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"An updated Mario is a great Mario"

The 16 bit couldn't have started out better for Nintendo. At a time when an already massively popular Nintendo game, Super Mario Bros 3, was released and distracting millions from any other future plans that Nintendo might have had, Nintendo was using their power in the video game world to give use the ultimate 16 bit control that money could buy at the time, designed to bury the other two big companies, Sega and Turbo graphic, in the dirt. To firmly plant their dominance one step even further, Nintendo once again turned to the Mario Bros. for help once again to start out with an explosive first year.

And by god, did they ever.

Being the very first game ever released on the SNES, a console that had the power to produce any atmospheric splendor with relative ease, and more so, Super Mario World was, without a shadow of doubt, the best looking game ever at that time in history.

The environments are amazing and they add such complex depth to the game in ways un-thought of of at the time. The best graphical feature that I absolutely adore is the lighting throughout each an every land presented, creating a beautiful sense of variety and visual complexity, complimenting well with the character's that commandeer the land that they appear in. Combine that with a varied and classic Mario style musical soundtrack and its instant gold. The best thing I loved about the music is when you enter a closed area, like a cave, the music becomes melodic and echoed. A wonderful new feature only possible with 16 bit consoles at the time. The only thing that could have been improved about the music is they could have made more castle themes, each complimenting each boss more so than with just one theme.

The sound effects in this game are also quite pleasing, and while it might not be as complete as the music, it still has its own charm that it adds something to the game. Still, some of the effect could have been better. For example, some of the sounds are a little bit to kiddie for my taste, especially in levels that demand a dark, ambient sound.

This game is absolutely a huge improvement from the older Mario games, and why wouldn't it? It's the first game on the new console; it should have big, bold game play. Knowing that, expect to find more levels, more hidden secrets…hell, just more in general

So, you probably know what the game is about. You control Mario, you get to the end of the stage by any means possible and as fast a possible, you beat the boss at the end of each land and you eventually meet Bowser along the way.

However, SMW isn't just any simplistic Mario game.

Right away when you first start playing the first level, you will be amazed by all of the new enemies in this game, each offer up a new, stimulating challenge. It's also in the first level that you meet on of the most helpful and beloved Nintendo characters of all time, Yoshi.

One thing that I like about this game is that they left in the map screen from SMB3 in tacked, as well as added much more stuff on the maps than ever before. For example, on every world, except the first, you will come across ghost houses which progressively get harder as you move on. Also, if you're a fan of the mini castles from SMB3, then you're in luck because they too have been kept in Super Mario World.

Unfortunately, the only thing that I found wrong with this game was its difficulty. The game is actually pretty easy. Even on the first run, don't be surprised in you beat it under an hour or two. Case in point, the bosses are quite predictable and easy to beat.

Plus, they took out some of the items in this game that were found in Super Mario Bros 3. In this game, you only get to handle three power ups. Compare that to SMB3, which had about 7 different items. To some people, this might make the game harder, but to me, it makes the game lose its variety and replay value.

This game is full of secrets, and while game might seem easy to beat, each and every secret in this game will keep you hooked and back for more within hours. Believe me, there is a ton to find. .

GET IT OR PASS IT: If you don't have this game for your SNES, then I honestly don't know what you are waiting for. You defiantly probably get this game at any video game shop that holds older games for a nice cheap price, since this game is still practically everywhere. If you get this game, I swear, you will not be disappointed.

This is, with out a doubt, one of the best Mario games ever created. Not only that, this game set the bar high for every Super Nintendo game to come to try and beat. Honestly, if it wasn't for this classic, the system would have never gotten off the ground, meaning that the Sega Genesis would have prevailed, and that is something that I couldn't imagine happening.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/17/08, Updated 03/16/11

Game Release: Super Mario World (US, 08/13/91)

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