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Reviewed: 11/12/07

Where to start?


- There isn't much to say about this story. It is Nintendo's tried-and-true tale of princess abducted by large spikey turtle being and "super" plumber man in blue overalls running, jumping, and stomping his way to the rescue. With that in mind, that little summary is all one would need to know of Super Mario World's story in order to fully enjoy this game to the same extent as someone who is versed in all forms of anything relating to the word "Mario".


-Simply put, this game is sheer fun no matter which way you look at it. The game has you starting out on a small island on the world map. Its from here that Mario's adventure expands out to encompass many environments for the player to explore from underground caverns to the stars and beyond. Levels are represented on the map as yellow or red points, with Boo's and castle levels being represented by a haunted house and a castle, respectively. The player is able to travel from level to level by roads that open up as the game is progressed level by level. Players will have a blast exploring the secret exits that are also cleverly scattered throughout the world that help the path branch off and take multiple directions. The gameplay itself is simple enough to not have any of the drawbacks that most modern games suffer from, such as a difficult camera, or choppy controls. But it has just enough control depth to give the perfect balance of skill and challenge right where it needs to be. Everything from running, jumping, flying and swimming is implemented to a flawless degree in this game. Most mario fans will remember the red flower that gives Mario the ability to throw fireballs at his foes, popping them off of the screen. The element from previous installments is back and, fortunately, has not been tampered with. New to the series in Super Mario World is Mario's cape. This nifty item allows Mario to take off and fly (albiet, fly quite in a quite an odd fashion) when running at full speed, allowing him to reach areas otherwise inaccessible. His cape also allows him to knock out enemies by performing a spin attack. Also appearing in this installment Yoshi, Mario's....steed. Yoshi has the extremely unique ability to retrieve enemies with his tongue and hold them in his mouth, or eat them. The former will allow the player the option of spitting the object in said Yoshi mouth back out at other poor targets with bruising (or scorching) affects. Some shells give Yoshi unique abilities, such as flying, or stomping the ground, disabling nearby foes, to name a few. The latter more than likely puts the object through Yoshi's digestive system, though this is not implied in-game.


-Given the game's age and style, I can find no complaint about the graphics at all.
The sprites are crisp and animate very smoothly. The backgrounds and environment are vivid and colorful and consist of what remained to be nostalgic staples of what people think about when presented with a Mario game. The world map is elaborate and full of mysterious little oddities that beg the player to search for secrets to get there, such as a boo house or the rural fort peculiarly off-path. There isn't much one could say to take away from the eye-candy that this game has kept Mario fans ever-coming back for more.


-This game shines in every area, and the audio is by far no exception. Mario's classic, yet unrealistically odd jumping chime is back, as is the fire ball pitch. Every sound effect blends seamlessly into all aspects of this game. The music, like the graphics is one of the elements that has developed in to one of the essentials of a Mario game. Though it won’t draw tears from your eyes, it consists of some of the most memorable tunes from the series, fits every environment and does the job of setting the tone without effort. Super Mario World's music has been featured as remixed nostalgic tunes on latter installments of various Mario games. As a nice little extra, whenever you happen to be riding Yoshi in a particular level, whether it be cave, underwater, or forest, the music will be accompanied catchy bongo drums XD.

Replay - 9

-Chances are you will finish this game without experiencing all that is to be offered. But there's no need to fear, for us lucky gamers are subject to a such thing as replay! Yes we can go back play through previous level via the world map system and discover new paths to new levels and even new worlds and even a...I won't spoil what lies at the ends of the deepest secrets of Dinosaur Land. All in all, this game is a blast to play through many more than one time. Even after completing the 90+ levels this game has to offer, no matter how long it takes, you'll just want to come back and save princess from spikey turtle monster Bowser man all over again.

-Whether you played this game on the classic SNES, the GBA or illegally on your computer, there is no reason not to have Super Mario World's icon sitting on your Wii menu. It would be eight dollars wisely invested in many hours of bonding time with your Wii.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Super Mario World (US, 02/05/07)

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