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"My Favorite Platformer"

So I've played many games and anyone who knows me... wait... nobody on gamefaqs really knows me... anyways moving on...

Memories: I first played this at school actually, I was able to come in to this classroom during lunch, eat there, and then play SNES. The games I had played there were F-Zero, Uniracers, and Super Mario World. Of course back then I sucked at it... but now I am the KING!!!!!!!!!! Well... Not really, but I have improved.

I actually own 3 copies of this game. One for the VC, one for the GBA and recently the one for the SNES. The VC and GBA versions were pretty much the same, but I personally like to play games using the original controls.

Graphics 10/10: I love the 16-bit era, and I personally don't care about graphics at all, but I assume somebody wants to hear something about them but I really don't have much to say other than I like them.

Gameplay 10/10: This is the high point of the game. It's like the Sonic the Hedgehog of Mario games. It is fast paced Mario fun. There are plenty of levels, a map, secret areas, and many items. (With the cape replacing Tanooki from SMB3) The items are the mushroom, fire flower, (You should know about these already) cape, star, and 1-up mushroom. There are also plenty of enemies, many returning such as the koopas and goombas.

Music 10/10: This game has great music, from the Donut Plains to the Forest of Illusion. The music fits the levels great, and helps create the atmosphere of each level.

Concept 9/10: Well concept doesn't matter much if the fun factor is high, but this is pretty much the same concept as SMB3 with the koopalings and everything.

Controls: 10/10 This game controls perfectly with the SNES controller and you can't blame the controls when you mess up. The Y and X buttons are used to shoot fireballs, stick yoshi's tongue out, or run if you hold it down. The B button jumps. The A button does a spin jump, and the L and R buttons are used to look ahead or behind.

More About Secrets: There are many secrets in this game, and they often lead to other levels. Some can lead to hidden areas in which you get items, such as one having to do with a certain ghost house... This is one of the best parts of the game, finding secrets. As it requires skill and patience to find them.

Final Score and Thoughts:
First of all if you haven't played this game I recommend buying it, even if you have to buy it on a different console, second of all the game requires skill, but not a great amount if you just plan on going through the normal levels. I love this game and I know many others do too.

My Final Score: 10/10

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/24/11

Game Release: Super Mario World (US, 08/13/91)

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