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"They should just release Mario All-Stars + World..."

Naturally they wouldn't because that would mean less money. Which I can understand. I would probably do the same thing and so would you.

Alright, lets get graphics out of the way. Being the first game to have ever been released it's safe to say this is not what the SNES could do at the time. Games like Axley and Contra III easily put it to shame graphically. But Mario has always had a somewhat simplistic cartoony style which I've always admired. I love the colorful characters and landscape. Now if you're one of these people that get caught up in this whole pointless, old, and stupid "Nintendo is kiddy because of graphics" debate, then it's safe to say you may not enjoy this game as much as other people. Then again, one would ponder why you're even reading this and bought a Wii as well.

Sound and music wise it's all incredibly nostalgic of course. The music is really catchy and enjoyable. It's amazing how these sounds and tunes still live on today amongst even the most uptight mainstream gamers.

Gameplay is your usual Mario experience. Jump, smash, fly, and collect coins. But for those of you who have never played a Mario game, which is probably very few, I'll explain in detail.

This particular Mario game plays out much like Mario Bros. 3 in which you start the game on a level select map. You choose your level by walking to one of the flashing lights and pushing the button. Then you are taken to the sidescrolling level where your only objective is to make it to the end alive by any means necessary. Pretty simple. Any seasoned gamer could have this game beat in one day. This is the first Mario game in which you get ride Yoshi, your dinosaur companion, as well. Yoshi adds a bit more depth to the game as well. Certain color Yoshi's have a different ability while holding a Koopa in their mouth. Yellow has a massive stomp, red has fire, blue has wings. The only one most people ever care about is of course the blue yoshi because you can skip over most of the levels in just one massive jump and fly over it all. Which will of course make the game really pointless so it's a good idea not to do that.

Now aside from your only objective being to get to the end of the level you can also attempt to try out the secret levels. You get these by completing the levels, provided they have them, with a special key. These keys then open up a path that either leads to a block switch or a star transporter. Taking the star transporter takes you to the star levels. Completing these then takes you to the challenge levels. Which are the hardest levels in the game, which again to some still isn't saying too much, and upon completing them you are rewarded with something special. Thats spoilers though so I won't elaborate. Another thing one should avoid is in the star levels, you can take one transporter straight to the final castle in the game and have the game done in less than 30 minutes.

Now, this game is great and all of course, but if you didn't buy a Classic Controller ($20) then you may experience some serious control issues. At first I didn't think at all that I would need one. I figured I would just use my Gamecube controller. Well, thanks to is Y and B button placement it makes it impossible to hit them both at the same time with your thumb. So buy a Classic Controller, in the long run it's a good investment anyway if you plan on playing a lot of Virtual Console games.

So to sum this all up the only reason I knocked a few points off its score is because I wish they would release the Mario All-Stars + World game. It has Mario Bros. 1, 2, 3, Lost Levels (Japans Mario 2) and Super Mario World. Much more to love right there.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 02/12/07

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