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Reviewed: 02/12/07

New System, Same Game. But still fun.

There is no disputing this fact: Mario Platform games meant a hell of a lot to video games. Super Mario World is no exception in any way, shape, oor form. The classic game play style of going from point "A" to point "B" while jumping from platform to another has been an industry standard until the mid 90 's. This game is one of the many classic games form the great developers at Nintendo. The creativity in the graphics, audio, and level design is what Nintendo is known for and deliver well with SMW.

The graphics are classic 16-bit and Nintendo put a lot of effort into them. The backgrounds are nice, sharp, and shine with color. Every element is finely detailed and easy to see. The visual effects are fitting for this game. The animations are nicely done. The over-world map also looks fabulous. The graphics take full advantage of the Super Nintendo and are flawless.

The Wii 's classic controller is the ideal controller to use. It's set up just like the Super Nintendo controller so mastering any move is almost instant. The response is first-rate. Controlling Yoshi is also simple. Flying is intuitive and easy to master as well.

Game Design:
Nintendo did a great job of making this Mario game stand-out (which is not an easy task). The levels in SMW will take Mario through the air, on the ground, under water, and through castles and fortresses. The areas in the game are designed well and the size and color of the dot can tell you how long your area is and whether it has more than one exit. There are a lot of levels in this game and many routs you can take. You will travel through an island, a cave, a forest, and even through an area in space to name a few. The levels in this game are lke a variety bucket. One level, you will be running on the ground, the next, you will be underwater.

The power-ups are not as numerous as its predecessor, put will help you out. Among the new power-ups are Yoshi and the feather. The feather will give Mario a cape that will let him fly through the air and crash into the ground, causing an earthquake. Yoshi is a small dinosaur that eats shells. Yoshi's come in four colors as well as enemy shells. Depending on which color Yoshi you are riding and what color shell he has in his mouth, he can fly, spit fire, or cause earthquakes.

The only flaw to the game design is the difficulty...or the lack thereof. A skilled player can rack-up over a hundred lives easily. But this game wasn't meant for the excessively skilled.

The design of the game overall is great. The levels and areas are varied, the new power-ups are a great addition, and the save feature is a welcome addition to the Mario series.

The sound-effects are excellent and won't get annoying. The music is set to the same tune, but has different variations for the environment you are in. The invincibility music returns and is well-done.

Same old song and dance. Princess Peach (Toadstool at the time) is abducted by Bowser and Mario must save her. That is not all, however. Mario must also rescue Yoshi's friends that are guarded by Bowser's kids.

Download from VC?
Unless you still have the Super Nintendo version or the GBA version, download this game if you can. This game is a classic and one of the greatest games ever.

Score: 9 out of 10

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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