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"Mario the Plumber Should Not Have to Share His Coins With Those Who Don't Rescue the Princess"

Super Mario World is the culmination of everything you loved about the previous Super Mario games for the NES. There is a little something taken from each game that makes Super Mario World an awesome introduction to the Super Nintendo. The graphics are outstanding and the game play makes Super Mario World one of the best 2-D plat-formers for the Super Nintendo. There are many new features to Super Mario World with the introduction of Yoshi and some upgrades to the bonus items as well as a standard two-player trade off between Mario and Luigi.


Mario finds himself in a new world on a small island called Dinosaur Island and finds out that the Princess is once again in Bowser's possession and the whole chain of islands in the world of Super Mario are under attack by Bowser's minions. Mario will quickly bust Yoshi out and you will have to help Yoshi rescue his friends from the hands of Bowser's kids. The story is very similar to Super Mario 3 where you have to take out all of Bowser's kids to restore sanity to a kingdom before being able to move on.

Game Play

Once again, the Super Mario series just gets better and better, but this time there is something out of each previous game that makes its way into Super Mario World. One of the first things you will notice is that you really do not have to worry about conserving your lives. There are multiple ways to gain lives by collecting coins, collecting dragon coins (marked by Yoshi's resemblance), and playing bonus levels. The score system of the original Super Mario is back with a neat little upgrade to the end of each level. Instead of jumping on a flag pole you can break a vertical moving bar to get points for playing a bonus level. All of the bonus upgrade items have a new feature about them like the flower which will turn enemies into coins and the raccoon tail is replaced by the cape which allows Mario to fly and perform a special move. The features taken from Super Mario 2 is the diversity of enemies. You will encounter all kinds of new enemies in Super Mario World that you never encountered in any previous game. There are also different ways of dispatching these enemies especially if you are riding Yoshi who will just about all of the enemies you encounter. Yoshi has a few abilities of his own if he eats certain turtle shells.

The map is the biggest feature of the game because there are a lot of secrets in Super Mario World. Unlike playing straight through a game Super Mario World requires you to seek out some secret doors in certain levels. Some levels have two different end points that will unlock different paths on your map so you have to do some exploring as this is not a straight run game. In fact there are a lot of bonus levels that can be unlocked if you first unlock all of the special blocks in the game.

Super Mario World has some very fun levels that you can go back and replay and the ease of staying alive and being able to upgrade Mario to take on a more difficult level makes the game play very much worthwhile. The only frustrating parts of course are going to be finding all of the hidden levels, which I think total about 96 levels. So there is plenty to do here.


The music does not have much effect as the previous games do. It is not that memorable and the variations from the original Super Mario music just does not stand out. However, it is not bad at all and there are different tunes for certain situations including a theme for when you are riding Yoshi. The sound effects are just right for this game and you never get annoyed or tired of hearing Yoshi gulp down some baddies.

The graphics are a whole new fresh look for Mario. This game came out only a year after Super Mario 3 hit the NES so back in the day the graphics were quite astounding. The backgrounds are filled in with plenty of scenery and there is a lot more color and texture added to the characters in the game. Even the Goombas are filled out and sport parachutes. There are plenty of fun to watch animations at the end of each island you complete when Mario destroys one of the Bowser kids' castles. Even Mario has a much updated look than he does on the less effective NES.

Replay Value

The one thing about Super Mario World that will keep you coming back for more are the multiple fun levels to play on. Each level is just fun to play although they may not be as difficult as the previous games the real challenge is being able to find all of the levels. You may think you will have this game done and beat after going through three islands, but then once you get to the forest world it gets really challenging to figure out where you need to go next. My oldest game save has 96 levels so this is no cakewalk. There are also plenty of reasons to go back and play Super Mario World after you take Bowser out to dinner. There is a special star world that will turn the whole map into a different setting with the turtles replaced by Mario heads so there is plenty to find and unlock in this game.

Final Recommendation

If you have a SNES then there is little need for me to tell you to buy this game as it came with the console. However, if by some unforeseen circumstance you do not have this game, but do own a SNES then there is no reason why you should not own this game anyway. Super Mario World is the best 2-D Super Mario plat-former and one of the best of the Super Nintendo. You are definitely missing out if you have never played this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/24/08

Game Release: Super Mario World (US, 08/13/91)

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