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"Mario is indeed super"

Nintendo worked incredible wonders with all three Super Mario Bros. games on the NES. All of those games had a wealth of secrets and solid gold 2D gameplay that got many gamers hooked. It comes as no surprise that Super Mario World is another phenomenal 2D Platformer that offers the same addicting gameplay with some new innovations.

After putting a stop to Bowser's plans in Super Mario Bros. 3, Mario, Luigi, and Princess Toadstool all decide to take a vacation to Dinosaur Land. However, the plumber's relaxation is quickly brought to a screeching halt when they discover that Princess Toadstool is missing and that Bowser has returned to once again annoy the two Italian heroes. To make matters worse Bowser has kidnapped Yoshi's friends and has sealed them in eggs. Mario and Luigi agree to help Yoshi rescue his friends and save the Princess.

Mario and Luigi have a few new moves and power-ups to help them out in their fourth outing. In addition to a regular jump, they can now spin jump, which is very useful for defeating certain enemies and smashing through yellow blocks. The fire flower is back and this time when you hit an enemy with a fire ball, they turn into a moving coin. As usual, a mushroom turns Mario into super Mario, but the best power-up would have to be the feather which gives Mario a nice yellow cape. Mario's new long cloth gives him the power of flight, gliding, dive-bombing, and even helps him take out his adversaries. The way you lose your powers to enemies works a lot like the original Super Mario Bros. If you have a fire flower or a cape and you get hit by an enemy, you instantly revert back to regular (small) Mario. However, if you're regular Mario and you touch a fire flower or a feather, you'll instantly have that power without having to go through the trouble of grabbing a super mushroom first. Even better, you can store a power in the blue window at the top of the screen for later use. Very cool.

Mario's pal Yoshi is very helpful in getting through the levels as he'll eat almost any enemy you come across. Yoshi can also gain limited powers by eating certain Koopa Troopas. If Yoshi eats a red one, he can spit fire. If he eats a blue one, he can fly. And if he eats a yellow one, his jump will be harmful to any enemies near him when he lands. However, Yoshi isn't the bravest friend Mario has ever had. One touch from an enemy will send Yoshi running for dear life until Mario can hop back on him to calm him down.

Super Mario world has a ton of secrets for you to find. Many of the levels have alternate exits. There is even one hidden world called the Star Road that if completed properly leads to series of hidden levels that are pretty difficult to complete. The game has nearly 80 levels and you'll spend a lot of time playing if you wish to finish the game with perfection. Finding the secrets is one of the biggest joys of this game. Some even let you skip a large number of levels, if you can find the means to do it that is.

When you start playing Super Mario World, you instantly realize that the gameplay is an incredibly enhanced version of the NES classics. You'll run, jump and stomp on your enemies all, while finding the many secrets that the Mario games are so well-known for. Something about this game feels just right. Veterans and newcomers alike will fall in love with this game. This is hands down one of the best 2D games ever made. It's a true classic and everyone that loves 2D games must play this. No one's SNES library is complete without this wonderful gem.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 06/01/01, Updated 06/01/01

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