Review by Warhawk_

Reviewed: 08/27/12

Still the best Mario game ever made. No scratch that, it's the #1 greatest game of all time

Super Mario World was the first game that I played on the SNES and even after over 20 years it's still that awesome. Why do I like it so much? Well first starters it is way more enjoyable then the other Mario games ( yes even Mario Bros 3) and those games was great enough as it is since they are my favorite series. But what makes SMW good is how much fun the levels are. Not only are there more of them compared to previous Mario games, but each and every one of them are perfect. Not one level do I ever feel bored. Even in Mario Bros 3 which is the best NES game had some levels that could be better but in Mario World they are all great.

The controls are perfect and Mario or Luigi do as I control them them. While the power ups are smaller then in Mario 3, it doesn't matter because we have two great things. First the Feather that gives the Mario Bros a cape and makes them fly which is more fun then even the great Raccoon suit or Tanooki suit. And then we have Yoshi who is more enjoyable then any other power up. Why care about a frog suit when you have a Dinosaur that eats your enemies and keeps you company? Plus to see some of them fly or spit our fire balls is always great. The music is fun to listen too and the Boss fights are fun. Fighting Bowser's kids is a bigger improvement here then in Mario 3 and they were also fun to fight but I feel they did better in this game. Plus the Reznor fighting is a nice touch of challenge as well.

The enemy selections in this also improved. Not only do we have classic enemies like the Koopa Troopa, Boos, Thwomp or Piranha plants, but some cool ones like Rex, Chargin Chuck, Dino Rhino and many other list of enemies to fight.

The graphics are still great and never aged a bit. It's colorful and makes the experience so much better.

Any thing that I would criticize? Can't think of any since it's that good.

Overall this is my number 1 greatest game of all time. If I was ever stuck in a island with one game, this would be it. If I could I would give this game a 20/10

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: Super Mario World (US, 08/13/91)

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