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Reviewed: 02/26/07

One of the best platformers of all time, EASILY worth a download


Super Mario World was originally released for the Super Nintendo as a pack-in game in 1991. It was the follow up to the excellent Super Mario Bros. 3, and though it changes and removes some things from that game, Super Mario World is still a great game, worthy of any platformer fan's attention.


I have heard people say that this game has merely average graphics, and while I would agree that they don't stand out as unique (as Yoshi's Island does), I would argue that the graphics in this game are still aesthetically pleasing. Some of the levels can look similar to one another, but usually, this doesn't happen. Again, the graphics may not stand out, but they certainly get the job done.


A couple remixes of old Mario tunes and some new ones round out a sometimes catchy soundtrack. While some of the songs are forgettable, the music still fits the level it is played on. Though it's not "scary" by any stretch, the Ghost House music is the perfect example of music that fits a level well. The sound effects all work here, there isn't much that stands out, really.


This is where Super Mario World shines. First of all, Mario (and Yoshi) controls like a dream. His jumping is just the right height, and the speed of his running is just the speed it should be. You can control Mario in midair, and with the addition of the Cape, you can fly, which also comes easy and is also fun as hell.

Yes, the Cape replaces the Frog Suit, Tanooki Suit, Hammer Bros. Suit, and Kuribo's Shoe from Super Mario Bros. 3, and while that is regrettable, none of those are really needed here anyway. Most of them would make this game even easier than it already is. But the Cape is definitely the best item in the game. If you press the Y button, you can swing your cape around, killing almost any normal enemy. You can do this anywhere your wearing a cape, whether its in midair or underwater. And, of course, you can fly. By timing your directional presses right, you can fly indefinitely with the cape, if you have the room to do so. Personally, I miss the cape from other 2D Mario games.

There is also the normal Mushroom power-up, and the Fire Flower makes a return as well. Yoshi was first introduced in this game, and he really changes the way you play. Yoshi can gobble up enemies, and either spit them back out, or swallow them, killing them. Also, when Yoshi eats a Koopa Shell, he gets different powers, depending on the color of the shell. Green ones don't do anything special, but red ones allow Yoshi to spit fire once, Yellow ones allow him to stomp the ground, killing anything nearby, and Blue ones give him wings, allowing him to fly by just pressing the jump button. A twist on this is the different Yoshi colors: while they are hard to find, they are very useful. There are Green, Red, Blue, and Yellow Yoshi's in this game, and whenever they eat a Koopa shell, they get the power of whatever shell is the same color as themselves, in addition to whatever normal power they would give you. I also miss Mario riding Yoshi from his other, newer adventures.


If you have ever replayed a Mario game before, you will do the same with this one. I have beaten this game plenty of times over the years, and I will beat it again and again. Finding all 96 exits is fun as well. There are 72 levels, but some of them have secret exits, which can be difficult to find, yet fun nonetheless. This game isn't too difficult (with the exception of the 8 really secret levels), but you may come across some tough parts here and there.

Final Recommendation

If you like Mario games, download this right now. Eight bucks is very cheap for such a great game, and as replayable as this is, you will not regret buying it. I dock a point from this game, though, because the Gamecube controller can be pretty crappy with this game, as the Y button is your running button, and the B button is jump. If you have a classic controller, though, this game controls exactly like it did on the original SNES. Either way, I still highly recommend this game.

Overall Rating - 9/10

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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