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"Simply put: perfection"

Super Mario World another side-scrolling game straight from Nintendo. Back then, this game was a real big hit, and so was its remake. Back in the 1980s, Nintendo starting making some arcade games, namely Donkey Kong and Jumpman. Later, they moved Jumpman, or Mario, as you know him today, to their new system, the NES. They made several games for it, such as Super Mario Bros. They kept going until the NES was becoming old. The SNES was then released. Games such as Super Mario All-Stars and Super Mario RPG were released. Also released was the Super Mario World series: Super Mario World (this review's subject) and then Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island. Later, though, even the SNES became obsolete, as all consoles eventually do. Nintendo therefore released the Nintendo 64. Super Mario 64, Super Smash Bros., and Mario Party are some of the games released for this console. Later, the GameCube was released. Super Smash Bros. Melee and Super Mario Sunshine, among others, were released for this console. The Nintendo Wii was the next home console to be released. Super Paper Mario, Mario Party 8, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and Super Mario Galaxy are some of the more well-known games for this. However, as you know, Nintendo worked on handhelds, too.

Their first handhelds were the Game Boy and Game Boy Color. I don't remember if any Mario games were released for these. However, there are some Mario games for the next consoles, the Game Boy Advance, the Game Boy Advance SP, and Game Boy Micro, all of which play Game Boy Advance games. Some NES and SNES games were remade and put onto these more accessible systems. Super Mario World got its remake as Super Mario World: Super Mario Advance 2. Yoshi's Island got its remake as Super Mario Advance 3: Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island. Super Mario Bros. 2 and Super Mario Bros. 3 also were remade. Other originals include Super Mario RPG's sequel, Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, and Mario Kart. Nintendo also released the Nintendo DS. The original was released in 2004; the Nintendo DS Lite in 2006; the Nintendo DSi in 2009; the DSi XL in a point in 2010. New Super Mario Bros. (the original Super Mario Bros.'s remake) was released in 2006. Super Mario 64 DS was released in 2004. Mario Party DS was also released. Others include Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, Yoshi's Island DS, and Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. Anyways, yeah, a lot of handheld Mario have been released, especially recently.

Anyways, let's get this over with, shall we?

The gameplay is pretty simple. This game, like most early Mario games, is a simple side-scroller. What that means is that the screen shows a 2-D area and you moves left to right, right to left, bottom to top, or top to bottom, all while the screen moves around to keep you in the center. Games like this have a goal at the end, in most early Mario's: a flagpole. In this game, you get two goalposts with a tape moving up and down, allowing you to obtain bonus stars, which can lead to a bonus minigame in which you may gain up to eight lives. The scoring system allows you to go up to almost ten million points (9,999,990 to be exact). You go through eight worlds, fighting a boss at each one's end. Seemingly, all the world's are equal, but not so. Some have four levels, other have almost a dozen. There are also secret exits, which give you another level to play which you normally cannot play. For full completion, you must play all of the levels. The Dragon Coin sidequest also makes you unlock stuff.

The story is simple enough. Mario, Luigi, and Peach have apparently gone on vacation. Mario and Luigi unpack some stuff, then just fly off. They return, and Peach is gone. Yep, it is Bowser again. They have no clue where he is, so they search the island, level by level, until they find her. Along the way, you will meet Yoshi, a dinosaur that is tied much more closely to Mario and Luigi's lives than you would think. (Play Yoshi's Island to find out). They meet Bowser eventually, and another clash begins. Wait! That is just his kid, one of seven. Now even Bowser's kids are helping. They extend their search beyond the small Yoshi's Island to the Donut Plains, then the Vanilla Mountain, and so on and so forth, until they finally reach Bowser's Castle after beating all of his kids. Mario and Luigi go in, but will they come out? Will Peach still be alive? Your choice, as you ARE Mario or Luigi.

The graphics are decent. Unlike the other NES or SNES Mario games, these graphics aren't blocky in the slightest. There is virtually no lag at all. The colors are vibrant and colorful, they blend together beautifully. There are also many new enemies to encounter. As you may know, the usual enemies are Goombas, red/green Koopas, and Hammer Bros., correct? Well, there are some new ones here. There are yellow and blue Koopas and football players, among others. There are new items, the feather and P Balloon. There are many different environments. One level may be aquatic, the next may be in a cavern, the next on a bridge. You also have new actions to see, such as Yoshi eating Koopas and breathing fire or laying an egg that may hatch into a 1-UP. So great.

The sound is so-so. Yes, the music is new. However, it can get rather repetitive. Annoying repetitive, in fact. Nevertheless, each environment has its own music, and that music MAY change upon entering a different situation. It might take something like a boss or an item to do that, though. The sound comes through pretty clearly, though. There are also some new ones, such as the flying sound, the Yoshi squeal, or the sound of one of those football players running. Eventually, you'll find yourself trying to get that radio nearby, though. Anywho, that may take some time to actually happen; you're fine once you win.

It can take a while to win. However, there are shortcuts. Using said shortcuts, I can win in mere hours. Playing regularly may take you several days to a week. To finish all levels, it may take the rest of the month. To entirely finish, Dragon Coins and all, it can take several months to half a year, at most. It can take a while. After completing it, it is okay to replay it over, to give yourself some more challenges. On the other hand, you can try to get 9,999,990 points. Your choice.

Yep, Super Mario World is great on either the NES or Game Boy Advance. With decent graphics and some side quests, why not? Sure, it may not be TOO good for those more accustomed to 3-D gaming, but even they can get the hang of this and enjoy it easily. You may as well buy it, Mario fans. Trust me, you will like it over and over again, just as much as the first time you played it.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/31/10

Game Release: Super Mario World (US, 08/13/91)

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