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"SMW is a Fun Platforming Game and is My Personal Favorite..."

Introduction: Hello! If you're reading this then this is the first thing I've made that is accepted by GameFAQs (yay...), and is my second attempt at a review for a game. Anyway, on to the review...

Super Mario World is the first Mario game on the Super Nintendo (also known as SNES) and the fourth mainstream Mario game overall (I think...). This game had quite a burden on it's back on having to live up to the platform glory that was Super Mario Bros. 3, and it succeeds on some levels, but there are some things SMB3 had that SMW lacks, such as the amount of power-ups, Bonus Games, and an overall easier difficulty, but I'll cover all of that later...

Story 7/10 (good enough to send you on your way): Since when are Mario Games famous for their storylines (excluding Mario RPGs of course)? Well, anyway the story is basically this: Mario and Princess Peach Toadstool (and Luigi...) go to Dinosaur Land to take a vacation from the Mushroom Kingdom and Bowser, but at some point Bowser kidnaps the Princess and it's up to Mario and Yoshi a dinosaur with a frog-like tongue (and Luigi...) to rescue her!

Graphics 8/10 (good, for the technical limitations of the system it's on, but not the best): The graphics are colorful and full of nice character designs. The Princess looks a little... weird, and green-armed Bowser, but otherwise, no complaints here.

Gameplay 9/10 (fun, but not lots of variety, and a little too easy): SMW is a lot like SMB3 in this department. Basically Mario can jump pretty high and he can run (a little faster than in SMB3, and arguably, as fast as Sonic in his original game if he's not getting a boost by something such as a slope), additionally he has a Spin Jump attack that can be used to bounce (but not kill) enemies that normally damage you if you jump on them without being hit, as well as breaking basic blocks if you're powered up. Yoshi is basically a power-up in this game, he has a Spin Jump attack effect in his normal jumps and the ability to shoot out his tongue and eat most enemies, also, getting hit as Yoshi just scares it and makes it run away, but if you can jump on it you can use him again. The other Power-Ups include the basic Super Mushroom and Fire Flower, along with an enhanced version of the Raccoon Suit called the Cape, you can spin MUCH faster and with an almost no lag between spins it's also a little more fun to fly with the Cape than the Raccoon Tail, but you can also fly forever, meaning that you can fly above some stages without encountering anything dangerous, that brings me to another flaw to the game: difficulty. Basically the game throws lives at you, and with strategic use of the Spin Jump and Yoshi, almost every threat is a joke, but if your looking for hard Mario World action, just play one of those Mario hacks (not going into further detail...). Also, for Bonus Games there is a roulette type game you can play when you get 100 Star Points, the game consists of Mario falling into a room with nine blocks in the center, eight of which are spinning around one with an icon such as a Flower, Mushroom, and Star in the center, you jump and hit a block to make it stop on one of the same icons, once all the blocks are hit every row of three of the same icon=a 1-Up for a maximum of eight 1-Ups per game.

Overall 8/10: Super Mario World is a fun short platforming game, and is a great introduction to the Marioverse, but there are better 2-D Marios out there, and if you get the chance, you should play one of them instead.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 09/25/08

Game Release: Super Mario World (US, 08/13/91)

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