he needs your help to find the secret wins and get to Bowser and defeat him to rescue the princess Peach. You start off in a basic easy world and as you progress, they get harder and at the hardest they seem nearly impossible for the new comers, they will even be hard for the experts at this game. You adventure in levels that take place in the sky, ground, cave and in a fire place. You must avoid the traps and have to be really fast and go through the moving platforms all the way to the end before you get squashed and die.

The graphics are no doubt amazing because of the great colour use and the graphics that brought the SNES alive but now they just brought the Wii alive with this great graphics. Super Mario World brings entertainment and lots of fun and joy for those people who have nothing to do and if they pick this game up, they will be delighted with the magnificent graphics. Surely there won't be a game that can beat this one in graphics for the Virtual Console. If you missed out on the SNES version of this and desperately want one copy of this game, prepare money, head to shop and buy this game. I would say Shigeru Miyamoto and Co have brought up one of the amazing games in graphics on the whole Wii Virtual Console.

The game play is just simply fun. If it wasn't for the puzzles and challenges, this game would have not been popular but it successfully delivered the great entertainment, it comes out as the best possible game on the Virtual Console so far and should stay the best for a period of time. There are secret ways to beat the level and if you find one, get the key and win, to unlock a new path that will make a short cut or to a new stage. Once you beat the starting world, the secret wins will come in and will have a roll in many of the stages you will encounter on your way. Not just that but there is another thing that makes this game rock and that is... Co-op mode. Every time a person loses at a level, it is the other persons turn as Luigi to go and knock the enemies down and have success in the level.

Rent or Buy:
I defiantly recommend to buy from your retailer with Wii points because it brings fun and great puzzle entertainment with it.

This game had a vital roll in reviving Mario to a super star. If it wasn't for this game, there would be no Yoshi's Island. You should praise the King that revived the series which is this game. Don't forget, if your looking for a game with outstanding graphics and game play, here is your choice.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/09/07, Updated 02/12/07

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